Paramount Working To Fix Problem With Some Star Trek 2009 DVD/Blu-ray Digital Copies

One of the cooler features of the home video release of the 2009 Star Trek movie was the inclusion of a ‘digital copy’ on the Blu-ray and 2-disk DVD editions. However, some have been having problems getting this feature to work. Paramount is aware of the situation and have put out a message that they are working on it with some guidance on how you can get yours to work.  


Digital Interuptus?

The problem for some who purchased a DVD or Blu-ray with a digital copy is that when they enter their ‘unique’ authorization code to activate your digital copy, they get a message saying the code had already been used. The problem is possibly due to online piracy according to IDG. However a representative for Deluxe Digital (who handle the digital copies for Paramount) made a posting on the Apple discussion forums saying that they were aware of the problem:

Just wanted to jump in here with a quick update. We are still investigating this issue, but I can assure everyone that if they contact support via the website at, they will receive a new code for their digital copy of Star Trek for iTunes or Windows Media. However our support team has been very backed up because of the holidays so if you don’t get a reply right away, don’t panic. We will get to you.

I have done numerous Web searches for any sign of files available via BitTorrent or other P2P networks that contain working Star Trek digital copy codes, but apart from sites that exploit Google’s search engine and generate phony "search results" of their own, I have not had any luck. It is possible this is just an Internet rumor, but we are still checking.

Please respond to me in this thread with info on which version of the Star Trek set you got that has this issue, so we can narrow the field of possible causes. If you could also throw in any more info about that supposed torrent file (i.e. my brother downloaded it and it has a bunch of codes, etc), please do so.

Many thanks!

Stephen Zupan
Software Quality & Release Engineer
Deluxe Digital Studios

For the direct link to request your new code CLICK HERE and select "Authorization Code" from the Problem Type pull-down menu:

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I havnt tried my copy yet

I guess I had better try mine too!

I was able to put one copy on my computer, but when I tried to put it on another computer it wouldn’t work. Does anyone know if the digital copy is only meant to be used once?

Interesting, I’d never heard of this being a problem. My digital copy works just fine. (But it’s still so much easier to just rip the DVD yourself, and skip the whole authorization issue.)

I got mine, took forever to get it to work, though. First it wouldn’t download, it accepted the code but nothing happened. Finally it downloaded, and just played a blank screen. Somehow it finally works and I gotta say for a file that’s less than 2 gigs it looks and sounds incredible, especially on my iphone. As much as I support piracy in some areas, its not cool to take someone’s codes when they’ve gone out and paid for something. But either way, I got my legal copies so I’m happy.

Turns out that Zune buyers are screwed. The digital copy of Trek loaded to my computer without any trouble. But it wouldn’t load to my Zune…nor would any other digital copy of any movie. Apparently it’s considered copyrighted material by Microsoft so the hardware/software won’t allow me load it to my player…even though I bought the official BluRay release that CAME WITH A DIGITAL COPY. The kind technical assistant on the phone politely reminded me that I could buy it through the Zune Marketplace though. A politely retorted something calm and logical…Bite Me.

I tried the same thing and it wouldn’t allow me to download the movie. And once I put the code in I never saved it and once I tried again it says CODE ALREADY USED.

Why would pirates be messing about sharing the “digital copy” and other people’s activation codes when there are already dozens of 720p/1080i rips straight from the Blu-ray discs floating about?

It sounds to me like Paramount has really messed up and is looking for somebody else to blame…

What really annoys me is, that I didn’t realize that the digital copy is not an actual file on the disc but a download. I bought the three-disc UK Blu-Ray but live in Germany. When I tried to get my digital copy, of course the iTunes store tells me I’m in the wrong country. I could kick myself.

I posted this a few threads ago, but my digital copy didn’t work, nor does my disc 1 & 2. I have a laptop with a bluray player but it doesn’t work. I’ve never tried a bluray on it before, nor have I tried the disc’s on an actual bluray player. Most likely the computer player is not as advertised. BD-5500a if anyone is a comp. expert…

I truly doubt this problem is due to digital piracy because it has existed from the very beginning. I pre-ordered my Star Trek (2 DVD set) from Amazon and got it, say, within a week of release. I had this problem copying the digital edition to disk, which I did almost right away. I emailed Paramount (link was provided in the d/l applet) and almost immediately (!) they sent me another activation key, which worked. My guess is that the problem is in the online verification script. I have to say Paramount, or whomsoever is doing the fulfillment on the digital edition, was very responsible and conducted the remedy by personal email response and encouraged me to contact them again if there was any problem. You can’t ask for better than that. I think the digital edition is a nice perq and I’m happy to have it on my laptop for company on a transoceanic flight.

Also want to tip you off that there is a fake @Jonathan_Frakes on Twitter, FWIW

Ha ha its funny you all mention it as being one of the cooler features, as most bluray affecinados absolutely hate digital copies, as most people who have been bluray owners since day one feel they are helping to keep Most bluray new releases at a higher MSRP.

Mine worked for Windows Media but not when I tried the Quicktime one. I assume the codes work only once which sucks since it means if I ever have to format the hard drive or back things up, I could lose that copy. DRM is wrong and only causes more problems.

No digital copy in The Netherlands/(some parts of) Europe…:(

Just FYI, you can only download the digital copy to one computer or one device.

Yah i also posted problems with my digital copy on another thread here not being viewable on itunes after i downloaded to it and it said i already used the code–interesting-guess i wasnt alone-

Well, I have the Two-Disc DVD Set AND the Blu-ray (don’t ask), and I haven’t bothered to try either of my Digital Copies yet even though they’re both totally legit and studio authorized, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when I decide to get to it.

Won’t play in VLC (scrambled). Also, my PMP (Cowon D2) says it’s playsforsure compatible, but isn’t, apparently. I’ve also not been able to play it on the other OS in XP/Vista dualboot.

I got my download digital copy of STAR TREK but never again.

Why do I want to download anything when I’ve paid extra for the privledge of owning a “Digital Copy”. I expected this to be a fiole on the disc, what a waste of time.

I’m just going too continue down the copy and rip process in future if I want a copy on my iPod.

The biggest problem on the DVD is the movie, but I doubt they’ll fix that.

@20. Admiral Shatner:


Funny, problems like this never seem to encumber media pirates.

Digital security is only an inconvenience to the folks who get their media honestly.

The lesson here? You decide.

I remember always being afraid something like that would happen. I got my digital copy onto my mac as soon as I got the movie home when it was released, as I do for all movie purchases with Digital Copies accompanying them.

And I can’t simply rip the DVD because I bought blu-ray, so I would have to say that this definitely applies to those who bought blu-ray copies (though I will say if I bought Blu-ray I would like at least the HD version itunes has and not the SD version. Just a thought)

Can it be d/l’d to a memory stick?

By that I assume you mean downloaded, and I know my iPod version can be transfered to all my external hard disks for backup. I cannot speak though on behalf of the Windows Media users.

Got my digital copy from itunes just fine. Actually showed Trek09 to the extended family this weekend from my iphone connected to the tv.. It was their first viewing and they really liked it..

Got a chuckle though when the mother-in-law says when they are on the drilling platform: “how can they breathe up there?”

I hadn’t thought of that one.. maybe it’s because Vulcan has different atmospheric stuff going on.. wouldn’t know though because it wasn’t addressed.. lol

anyways didn’t have a problem with my digital copy.. of course I downloaded it on opening day

26 – Vulcan’s atmosphere is different :P

But yeah, my digital copy was fine copying to my Laptop.

Plays back perfectly in WMP.

If I have to reinstall, I’ll just watch the DVD on the Laptop if needed.

I don’t know about my digital version, but the movie video itself freezes in three spots while the audio continues, which really pixars me off. It was a gift, so I can’t run it back to the store for an exchange.

Paramount? answers, please?

(however, OMG it looked so good when it was running!!!)

Jorg, are you sure it’s not your Player causing the freeze?

Although I should point out here that I experienced my first freeze on my new Blu-ray Player when looking at the Special Features Disc 2 last night while watching it, which stunned the hell out of me.

By the way, I haven’t looked at the Blu-ray movie disc yet because I already watched the movie on Standard DVD not long after it was released, so I’ve been in no hurry whatsoever to watch it again on Blu-ray.

Perhaps that’s a mistake, especially considering Jorg’s comment about experiencing freezes while watching it on Blu-ray.

It worked for me but not after I reinstalled Windows it didn’t –

DRM is stupid

I d/l’d the iTunes digital copy, and at first it told me it wouldn’t play because my computer wasn’t authorized. I knew darn well it was, but I did the whole deauthorize/authorize dance, and after I did that it worked just fine. I will assume it will work on any computer that is authorized under my iTunes account (haven’t tried it yet, though, on another computer) and will also assume it will work on any iPod or iPhone connected and authorized through that computer.

Y’know what they say about assumptions, though…

I guess I’m lucky cuz I’ve not had any problems with my Blu-Ray freezing nor with the digital copy. Which is odd because technology and I don’t normally get along too well.

I can tell you for a fact that it does work on multiple computers for itunes. I have it on my iphone, my laptop, and my main desktop and it plays fine everywhere.

Paramount Support is really great. My SteelBook came without an Auth code so I emailed them and they send one to me within 24 hours.

I bought the limited release DVDs that came with the Movie Enterprise from Target and all of the DVD’s in it are blank, no info on them at all. Silk screening is there but nothing on the discs….anyone else had this happen?

Haven’t been able to get the digital copy to work. Wanted it in Windows, not iTunes, so I could put it on my phone, but it won’t do it.

It wouldn’t let me download it, it kept saying I needed an update for Windows Media Player. I installed the update, and it still wouldn’t let me.

Does anyone have a direct phone number to paramount/cbs so that I may get a replacement bluray case for my TOS season 2(7 discs)? I had a number for them, but can’t find it. I had to do this twice for my HD cases for TOS as well a while back.
Anyone here on trekmovie that has connections, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh lucky i didnt buy blue ray yet but i have ps3 for that. i brought dvd that it.

I haven’t tried the download yet, not sure if I will. As for people whose Blu Ray discs freeze, it could be either a) the disc is faulty, in which case you can get it replaced or b) your Blu Ray machine isn’t working properly in which case it would be best to go for a Playstation 3. I have owned mine for 3 years and it still works perfectly. Previously, I had a Playstation 2 but it started skipping and freezing after only a couple of years. And if anyone is looking to upgrade, they should at least consider the Playstation 3, any Sony standalone Blu Ray player or a Samsung. I realize that most don’t have a lot to spend, but buyer beware when it comes to cheap machines.

My machine is a Sharp and spent 249.00. Not cheap. It’s ok..has issues with certain discs. I can’t play music video or FF last 3 featurettes on Transformers II, Bought Speed Racer 2 times, froze up a few minutes into. I also have hiccuping, movement, freeze then play issues on some titles. I had to wait a month and a 1/2 for a firmware update to play Snow White.
So far, only 1 featurette on a Trek movie disc has done the freeze, crawl and resolve on Paramount/Trek titles.
Certain studio’s BD LIVE totally suck, but Trek discs work fine..although the download time for such short clips is long.
And NO ANGLE button on my remote, so I can’t toggle back and forth on the new TOS Bluray sets fromk older orig. footage to newer remastered footage! If your player doesn’t have an angle button, can a universal Bluray be bought that will cause this function to operate on my player????

Haven’t tried mine. Guess I should take a look…

my machine is a Sony Bravia, brand new. In fact, STO9 was the first disk I’ve played in it. Subsequently I’ve played TOS BD season 1 with no problems.

I just downloaded it on my Itunes three bloody times and it says its on there but when I play it, there are no sounds or pictures a’tall!!! Grrrrrrrr!

Does anyone have a bloody solution? Please!

I bought the 3 disc Bluray dvd set.
blu ray disc on my PS3 works fine.
Digital download plays on windows media player on one PC fine.
Digital download will not play on my windows mobile 6.5 phone (Samsung B7610i) It is suppoed to play anything on earth but not the star trek it seems.
Yes DRM is a stupid idea becasue it will never work easily so everyone will try to rip film instead.
Come on paramount sort it out, if you want good PR.

anyone else disappointed with the lack of extras on the DVD?

WOW! Called Paramount, they told me they WON’t/DON’T replace cracked/broke Bluray cases!!!!!!!!! I got two replacement cases when I called for the Remastered cases back then! They switched me to a consumer line w/ a xmas outgoing message and I left one, but not holding breath! I googled multi-disc cases from vendors..NONE for Bluray over 3 discs, and only up to 6 for standard! OMG! GEEZZZZZ!
Customer support is ZERO!

I have the bluray, 2 disc set. There was no code supplied, just a blank area where it shouldhave been printed. i’ve used the paramount support site, and waited over a week for a reply – nothing from paramount. wot a total rip off. i should just borrow a copy and let videora do it’s magic and copy it to ipod.

I bought a copy from Amazon back in November anticipating having a blu-ray player and TV. Well, still don’t have them but do have an ipod touch and ipad so tried to initiate the process with the digital copy disc earlier this evening and ran into exactly the scenario outlined above. I sent off a note to the Paramount website and hope they respond in a timely manner.