Check Out These Hypnotic Underwater Star Trek Ship Model Videos

Another viral video link around the web this week is a hypnotic video of a submarine USS Enterprise. It comes from a Japanese modeling club that TrekMovie featured last year, but now there are more Star Trek ships turned sub videos to show off. Check them out below. 


Your local pool – the final frontier

The video that is showing up all over the web this week is this one with the Enterprise-A.

The video comes from the Aqua Modelers club in Kokusuka, Japan. The clubbers make their own submarine models converted from model kits (unfortunately they are not for sale).

Here is a more recent video from the club, with the Enterprise D.

And here is the Voyager and the Millennium Falcon

There are more videos of other non-Trek submarine models at the Starfleet Yokosuka YouTube Page.

Visit the Starfleet Yokosuka Dry Docks website (in Japanese) to find out more about the model club.

Yokosuka Aqua Modelers


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Wow. At 2:26 am, it makes me want to fall asleep at my computer.

Hey, I was first and second…that’s a first for me

I emailed the guy who makes these i think. I REEEEAALLYYY want one!!!

Those are some beautiful videos. Awesome. And that is a DS/AA Enterprise-D, which I own. I hope one day that NASA takes a model of any Enterprise into space ( in outer space, not just inside the shuttle) because that would be even cooler. And films it of course.

Neat-o! If only I had a way to get my hands on one of those.. and a pool. I don’t think the tub is deep enough.

Of course, putting a model starship in orbit around Earth would be ironic since the shuttle Enterprise never went into space.

Are they powered? How do the ships keep moving?

#7 They are powered. On the Enterprise-A, there is a small motor located in the shuttle bay. On the Enterprise-D, a small motor is where the main impulse engine is on the neck. As for the Voyager, I’ll have to watch the video again.

I also would have loved to have seen the Enterprise-D seperate and have the saucer slide onto the floor.

So cool, they should make Bird of Preys, Borg Cubes etc and have a under water fight and youtube that, oh and have it so they can launch torpedoes lol heck throw in the Narada in there also. The shots are nicely done but the music has to go, it’s like cheesy outer space porn music or some 90s space rpg

*star control 2 music*

Be so cool to have one forever swimming around in a large fish tank next to the fireplace and big screen.

They should use this for special effects.

Maybe they could have Enterprise-A and Reliant, each rigged with a small laser, and recreate the battle in TWOK….!

JJ Abrams Enterprise next???

It reminds me a bit of ‘Catspaw’ or ‘Q2’ :)

…sorry, my bad! I meant ‘Death Wish’ not ‘Q2’! Will you ever forgive me?! :)

These are strange. An interesting concept, I’ve heard that space travel is much more akin to submarine travel, so this would be a good exercise in starship physics. However, the music track and overall creepiness if the lighting and sorta shaky cam make for an uncomfortable experience. These videos cannot be unwatched.

So – The Starship Voyager is manuevering in Fluidic Space?

Where’s Species 8472 when you need them?

Makes you wonder. Double the scale, put the motor in the impulse drive, and wonder how they would make Star Trek before CG.

These are pretty cool. The engine for the Voyager model is located on the bottom of the engineering section. It also seems to be the only model with dive planes on it, though they are not easy to spot.

Imagine how difficult it would be to make these models not only watertight but buoancy (tough word to spell) neutral. Many many long hours of work must have went into them.

It’s interesting to note how aerodynamically (hydrodynamically?) stable the Enterprise A appears to be, compared both to the Enterprise D and to Voyager.

Long, Long shots of the A gliding gracefully along on a relatively level course. The video of the D seems like more short sequences between times when the model starts dipping downward. The Voyager is a little harder to judge, what with the active use of the manuevering planes.

But it realy looks as if the basic layout of the Constitution Class ships is the most well-balanced. Let’s hear if for Matt Jeffries!

Very NICE indeed…!! I loved the Enterprise A video…! I couldn’t stop thinking of movie scenes, imagining “moments” where those movements could be part of…!

The music could be more “cinematic” but all in all it was very well done.

I have a Ent. A model… It’s been years in the box… and I still have to put the pieces together…


The Enterprise hasn’t looked this good since TMP!

This is the closest any fan will get to really flying a model of the Enterprise around. Cool!

The Defiant is always left out.

Even the last time they remade all the ships in die cast form they skipped the Defiant..

Art Asylum never made a USS Defiant either.

I am a USS Defiant fan, I just wish more people showed some Defiant love.

The ships look great though., it takes me back to a time when model kits were big and I was always in the hobby shop looking for the next star trek model.

I believe one Defiant Di cast was made and I think you had to buy a special set to get it. And before you ask I do have a Defiant Model kit, fully painted and assembled.

As Liz Lemon might want to say, “I want to go to there!”

JJ version next hopefully, just as soon as someone can find a pool filled with excrement….


“I believe one Defiant Di cast was made and I think you had to buy a special set to get it. And before you ask I do have a Defiant Model kit, fully painted and assembled”

Playmates made an electronic Defiant. I found one at a Walmart back when they first came out, along with a Voyager. Both of those were pretty rare, but you can occasionally find them on auction sites like Ebay

Not to mention the portable CD player shaped like the Defiant that Spencers Gifts used to carry, back in the day.

You have crossed into Fluidic Space. Beware Species 8472!

Honestly, with the right lighting, this technique would totally kick some CGI arse.

hey #26 I’m with you. the same ships are always made again and again. how many D’s do we need? How about a nice Defiant in die cast or an Enterprise C. I’d like a Stargazer too. the Intrepid from Enterprise would be interesting as well. just give us something different.

Enterprise A still BY FAR the most beautiful and realistic looking E

Enterprise D looks like a garish X-mas orniment YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is one of the coolest Star Trek videos I have ever seen. I could totally see this playing at a lounge I hang at and my non-trek friends totally getting caught up in it, the mix is pretty hip too.

After I chilled with the vibe for a few, I found myself wondering how it can move so gracefully without any major control surfaces. It’s not like there are any bow-planes (yes I watched U-571 very closely, I’m talking to you Matthew Mcconaughey :-)

TOS Movie Enterprise remains the best looking realization of the ship across all incarnations. Not even close. Elegant, graceful lines from just about every angle.

#33–I agree

#33 and #34 – I also agree. The only angle I’ve ever thought it looked less than amazing was the angle they used in Star Trek V – right before she warps away form the klingon BOP photon torpedo. The angle made the secondary hull look strangley large and out of proportion to the saucer and nacelles. Other than that, it looks perfect at EVERY angle. It can’t be improved upon.

just awesome! Voyager and Enterprise A never looked so graceful!

Of all the films in the body of work that is Star Trek…only STV could make the NCC-1701A look bad.

Water, the Final Frontier

How did they make these puppies so dang airtight they didn’t leak and take on water? And are these radio controled? And lastly…why spaceships under water?

The BEST article this year so far, please – no more boring fillers !!!

New for 2010:

“Voyager to the Bottom of the Sea”

Gotta love those rascally Japanese. We’re all just swimming in their wake, pun intended.

I mean, really…what toys have we originated? G.I. Joe? It’s not bad, but the Japanese gave us Diaclone, which became Tranformers, which are vehicles that turn into robots. Genius.

Now submarine starship models. I love it.

And I want the E-A like, yesterday.

Man, I bet these guys could do a bang-up FX upgrade to ST:V. LOL

I also found it funny that the Millenium Falcon just sat at the surface while the Voyager ran around and under it.

The Voyager has running lights- that’s insane (and gorgeous)!
Do you think they would attempt R/C whales like in The Voyage Home?

Those are beautiful. I salute the modelers for the love they put into their craft.

Very interesting.

40. Michael
“…why spaceships under water?”

Because flying them in space is a little too expensive.

WOW! This is cool. What a nifty idea to let these ships dive around, never would have thought of it. Kudos to the modellers.

I also learned that swimming pools in Japan look exactly the same as at home :-)