For A Happy New Year: Great Moments In Star Trek Drinking

Star Trek toast - Happy New Year

2009 was a great year for Star Trek (which is when this list was created). The new Star Trek movie was just part of an overall resurgence of Trek with a new kind of enthusiasm — and now, we’ve had two more movies, a new crew exploring the galaxy in Star Trek: Discovery, and multiple new series on the way. So tonight Trekkies should go out and celebrate the year that was, and look forward to a bright future for Star Trek. The staff at wishes all of you a happy new year. And for those imbibing on this evening, TrekMovie reposts our previous guide to Trek’s greatest moments in drinking!


Scotty shows ’em how its done – TOS: “By Any Other Name”
Our favorite chief engineer drinks Tomar the Kelvan under the table only to pass out just moments later.

Kirk goes on a bender – TOS: “The Enemy Within”
A split [evil] Kirk storms sickbay, demands Saurian Brandy from McCoy, and assaults crewmembers, “acting like a wild man,” according to the good doctor.

Ale lubricates cultural exchange Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
The Romulan Ale flowed freely during the Klingon/Federation dinner aboard the Enterprise-A, which resulted in the entire senior staff being hung over the next morning. “Do you know anything about a radiation surge, Chekov?’
“…Only the size of my head.

Picard brothers get messy drunk – TNG: “Family”
In the TNG era, synthehol was invented, so we didn’t see a lot of drunken escapades. A significant one happens when Captain Picard returns home after his Borg transformation and subsequent rescue. He and his older brother Robert get quite drunk on their family wine and have an emotionally cleansing scene where both old and new emotional scars are dealt with for the first time.

Scotty toasts the 1701 – TNG: “Relics”
Being stuck inside a transporter buffer left Scotty with a powerful thirst, and he found solace in a bottle of real Aldebaran whiskey, which he proceeded to polish off on the holodeck, with a little help from Picard.

Miles and Julian sing – DS9: “Explorers”
While Sisko and son are away from the station on their solar sail and Keiko is off doing her own thing, Star Trek’s ultimate buddies got together at Miles’ place to figure out who could hold their booze better, the Irish or the English. They both lost and celebrated with a rousing rendition of “Jerusalem .”

Worf brings the bloodwine – DS9: “Way of the Warrior”
Get any two Klingons together and add some bloodwine, and you got yourself a party. Soon after Worf joined DS9, he got his old pal Huraga lubricated with a few bottles of booze and the information started flowing, along with the traditional Klingon drinking songs.

Warp pioneer gets Betazoid hammered Star Trek: First Contact
Zefram Cochrane is perhaps the most famous drunk for not being a drunk. History had ignored his heavy drinking until the TNG crew was forced to follow a Borg sphere back to the time of first contact. The same movie also gives us Deanna Troi “blending” in as she tries to go shot for shot with Cochrane — after all, it’s a primitive culture.

Neelix as wingman – VOY: “Someone To Watch Over Me”
Kids in the Hall veteran Scott Thompson comes on board the Voyager as Tomin, who is supposed to be from a very conservative race, but he ends up using his time on board like a weekend in Vegas. Good thing Neelix was around as his designated driver or everyone would have ended up in big trouble.

Doc drinks for Seven – VOY: “Body and Soul”
Seven of Nine. the Holo Doctor, and Harry all find themselves prisoners of some foreheads of the week, but this time the twist is that the Doc program is ‘inside’ Seven. While there he finds out how fun a replicator can be and  proceeds to overindulge in pretty much everything, including the Champagne.

Reed and Trip bond – ENT: “Shuttlepod One”
Malcolm Reed and Trip Tucker didn’t get along too well on Enterprise until they got stuck in a shuttle for a few days where they thought they were going to die. Eventually, they find a bottle of bourbon and the next thing you know they are as thick as thieves, with Reed outing himself as a lover of T’Pol’s ‘bum.’ (Unlike Trip, Malcolm had to satisfy himself with fantasies about T’Pol and her backside.)

Archer’s bar fight – ENT: “First Flight”
In a flashback, Jonathan Archer remembers his old friend A.G. Robinson, who was the first to break the Warp 2 barrier. But things were always happy between the two. While Archer was drowning his sorrows at the 602 club he got into it with A.G. and after A.G. talked smack about Archer’s dad, the fists started flying, but Trip had his priorities right, making sure that no beer was spilled (see below).


And the lesson is…drink responsibly and have fun

Happy New Year from!


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Best wishes to you all from one Lousy Canadian to another! :)

Cheers! :D

2009 has been a GREAT year for Star Trek. Here’s hoping 2010 will be just as good. Happy New Year, Trekkies!

It’s uh…it’s uh…it’s GREEN!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Pittsfield Massachusetts!

No bloody A
no bloody B, C or D

A toast to 2010, “May it be a brighter, happier, healthier year for all”…
to 2009 “Good riddance to ye oh hateful year that claimed too many good people’s lives including my Beloved Mom age 55 and my partner’s Mom age 69 just 8 weeks apart! Bloody Hell! May 2010 arrive and bury ye 2009!”

A happy new turn to one and all! Qa’Pla!

Enjoy your barrells of blood wine responsibliy! ;)


Thanks to you and your colleagues for all your joyfully anal retentive and relevant coverage of all aspects of Trek this past year.

I know you’ll keep the spirit alive in 2010.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, folks! May all your ventures be profitable, and all of your hangovers brief!

Happy New year from New Orleans!

To all who maintain and contibute to this this site, a very happy new beer from a very happy and drunk trekkie / rock singer, May we all live long and profligate!! Hic!!

Happy New Year, all!

Anthony, any chance you can reboot the live chat? Thanks!!!

Happy New Year & Bonne Année from Montréal!!!!!!


Happy 2010 peeps! Here’s to another year of Trek AWESOMENESS! Make it SO!

happy new year anthony….

anthony, my cuddly little bear !

What about Data on ST:Generations?

Data: “I Believe this beverage has produced an emotional response.”
Geordi: “Looks like he hates it”
Data: “Yes, that is it. I hate this. It is Revolting.”
Guinan: “More?”
Data: “Please.”

Happy New Year everyone. :)

Happy New Year Trekmovie and Trekkies everywhere! Here’s to a wonderful New Year with plenty of Trek in it!

What about “The Trouble With Trbbles” or “Trials and Tribble-ations”?

Or, for that matter the bar scene from “Star Trek” ’09?

Happy new year!

STARDATE: 01.01.10

Happy new year! A toast to in 2010! You guys have been one of the best parts of the whole movie experience for me, and 2009 was the culmination of all that good stuff. It’s been a fun ride, and, in Trek terms, at least, it’s been a good year. Next year might not have as much going for it, but I’m sure it’s going to be great. Thanks, Anthony & Staff, may you have many more happy new years!

And here’s to all you fellow Trekkies– hoping ’10 will be good to you all, Trek- and otherwise. Cheers! :)

Happy New Year from Sand Lake Michigan!

Happy New Year to all Trek Lovers
and a heartfelt thanks to Anthony and all the others that do such a wonderful job in the daily production of this, my favorite site on the web.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year from Philadelphia- America’s Birthplace.

It’s January 1st 2010 here- I assume the TrekMovie blog is on LA time and this post will show as 12/31

I suppose even our posts have a little temporal strangeness this evening.

Cheers to all

2010 & we’re still stuck on this little mudball in the terran system.

Pop a bottle of Chateau Picard & celebrate!

Here’s to new frontiers!

Happy new year to all of you P’taks!!

I just want to thankyou Anthony…Ive been a fan since Star Trek went into snydication in 1972. I was 10 years old and I was so excited about Trek, but being from Canada and with no internet and few channels, I was always frustrated in what info I could find on my favourite show. How times have changed with the reboot of Star trek and with all that was on the line, I am so thankful that you created this website because you played such a big part in my experience of the the reboot of Star Trek and also in rebooting my excitement and love for Star Trek…Thanks alot man you done good. Looking forward to what is to come.

Happy New Year !!!!!! TREK LIVES !!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo! 2009 was a great year for Trek — and with luck, the first of many, many more great years.

Trek lives because Trek speaks the truth. :-)

May it, and one and all, live long and prosper!

Happy New Year!! Best blessings and wishes for the new decade, and the new year, from Christine in Nebraska.

(Oh, and thank you VERY much for reloading the chat page, Mr. Anthony Pascale. We all appreciate it, and I can guarantee that. xD)

Live long ‘n’ prosper, yo!

Anthony, I would also like to thank you and your staff for all the great work you guys have done through the years… Trek Movie is hands down the best ST site on the net.

You guys do a great job of getting us the facts in an entertaining and literate/civilized manner, which is more than you can say for many film sites.

P.S. If Bob Orci + Co, are out there I would like to thank them as well for the great job they did of breathing new life into the franchise that was on life support only a year ago… Job well done guys!


Cheers to and to all the Trekkies!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year trekkers!
2010? Make it so!

Happy new year fellow Trekkies!

Happy New Year, Mr. Orci!

Thanks for having made 2009 a great year for one of my favourite movies and my favourite TV show, Fringe. Here’s hoping next year’s EVEN better!

Happy New Year Trek Movie and all who enjoy!

Peace and Long Life, everyone.

And of course

Happy New Year!

Wow! there are a lot of us Canucks on here!

Happy new year my non-augmented, human friends!

Just so you know; Khan was framed is in Vancouver & Khan is drunk!

Khan is looking forward to the future of Trek!

Live long & conquer!

k was f

#22–according to the new stardate alignment from the new movie the stardate actually is STARDATE 2010.01


What a year! Happy New Year to you all. Hope you’re having the best time and you won’t regret it tomorrow.

Don’t drink. Honestly, aren’t mornings hard enough?

Happy new year everybody.

Sawadee pee-mai from Thailand!

To all the trekkers and trekkies in the world have a very happy new year. I also would like to thank Mr Anthony Pascale for the wonderful site, one of the few that I check almost everyday, and to Boborci and the new trek supreme court for bringing back Star Trek to the mainstream. Here is to you guys? As they say in these parts of Europe, nazdoravya.

Happy New Year dudes!

Archer’s Barfight was a little like Kirks barfight…

Godt nytt år!! Bring on the next decade!

Thanks, Bob Orci, for the good wishes! And a most productive and prosperous Trekyear to you, too!

Just think:

The decade of the 2010’s will see the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Half a century. Five percent of a millennium.

The Half Century of Trek.

Around the time the third sequel to ST2009 is made! Star Trek 0.05K.

At this rate, Trek will be around and going strong in the 24th Century, and beyond…..

And they will study Trek the way we study the works of Aristophanes Crates, and Hipparchus.

One can hope!


Happy New Year from Ireland