TrekMovie Readers Show Off Their Trek Christmas Gifts [UPDATED]

Christmas is a time of giving (and receiving) and this year lots of good Trekkie girls and boys did just that. According to our latest polls 60% of our readers received the gift of Trek this seasons, and 40% gave the gift of Trek. Over the last day some of the TrekMovie readers have been sending in pics of their Star Trek gifts. [UPDATE: Added more reader submitted photos and video]


The Gifts of Trek
TrekMovie readers have been sending in pics of their Trek Gifts via the TrekMovie Twitter account

Frankie (my nephew) got a Clone Trooper outfit and Starfleet utility belt, bringing together Star Wars and Star Trek…now there can be peace in the galaxy

Vic Holterman of got Star Trek Monopoly from his daughter

Mary Czerwinski of DVD Geeks got quite a Trek haul

StarfleetMom got all of DS9 and more Trek goodies

Andy Patterson and his brothers all got new Star Trek outfits

Alcalejon also brought together Wars and Trek, pikcing up the TOS movies box set (in her native Portuguese)

Amiryfenn Got the Spock/Ken Barbie doll

Darren Benjamin/QuarksBartender of the TrekCast now knows what time it is in space

ExpatMinister put together an Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Star Trek 2009 Mashup scene

GuilPreckette is ready with the musk of Shatner

Ibidoof must have been nice as Santa piled on the Trek this year

Ian Pond is now ready to open bottles Trek style

LeighBlack got some Star Trek cookies, yum

Lieutenant Loker got a bunch of Trek stuff, including an autographed pic of Zach Quinto

Manifesto42  nabbed some rare Spanish Trek comic

Muggles  Secret Santa gave her a Ubran/Bones tote bag

Praguematic  got a Spock ornament

Roneyll’s wife showed the love by giving him a whole set of ST09 figures

TheOlz nabbed a framed Trek poster

WowAnnie’s flatmate gave her some real ST09 film cells

ScottySF bobble head and a book

AlexGeek got some Trek socks! He is worried about the red ones

TrekMovie’s Kayla got herself some Trek home video and something for the tree too

Empress Eve of must have been a good girl for all her Trek goodies

Rob Perrin gave his daughter an Uhura Barbie, but she quickly modded it with a Hanna Montana headset

Capt. Dan got a custom Sulu Doll made by his girlfriend’s cousin

Geek Girl Lt. ShiinaYuyaSan links us to the video of her massive Trek (and Coraline) haul

Did you get Trek too?
Feel free to post links to your Trek goodies below.

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No Trek for me….

but first :p

My daughter enjoyed her Uhura Barbie, but found that it needed a custom mod….

Slow news day.

Just kidding. fun pictures.

I got the Movie on DVD (Target exclusive Enterprise) and Blu-Ray (Best Buy with department pins).

This at Star Trek: The Art Of The Film.

I have a wonderful wife.

Oooh – I like the Urban McCoy tote!

I received a Lt Sulu doll from my girlfriend – her cousin has started her own little business at and so far does Spock and Sulu :)

– Star Trek Online PreOrder (from Target)

– Star Trek Enterprise The Romulan War Book

– Star Trek Ships of The Line Book

– Star Trek The Entropy Effect Book

still training my family to get me Star Trek so hopefully more Trek next year

Got about $300 in cash which will go to buy

– Star Trek Online Collector’s Edition ( From Gamestop cause their exclusive ingame Constitution Class starship is impossible to pass up)

about $ 80 bucks plus overnight shipping $20 = $100

– Star Trek Magazine

About $ 50

– Star Trek Figures and Toys:

I’m still trying to narrow
down the list but it’s probably going to be The Enterprise NCC 1701 D and Deep Space Nine, probably more too :)

about 100

– not sure what to do with the rest any suggestions?

I finally got all the first six movies on DVD and the Alternate Universe DVD collection. Merry Trekmas everyone! •<|:-)

Got animated Trek DVDs and the ST09 BluRay. Haven’t watched animated DVDs yet, but the deleted scenes on the ST09 disc were interesting.

I wound up getting a few Star Trek items. I got the Enterprise refit hotwheels the reliant hot wheel. Star Trek 2009 blu ray with Enterprise model, and the Season 3 blu ray box set so I was happy

I almost got my wife a medical tricorder. But then, when stll in the shop, decided to not buy it because it was the science tricorder model, not the medical version.

You see, not only would my wife have appreciated a medical one, she would also have pointed out that the science one was inaproproate for her.

Long way of saying I found the perfect wife. :)

My Girlfrend got me a Capt Kirk and Spock from the Terran Empire. Also. I got a I.S.S Enterprise as well. Yes. I did get a U.S.S Enterprise N.C.C -1701-E Also. Got the C.D to TMP. What a Trekmas I had. Merry Trekmas to all form the Terran Empire.

Hey Anthony. What did you get for Trekmas.

Ok Bob Orci. What do you get for Trekmas. Come on Spill it.

I got the Hallmark Klingon Battle Cruiser to add to my to my extensive collection. The wife and I also ventured forth to brave the after-Christmas sales mobs, and I scored a two-fer: the local mall Hallmark shop had all their ornaments marked down to 1/2 price, and I scooped up a pair of the 2009 TOS Type I phaser ornaments – one for the collection, and one to keep next to my ST: XI phaser and annoy the wife with. LOL

haha I was excited upon opening a special edition “Target Exclusive” set of the new Star Trek movie, but then I saw it was Blu-ray. Our family does not possess a Blu-ray player.

Needless to say, my mother made an error in her gift purchasing this year.

I did also get a Ships of the Line calendar, which is always a welcome treat. Unfortunately some of the images this year were sub-par in their modeling, and it was apparent that they were hastily thrown together.

Hey Anthony. Nice gift. Oh. I did get the 4th Season of Enterprise on Dvd. What a Trekmas.

I want that watch!!! :D

Nice Trek goodies everybody!

i got a red ringer tee that reads “Expendable” and a tee that says “What happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck”, both from

Since I didn’t rec’v Trek xmas gifts…I decided to buy my own. So, on ebay(yesterday & today), I scored seasons 1-3 of TOS on Bluray for 45.00 to under 49.00…so I only paid under 145.00 for them all! I will decide once I them, to do a side by side playback of the TOS-R versions and BD and see how markedly they are superior or no noticable change in picture quality.
I then can see the 2 pic w/in a pic dual video window commentaries produced for season two prior to Toshiba was forced to abandon the HD format(season1 had 3 episodes with this), and the few other BD only features, and the prior only HD tour of the Enterprise.
Now, I own all 11 Trek films and TOS on Bluray!

No Trek for me either, but I’ll probably buy something trekish with the money that I got.

Got the DVD!

Trek on!

I don’t have a picture, but my husband bought me a full collection of Star Trek movies I-VI with an addition of “The Captain’s Summit”. He made me VERY happy this Christmas.

i got some awesome Star Trek…. SOCKS!!!!! Red, Blue and Yellow – fantastic :D all topped off with a Star Trek Captain Kirk mug!

I made a video with all of my Star trek Christmas gifts!! Check it out guys! :)

Love this article! Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoy your presents. :D

Didn’t get many non-useful presents this year myself, but I did get some money and (if I don’t go and spoil the moment by buying MORE useful things! :P) I might get a figure or two, maybe even the hardcover Countdown book. Could ring in the new year with a new keychain, perhaps? Merry Christmas, TrekMovie!

Here’s a group portrait of my motley collection of Vulcans:

The Yoda figure is an original from “Empire Strikes Back”.

My parents got me the new Star Trek movie for Christmas, and my grandma and grandpa gave me an Ebay gift certificate to get some of my own ‘Trek stuff. Even better, I convinced Mom and Dad to watch ST09 with me last night (Christmas). I think we all loved it the second time around, even as much as the first! (We all went for Mother’s Day to the movie theatres, too. ;3 )

Even my dad had his birthday today, so his card was a Star Trek theme. 44 years.. told him he’s gettin’ old. xP

:\ that Spock Ken Doll looks like a transgendered version of T’Pol :\

I got Star Trek (2009) on DVD for my birthday (December 11th) and a TOS shirt.

i got 1/4 scale kirk, 1/4 scale spock, small and medium remote control enterprises, remote controlled bird of prey, Q20, callenders, business card holder, kirk mint tin, kirk spock coffee mug, puzzle cube, good christmas my family loves me hope you all had a good christmas and have a happy new year!!!!! trek lives!!!!!

I got movies II-IV and the newest movie on DVD (I love how the discs are in the saucer of the Enterprise!). I also got an original series phaser. These aren’t really Christmas gifts, but I got them over the last year: a rather large Enterprise-D and new Enterprise model, two small Klingon Birds of Prey and one small Enterprise-A model, and a t-shirt. I did get to visit the Star Trek exhibit in the Detroit Science Center as well, that was awesome!

Wow! What a festive Trek Christmas.

Oh, and I just got TOS season three on bluray today. Fun to watch with an egg nog.

I love love love the film cells! That is an AMZING gift to have received!
AND that handmade Sulu is so cute lol!


a real let down this year. Nobody gave me anything trek!

How do I get the Star Trek socks? I can’t find them anywhere.

36. Boborci

Yeh but you get the best gift of all…. working on Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!

Grabbed all 4 Hallmark ornaments half price today, yesssss. Still need the calendars … half price now as well.

Like to collect, but like to save while doing it.

Very nice gifts!

I had some Star Trek Hallmark ornaments hung on my Xmas tree last year and I took some pics of them. This year, I did not put them up again.

Got a box of Star Trek cereal….Not much of a Trek hall this year, but I got a bunch of other great stuff.

I got the Wrath of Khan phaser, the set of Star Trek badges from the Blu Ray set and a ticket for a Leonard Nimoy autograph for the convention in Vancouver. I got a box with pictures of Nimoy and a sharpie marker. My Mom, so creative…lol

37. Anthony Pascale – December 26, 2009
not even uncle Robau?


He gave me some good sci fi to read to inspire sequel. But everyone figures i have all things trek, but I don’t!

39. P Technobabble – December 27, 2009

Good Point!

Got 2 seasons of Enterprise (season 3 and 4), already had seasons 1 and 2.

But Scott Bakula in Star Trek 12 would relieve me. Archer deserves to be in ST12!!!


I got the TNG movie set and Nick Meyer’s new book

You’d think that with everyone knowing I’m a trekkie, that my gifts would tend towards that direction. Best I got was a Barnes and Noble gift card that paid for Star Trek: The Art of the Film. A great book, loved it! I’ll just have to try harder next year.

Ditto, Bob.

Manifesto42 nabbed some rare Spanish Trek comic


Isn´t spanish comic is portuguese.