CelebWatch: Hemsworth & Portman dating? + Takei Panto + JJ & Spielberg + Pine Star of 2009 + more

It is time to catch up on some Star Trek celebrity news. We have rumors (and rumor control) on Captain Kirk’s daddy (Chris Hemsworth) dating Luke Skywalker’s mommy (Natalie Potrman). We also have all the latest with Chris Pine, including his dating rumor. Plus George Takei is the Emperor of China, JJ Abrams is hanging with Spielberg, Avery Brooks is back on stage, and more. 


Hemsworth/Portman dating rumor – A match made in sci-fi heaven?
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth received high marks for role as George Kirk, the heroic father of James T. Kirk in this year’s Star Trek movie (such as being named on of the top 10 actors to watch in 2010). Hemsworth leveraged that buzz into getting the lead in the upcoming Thor movie where he has been matched with Natalie Portman as his leading lady. But now the rumor is that Hemsworth and the former Star Wars actress are more than just an on screen couple. According to The Star (via New!) Captain Kirk’s daddy is hooking up with Luke Skywalker’s mom. However today both Portman and Hemsworth have denied the rumor. It’s too bad, their union could have brought balance and peace to never-ending debate war of Star Wars v Star Trek.

Portman and Hemsworth their kids would’ve kicked space butt

Right now the original Sulu George Takei is in the UK playing the part of the Emperor of China in the holiday season pantomime "Aladin". Tickets are on sale now for the Central Theater in Chatham, England. He will be appearing until January 3rd. George also has a Christmas and New Years greeting up on his official site.

You look fabulous George

Celeb photo of the month: JJ and Steven
Earlier in the month Star Trek director JJ Abrams attended a Anti-Defamation League Dinner in Los Angeles honoring fellow director Steven Spielberg. Here is a photo of the pair, somewhat reminiscent of the famous Abrams/George Lucas photo from a couple years back.

Spielberg and Abrams: Debating if Indiana Jones or Captain Kirk would win in a fight?

Pine: a breakout star of 2009 + more updates
Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk has been named one of the breakout stars of 2009 by Entertainment Weekly Magazine in their Best and Worst of 2009 issue (on newsstands now). 

Here is all the latest from our new Captain Kirk

Stafford is proving that money actually can buy you happiness, or at least a chance to hang out with Chris Pine

Celeb bites
Quick news from your Star Trek celebs

  • The Sisko, Avery Brooks, will be appearing in Kwame Kwei-Armah’s Let There Be Love at the Centerstage theater in Baltimore, which runs February 10-March 7. Go to www.centerstage.org for tickets and more info.

  • Bruce Greenwood (ST09: Pike) answers 12 questions at popmatters

  • Patrick Stewart (TNG: Picard) talks more about his childhood dealing with domestic violence in an interview with the UK Independent

  • Michael Dorn (TNG/DS9: Worf) will be part of the voice cast for Mass Effect 2

  • Brian Bonsall (TNG Worf’s son Alexander) is in trouble with the law again, arrested in Colorado for hitting his friend with a barstool. And his mugshot (below) goes right into the celebrity hall of shame

Alexander is a mean drunk


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Is George playing the Emperor or the queen? Har Har!! Seriously George we love you…..hurry back to the Stern show

“Right now the original Sulu George Takei is in the UK playing the part of the Emperor of China in the holiday season pantomime “Aladin”. ”

Funny how lately Hollywood has it the other way around having Chinese actors portray Japanese characters like in “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

PS: No comment in the article about Chris Pine & Olivia Munn?

Another child actor in trouble as an adult. Say it ain’t so! And he clobbered his buddy! I wonder what he’s like to people he doesn’t like? What a walking stereotype.

(I don’t know what parent would push their kids into acting given the track record.)

I would not mind seeing a Spielberg-directed TREK.

When I told my buddy that Luke Skywalker’s mom and Capt. Kirk’s dad were romantic leads in Thor, he responded, “And thus Mal Reynolds was born.” HA! i’d have to agree.

How’s George Takei’s singing? Is he a tenor, a baritone or a bass? Really as bad as it seemed when he sang country and western on that TV reality show competition?

Seeing that photo, I immediately thought of him performing in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”. Either as the Mikado or as the nobleman Pooh-Bah (yes, this is the origin of that word).

Well, if I were Hemsworth (and single), I’d turn that Portman rumor into reality in a New York minute….

Too bad for Pine about the Munn rumor.

So, to recap:

Hemsworth’s NOT dating Portman.

Pine’s NOT dating Munn.

JJ IS dating Steven.

and Brian IS dating Bubba.

Got it.

Portman’s a good actress if you watch her in other movies. It’s a shame that Lucas didn’t really know what to do with her in Star Wars. Padme’s the weakest central character in the entire prequel trilogy.

I’m not surprised that Chris Pine was voted a breakout star….he did a great job playing a young James T. Kirk in Star Trek. A much stronger performance than Harrison Ford’s debut as Hans Solo in Star Wars!

Wow, Brian Bonsall really messed himself up. I had high hopes for that kid.

Brian Bonsall, what the hell has “Alexander” done to himself. I think Worf needs to kick his Klingon butt back into shape!!!!

RE: #14 – I am assuming Brian and Mr. Dorn do not have the same off-screen relationship as Mr. Brooks and his on-screne son. Too bad but hopefully he can get some help

If Hemsworth and Portman got married and had a son together, do you think the media would dub the little tyke: Kirk Skywalker? Or maybe Lukirk?

There’s nothing like a neck tattoo to say, “Hey, I’m a classy guy!”

Or pierced lips.

his pierced lips are actually a good look. its the weird moth on his neck that i dont like. but could easily have special meaning for him. michael j fox, sit him down and give him a talking to.
on a side note: chris pine is my hero
on another side note: did anybody notice at the begining of star wars the phantom menace, one of the jedi give jar jar binks the vulcan nerve pinch?

It hurt me to Brian throwing his life away like this. I liked him as alexander. Can’t believe he is the same boy. Hope he 180degrees himself be for Its too late. Also Patrick keep talking and taking up issue about domestic violence. Trust Me it hurts kids.I grew up seeing it happen to my mom. From my father. I can identify with Stewart and his way of having to cope with it as a child. Thank you Patrick keep Trekkin with this important issue.

It’s tragic what the whole child star thing can do to a person… Bonsall’s eyes are reflecting a tormented soul.

I’m still waiting for the news to come out that Data is dating C3PO.

When Pine took command of the enterprise and announced the change of plans his authority and embodiment of the Captain James T Kirk character were complete.

That particular moment along with the terrific introduction of the character into the universe made only possible through the sacrificial death of his father are not only brilliant cinema and courtesy of outstanding writing but the latter was channeled through the excellent performance of an outstanding actor.

Chris Pine deserves the recognition. I would love to think he is able to stay on with the character for many years to come. Not sure how practical that is but i would love it if it were the case.

How sad for George…

What’s with the butterfly tattoo on Bonsall’s throat?!
Not butch — but I’d do him.