Star Trek: The Music Performing In Calgary Next Week

You have have seen the multi-city tour for Star Wars: In Concert, but there is actually a (smaller) Star Trek tour also going on. "Star Trek: The Music," hosted by Bob Picardo and John DeLancie, has been performed by a number of orchestras in North America since 2007. The next stop is next week in Calgary, Alberta. Details below, plus a guide to more January Star Trek events.


Star Trek: The Music in Canada

The official description for the show from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra:

The CPO boldly goes where it has never gone before! In this concert of the century, Star Trek legends John de Lancie, (“Q”) and Robert Picardo, (“The Doctor”) host an incredible evening, bringing to life the epic story of the Star Trek Phenomenon with musical highlights from the TV series and films. Lobby decorations from the actual sets will make this the ultimate Star Trek experience. Costumes welcome!

There will be three performances from Wednesday January 13th to Friday January 15th. More info and tikets at

Calgary is the fifth city to perform "Star Trek: The Music". In 2007 and 2008  the show has been performed by orchestras in Dallas, Toronto, Cincinnati and Denver. There are no announcements for future shows at this time.

Picardo and DeLancie in June 2008 at Cincinnati, Ohio performance of "Star Trek: The Music" (Photos Jessica Chen)

The following is the set list from past "Star Trek The Music" performances.

First Set
Alexander Courage – Suite from "The Menagerie"
Alexander Courage – Main Theme From "Star Trek" (TV Series)
Jerry Goldsmith – Main Theme from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
Jerry Goldsmith – Klingon Battle from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
James Horner – Main Title from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
James Horner – Epilogue from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
James Horner – End Credits from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
James Horner – Main Theme from "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock"
Leonard Rosenman – Main Title from "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"

Second Set
Dennis McCarthy/arr. Reineke – Main Theme from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Jerry Goldsmith – A Busy Man from "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"
Cliff Eidelman – End Title from "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"
Dennis McCarthy/arr. Reineke – Main Theme from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
Dennis McCarthy/arr. McKenzie – End Title from "Star Trek: Generations"
Jerry Goldsmith/arr. Mann – Main Theme from "Star Trek: Voyager"

The Calgary performance is the first since the release of the recent Star Trek movie, so it isn’t yet known if it will include anything from Michael Gicchino’s score.

More info at the unofficial site

More January Star Trek Events:

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A great event I wish I could go to.

Sounds like fun! I’m going to see Star Wras: In Concert in March, but that only has Anthony Daniels. This has John DeLancie and Bob Picardo!

Already have my tickets for the 13th. Can’t wait. The Calgary Philharmonic is great! Looking forward to hearing them tackling some of my fav music.

(Sadly, the “Captain’s Reception” on Friday night was already sold out by the time I heard about this.)

Shouldn’t that last bit read “William Shatner & SIr Patrick Stewart?”


I just got tickets for this today,I am so going to wear my homemady XI uniform

Must see if I can convince my friends to go; they have a vehicle, see… :)

Its nice to see they’re doing “A Busy Man” from ST V. With as many problems as that movie had its score was first class and that was the best piece from it, and one of the best in all of the Star Trek scores in my opinion.

Since their existing set doesn’t have any Enterprise music in it, I’d wager it’s not going to have anything from the new movie, either.

Bob and John are awsome!

It’s funny, I came out of the Star Wars concert with my mind absolutely blown, and my first coherent thought was, “Could they do the same thing for Star Trek now?”, and what do you know…

Is this coming to Montreal, by any chance?

Yet more reason that Trek rocks! (Pun intended. ;-) )

We have our tickets for this show. We recently saw the “CPO” perform Bugs Bunny on Broadway. Favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons (including The Rabbit of Seville) projected on a big screen accompanied by a live Symphony Orchestra. It was awesome. I can’t wait for this show.

It was great when it was here in Denver. Don’t miss it if it comes to (or close) to your town,

Have any of you ever been to Calgary in January? Being Canadian I can tell you, it’s pretty horrible.

These guys are earning their money!

Doing the main and end titles from 2 and then 3 in that order? Well, it should be easy to play without lots of rehearsal…being mostly the same thing over and over.

A more ambitious program would be “Battle In The Mutara Nebula” followed by “Stealing The Enterprise”.

And they should stick the Mike Verta TOS arrangement in there somewhere.

#15 I agree the James Horner bits in the first set is almost the same piece of music over and over, as you stated, “Stealing The Enterprise” and “Genesis Countdown” would have been good.

Also where is Jerry Goldsmith’s “First Contact”, track from the movie soundtrack when the vulcan’s land?

This is exciting! Come to Lincoln Center, please!

Re: 14. Harry

If you’ve been to Calgary in January you also know about ‘chinooks’. Long range forecast is 0 celsius (32F). Definitely Class M.

I’ve got my tickets!

The new soundtrack reminds me of Lynch’s DUNE in many ways.

I went to see the Cleve Orch perform “sci-fi” compositions at Blossom Music Centre, when they played the new Trek theme, I mistook it it for DUNE and thought, “Now thats an obscure musical reference!”

How much and where do you get tickets?? I would love to go if its not sold out…

nvm…I should learn how to read…

@15 And they should stick the Mike Verta TOS arrangement in there somewhere.

I know! Isn’t that a cool arrangement?

They should really consider adding some of Michael Giacchino’s score from Star Trek to the performance to that performance. Basically all the stuff from the end of the scene of the Kelvin attack is absolute gold. Or just the theme when Kirk rides up to the Enterprise on his future-bike.

I saw this show when they were in Toronto last year. It was great!

Bucky – it would pale by comparison. Well maybe not compared to Leonard Rosenman’s score, then again Star Trek IV at least had a real melody ;-) Leave Giacchino’s stuff to the marching bands which it sounds like it was written for.

You really think the opening music when George Kirk flies into the Narada is meant for a marching band? What the hell kind of football game would that be? Is the team losing 68-3 so they need a mournful, sad piece of music to go with it?

Marching band. Uh huh.

“Hey, the team is losing by 50 points.”
“By God, we need to bust out ‘Nero fiddles, Narada burns’, from the Star Trek soundtrack. It’s PERFECT!”

This marching band must flat-out suck.

I had a chance to win tickets to the Toronto performance, by competing on a trivia segment on a radio show. Sadly, while I was chosen as one of two competitors, I couldn’t participate as I was on a camping trip just out of cell range when the competition took place.
I was pretty proud of being chosen – until I realized that being one of about 3 dozen entrants, for a radio show with an audience of 1.2 million listeners, probably wasn’t anything to brag about.
Hope it comes this way again.

I saw it already when it was in Denver. John DeLancie and Bob Picardo are so funny, and it was amazing to see Star Trek music from the movies and tv show performed live!

Woohoo, I’m going! :-)

Giacchio’s score is good but it is no where near as good as Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner and Dennis McCarthy.

I wish i could see this concert, wish it could come to UK.

Just got home from this concert. It was AWESOME… John de Lancie and Bob Picardo were funny and engaging hosts. Loved it.

Setlist was exactly as listed above…. EXCEPT the CPO did one encore, and it was the main title for Trek ’09. Sounded incredible. :)

Highly recommended!

Agreed! Great show.

Going tonight!!^^ Super excited