January 2010

Patrick Stewart Interested In Appearing In Star Trek Sequel + Mad Max 4 Rumor + more from PS in OZ

We have even more Sir Patrick Stewart news for you this weekend. TNG’s Picard was in Australia Saturday and Sunday appearing at OzTrek2, and while there he said he would be interested in appearing in the next Star Trek movie. He also talked X-Men, animated TNG, Doctor Who and more. Details and photos below. Plus there is a new rumor that Stewart may be in the next Mad Max movie.  

Star Trek & Giacchino Nominated by Film Music Critics + Saldana at DGA Awards + Final Oscar Predictions

The International Film Music Critics must really like Michael Giacchino, because they nominated him for nine of their awards, including three for Star Trek (plus Wrath of Khan got a nod too). In other award coverage, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana presented at Saturday night’s DGA Awards (we have pics below). Plus the Oscar Buzz is heating up on the 2009 Star Trek film with final predictions before the nominees are announced in a few days. 

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: Lost, Fringe, Smallville, Stargate Universe, Heroes, Being Human + more

The sixth and final season of Lost is just a few days away, and this week’s Sci-Fi TV column has you covered with the latest news, images and videos (including the first six minutes).  Also included this week are fresh details on Smallville, Fringe, Heroes and more news, including a season three pick up for the BBC series Being Human and Syfy picking up the broadcast rights to Merlin.  All that plus the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.

Quinto Talks More About Upcoming Projects & Returning To Star Trek (and Star Trek Online too)

Zachary Quinto caused a bit of a tempest earlier in the week with his comments in one interview about taking a break from Star Trek. In some new interviews promoting Star Trek Online, the actor goes into more detail on his plans for the near future, and how he plans to return to Trek after doing some of his own projects. Excerpts below.

Updated 2010 Schedule of Star Trek Books

Recently it was announced that Pocket Books had removed four Star Trek movie tie-in books from the 2010 schedule, which left a bit of a hole for the year. Pocket has now provided us with their updated schedule, which has filled that gap with some reprints. See below for the updated 2010 schedule, including some covers and details for the Star Trek books of the year. [UPDATE: added 2 more final cover images]

Watch Star Trek Online Intro Video Voiced By Leonard Nimoy – Ties STO to ST09

When you first launch Star Trek Online you will be treated to an introduction to game narrated by Leonard Nimoy which explains some of the back-story and ties it into the 2009 Star Trek movie. This intro was one of the last elements of the game added to the beta over last weekend, and so a few fans captured it and put it online. Check it out below.

Quinto Clarifies: Will Be Spock For 2012 + Appears in ‘Yoda’ Comedy Podcast

Yesterday we reported that Zachary Quinto said he was taking a break from Star Trek for a couple of years. For some this caused a bit of confusion as Quinto was expected to work on the Star Trek sequel next year. Quinto has now clarified his remarks, saying he is ready to put on the ears when needed. In other Quinto news, the actor may be taking a break from Trek, but he recently appeared in a (kinda) Star Wars thing. All the details below.

STO Update: Pre-launch ‘State of the Game’ + New SyFy Promotion & Star Trek Marathon

Now the the beta test for Star Trek Online is over (see earlier report) the game is preparing for its official launch next Tuesday (and ‘head start’ this Friday). Today Cryptic posted a new ‘state of the game’, including comments dealing with bugs, some details on new content, and hints for for the first big update of the game. Atari also announced a new promotion with SyFy, including a 2-day Star Trek (TNG & ENT) marathon. Details on all that below.

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Avengers, Caesar, Clash of Titans, Conan, Harry Potter, Hobbit, Kick-Ass + more

This week’s Sci-Fi Movies features news on 3D releases of Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a possible delay for The Hobbit, a breakdown of characters to be featured in The Avengers, an update on the planned Planet of the Apes reboot Caesar, casting decisions for Conan and Dracula: Year Zero and more, including a box office update on Avatar and the latest casting bites, images and videos.

Star Trek Helps Steve Jobs Intro Apple’s New PADD iPad [UPDATE: Spiner iPad Comments]

Today was the long-anticipated introduction of Apple Computers new Tablet device. Apple’s new ‘iPad’ is being touted as a revolutionary device that will shake up the industry, just like the iPod and the iPhone. And when Apple CEO Steve jobs made his big announcement and showed off the multimedia capability, he showed the Star Trek movie as an example. Of course, the notion of a PADD computer is nothing new to Trek. [UPDATE: Brent Spiner weighs in on the iPad/PADD connection]    

Star Trek Online Beta Ends With Klingon & Borg Invasion [VIDEO]

The extended open beta for Star Trek Online ended Tuesday, but instead of just shutting it down, Cryptic made an event out of it. Early in the day they made an announcement of an end of beta event, then in the final moments for players found themselves facing a massive invasion of the Federation by the Klingons, and then the Borg. Check out a fan video recap below.

Shatner & Stewart Talk JJ Abrams Star Trek + More From San Francisco Star Trek Con

Last weekend Creation held an official Star Trek Convention in San Francisco. The event was headlined by Patrick Stewart and William Shatner who delighted the crowd with talk of Shakespeare, the new Star Trek movie and even pantyhose. The con also featured Trek stars such as Gary Lockwood, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik, Vaughan Armstrong, and even some Klingons Chancellors (J.G. Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly). See below for details and photos from the event

First Impressions of Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online, the new Massive Multi-Player Online game from Cryptic, comes out February 2nd. We’ve had the opportunity to play STO’s open beta of the game, and we’ve summarized our first impressions of the game for Trekkies, non-gamers, and avid gamers alike. So far we like what we see. Read on for a quick breakdown of each aspect of the game, what you’ll love, what you’ll hate, and what needs improvement.

Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan Nominated For Costumers Guild Award + Check Out ST09 Costume Sketches

Today The Costume Designers Guild was the last guild to announce nominations for 2009 film awards, and once again Star Trek was on the list. Star Trek Costume Designer Michael Kaplan was nominated for his work designing the looks of the final frontier. More details below, plus check out some sketches from the costume designs for Star Trek.  

Exclusive: Roberto Orci Gives Star Trek Sequel Update & More [VIDEO]

After the WGA Star Trek screening and panel earlier in the week (see previous report), Roberto Orci spent a little time doing a video interview for TrekMovie. The writer talked about meeting Walter Koenig, gave an update on the status of the sequel, explained why writing it feels harder than the first, and also revealed how fan interaction at TrekMovie has worked its way into meetings with the Star Trek Supreme Court.

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: LOST, Chuck, Fringe, Spielberg’s Invasion, Smallville, Torchwood USA, Walking Dead + more

This week’s Sci-Fi TV includes development news — and a first look — at the untitled Steven Spielberg alien invasion series (plus news on a U.S. version of Torchwood and TV adaptations of Push and Walking Dead), interviews with the cast and crew of LOST, updates on upcoming episodes of Chuck, Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural and more, including the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.

CelebWatch: Trek Stars For Haiti + Pine Gossip + Saldana Gets Revealing + Stewart’s Shakespeare on PBS + more

CelebWatch is back, baby! This week, we have news on Star Trek vets lending a hand for Haiti, more gossip for Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana’s revealing secrets and more in a new (and provocative) photo shoot, and Sir Patrick Stewart on his upcoming knighthood. Plus: the passing of an acting legend who graced the set of TNG. For all this and more, just click below.