December 2009

Reminder: Star Trek ‘Genesis Trilogy’ Tonight in Santa Monica w/Nick Meyer + clips of recent Meyer talk

Tonight, continuing TrekMovie and Geek Monthly’s Star Trek Weekend, we are hosting a Star Trek triple feature, showing the ‘Genesis’ Trilogy at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. On hand will be Nick Meyer, to talk about his time with the Star Trek franchise. See below for clips of Meyer from another recent event talking about his book and Star Trek.

Is Star Trek-like Time Travel/Alternative Universes The New Thing For Genre TV?

[Spoilers] Is it just me, or is Star Trek-like time travel the new thing for TV? Just a few years ago dealing with hard sci-fi topics was taboo in TV, but these days you can’t throw a rock in prime time, without it jumping into a parallel universe. The latest example came last night in FlashForward, a show co-created by TNG era vet Brannon Braga that also includes Star Trek’s John Cho in the cast. 

REMINDER: TrekMovie/American Cinematheque Star Trek Marathon This Weekend In Santa Monica

[REPOST] If you live in LA and want to have a Trek-tastic time this weekend (Friday and Saturday), then head to Santa Monica for a 2 day long Star Trek Marathon from American Cinematheque and The event includes a screening of Star Trek 2009, a 10th anniv. screening of Free Enterprise (with a panel), plus a showing of the "Genesis Trilogy" of Star Trek II, III & IV, including a panel with Nicholas Meyer. There will also be free prizes, details below.

Zoe Saldana Doing Live Avatar Chat Thursday (3PM ET) + Fan Q&A Next Week

Star Trek’s new Uhura, Zoe Saldana’s will next be seen (rendered in 3D CGI as the Na’vi princess Neytiri) in James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic Avatar. The actress is gearing up for lots of press for the film, including a live chat today with the director and other stars. There is also a chance for you to submit questions to another Q&A. Details below.

Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek Soundtrack Nominated For Grammy

Composer Michael Giacchino has a lot to celebrate as last night he was nominated for four Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy, including one for his Star Trek soundtrack. The other three nominations were for his work on the Disney/Pixar movie Up. This is the first time a Star Trek production has been nominated for a Grammy. See below for details.  

Exclusive Book Excerpt: Star Trek Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire

The final Star Trek novel from Pocket Books in 2009 takes us into the mirror universe, with David Mack’s "The Sorrows of Empire". Originally a novella in the 2007 "Glass Empires" anthology, Mack has expanded the story of Mirror Spock’s rise to power in the Terran Empire. Even if you read the original novella, this new novel is twice as long, so there is plenty of new material. See below for our exclusive chapter preview.

Pine, Cho & Quinto On People’s Sexiest Men List + Shatner Talks Sexy List On Conan

Last week we reported that Chris Pine, JJ Abrams (and the ‘Surpreme Court) were Men of the year in GQ, and Zoe Saldana was being featured in the new DETAILS. But we were remiss to mention that the week before People Magazine was also honoring the new Star Trek by naming three of the stars in their list of the Sexiest Men Alive. We also have video of William Shatner talking about how he is also on a ‘sexy list’.

Nimoy & Orci Comment On President Obama’s Similarities to Spock

There has been much written connecting President Barack Obama to Star Trek, spurred on by Obama’s own references to the franchise. In a new feature article today, the AP draws a specific comparison between the President and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. The article also has comments from the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, and Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci, excerpts below.

New Science Channel Show Explores Warp Drive, Parallel Universes + more Star Trek & Sci-fi science

From its humble beginnings, the Star Trek franchise has taken the science in its science-fiction seriously. Over the decades many ‘Treknologies’ have become realities, while some are still only theoretical. It is these kinds of concepts that will be the subject of a new Science Chanel show premiering tonight, where physicist Michio Kaku explores "Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible".