Watch Hiro from Heroes Go Star Trek & Sci-Fi Crazy

The NBC show Heroes is well known for its Star Trek and pop culture references, often coming from the teleporting/time-traveling fanboy character Hiro, played by Masi Oka. But during one of last night’s two hours of Heroes, the Hiro character went sci-fi reference crazy, literally.


Hiro goes sci-fi crazy
This clip is from "Upon This Rock", the first of two episodes airing last night (via Hulu, USA only)

[Spoiler Alert] Hiro has a brain tumor and seems to be unable to speak normally and appears to be mixing his reality with his fantasy. He mixing his Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, The Matrix with Don Quixote, various comic books and more. This kind of thing continues throughout the episode, which you can watch in full at Hulu

And for those not available to see Hulu, here is a screencap of part of Hiro’s craze.

For fans of Star Trek’s new Spock, Zachary Quinto, you had to wait until the second episode "Upon this Rock" (also available in full at Hulu) to catch a glimpse of his Sylar, who is finally back in both body and mind.


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Unfortunately I lost interest in this show. GREAT first season, but it lost it’s way…IMHO.

Loved the 2 parter! Hiro going geek-crazy was hilarious! Sylar is back to being a badass but what in gods name was he doing outside Claires window…?


I have liked the series from eps 1, yes it had it’s weak spots. But when the network exec see good sci fi shows get low ratings, Heros, TSCC etc etc etc, they are less likley to put more sci fi on TV. Think about it people, do u want American idol and dancing with the stars 7 days a week!!

Syn4ever- Sylar was outside Claire’s window because he ended up with her pic on his arm when the carnival guy pricked him with the “magical” ink. Upon seeing Claire’s pic, he left the carnival and went to Claire’s abode.

Sorry. I couldn’t take two hours at once. The first part of the so-called two-parter had some fun moments, but mostly felt like padding. How many laps around the Dark Carnival is Claire supposed to take? Why was PuppetMaster back to being evil… beyond slowing down an already sluggish ep. And… is anyone interested in the cello-chick? Sorry. Dull. This show needs some decent writers.


I’m amazed how quickly we grow tired of shows.

Yes, I’d rate Heroes currently at B to B+ Sci Fi fare (compared to A in season 1), but I still tune in for some great stories and character plots. When the alternative is toilet fare such as “THe Bachelor” or “The Cardashians” (sp intentional), I’ll still tune in to Hiro Nakamura any day :)

Deadliest Catch, baby!

I used to enjoy Heroes, but it really went downhill after season 1. The show has become convoluted with far too many characters and storylines. And getting former Star Trek actors to do guest spots reeked of desperation.

I haven’t watched Heroes since season 2 – it went downhill so fast, and really, that clip was just painful. He has a brain tumor, and the main symptom is that he speaks in a mish-mash of geek references? Really? Each to his own, though. If some of y’all still enjoy it, more power to you.

People who dropped Heroes in seasons 2/3 are missing a great season 4. You should come back.

I’m going to be devil’s advocate and second what #11, Todd, said. I love Heroes, and think it’s one of the greatest shows sci-fi has to offer us in this day and age. No, I don’t think it’s (currently) as good as Fringe or… Well, Fringe is the only SF show I can think of that’s better than Heroes, haha.

Hiro fathers number plate on his limo was NCC 1701, so not the first star trek link in heroes.

I forced myself through the first season, quit, and never looked back.

I also bagged Heroes after the beginning of the 3rd season. It got too convoluted and crazy, IMO.

Fringe, V and Flash Forward are my current favorite “sci-fi” shows.

I agree #15 those are my favorite shows as well.

Sorry I meant #16.

I have always liked heroes n its characters–even locations-season ones climax in kirby plaza was a great nod to tthe most talented cosmic comic artist/writer of all time jack king kirby–he n stan lee creared most of the marvel comix characters from iron man to the hulk–and yeh i have to agree if scifi fans dont support well done scifi we will have less of it in the future-i hate reality shows–itsbthe movie”network” come to life-where is howard biel cuz im mad as hell…”

it’s the star trek enterprise syndrom all over, except with heroes. i’ve only jst started watching heores, so i’ve only seen season 1 and ep 1 of season 2, but so far i love the show. b ut from what i’ve read, it seems that it had it’s slow and dull season, and then everybody left watching the show to miss a good season 4. sounds like enterprise all over to me. too bad it’s so competitive with tv, and that our already distracted culture is even more distracted with its distractions.

Hiro was all over the spectrum in his rants. Sadly, I understood everything he said…

Zachary Quinto is absolutely amazing in Heroes. His multiple personality roles have been a joy to watch– mark my words, he’s going to be a HUGE name in the annals of actors in the coming years.

This show is going nowhere fast! Such a shame, it had so much promise after the great first season.

I haven’t watched any of the latest season, but I think I can safely guess that Hiro turned bad, then turned good, then turned bad, then turned good, then turned bad, and then turned good again (at least that was the recurring theme to the last season, anyway…)

That’s exactly why you should watch Alf, because you safely guessed wrong.

Hiro’s brain tumor leads him to try and right any and all of the wrongs in his life’s past as it slowly kills him. Season 3 was all about the theme “Villains” and season 4 is completely different.

I thought Heroes was dead after season 3’s debacle, but man was I impressed at how they reined it in and got back to making a great show again. Now if only they would kill Claire off and somehow bring Adam back…

Hey, I just enjoy watching Heroes’ characters–esp. Robert Knepper’s Samuel (and T-Bag on Prison Break). Knepper walks that fine line of being likable and dispicable at the same time–and keeps you guessing as to which one is the ‘real’ Samuel.

As others have noted–even when Heroes is not at its greatest it is far better than some of the other fare available on network TV (or cable). It is simply fun to watch as a Geek-boy’s soap opera. ;)