FanMade: Watch ‘Star Trek Enterprise: The New Generation’ – Made With Action Figures

Star Trek Enterprise went off the air in 2005 after four seasons. The story of the crew of the NX01 has lived on in books, but in 2008 a German fan production made with action figures also picked up the story with "Star Trek: Enterprise – The New Generation – Der Zeitspiegel”. And now "Der Zeitspiegel" has been dubbed into English as "Crossroads". Watch it below


Star Trek Enterprise: Cross Roads

Star Trek Enterprise – The New Generation was put together by German fan  Jürgen Kaiser. He and his team released their first stop-motion Enterprise fan film in 2008. Peter Goundrill and Limited Faith Productions have worked with Kaiser to create the English dub of the original, which was released on Christmas evening.

Plot Synopsis

The NX-01 has been equipped with a new experimental warp drive. But when Captain Archer and the crew test the engine something unexpected happens. The crew are flung into unknown peril which could endanger not only the NX-01 but the entire universe as we know it.

Within a void between a myriad of universes lies a derelict Miranda-Class Vessel. Here Commander T`Pol is contacted by a familiar crew who hold the key to saving the NX-01 and the universe from a deadly foe known only as “The Red Empire”

Video (in 4 parts via YouTube playlist)

(Download LINKS HERE)

More to Come
Jürgen Kaiser is currently working on a  second installment Star Trek: Enterprise – The New Generation called “Der Anfang vom Ende” (The Beginning of the End). That episode will also be redubbed into English by Limited Faith Productions.

More info: (German site) (English site)

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The animations are outstanding and on a Robot Chicken level. Which is quite unusual for a fan production using action figures!

That was pretty kool. Like how they did everything. Now if they would just bring back Enterprise and have Manny Cotto do it.

@2 Couldn’t agree more! I loved Enterprise and wished they had continued another few seasons, exploring more of the backstory that led to ST:TOS.

Agreed guys. Enterprise might have lagged a little in the first season and a half but it really picked up and the last two seasons were great! With that said, I do think the finale was truly awful and somewhat insulting to the Enterprise cast.

Oh, it’s far from Robot Chicken quality (they modify their figures for fuller movement ranges), but really good animation for a fanmade project.

Eventually I’ll turn the sound on and be able to comment on its audio engineering.

Awsome job!! I love it but I see the guy who did the voice for spock is the same guy who use to be spock on James Cawley’s Star Trek Phase 2

Actually pretty fun. Too good to resist the cut, though: Wow, the acting is just like on the series!

This is a lot of fun. Well done!

# 4 you are right. The series ending was a total joke. The 3rd season was good and the 4th was great. Could only imagine what the 5th would have been like. Romulan Wars maybe.

T’Pol sounds like she’s been smoking Vulcan weed before going on duty. Other than that and the bizarre head motions, this is much better than reading a fanfic with poor grammar.

#10 :: Hey, hey, this fanfic writer is a grammar freak and won’t attempt a character until she’s dug so deep into his/her brain she thinks she’s lost. (But I sympathize. There are a zillion fanfics out there with bad grammar and worse characterization. D: )

Interesting.. Is about all I can say. But I’m still pretty impressed. I like it! Still, a sad reminder that ENT was cancelled after four short seasons. )= I love the triolgy that’s come out (The Good That Men Do, Kobayashi Maru, and The Romulan War) and it’s good and all, but I miss seeing this great stuff on TV. It’s truly the only series that was even close to my generation. Being at the age where the most catastrophic thing was not the Cold War or nuclear threat, and 9/11 was the thing that’s impacted my lifetime, ENT is definitely the series that really hits me hard (that, and DS9) for obvious reasons. But it’ll live on in text and things like that video, if nothing else!

That is way better than the actual show. For one thing, it looks like these guys are trying.

AHAHAHAH the voice over for Reed is spot on!

I love this, Comon Prt II

I see Seber has his hand over all realm of fan film lol

Pretty darn good. Kudos to the folks who made this. The only thing that bothered me was the exoskeleton from “The Terminator”. Other than that it was great to see the “Enterprise” characters again even though they weren’t voiced by the original actors. The production values were great as well. Hopefully, production crew will consider doing stories about the Romulan War and the mirror universe.

On another note, with all the action figures out there, someone could do any of the other series.

Enterprise was a great series, but alas too late! 1st and 2nd seasons were slow moving, 3rd was really interesting IMHO with the whole season long arc… love the Xindi and all the various species! Season 4 was phenomenal and season 5 would have only been better, a shame that it never was allowed to live up to its potential! If it had gone on for seven seasons like the other series in the franchise, it could have developed into the best one of all with the founding of the Federation, the Romulan War, etc. Too Bad for us!

Great Job… but am the only one who didnt get the ending?? What was up with the white light???

I guess they didn’t make a Phlox or Hoshi action figure???

* am i the only one….

6. CajunKlingon – December 26, 2009

Awsome job!! I love it but I see the guy who did the voice for spock is the same guy who use to be spock on James Cawley’s Star Trek Phase 2

I didn’t look at the whole credits, but I did see Charles Root (Scotty) and John Lim (Sulu) listed as well, so it would appear the Star Trek Phase 2 is this film’s American sponsor.

thank god they changed the theme song

I wish they HAD made a Hoshi and Phlox in their uniforms as well as the space suits. Trip was my favorite character from the show.

18 — Or maybe Hoshi is a Terminator. Hmmmm.

I think it’s a nice idea that the Terminator story happens in a parallel universe. Consider the possibilities! Crossover episodes featuring the Xenomorphs or the DeLorean Time Machine… it’s all possible! :D

wait for part2 ;)

Ahh! That took me back to the good ol’ Gerry Anderson days of “StingRay” “Captain Scarlet” and “Thunderbirds”!

Wonderful and enchanting Ent trek my grandkidsa loved but many of you are so right. If aloud to have gone several more seasons it would have been great! The federation unfolding the romulan war, they already had well prepaired storylines in this direction before cancellation. I read the stories. Wonderful. But tossed. Its a shame this group could not be licensed to use them. A gap could be filled and then go on from there to finish needed early trek history canonM*nd a lot of great stories. Keep trekkin, you’re. Doing great.

of all these fan based made trek movies,this one i really liked ,great job.
well thanks to paramount & upn we lost a good show.sure like someone to pick up a season 5.Mmmm CBS are you listening?

I miss Captain Archer.

Thanks all.

On behalf of Limited Faith Productions it means a lot to hear such kind words. We tried our best to deliver a great product for an English Audience in terms of the soundtrack.

Big thanks have to goto James Cawley and his crew because without them i may not have been able to pull off this English Dub.

It’s taken a year and a half to do all of this in terms of the audio. So i’m grateful that you all enjoyed it in some form.

I can’t comment on the video but as far as the English Soundtrack goes the planning, coordinating and direction was all me. So again i’m glad you enjoyed it.

Peter Goundrill
Limited Faith Productions


On the contrary, i am a fan of James Cawley’s work on Phase II and when i approached the casting of this episode when it came to the TOS based characters i did approach NV cast members to ‘reprise’ their roles like Jeffery Quinn, Charles Root, Julienne Irons and John Lim.

However, this production is not affiliated with The Cawley Entertainment Company or Retro Film Studios.

Peter Goundrill

It’s always good to hear Jeff Quinn do a Vulcan. Miss that guy on NV/ PII.

These plastic figures are far more animated than the actual crew of NX-01.

Hoshi and Travis actually have lines.

Great job Peter.

Impressive episode of Enteprise. I loved it.
The flash back to the TOS mirror universe was fun. :-)
“Mr. Sulu, get us out of here!!”

CBS has to make another TV series. :-)

hmm didn’t Tripp die in Enteprise?


yes… and I was so pissed beyond words when they killed him X(
Wow, this is incredible! I can’t wait for more episodes!

@36 yes Trip did die in Enterprise but this is set way before that happened. Trip died during the formation of the Federation sometime in 2161. This animation as i was told by Jurgen Kaiser is set during the fourth season.

April 12th, 2154 to be precise shortly before 404, Borderland.

Peter Goundrill

Sorry i meant April 10th.

Peter Goundrill

39. Peter

A big hat’s off to you and your team for a great job! And to Jurgen Kaiser and Co.
The fan-made productions continue to be a major reason why Star Trek has survived for 40 years.
Continued success!

Wasn’t Trip’s death a holodeck simulation so he could go “undercover ” so he could be sent on a section 31 covert mission of some kind. It seems that I read this on several sites. I hope this is so. Mr. Houndrel can pickup from then on. Trip dead? No way! My grown daughters are still drulling over him.

Well, from my point of view i really don’t consider “These Are The Voyages”. I like not to think about the series finale of Enterprise primarily because it felt out of place. It was more TNG than ENT.

Personally i feel like Enterprise ended with Terra Prime (Season 4, Episode 21)

Peter Goundrill


What you read regarding Trip is part of the continuing stories run by Pocket Books.

At this time, i have no plans to do an Enterprise Series picking up where the series left off in any form.

Right now, in terms of Star Trek, my only job is to translate the German Films by Jürgen Kaiser into English.

Peter Goundrill

@ 18 Captain Lonestar

Well, about that light … I`m afraid you`ll have to wait aproximately 1,5 years untill you will get an answer to that question.

Since I was part of the German writing-team with Executive Producer Jürgen Kaiser I had the pleasure of coming up with the story of the sequel and a lot of it`s dialogue. Trust me – even if the English version sounds like “Enterprise”, the dialogue in the original German version was not always that good.

So that`s a enormous improvement Peter Goundrill and Rex Duis made in adapting my original translation of the script.

I`ll only say that much about the white light: it was not made clear what it was in the original script of “Crossroads”. But for the sequel, we came up with a good explanation. LOL

I`ve watched “Crossroads” 3 times so far. Ìt just feels so much more real when English voice-actor´s do the job. But for the German voices in the sequel we hired professional voice-actors and radio-folks.

Glad that so many of you enjoyed it.

See you in a couple of years, when “The Beginning of the End” is finished.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Oh, in case my answer was to “cryptic” – I can`t give you information about the backround of the “white light” but for those of you who didn`t get the story behind the light:

It`s the agent of the “Red Empire”, that Spock did warn T`Pol during the mind-meld.

The effects were very good. I just couldn’t help but giggle as the crew did not move at all when the explosions were occurring on the bridge!

Love the alternate universe / multiverse scenario!

Good voice work, except I found T’Pol lacking.

I like these videos too. Having made three of them with Mego figures, I can appreciate the work that goes into them. I especially like the sets. Looks like this is all stop motion. We use some stop motion, but mostly puppetry with modified figures.

I also prefer funny videos, but we’re much too goofy to ever try drama, so kudos to those that can make these action figure based videos interesting without resorting to fart jokes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a good fart joke, mind you.

-Hoserlu Studios

He’s got the pacing of the show Enterprise down perfect. Many of the shows the first two seasons moved at a snails pace.

Excellent job.