Great Links: Body Painted Trekkies + LOL Spot + Trek or ED Pill Quiz + TNG for Liberals Only?

The week between Christmas and New Years tends to be a slow news week and so a few Star Trek related links have gone viral and are sweeping around the internets to fill the void. We have naked Trek bikers, LOLCats Trek, A quiz on Trek and Pills, and some politics (gasp!).


Star Trek Body Painted Bikers
The site has posted a NSFW Image of a bunch of Trekkies who decided to paint their uniforms on. Although the image was just put on dinnerinthedarkroom site this week and only yesterday ‘went viral‘ being picked up by dozens of other websites, it turns out it isn’t new. The first instance (and higher res version) seems to be from the chan4chan site in July.

UPDATE: Photos identified + more found
Thanks to TrekMovie reader Michael Hanscom, the photos have been identified as coming from a group of Trek fans at the 2009 Fremont Solstice Parade on June 20th, 2009 in Seattle, WA. More photos of the bikers can be found in this Flickr Gallery.


Quiz: Star Trek Character or Erectile Dysfunction Pill
MentalFloss, the site ‘where knowledge junkies get their fix’, is counting down their top daily quizes of the year and coming in at #6 is a tough one: Star Trek Character or Erectile Dysfunction Pill?. It isn’t as easy as you might think.

Are you an expert?

Was all that too risqué for you? Well then how about a kitty cat? Yesterday, the king of LOLCats sites found out what you get when you combine LOLCats with Data’s Cat Spot.


Conservatives not supposed to like TNG?
Remember 10 days ago when we reported Patrick Stewart was being knighted? Well that news swept around the web as well. But one site had an interesting take. The conservative National Review Online posted a ‘congratulations‘ to Patrick Stewart, but then threw in this:

I confess myself amazed that so many conservatives are fond of [The Next Generation]. Its messages are unabashedly liberal ones of the early post-Cold War era – peace, tolerance, due process, progress (as opposed to skepticism about human perfectibility).

Note to NRO, there is nothing ‘amazing’ about people from all points of view loving Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is a great TV show. And since when are all conservatives against peace, tolerance, due process and progress? This strange comment was picked up by Fark, who called out NRO for a ‘FAIL’ and “insulting” Jean Luc Picard. The comment has also been picked apart by Washington Monthly, and a number of other blogs.

My view is why do you have to turn Star Trek into politics? Patrick Stewart was knighted, and that is cool. TNG was a great show, which is enjoyed by people from the left, right, center and everywhere in between. Do we now have to have some kind of litmus test where only one political leaning can like a show? If Ronald Reagan can hang out with Captain Picard, I think all conservatives can handle the 24th century.

Reagan visiting TNG set

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The body paint is great and all, but why outside?! It must be cold.

Why do we have to have political discussions about Star Trek? Because Gene Roddenberry used Trek as a platform for his views, and in the generations since many different authors have used Trek as a platform for thier political views. Just recently I came across a Trek novel that had a “dedication” that so angered me that I almost threw the book out.

Also let’s not forget the Fan made Trek episodes that push a view point on various social and ethical viewpoints.

If you have any doubt the Gene was not against using Trek as a vehicle for his views, read his novelization of The Motion Picture. His views on traditional marriage are very much on display there, and from all those who knew him, he practiced theses beliefs in real life.

In regards to the political-ness of Star Trek and its fans: I must confess that I had previously assumed that there would be few “conservative” Trek fans. That is until I began interacting with and reading the thoughts of other fans right here on this site. I’ve been surprised to find so many “conservative” fans. I would think the money-less and god-less nature of the show would be quite unappealing to fiscal and/or religious conservatives.

ok politics…touchy subject….and of course, that only my opinion.

I don’t think I would want to see Picard in that outfit. 7 of 9 is another story however…

Comments like that one are so… well, wrong. I’m from the left and I’M insulted by the comment! Don’t diss the right with dumbass comments like that. TNG is for everyone!

The body paint is great and all, but why blurred bodyparts? It must be paphetic.

It’s not that Trek can’t make commentary on present day problems, it’s the boneheaded assumption by some pundit that only people of a certain political stripe would ever be fans.

Ronald Reagan actually visited the TNG set. Perhaps even the Gipper was a fan?

Im a moderate and independent and I love all things Trek. I can vote either Dem or Republican and to be honest. The Far Left and far right scare me a lot. Love the Naked trek stars. Seen the girls on other sites and they are simply Hot. Also. Is there any Video of Presedent Reagon Visiting the Tng Set. Would love to see that.

I have to admit that the political leanings of some Trek authors have made me enjoy their writings a lot less. I can think of several Trek authors that whenever I read what they write I approach it with great reserve, and I generally enjoy their writing much less hat I use to before I read some of their personal blogs.

I think Star Trek all in all is pretty much in the middle as far as polatics. I.D.I.C to me pretty much sums it up. But there will always be people that try to push Trek to the Left or to the Right. Those people you havt to watch out for.

Why is it any time I offered to body paint a highly detailed Star Trek uniform on a lovely fan…I got a drink in my face or needed bail money?

(Must be doing something wrong. Rassem Frassem….)

Who cares about the political message? What does he mean Picard is more hard@ss than Kirk? It must be the stick…

Naked Star Trek Bicycle People and Ronald Reagan in the same post?

My head hurts, a lot.

I think I can need a cheezeburger now.

Given the 206 area code on the banner visible at the top right of the bodypaint image, there’s also a good chance that the photo was taken at the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade in Seattle, which has become locally famous over the past few years for always beginning with a large number of nude, nearly-nude, and bodypainted riders.

Actually, a quick Flickr search led me to a few more shots of the same group (all NSFW), all taken at the 2009 Fremont Solstice parade. Go Seattle trekkies! Trekkers. Whatever. :)

Too right Anthony. Congrats Jean-Luc – from a center-right Conservative.

Star Trek is for everyone.

No one can claim it as their own.

Star Trek is very liberal with liberal messages…….its the liberal future…..The only reason to deny that is to make it more commercial. By the way thats all just fine by me

Lol, I live in Fremont in Seattle – on the Solstice Parade route, even. But I had to work that day and missed it. To those younger and hornier readers: Seattle chicks never ever wear makeup and Fremont chicks in particular ain’t nothin’ to look at twice!

I’m from the Seattle area, as well, and Izbot is right!

Now those are TNG scenes I like.

and 12

I thought my brothers and I were the only ones who used Flintstone cursing…Rassem Frassem….ha funny.

In many ways, Star Trek is a very liberal show – perhaps to its very core. This is particularly true of the original series and TNG which were both heavily influenced by Mr. Roddenberry who held many liberal views. This is not to say, however, that these shows are simply about being liberal because there is so much more complexity to the stories and characters than mere reduction to political ideology would have us think.

I agree with “Capt Mike” insofar as the extreme Left and Right seem to get many issues very wrong and it takes a broader perspective and a willingness to work with others to meet the needs of society. If anything, this is what we see in the Federation. In the end, it’s about the people who struggle forward together, not ideology, that saves the day. Sure, nifty technology and science are nice, but the best episodes flourish based on the strength of its characters and the bond of their friendship.

But maybe that’s why I like Deep Space Nine so much…

How sad that anyone can let a political party dictate their entertainment.

i will find the girl in blue and make her mine. bwhahahaha lololol

Very strange post.

As a card-carrying member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, I am a big fan of NRO.

I am a MUCH bigger fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was probably the most intelligent, most involving, best-written series of standalone episodes ever to grace American TV screens.

Now, I don’t care very much for the patented Picard Speech in “Who Watches The Watchers?” but, other than that… what’s wrong with hope? Granted, irrational optimism is not a conservative principle… but neither is dogmatic despair!

Clearly, Mr. Potemra needs to see “The Best of Both Worlds,” “The Inner Light,” “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and “Darmok.” That’ll cure him of this silly idea.

Am I the only one who finds the naked Trekkie bikers extremely creepy? And a bit embarrassing? Or is that just my conservatism flaring up again?

I am a diehard conservative. The real kind, not the Bush/Cheney/Neocon kind. I supported the defensive war with the Dominion. I would not have supported going through the Wormhole, freeing a planet from the Dominion, and spending countless lives and resources teaching them the Federation form of governance, just to ensure having an ally in the Gamma quadrant. O:-) Sorry, tangent. I can accept Star Trek for what it is, good fiction, good characters, great franchise.

There are many liberal AND conservative points of view expressed throughout the various incarnations of Star Trek. BOTH points of view are often made by the main characters in heroic or inspiring moments. Some times they are a little more subtle and can be easy to miss. It is understandable to me that one can be confused as to the “liberal” nature of the show. But that is not the true message of Star Trek. The show is about people working together despite their differences toward a better future. As Captain Mike said “I.D.I.C”. Anything less then that suggests to me that someone just wasn’t paying enough attention.

“And since when are all conservatives against peace, tolerance, due process and progress?”

Thank you for that.

I consider myself being left, but in fandom I’ve met a lot of people with different views, even conservatives and became good friends with some of them . What’s wrong with it? We could discuss politics and just before killing each other we would switch discussion to STAR TREK or else. Those discussions widened my horizon and my understanding for other peoples opinions. There were and always will be people with different opinions. No one in the world holds the absolute truth. We must get along somehow, because the other one may be right, too.

P:S. i dont’t like racism. There should be no discussion.

#3 :: “.. I would think the money-less and god-less nature of the show would be quite unappealing to fiscal and/or religious conservatives. …”

On the contrary. Whenever I get the opportunity to do sermons at church, I love throwing in a clip or line from Star Trek. Then again, this is coming from the girl whose pastor can do a sermon on “The Lion King”…

I consider myself left-leaning (although I am not able to vote yet) but.. really, who’s to say what’s what? Why do we have to be right and left; liberal and conservative? Why can’t we all just be Americans (or whatever) looking to better the world through a common cause? That’s what Star Trek is about, if you ask me. Yes, we can all argue that Gene Roddenberry used ‘Trek as his way to put his political views out there, but personally, the Federation seems like a pretty nice place to live in. It’s the story of how we must work together despite our differences. Isn’t it?

And now I need to step off of my soap box. Ahem. Sorry.

30, 31 – Here here !!!!

Oh, just one more thing:

I thought the LOLcats thing with Data was amazingly cute. Spot was my favourite little kitty in ‘Trek, anyways. So cute~! I now need to make that my desktop background. xD

Maybe this could be the trend for the next movie or TV series’ uniforms??? Bodypaint replaces clothing in the 23-24 centuries! Forget zippers , snaps & buttons… even velcro, …. now all we need to do is take a sonic shower after work to cleanse away any dirt & grime and then proceed to the Spa? to have our suits repainted on! Not to mention we need not take our clothes off to have sex, wash, or toilet… how efficient we will be! LOL!!! All I can say is these are courageous young people to wear these non-outfits! to think i worry about shedding a few pounds to fit into the figure-forming Trek uniforms of the day, and these people are wearing even more unforgiving skin-tight non-uniforms that reveal not only wrinkles and pounds, but also one’s twig & berries & other assorted goodies!!! Live Long & Diet! Live Long & Exercise!

I am conservative, yet I LOVE Star Trek. And I don’t care what Star Trek is TRYING to talk about, the thing is, they aren’t showing the politics full force.

Off topic. Star Trek had the 7th most viewed trailer of 2009.This was on

Bring me those chicks!!!!


I’m glad there’s someone out there who recognized the Fred Flintstone grumble.

Got 80% on quiz :-)

As a conservative I’ve always found TNG somewhat distasteful. While TOS harbored a hopeful view of the future, it understood that maintaining order and justice required a constant effort, brains, entrepeneurial freedom and a little military might.

TNG seemed to assume that somehow humans had simply morphed into altrusitic angels who simply had to educate the bad guys with goodwill and platitudes. The show seemed to lack a basic understanding that all creatures are primarily driven by their own self-interest.

#28 I’m a bit of a conservative myself. In the wormhole situation I’d have blown up the dang thing and nipped it in the bud from the get go. Crap on the Gamma quadrant. Of course a major plot device would have been eliminated from the series making for dull television but the war would have ended.

I don’t believe Star Trek is more fitted to any “one” political party. This is one of the few arenas where we can come together in agreement about something we all love for good reasons. Sometimes, though it’s often hard to do, we have to put “ourselves” aside in order to have an open mind while maintaining conviction. Star Trek is full of convictions. That’s one of the things that makes Star Trek so cool. It brings people who care about the world we live in to the table to discuss how we believe it could be better. That concept is both liberal and conservative.

I am right of center in my political views (which describes about 40% of the nation with 20% identifying themselves as liberals in a recent poll & the rest independents and don’t knows) and Star Trek has rarely “offended” me. I thought there were times they actually presented both sides of issues in a fair manner. Picard’s statement about not destroying the Borg through Hugh is one that pops to mind: “The moral thing to do may not have been the right thing to do.” (or something to that effect)
Does Star Trek, especially TNG, represent a liberal utopia? Yes. Although it never says how they got there. I always wondered if there was some dark secret behind the scenes to create that paradise since basic human nature does not seem to have changed throughout recorded history.

Star Trek is meant for everyone. I am not very interested in the political views of Roddenberry or other people in the various series. Anyone on the extreme right or left on ALL issues is wrong in my book.

Kirk to Spock in TUC: “We’re both extremists. Reality is probably somewhere in between.”

I don’t even want to think about what you have to do to remove weiner paint.

I’m a conservative and have been all my life and I’ve loved Star Trek all my life. Trek is about something bigger than politics–it’s about humanity.

Yeah honestly Star Trek always has been political in one sense or another, and usually (especially in the case of TNG) much more liberal, so after reading posts on here I my self was surprised at how many conservatives are fans. I guess maybe the bigger message is to keep an open mind and not let a political party define you.

Theirs never a person who’s TRULY liberal or conservative. I think everyone has a certain balance of both in todays age. Although, i must admit i lean heavily towards the liberal side, the fact of hte matter remains, a person should respect both ideals. TNG is not truly a liberal show anyways, it actually balanced both sides of the spectrum pretty well ! Klingons are actually heavily conservative people and i must admit, we had a strong mix of conservatism in the show.

What i’m trying to say is that , TNG sends a balanced message of liberalism and conservatism. The message is not solely for Liberals. The message belongs to everyone.But non the less, that comment is b.s. Everyone can love TNG.

LOL @ Censored picture.

@ 47.

I completely agree with you.

I think we can come to a general consensus that star trek’s main message is to keep an open-mind to the unknown !