TrekIn09: Star Trek Buzzwords of 2009

Today TrekMovie begins its annual look back at the Star Trek year that was. We are going to start off by doing our own version of the NY Times tradition of the ‘buzzwords‘ of the year. These are the words and phrases that became part of the lexicon here and with the fans when talking about Star Trek in 2009.


Star Trek Buzzwords for 2009
2009 has generated some brand new terms for Star Trek fans or introduced terms into discussions of our favorite franchise. As expected, almost all of the new buzzwords had to do with the new Star Trek movie. And here they are

Although not a new word, much of the hype around the new Star Trek movie in April and May focused on the ‘bromance’ of Kirk and Spock as well as the actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Pine explained what bromance is all about it in an interview with Parade:

It’s a relationship between two men that spend a lot of time together in space…It is very much a story about two men learning really to love one another, and in the end, they become fast friends. But, along the way they butt heads because they’re alpha males. They strongly believe in themselves

Pine and Quinto jogging together before Sydney Star Trek premiere in April

prime timeline + alternative timeline
Through the magic of time travel, the new Star Trek movie was mostly set in a new timeline created when Nero went back in time and killed Kirk’s daddy. Since then Star Trek has been split into two timelines or universes. The original has been dubbed the ‘prime’ timeline, which grew the script writers using the name "Spock Prime" to distinguish Leonard Nimoy’s dialog from Zachary Quinto’s. There was no naming of the new timeline or universe, so it has been dubbed both the alternate universe as well as the ‘JJverse’ or ‘Abramsverse’ in honor of Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams. The only official distinguishing of these two universes so far is a graphic on the Star Trek Online website making it clear that game takes place in the ‘Prime Timeline’. In 2010 we will see Star Trek books and comics set in both timelines, and of course in 2012 there will be a new movie set in the ‘alternate timeline’ so it looks like Trekkies are just going to have to get used to keeping two continuities straight (but hey, we love continuity so now we have twice as much to obsess over).

Two Treks for storytelling from now on

One of the more talked about areas of the new Star Trek was the look of the engineering and ‘lower decks’ parts of the new USS Enterprise. Unlike previous incarnations of Trek, these had a very industrial look to them, which was achieved by filming them at a Budweiser plant. And although controversial, by the looks of it, JJ Abrams and Scott Chambliss are happy with the results, so we should probably expect more vats and pipes in the future.

Space, the final brewery

Supreme Court
Since Gene Roddenberry first created Star Trek in the 60s, there have been many producers and writers who could be seen as the masters of Star Trek. The current team behind the Star Trek see this like the Supreme Court, with themselves as just the latest appointees, who expect to someday be replaced by the next team. The team is comprised of JJ Abrams and his cohorts, Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk. They were even featured together in this month’s GQ as the power players of the year (along with Lindelof’s Lost co-show runner Carlton Cuse).

JJ and his court…making a ruling on the beach

seamless branching
The one non Star Trek movie related term of the year is a term of art used previously in home video, but introduced to the Trek franchise with the release of the three seasons of the remastered Star Trek on Blu-ray. For the last few years this site has been home to many a debate about the new digital effects for the Star Trek Remastered project, but in a stroke of digital genius, CBS released all three seasons with the ‘seamless branching’ technology allowing you to jump back and forth from the original effects to the new digital effects, and with that they made all sides happy.

Old school or 21st century CGI, your choice

Honorable mentions:

  • Preboot (the melding of reboot and prequel)

  • Canonista/Purist (a fan who cherishes the continuity a lot)

  • MWI (abbreviation for the ‘many worlds interpretation’ or Bob Orci’s favorite flavor of quantum physics)

  • ST09 (the TrekMovie adopted abbreviation for the 2009 Star Trek movie)


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Works for me, sweeeet

I vote for the word “Grapefruit,” as voiced by Simon Pegg as Scotty.

Actually, that has always bothered me: ST09?

Why not STXI? Considering the nomenclature of all the other films, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to just refer to it by date. After all, we haven’t been saying “ST82” or whatnot.

With regard to the new ship, we got “JJprise”, “Abramsprise”, or my personal favorite, “Uglyprise”.

And here I thought “nuTrek” would gain more popularity…

Don’t forget: “Shat outta luck.” (To describe someone who messes up a great opportunity.)

#4 – Don’t forget the “Edselprise.” ;)

Pine’s comment about Kirk and Spock “both being alpha males” is retarded; Spock was never an “alpha male.” He must have said it himself 50 times in TOS that he does not seek command – even Mirror Spock doesn’t want to command a ship.

Budgineering wouldn’t have been so bad if they had at least gone to the effort of redressing it just a bit. Many times a filming location and its final look in the movie aren’t very similar at all, but they didn’t even go to the effort of using different lighting. Which is why “Budgineering” is just about universally hated in the Star Trek fan community. The only people who don’t admit to it being stupid are Abrams and Orci, who are too cowardly to admit that they f*cked up, royally.

The iamgen of JJ and his court…is amazing.


I think you could argue it either way. Saying “alpha male” implies a sort of out-in-your-face manner, but while Spock might not *seek* command, I don’t think anyone would doubt he could be a strong and capable leader (evidenced by the times we saw him in command).

Bob, you are lookin’ good! : )


I thought ST09 works, because it’s such a break with the continuity of the Star Trek Saga (which,BTW,to JJ. O & K, I appreciate greatly, thank you very much.)

I look forward to ST12,ST15,etc…

JJ Verse….



Did anybody notice that the Blu-Ray “seamless branching” doesn’t really let you go back and forth? It takes like thirty seconds to change from one to the other. And it only works of course for the special effects. So I find I have to just rewind the scene and start over with the alternate effects. Has anybody else seen this problem, or is there something I’m missing?

Love it!!!!!!!

5: I thought so to.

Also, I’ve never heard “Preboot” before; its funny.

Although THIS IS A DISASTER is still going, that was born in 2008.

And Purist, do you really have to be so rude and unpleasant in everything you write? you have been warned and banned before, we get you dont like anything since 1970…enough!

“preboot” is a new one for me as well. Nice picture of the Supreme Court sitting and “working” on the beach. Boy, I’d like to have their job. Or a least be a fly on the wall.


Oh wow! After reading many comments on this site, “we get you dont like anything since 1970…enough!” sums up my feelings so well!

I still don’t get how they think this whole prime timeline thing holds up. Each time before in star trek that there’s been time travle is worked where the actions in the past change the future, not make a new timeline. Oh, and even though this probably wont make a difference please for the love of god and Star Trek change the engineering section, it was beyond horrible. Star Trek V’s shortcomings when it came to interior shots were far easier to overlook than the ones in this new movie. At least make it so it all could fit inside the Enterprise.

And I hope there are more “TrekIn09” articles covering merchandise, interviews,etc. Something like the “Best of ” articles last year. They were great, just like the majority of articles Anthony and his hardworking staff put up everyday.

@7. Ya know, I didn’t really mind the whole, what was it, “budgineering” thing. I was just so happy to be watching a STAR TREK movie after 7 years of nothing.

ST 09 does not start at the end of the TNG universe and loop back. From the moment we see the Kelvin, we are clearly in a parallel universe with a heretofore unseen villain and a Spock that is like, but not the same, as the Spock we know.

I wish they had just taken this as a straight re-boot without mucking up canon and then lying about it.

#23 I had a problem with the Budwieser plant being used as engineering. For one thing, it was clearly to big to fit inside the secondary hull. Secondly, it was way to cluttered with too many pipes.And thirdly, there was no discernible warp core until they were ejected. At least in the original series, there was something that at least looked like an engine.
Now, I don’t have a problem with a real world feel in regards to what an engine room should look like, but clearly it shouldn’t resemble a beer factory. It was too distracting and jarring. However, since only a tiny portion of the movie took place in engineering, it didn’t ruin the movie. The film was great inspite of that. And I don’t hold it against J.J Abrams since he had to spend the money on visual effects instead of an engineering section. And I do understand that they probably will use the same location for the sequel. I just hope they use CGI to make it look less like a brewery and more like an engine room aboard a 23rd century starship. And I don’t mind a few pipes here and there, but what was seen in the movie was too cluttered.

The phrase I’ve taken away from this whole ride and used the most in conversation (seriously) is “successful and tested.” I can use it to drape wet layers of dripping irony on nearly anything, now; it’s very functional.

It’s technically from December of 2008, but it really made it’s way into my permanent vocab over the course of this year.

For those who didn’t show up ’til after the movie was out:

It starts in the article, it builds in the commentary, and it just kept on growing from there.

My biggest complaint about some of the design choices–“budgineering” in particular–was that in those scenes, I stopped believing I was looking in on the goings-on on a starship. It not only didn’t look like a vessel interior, it *did* look *exactly* like what it was…a building.

I’ve seen some of the concepts for engineering that were suggested for the film, and while they would have been expensive to build, I think they would have resulted in a marvelous setting for those scenes. What we got was a kludge, and it looked it. I hope that they do revisit that issue for the next film, or at least redress the setting (with CG or otherwise) so that it doesn’t look so hugely out-of-place. I mean, okay, big turbines and stuff for the main power generators, maybe. But giant vats in the communications bay? Give me a break…

One thing that’s so great about the ST09’s Supreme Court is that they listen to the fans, especially on this message board. While, yes, they aren’t at our beck and call, and we don’t have the same perspectives on things that they do, I’m sure that they take our ideas, opinions, objections and the like to heart.
I would be fine with Budgineering if they spent a little more money and upgraded or refitted it. From what I understand, direct sequel movies don’t take quite the budget that originals do, since contracs are signed, props have been made, etc. So they should spend some money to dress it up a little bit. Maybe box up some of the pipes, cover the i-beams, that sort of thing.

One thing that’s so great about the ST09’s Supreme Court is that they listen to the fans, especially on this message board. While, yes, they aren’t at our beck and call, and we don’t have the same perspectives on things that they do, I’m sure that they take our ideas, opinions, objections and the like to heart.
I would be fine with Budgineering if they spent a little more money and upgraded or refitted it. From what I understand, direct sequel movies don’t take quite the budget that originals do, since contracs are signed, props have been made, etc. So they should spend some money to dress it up a little bit. Maybe box up some of the pipes, cover the i-beams, that sort of thing.

24. Anonymous Coward – December 23, 2009

ST 09 does not start at the end of the TNG universe and loop back. From the moment we see the Kelvin, we are clearly in a parallel universe with a heretofore unseen villain and a Spock that is like, but not the same, as the Spock we know.
I think you are right about these things.

The old spock in this JJ film is not the same Spock of TOS and TOS-crew movies.

His actions are not like the Spock of TOS and TOS-crew movies.
old spock in this film does even look like spock or a Vulcan of the old trek. The old spock looks fit in with the JJ film universe and not TOS, TNG and so on.

Spock’s ship, the Kelvin designs fit in with the JJ film universe designs and not TOS designs, nor TNG designs.

The ranking colors of the Kelvin crew does not fit in with the old trek ranking colors ENT-TOS (but, they should have).

Nero and his crew do not look like the Romulans of TNG-era (but, they should have).

Thinking of the many worlds interpretation, I come to the thought that none thing in this JJ film is linked to the old trek universe (not even Old Spock, Kelvin stuff or Nero). Everything in this film are from parallel universes. Leonard Nimoy is not playing the Spock of TOS, but parallel old spock just like Zachary Quinto is playing parallel young spock.
The time traveling along with parallel universe traveling idea is a mess, but the idea of that old spock is really an older version of JJ- universe’s spock who travel back in time in JJ- universe works better.

#30: “Everything in this film are from parallel universes.”

That’s an excellent way to look at it :)

*sigh* I really wish they’d just done a full-on, no-compromises reboot with spine up and balls down.

Got the blu-ray of the film and it is one hell of an enjoyable ride, no doubt. But that use of industrial sets is jarring and for me interrupts my enjoyment for a moment – I have to deliberately try to focus on a whatever character’s in shot and not look at the surroundings when in those scenes. It just doesn’t work at all and needs to be changed for the follow on films. Watching the extra features, the PD and JJ are in love with those locations, and I just don’t get it, especially as the other aspects of his direction are so successful. The film is a disappointment in just the PD area for me, and there’s no doubt that improvements in PD for the next films will only serve to make great films even better.

I actually like the engine rooms… looked more loud and grimy and stuff… more realistic

#30- You think the Romulans should look like TNG Romulans? Complete with bad Spock wigs, Frankenstein brows and shoulder pads Joan Crawford would die for?? You gotta be kidding!

#34 All of the Romulans in TNG were members of the Romulan NFL. That was their football uniforms they were wearing. Tasha’s daughter was a great running back, or so some say.

Oh, and those weren’t bad Spock wigs, they were advanced protection headwear.

#15 – You must have one of the slower BD players. Also, only the FX have branched segments. You wouldn’t need branching if you’re just encoding the entire episode twice.

#30 This is the way I tend to look at it too.
The Kelvin, etc. are simply all too different.
When the Narada went back, it landed in a universe that WAS ALREADY parallel to the “prime.” That would explain a lot.
I think, though, that this whole concept would have been way too much for an audience to wrap its head around.

You forgot one very important buzzword — “Cupcake”.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here’s a special Christmas Gift from Paramount to all you Trekkies out there as a thank you for making Trek09 such a huge success.

Not only is Trek09 NOT your father’s Star Trek, but you should also be embarrassed to have liked the previous Star Treks all together, because that Trek wasn’t ‘cool’ the way JJ wants it to be.

Hey Trekmovie staff, do you think this is a fair and accurate portrayal of fans of Star Trek in general? Were you ever embarrassed for liking the good old Star Trek like the actors in that TV spot? Are you ashamed that the old Trek wasn’t as cool or as dumbed down as JJ “slusho” Abrams movie was? I hope you don’t kiss the feet of JJ and crew too much because I’m sick of supporting and paying for all things Star Trek and having the higher ups label us like this.

40 – Drama Queen much? What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

40 Jey

that commercial is old news. its already been covered on trekmovie. (find the right thread for your comment)

also…lighten up. its a funny ad.

it’s a funny commercial. that is all.

I was a Trek fan from day 1. I read all the novels. I’m OK with this.

Don’t like the brewery. Love the bridge and exterior of the new/old E. Transporter room’s nice too. The Kelvin made me think about the ship designs from the ST: Enterprise series. I though it fit well into that lineage. Plus it was also a tough looking ship. I would love to see a cutaway pic of the Narada. Anyone know a link to anything such as that?

Not sure about the “windshields” on the bridge. They made a nice effect though. I thought Pike’s phrase “punch it” was interesting.

I work for the Union Pacific Railroad. The assignment (train) that I work on delivers the rail cars to the Budweiser plant in Van Nuys, California. I always wear my ball cap with the name ‘STAR TREK’ embroidered on the front. Back in January 2008 (I think it was January) my crew and I were switching Budweiser when a production/location manager came up to me and wanted to know how I found out about ‘Star Trek’ being filmed there. Being a BIG Trekkie (Trekker) and knowing that the movie was being filmed on locations all over Southern California, I looked at the guy and said “What are you taking about……..Oh, my Star Trek hat, I’m a fan of the TOS show, I always wear this hat, but are you telling me that right now at this very moment that Paramount Pictures is here on location filming Star Trek the new movie for 2009 inside the Budweiser plant!” He looked at me with a dumb look and said “Ahhh, No, the movie were filming here is called “Corporate Headquarters!” I said to him as he was walking away “Then why did you want to find out how I new about ‘Star Trek’?” He just continued to walk away. I love studio personnel! LOL!

The studio filmed there for about 2 weeks and becuase of my Star Trek hat, we were treated to a look at the set a few times. Yes it was cool, but using the Budweiser Plant for the engineering set just didn’t work for me!
“Scotty, we more hops, grain and beachwood or the ship will blow up!”


It’s a great ad! Targets the non-OCD middle-class male US demographic. These are ‘regular’ guys who follow sports, have barbecues, a few kids, and have had a great love of Trek for years. I know guys like this. some are ‘lapsed’ casual Trekkers.

It does NOT appeal to the “lunatic fringe” demographic. We all pre-ordered it in several formats while it was still in the cinema.

@40: :Poor darling. How do you survive under such indignities? Have a cookie, on me.

@45: I agree, Narada schematics or something of the kind would be awesome, especially if the original Romulan ship was visible underneath the layers of accumulated Borg tech. :)

They all had too much free bud making this movie thats why r2d2 is flying across the view port among other stupid stunts