Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Chuck, Doctor Who, Fringe, LOST, The Sarah Jane Adventures + more

Sci-Fi TV is back after a short break and although news is still a bit light due to the holiday, we’ve got the latest on your favorite sci-fi programming, including LOST (S6 details and a contest), Fringe (details on the unaired season one episode set to air next weekl), Chuck (star Zachary Levi on his character’s transition to action-hero) and Doctor Who, which saw the end of David Tennant’s run as the Doctor.  All that and more, including the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.


Doctor Who: 10.4M Say Goodbye to David Tennant + Get A Peak At Matt Smith
With the conclusion of the two-part special "The End Of Time", David Tennant has closed out his run as the 10th Doctor of "Doctor Who". The actor discussed his final line on the series in the most recent episode of "Doctor Who Confidential":

On the ratings front, "The End Of Time, Part 2" was watched by 10.4 million viewers. Rounding out the week’s "Who"-related news, the new season will feature music by composer Murray Gold, including a new version of the theme song, and it has been revealed that Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss will return to write a individual episodes for the new season. Matt Smith takes over as The Doctor — the series’ 11th — next season.  You can watch a trailer for the new season embedded below (along with some preview clips from the upcoming DVD release of "The Complete Specials").

Preview clips from the special features of "The Complete Specials" boxset [YouTube]

LOST Season Six Bites + Win An Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Season Premiere
We’re just about 1 month away from the sixth season premiere of "LOST" on ABC.  Here are some bites, courtesy DarkUFO of SpoilersLost [SPOILERS]:

  • A large part of the Season 6 Premiere LA X Part 1 will be on Flight 815
  • We will see Desmond on this Flight
  • The Statue will be "seen" from the plane
  • We See Jacob appear to Hurley
  • Sawyer and Jack fight again [speaking of, check out an interview with Josh Halloway (Sawyer) at TV Guide Magazine]

Meanwhile, E! Online has been running a "12 Days of Lost-mas" spoiler series.  Check out The Tenth Day and catch up on the others at this link. And in contest news, 815 winners of "LOST’s" "message in a bottle" sweepstakes" will win an exclusive sneak peek at the first few minutes of the show’s premiere.  All you have to do is go to and register by January 17th.  Then you answer six questions and you’re entered.  The 815 winners will receive a "LOST" bottle with a USB port modeled after Desmond’s fail-safe key.  The USB drive contains exclusive never-before-seen video of the premiere along with some scenes from last fall’s finale.  And don’t worry about getting any of the answers wrong, because you can keep trying until you get them right.  "LOST" returns on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 with the two-hour premiere episode "LA X" airing from 9:00-11:00 p.m (preceded by a recap special at 8:00 p.m.).

Season six extended promo [YouTube]

Watch five more promos: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Special January Airing of Fringe Will Be of Unaired Season One Episode
Turns out the upcoming January 11th episode of "Fringe" will be an unaired episode from the show’s first season [SPOILERS]:

The most aptly titled episode ever, "Unearthed," has been dug up to air in Fox’s timeslot battle with NBC (Fringe vs. Heroes) on Monday, Jan. 11, at 9 p.m. There’s no explanation from Fox as to why the episode was never aired, although their theory is "Is it from an alternate universe?"

What we do know is that the character Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) is in the episode, along with the other regulars. We’re assuming that since Charlie is alive, this story must fit in with the season-one timeline due to the fact that Charlie’s character was killed by a shapeshifter earlier this season. Of course, on Fringe you never know. It will be interesting to see if the episode has any bearing on the show’s unfolding mythology.

In "Unearthed," a teenage girl is pronounced dead; however, when her mother takes her off of life support so that her organs can be donated, the girl wakes up screaming in alphanumeric code. Talk about a rude awakening! The girl can suddenly speak Russian and possesses classified information that only a high-ranking Russian soldier would know.

Meanwhile, Walter (John Noble) finds some old lab videos that may hold the clue to the mystery, while Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) investigate the girl’s shocking recovery.

This recently discovered trailer is likely for the episode [SpoilerTV]:

The next two episodes after "Unearthed" will be called "Edina City Limits" and "Jacksonville""Fringe" returns with new episodes beginning Monday, January 11th at 9:00 p.m. on Fox (followed that Thursday, Jan. 14th, and subsequent Thursday’s).

"Unearthed" (Unaired first season episode to air this January 11th) [more at SpoilerTV]

Episode 11 – "Edina City Limits" [more at SpoilerTV]

Zachary Levi Talks Chuck: Season Three + Chuckfest 2010 Details
Zachary Levi, star of the NBC series "Chuck", talked a bit about the upcoming season (premiering on Sunday, January 10th, followed by new episodes every Monday) [via SCI FI Wire]:

"I think as he starts to get more of a handle on the Intersect and all that stuff, and just trains in the everyday stuff," said Levi, "he’s going to become what fate had always meant for him to become, which was the best spy in the world."

"It’s definitely different, and I love it. I love every second of it. For two years I’ve sat on the sidelines watching Baldwin and Strahovski kick ass, and finally I get to go in there and have some fun as well. … I want to get some more guns in my hands. I want to kick some bad-guy butt. You know, all the various gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Whosits and whatsits galore. I want to be part of all of that."

Televisionary interview with Zachary Levi (Chuck) [YouTube]

Chuckfest 2010 takes place next Saturday, January 9th and the "Chuck"-themed charity celebration will include a Wii golf competition, where the top five players plus three others, will win a meet and greet with starts Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Josh Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky. Full details can be found at In other news, a recurring character will die in the very first episode of the new season, while Zachary Levi says that Kristin Kreuk — who will appear in three episodes this season starting with the fifth episode — may be coming back for more: "…and I believe there’s talk of maybe getting her back.".

Promo clip: "Chuck and Sarah, Choices" [YouTube]

Web exclusive: "Do You Like Action?" [YouTube]

Two more: "Do You Like Comedy?" & "Do You Like Romance?"

Interview excerpts with Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) [YouTube]

More interview clips here, here and here



First look at guest star Angie Harmon [EW]


Episode 11 – "Getting Closer" [more at SpoilerTV]


  • "True Blood" executive producer Alan Ball is looking for a "sexy Latino actor in his 30’s" to play Lafayette’s boyfriend… [EW]
  • …And Lindsay Pulsipher ("The Beast") has been cast to play the recurring role of Crystal: "a mysterious and haunting beautiful young woman who shares an ‘electric connection’ with Jason." [EW]
  • Actress Deanne Bray has revealed that she’ll appear in five more episodes of "Heroes" this season, including the season premiere… [Deanne Bray via SpoilerTV]
  • Meanwhile, actress Sally Champlin (Lynette) confirmed that she’ll appear in a scene with George Takai (Hiro’s father) in episode 15 "Pass/Fail". [via SpoilerTV]
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier has been added to the cast of Fox’s upcoming DC Comics-based drama series "Human Target".[Fancast]
  • Basketball player-turned-actor Rick Fox (and real-life boyfriend of Eliza Dushku) will appear as an Active in the January 8th episode of Fox’s "Dollhouse". [EW]


The Day of the Triffids

Clip: "Security Breach" [Vimeo via SCI FI Wire]

Two more clips here and here


Season one recap video [YouTube]


Episode 14 ("Upon This Rock") & 15 ("Let It Bleed") promo

Watch another promo here


Mid-Year teaser trailer [ via OSCK]


  • Actress Ming-Na ("Stargate Universe") says she was "really surprised" to find out she’d be playing the first lesbian character in the Stargate universe: "…because I always thought cable was quite risk-taking and forward-thinking, and it really surprised me when I found that she was like the first female lesbian character…in the Stargate universe." [SCI FI Wire]
  • Although the first season doesn’t premiere until January, Starz has announced an early second season pickup for their upcoming original series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" (which co-stars Lucy Lawless) from executive producer Sam Raimi.  The series will premiere on Friday, January 22nd at 10:00 p.m.. You can watch the trailer embedded below. [Starz]

  • The Canadian series "The Listener" (which aired in the states on NBC but had low ratings) has been renewed for a second season. [SCI FI Wire]
  • Composer Bear McCreary ("Battlestar Galactica", "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") will provide the original score for Fox’s upcoming comic-based series "Human Target". [SCI FI Wire]
  • Fox has issued press releases for episodes 11 ("Getting Closer" / Jan. 8th) and 12 ("The Hollow Men" / Jan 15th) of "Dollhouse". [via SpoilerTV & SpoilerTV]
  • Check out a two-part interview with "True Blood" newcomer Joe Manganiello who will play Alcide in the HBO vampire drama. [EW & EW]
  • NBC has posted official descriptions for episodes 13 ("Upon This Rock"), 14 ("Let It Bleed"), 15 ("Close To You") and 16 ("Pass/Fail"). [HeroSite]
  • "Supernatural" spoilers: Sam and Dean will "die and go to heaven"… [E! Online]
  • …And episode 17 of the season will be called "Your Time is Gonna Come". [Andreas@LiveJournal via SpoilerTV]
  • NBC has issued a press release for tomorrow night’s (January 4th) double-dose of "Heroes" episodes: "Upon This Rock" and "Let It Bleed". [NBC via SpoilerTV]
  • In an interview with BBC, Russell T. Davies confirmed that "The Sarah Jane Adventures" will return for a fourth season…[BBC]
  • …Davies was joined by outgoing Doctor David Tennant in the interview, which you can listen to at this link (it’ll be available through Tuesday, Jan. 5th). [via SCI FI Wire]

SCI-FI RATINGS (Based on final national numbers unless otherwise noted) [@TravisYanan]

CHART (12/14/2009 to 12/20/2009)


Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Rhapsody [YouTube via io9]

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Am I a bad person for not having seen nary a one of these series?

I’m a Trek guy, pure and simple, these days.

Ooohh, I can’t wait until Fringe! Love that show, and it’s so much fun as I’m currently making my way through X-Files (thank you library for having the series on DVD).

Sooo, soooooooooo sad that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. The new series looks… well, interesting, but come on, no one can replace Tennant. I may try to tune in, anyways, though.

Tennant was amazing and will be missed, but I’m still eager to see what Moffat and team have in store for us. Long live the Doctor.

you are not a bad person for not watching other scifi, but kind of hard sustaining yourself solely on trek. I probably watch at least one or two episodes of some Trek a week, but after you have seen them all, it is isnt the same as new stuff

I envy trekkies who havent yet watched every episode of Trek. That means there is NEW trek to enjoy, even if it is a series you gave up on before, i say put it in your netflix queue and give it another chance

but I do enjoy many new shows like Flash Forward, Fringe, V, and even a bit of Doctor Who and that Stargate Universe thing has potential.

i really liked v cant beleive its on break so quick it will be hard to remember all that happened so far same with warehouse 13 the unit was good to but after writers strike it fell off and got cancelled will never understand how they run tv shows

I’ve seen all Trek incarnations so far and can’t wait for more!
Right now, however, I can’t wit for more LOST episodes!

“Wait” What a witless misspelling!

I agree wholeheartedly #4, I too enjoy Flashforward, Fringe, V, Doctor Who for my Sci-Fi fix… not sure on Stargate Universe yet, has potential but has been pretty boring & slow moving up until the final episodes! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Doctor in 2010 with Matt Smith but Tennant will be sorely missed! not since Pertwee & Baker(Tom) have I felt as connected to a Doctor incarnation, although Davison might be up there too as I haven’t seen enough to judge yet! Colin Baker was okay, and the little I’ve seen of Sylvester McCoy I just am not sure yet as his voice and appearance both (mostly the voice!) I find unsettling! I liked Chris Eccleston as the Doctor, but Tennant was just superb, a hard act to follow considering he was the last act (ironic)! Can’t wait for V to return to the airwaves as this has the potential to be my favorite new series potential wise! Caprica has been so long coming following Battlestar that this may hurt it in the end!Still can’t believe that they ended Stargate:Atlantis in favor of the boring Universe series, hope this picks up the pace soon or it will die a quick death! Wish beyond everything we had a new Star Trek series on TV because Sci-Fi is just not as interesting to me without Trek… nothing compares in my estimation! 1st run Trek is the best source of Sci-Fi a fan can hope for! Hope Fringe & Flashforward get renewed for another season! Bring back Torchwood and Captain Jack as End of Time Pt.II made me nostalgic for Jack & crew! Although he would need a whole new team to work with as everyone is dead minus Gwen who is pregnant and should continue forward with her own life outside Torchwood… so bring on a whole new team to love who can save the world! long live Sci-Fi!!!!!!

#1…I love all things Trek, but Doctor Who has been well worth the time to watch (yes….pun intended). This is NOT your Father’s Doctor ! Good stuff…..I highly recommend starting with the Christopher Eccleston season which preceeds David Tennant’s four year run. It has a quirky charm and updates all the Doctors that came before. You will not be disappointed.

#5 I too hope the long hiatus won’t hurt “V” too much as it is a good series so far! Think of the 1st 4 episodes as a miniseries rather than a series start, and hope that the cliffhanger ending will make people want to tune in again after the Olympics end their run! It was smart to take a break during the busy Olympic season, but would have been better for us had they decided instead to run the series start to finish beginning in March or April when everything else is winding down for the season so that it would have less competition and would be something fresh & exciting to watch vs. Reruns on TV @ the time! Who knows how TV stations operate these days??? Makes no sense to me, it’s almost as if they deliberately sabotage certain shows to a quick, unforgiving death… and I certainly hope this is not the case with “v” with great story and acting potential! All we can do as fans is tune back in & support it come the Spring!!!

In the casting spoiler for Dollhouse, about Eliza Dushku’s real-life boyfriend making an appearance, you forgot to include the actor’s name. Y’know, just a minor detail. :)

I’m still bummed about Dollhouse ending. If Joss makes another series I think he should go to SiFi to do it (or however they’re spelling it today). I think if Dollhouse and Firefly had been on that network they each would have finished out their intended run, not to mention Angel. I will say I’m impressed with how well he’s wrapped it up on the notice he got, though.

Tennant was right: Take 3 was the right choice.

Lost, SGU, Fringe, V, Smallville: I watch a damn lot of sci-fi!

I really want to know how Desmond is on 815, though! Wasn’t he on the island long before the crash?

Thanks, Anthony, for your reply.

The reason I don’t watch non-Trek is that I really don’t have time for much entertainment at all. I’ve been watching Trek episodes for the better part of four decades and I’ve probably seen all of them, except for much of Voyager and the last two seasons of Enterprise. I’ve seen all the Trek movies an average of about a dozen times, start to finish, either in the theaters or on DVD or Blu-ray.

I find that when I rewatch Trek episodes and movies, I often discover something new in them.

Trek is enough for me.

The rest of the time, I read or surf the ‘Net.

In times past, I watched Babylon 5 and the new BSG, though I’ve never been a completist about them. And yes, over the years, I’ve watched the Star Wars movies, some Doctor Who, Space: 1999, and a wide assortment of other SF series and movies. But not so much anymore.

Good-bye, Doctor (Ten). I’ll miss you, because you know what? You were my Doctor.

About 20s into the trailer for the new dr who, you seem to see a brief shot of the interior of the TARDIS which gets redesigned in the new series (The interior was always designed to change, a previous doctor called them desktops I think :P).

David’s last moments are quite sad (having seen it over here already) and it’s well worth a watch.

14. – The nuclear explosion caused changes in the timeline. And in this timeline Kate and I are married.

Looking forward to the new season of Doctor Who, and the eleventh Doctor. The finale of the 10th Doctor was great for the most part.

As usual with Russell T Davies he does great stuff but mixes it in with some silly stuff.

I will miss David Tennant as he was one of my fav Dcotors but there has been so many incarnations I enjoy which each Doctor brings to the role.

I love Doctor Who loads, in fact its my second favourite show behind Trek.

As regards to other shows I will give V a try, been watching the original and loved the original Mini Series and The Final Battle, but i don’t think the new version will be as good.

Flash Forward I have been watching but I am almost about to give up on the show. It has a great concept but the dialogue is awful and I find the most of the characters unlikeable. Even John Cho’s character Dmitri annoys me but not as much as Joseph Feinnes character Mark.

Being a fan of Brannon Braga I wanted to like this show but it really is boring me., and this is coming from someone who loves the slower paced films.

However, Braga is working on 24 now and I am really looking forward to season 8 of 24.

Fringe I have no interest in.

Maybe its because although he did a great job on Star Trek XI I am still not a fan of JJ Abrams and his team

Hat Rick

I know where you are coming from, I have seen all the Treks and I am loving going through them all at the moment. I am always going through my Treks and enjoy rewatching them everytime.

I do watch other shows but I still do enjoy watching Trek so I watch it along with watching new stuff. I am watching DS9 and Voyager at the moment along with V the original series, early Supernatural and movies.
Have seen season 1 of Warehouse 13 and I love 24 and Boston Legal.

Dollhouse, Fringe, Lost are shows I probably am not keen on seeing. Well Lost was not that interesting to me and from what I have been told it has not just jumped the shark but done 50 sumersaults as well. Dollhouse seemed to be a stupid concept and not a fan of Whedon.

That’s an embarrassing way for Tennant to leave … the Doctor’s never had a problem with “going” before.

22 thing I hated was I felt it was playing too much with the fact that he was ‘dying’ and unless circumstances are really serious he is regenerating, not dying.

You got to make the Doctor has a great send off but at the same time you have to get the audience excited about the next Doctor. In a regeneration story you build up the xcitemtn to look forward to his next incarantion.

My friend felt the way it was written is going to make the younger viewers find it harder to accept Matt Smith.

As I said I think it was great for most part but Russell T Davies writes things that are just wooful at times.

@23 Sort of an odd/even curse for Doctors?

Of course, now the number of Star Trek films is matched by the number of Doctors Who again, so balance is restored to the universe. ;) Here’s hoping Star Trek 12 comes before the 12th Doctor though!

With Doctor Who they are now getting closer to get around the 12 regenartion limit, he has now just used his 10 regeneration to become he eleventh Doctor.

But it was a small point that was mentioned in one story and they can get round it

Why is there no mention of Harold Ramis announcing just a few days ago that the highly awaited Ghostbusters 3 will be released in 2011 with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts all returning in supporting roles and the new leads being a hip young quality cast?

I think probably some of the below names will most likely appear in it:
Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin, Zac Efron, Ed Westwick, Sophia Bush, Evan Rachel Wood, Kat Dennings, Emma Roberts, Penn Badgley, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Thomas Dekker, Ellen Page, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Chace Crawford, Emile Hirsch, James Lafferty, Michael Cera, Leighton Meester, Mishca Barton, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr

Ghostbusters 3 out next year!!!! That’s good news!!! Two in the box… Ready to go! We be fast and they be slow!

ooOOoo Spartacus blood and sand… thats looks well good, it’s the first time I heard of it, but as a fan of Rome, I’m looking forward to it, Jan 29 broadcast … drool.

Doctor Who, great show but the specials, overall, were a let down.
I will miss David, & I was blubbing and the end until MATT appeared, all fired up and rock music beat…cant wait!

Heroes…please let the pain stop, let this be the final series.
I have watched heroes since the start, but the ying & yang of that show is gone.

V glad that its coming back, but the 4 episode “events”” are unsatisfiying. It’s like having a starter and then waiter tells you that the main-course will be a little late….2MONTHS

I thought Sigourney Weaver wasn’t going to appear in GB3 which is a shame, she’s as much a part of Ghostbusters as the busters themselves.


Matt Smith is reportly signed to a 5 year contract with “Who”, so provided paramount get their finger out with JJ and the cast & crew, there might, just might be a Star Trek 12 before the 12th doctor lol

but production gaps are a hell of a lot longer compared to the heady days of STII and STIII, 18 months for that ? wasnt it?

Ghostbusters. Hmm.

I love the original film; it’s one of my all-time favorites. Love it to pieces.

But … I feel the same trepidation toward the new film as I did toward Indiana Jones and his Crystal Skull outing … “I loved the original movie, but this is a franchise that already proved they couldn’t make a worthy sequel YEARS ago, when things were still much fresher … why would now be better?”

And maybe it’s unfair to have such hesitation, but man oh man.

The thing is, unlike with a Trek film, I’m an automatic audience member. Put “Ghostbusters” in the title, and I’m there; I’ve already bought my ticket in my mind and nothing will change that. Again, just like Indiana Jones.

But I don’t want another memory scuffed that way. Bustin’ makes me feel GOOD … usually. Help :(

I can’t wait to see what Moffat will do as showrunner on Dr. Who. While I will always deeply appreciate what RTD did for Who, he really had no one to rein him in when he was being self-indulgent and Boy-oh could he be that! While I loooved Tennant in the role, I await Matt Smith with curiosity. I am ALWAYS ready to give a new Doctor a chance -that’s what they are there for! The only thing I am somewhat disappointed about is the return of Murray Gold for music duties; I find his scores to be overblown and intrusive to the point of taking me out of the show sometimes.

RTD was so self indulgent, I am hopeful that Stephen Moffat will bring it back to a bit more old school Doctor Who while keeping the modern style of the current show.

I am hoping they take the Doctor as a “God” motif away as this was never done in the classic series and really felt RTD overdid this.

I have been watching all the Trek series through with my kids–and although I have seen all of them at least once and some a few more times than that, it has been fun enjoying the series again with my kids since it is the first for them on the many episodes we have left to watch.

Why is “Chuck” in this column?? Is it sci fi? I haven’t seen any reader comment on it, and it looks just awful.

Garbage, garbage garbage. And rubbish. Thank the Gods for BSG, which is so good it almost makes up for the rest of the repulsive drek offered up.

Stargate is still on the air but Firefly was cancelled years ago? That awful, new Dr Who is on the telly, but Enterprise was cancelled?

Whats wrong with this picture? I’ll be watching my DVD’s while most of these commercially supported abortions air.

I’m sorry, but Doctor Who was lightyears above Enterprise in quality, writing, acting, you name it.

The UK has a fraction of the US’ population, yet Doctor Who gets ratings about 3 times higher than Enterprise ever got here. There’s a reason for that.

David Tennant was brilliant in the role. It’s a big hit losing him. But of course, given that Tennant replaced a guy who was also very good in the role, one has to keep an open mind, especially with Steven Moffat taking over.

In light of some of the previous comments regarding watching other shows, I have to tip my hat to TM for even giving me reason to check out some of these other shows. I still love Trek through and through, and, as some others have mentioned, I still will watch it at times along with everything else. But I can honestly say that I have broadened my interest in sci-fi since I started reading TM’s weekly updates. A lot of these shows, I may not even have heard about if it wasn’t for this site, and I may not have given it them a chance if it wasn’t for some of the interesting details and trailers.

One key example of this is Doctor Who. Having grown up primarily more of a Trekkie than a sci-fi fan in general, I had heard of Doctor Who, but decided it wasn’t worth my time. Then, this last summer, after reading articles and seeing trailers and mash-ups of the new series, I finally gave it a chance – and now I’m hooked! I was so excited about watching the last part of The End of Time, that I had to work my schedule this week to just catch the second episode. I can’t say it was the best episode I’ve seen, but it was nice to have something to look forward to again.

And I think that is the whole point of watching something other than Star Trek. As much as I love Trek, as AP said earlier in this thread, once you’ve seen all of the Treks, you get to the point where it’s no longer new. You ultimately know the ending, and even if you don’t remember the particular episode, you often remember all the surround details. I miss the excitement of having something new to look forward to each week. And, luckily, with some great SF shows on air right now like Doctor Who, Lost, Flash Forward, V, etc., I have something to look forward to again! Oh, and I guess I also have something to look forward to at the cinema in about 2 years as well…

I love Fringe, V and Flash Forward. All excellent shows so far.

Oh, and Chuck! It’s awesome. I can’t wait until they’re all back.

Lost and Heroes “lost” me a number of seasons ago.

I really don’t know why people love and rave about Doctor Who. It’s poorly scripted, badly acted, the production values are as bad as they were on the original and the music is far too over the top for what it is.

Its not Sci-Fi, it’s KIds TV with some very cheesy comedy for the Adults who sit with their kids – I’ll give it this though, the BBC know how to market it – i only wish Star Trek had been marketed in such a way around the globe since Trek is far bigger than Who.

Anthony, you splendid chap, you are right as ever :)
Keep up the stirling work through 2010 and beyond.
I watch too many of those shows, but it’s what we’re all supposed to be doing isn’t it! ;)

I’ve been watching V and FlashForward, and those have helped fill the sci-fi fix since Galactica left the airwaves.

@39, you’re free to dislike anything, but your analysis of modern Doctor Who is ridiculous.

Scripts: It’s hard to debate this. Yes I agree RTD’s era could be silly at times, but they could also be magnificent.

Acting: You’re joking. David Tennant, Derek Jacobi, Timothy Dalton, Claire Bloom. These are bad actors? I’m sorry but no American show can come close to competing with the quality of acting on the last few years of Doctor Who.

Production Values: I know you honestly don’t believe that modern Who looks like old Who. It does have a charming home-spun BBC quality, but I believe they achieve amazing things on a TV budget and schedule (TV Trek, for example, has never come close). When have you ever seen anything like this on a TV show:

Trek is “far bigger?” The Guinness Book people might disagree:

@42 – I’d also have to add John Simms to the list of acting brilliance. His portrayal of the Master is sublime.

Script-wise, I think we can all agree that the modern Who has sometimes missed the mark (more often than not due to RTD’s afore-mentioned lack of self-restraint), but yes, there have been moments of sheer brilliance (often pulled off by new show runner Moffat, though not solely by him).

Production values: oh, that’s the trolls’ reliable old hobby horse, isn’t it? If they want to try to get a rise, they just bring up the wobbly sets. That’s so Twentieth Century of them… :-)


Likewise, I never bothered with British science fiction until I saw the first couple seasons of Enterprise and realized just how awfully dull – not to mention predictable – Trek had become. I turned to SG-1 for a while. But I found it to be just as formulaic. And then I stumbled upon Doctor Who. And I am glad I did because it is great stuff. Compared to that Temporal Cold War rubbish they were churning out on ST, Doctor Who is time travel for adults.

Regarding ‘Ghostbusters 3’, this is a remarkable cast, and I can only say, break a leg, everyone. I’ll see you in 2011 at the theater!

I think probably one or two of the following names will probably star in GB III in a supporting role or cameo:
Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Rowan Atkinson, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Jeremy Piven, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, William Shatner, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tim Allen, Chevy Chase, John Goodman, Billy Connolly, Danny DeVito, Robin Williams, George Lopez, Steve Coogan, John Cleese.

Lady Gaga would be perfect as a ghost in Ghostbusters 3 and to have a cameo in the next Star Trek movie. Midway through the sequel, I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a concert of Madam Gaga’s on a distant planet like with Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element (1997). Her character (the most famous and successful young singer in the Alpha Quadrant) could have dark connections to the Orion Syndicate who should be the villains of the sequel as they are essentially the Mafia of the Star Trek universe, involved in piracy, smuggling, and extortion. A breathtakingly intense, thunderous phaser fight could erupt interrupting the show when she sings Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or Just Dance between Kirk, Spock and McCoy and some Orion Syndicate henchmen.

Please, no Shia LaBeouf, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick (and that ridiculous god-awful American accent), Zac Efron , Chad Michael Murray, or Adam Brody! I’d prefer to have serious actors such as Christian Bale, Colin Farrell, Ryan Gosling and Josh Lucas as the leads rather than these heartthrobs and comedians.

Harold Ramis: ‘We’ll introduce some new young Ghostbusters’.
Dan Aykroyd: “There will be a whole new generation that has to be trained, and that whole new generation will be led by an individual who you’ll all love when you meet him… They’ll be lots of cadets, boys and girls, who’ll be learning how to use the psychotron, the accelerators and all the new stuff, the neuron splitter, which is going to be the interplaner, interceptor and all these great tools that they’re going to have, to flip from dimension to dimension.”

They should call it – ‘Ghostbusters 3: The Next Generation’. I hope Shia LaBeouf will be the new lead. He would make a good Ghostbuster. He can definitely play the straight faced smart-ass that Bill Murray was. But I worry after Ghostbusters 3 comes out and the old cast have taken their final bow and said goodbye, they’ll no doubt be talking about another sequel in which we’ll get yet another tear-filled, overwrought, sentiment laden goodbye.