TNG Stars Congratulate Stewart’s Knighthood

The knighting of Patrick Stewart this past week has garnered much international attention. While an officer of the fictional Starfleet since 1987, Stewart is now an Officer of the British Empire and has the title of "Sir." Some of those talking about Stewart’s knighthood were his TNG co-stars via Twitter.


Sir Tweeting from the TNG Twitterers
As noted in TrekMovie’s Top 2009 Celebrity news, TNG stars LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton have become a leading ‘gang of three’ celebrity Twitter stars. All three jumped into the post-knighthood buzz for Patrick Stewart.

It was kicked off by LeVar Burton who tweeted

@levarburton: Congratulations Patrick, on your Knighthood…!

this was followed by Wheaton:

@wilw: You know what’s even more wonderful for me than finding out that Patrick is going to be knighted? Finding out from @levarburton.

and then this series by Spiner, who views his Tweets like some form of performance art:

@brentspiner: Hip hip hooray! Congratulations to my friend, Patrick Stewart. I cant believe he’s being made King of England!

then, later…

@brentspiner: Guess I wasn’t completely correct about Patrick. Apparently he’ll be King of Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, as well.

and finally:

@brentspiner: Wait, you mean he’s not going to be K…oh. Well, a Knight is good too, right? Hooray for Sir Patrick! He still lives with the Queen, right?

Sirs Obi Wan and Picard
This week, by coincidence, the Weekly Standard has an article about the British secret service by Harvey Klehr, and features a picture from the BBC television movie "Smiley’s People" (1982) which starred the already knighted Sir Alec Guinness (Guinness was knighted in 1959) and the future "Sir" Patrick Stewart as a character named Karla. The photo isn’t just of a "once and future sir" but also of the "already" Obi Wan Kenobi and "future" Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Picard and Guinness…Space Knights

Sir Patrick in San Francisco
Stewart will be appearing on the same day as another Trek icon William Shatner at the January 23-24th Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention (Stewart and Shatner are scheduled for Sunday).

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Guiness says to Stewart… The force is strong in this one! YEAH BABY!

its about damn time! Good for you Patrick

Make it so

Congratulations, Sir Patrick! (and extra points to Brent Spiner for those tweets… LOL!)

(oh and p.s. to Sir PS: You and Steven Weber have GOT to start pestering Paul Rudnick to do a sequel to “Jeffrey”. I want to see more of Sterling, darnit!)

Super news; superb actor.


Congrats Sir.

But boy do I miss TNG & 1701-D

Once again. Way to go Sir Patrick Stewart. Live long and prosper.



Only Sir Patrick could make a dude named Karla one scary mofo… without saying one word.

Patrick Stewart looks like he’s up to no good with that moustache!

that picture with Sir Alec Guinness looks sooo good.

he should be promoted to admiral from being captain for so long. congratulation sir.

Congratulations SIr Stewart the honor bestowed upon you was far too long overdue.

Congrats Mr. Stewart, a well deserved and long overdue honor!

Oddly enough, I have been doing a ‘Star Trek – Enterprise’ marathon for the past few days and I am currently watching the auments episode (season four) that featured Brent Spiner.

Damn, I really miss new episodes of this series!!! Gone too soon.

But I digress. Congrats again to Mr. Stewart, a man who could read from the phone book and make his audience weep. :-D

#17: oops… that should’ve read ‘augment.’ My bad.

Er… Sorry to mess up your introductory paragraph, but if Patrick Stewart was merely an ‘Officer of the British Empire’ he would be ‘Patrick Stewart OBE’, not ‘Sir Patrick Stewart’.
He is actually a ‘Knight Commander of the British Empire’ – check out the info on wikipedia –

And congratulations, Sir Patrick!

@19 Chasco

Equally OBE is ”Officer of the Order of the British Empire’ not ‘Officer of the British Empire’. Not that there is a British Empire, but these things hang about, don’t they?

Also, ‘Smiley’s People’ was a TV serial, not a TV movie. ‘TV movie’ is a term kind of alien to British TV of that time, and is thoroughly American. (Which is not to say that it’s a bad term, just not one appropriate to describing 70s/80s UK TV). We used ‘Plays’, ‘Series’ and ‘Serials’ for the most part. ‘Smiley’s People’ was definitely a ‘Serial’.

Wish I was in San Fransicso, Patrick Stewart is one of my fav actors and I really want to meet him.

he is the only captain left for me to meet.

Nice to know the TNG crew are at least entertaining each other on Twatter.

Spiner’s tweets were hilarious! :-)

He saw this coming. He saw it all.

Congratulations SIr Stewart :)

#8 Adam , I miss TNG as well, wish if they could make one final movie with that crew.


I miss TNG loads as well, I wish they were able to do one more movie, give them a better send off

A wonderful hnor to be sure. Not easy to come by. But very well deserved. His impressive acting accomplishments says it all. The best to you Sir Patrick Stewart

King of England! Hahaha… Spinner cracks me up!

Whoah! Porn Star mustache.

I mean, Sir Stache!

Congratulations Sir Patrick Stewart

Congratulations Dad!!!
What does that make me ? The prince of knights?
See u soon,

WOO HOO! Got a photo op w/Sir Patsy in SF!

Congrats to my favorite actor.


I am OVERJOYED That Patrick got this honor. It’s COOL to see the TNG cast Congraulate him the way they did.


#14 He becomes an ambassador if you’ll recall.

about the moustache, a little too “G Gordon Liddy” don’t you think.

He made it so.

Congratulations Sir Patrick! A very well-deserved honor for a truly sterling actor!

And yea, I really miss the good old Enterprise-D too…