TrekIn09: Top Star Trek Celebrity Stories Of 2009

The celebrity stars of Star Trek, past and present, are just the gifts that keep on giving. As we continue our year end retrospective today we take a look at the top Star Trek celebrity moments and stories from 2009. 


Of course many of the luminaries who have been part of the 43 year old Star Trek franchise continue to entertain in new shows and movies, but they also work their way into the world of celebrity news. Today we count down to the top news stories not related to their professional work.

7. Leonard Nimoy Gets His Own Day
2009 has been a big year for the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy. He came out of acting retirement to bridge the generations in the new Star Trek movie, and threw in a couple of appearances on JJ Abrams’ Fringe for good measure. But Mr. Nimoy has also kept up his fan outreach and continues to appear at conventions. It was his attendance at the New England Fan Expo that resulted in his home town of the city of Boston proclaiming November 14th as Leonard Nimoy Day. Here is a fan video of Nimoy being presented with the honor.

How will you celebrate Leonard Nimoy Day?

6. TNG Stars Become Twiteratti
One of the big stories of 2009 is the growth of the social networking micro-blogging site Twitter. Much of the buzz has been around celebrity Twitterers, and three of the leaders of that group are TNG stars Brent Spiner (1.33 Million Followers), LeVar Burton (1.56 Million Followers), and Wil Wheaton (1.59 Million Followers). Both Burton and Wheaton are ranked in the top 100, with Spiner ranked #131. All three are often cited as the best Celebrity twitters because of regular updates and for going beyond simple self-promotion. Burton even Tweeted a photo of a traffic accident he was in. Here is Wil Wheaton being interviewed during this years ‘Tweet-a-thon’.  

Professional Geek Wil Wheaton

5. Zachary Quinto goes viral
Star Trek’s new Mr. Spock has his own share of attention, but this year Zachary Quinto has made a bigger celebrity splash by participating in some interesting viral videos. He and his production company made the very funny "Hostage A Love Story" in July (which also ended up getting him some press due to some trouble with the police). And earlier in the year a video he made with artist Tyler Shields (see below) still has people scratching their heads.

Got Quinto?

4. George Takei Goes On Newlywed Game
In the last few years, Star Trek’s original Sulu has had quite the resurgence in popularity. The actor has been getting plenty of work, including a guest roles Heroes and Star Wars: The Clone Wars and even game shows. But he really grabbed media attention this year when he and his husband landed on the new Newlywed Game.

Takei talks Newlywed Game on AP

3. Chris Pine moves into world of Celebrity (and Gossip)
Not long after his star-making appearance as Captain Kirk in this summer’s Star Trek , Chris Pine suddenly found himself as a big time celebrity. His new status seems to get his named rumored as attached to every new Hollywood movie. Pine’s new celebrity got him named A man of the year by GQ, one of the Sexiest Men Alive by People or Breakout Star of the Year by EW,  but Pine has also tasted the other side, including being followed by paparazzi who catch him doing everything from getting his morning coffee to holiday shopping. The Gossip Press also seem obsessed with who he is dating, whether it is Olivia Munn or Audrina Patridge or whoever.

Chris Pine’s Kirk got him on magazine covers and paparazzi lists

2. Patrick Stewart Gets Knighted
Trek fans are used to calling Captain Jean Luc Picard ‘Sir’, but it is now official. The UK has awarded Patrick Stewart with a Knighthood in their New Years Honours list, and apparently the Queen is a Fan. So Make it Sir!

That’s Sir Patrick to you

1. William Shatner Goes Viral via Sarah Palin
William Shatner is always a leader in celebrity news and this year was no different. From his many public appearances and causes he picks up, The Shat is not leaving the limelight. However, it was his multiple appearances on the Tonight Show doing spoken word interpretations from the writings of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin that turned him into a viral video king for 2009. He first appeared in July (twice), and again in November, and finally was joined by Palin in December.  Here is the vid that started it all.


Honorable Mentions…more big Trek celeb stories from 2009:


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My top Trek Celebrity story was Leonard Nimoy’s unannounced apperance at a certain town in Texas. Man do I wish I’d have been there…

my top one was The Shat accepting the scream award for Star Trek V lol

Why was Zachary Quinto getting a milk bath? ahaha he’s hot and all but wtf?

Yes, The Shat is the king :-)

That is the most evil-looking photo of Patrick Stewart ever — makes me wish he’d play a Bond villain! ;)

Thats a brilliant idea, CarlG.

Patrick Stewart just has to play a bond villain! Going up against Daniel Craig would be legendary. I wanna see him in Doctor Who too.

It’s Mirror Picard!!! XD
…wouldn’t that be a nice story?

yeah he even has a mirror beard :D

I can’t watch that vid of Zach; just the still is disgusting. :-P

Zoë take off that red shirt…. I mean its for your own security!!!!

Patrick Stewart being Knighted and the Success of ST:XI are the two BEST Trek Stories of 2009!!!