William Shatner To Guest Host WWE Raw + Smackdown On The Shat’s Wrestling Past

Patrick Stewart may be a knight, but Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner, is still the king of all media, and he will prove that again in February when he returns to the ring to host WWE Raw. Details below, plus TrekMovie puts the smackdown on The Shat’s history with wrestling.



Shatner on Raw
Each week the professional wrestling show WWE Raw, which airs Mondays on the USA Network, has a different guest host. Today the WWE announced that William Shatner will be the guest host of WWE Raw on February 1st. WWE announcer Joey Styles also reported the news on Twitter, where he wrote

BREAKING NEWS: WILLIAM SHATNER will be the Raw Guest Host Raw on Feb 1 from Nashville. Do we have to paint the Divas green for Captain Kirk?

Joey, do you even need to ask?

Shatner and wrestling
The WWE announcement notes that The Shat is no stranger to wrestling. Here is a famous clip of Shatner and his dust-up with Jerry "the King" Lawler on WWF Raw in 1995.

The ‘altercation’ with Lawler led to Shatner later returning to WWF, where he managed wrester Brett "Hitman" Hart in a match against Jeff "Double J" Jarrett, managed by Lawler. Here is that clip.

In 2007 Shatner and Lawler teamed up again, as Shatner was on hand to induct The King into Wrestling Hall of Fame. Watch a clip of that HERE.

Of course we all know that no one can fight like William Shatner. Perhaps while on WWE Raw he can show off some of his famous Kirk Fu.

Shatner does some wrestling as Kirk in TOS episode "Charlie X"


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You’d think this guy would want to relax, enjoy the fruits of his labor and maybe see the world, wouldn’t you?

In Kirk-Fu, your hair is indestructible.

In Kirk-Fu, you hair can be used as a weapon.

I want to grow old like this guy.

He should’ve been a pro-wrestling manager, kinda like Bobby The Brain Heenan.

in Kirk-Fu, you can bounce your body off a wall and knock a few Military Police down.

Good lord. He’s never going to retire, is he? Haha! Well, no complaints from me. I loved seeing him on Boston Legal, among other various things. I may tune into my first “wrestling” match on USA; God knows I watch that channel 24/7 anyways!

Stewart is cool, no argument there and well deserved his knighthood.

But Shatner Rules!

Hope they make Boston Legal the movie.

1. Harry Ballz, you can be assure he has seen the world about 50,000 times more than you ever will.
The man should do exactly what he and all of us enjoy doing-performing.
Don’t like it, turn away.

Shatner is doing what he does best — hamming it up. We’re laughing, he’s having fun and he’s no doubt making plenty of dough while he’s at it. And what’s wrong with that?

Chris Fawkes — ditto that on both counts!

I do believe the Shat has hit Rock Bottom.

Yes, pun intended.

Maybe someone’ll start doing the Spock Nerve Pinch as a deadly finishing move?


Pick a new posting name, oh ye of little imagination!

– …And what’s wrong with that? –

Nothing – and that’s exyctly what drives some people crazy…:))

Kirk-Fu lives!

This is the one and only thing that would ever make me remotely consider tuning into a wrestling show.

Keep on truckin’, Mr. Shatner.

Can you smell what The Shat is cooking?!!!

Because to be the Shat … WOOOOO!!! …, you’ve got to beat the Shat!


“WWE Raw” is mostly buffoonery, with some wrestling matches thrown in. If you want wrestling, watch “Smackdown.” I think The Shat will fit right in.

Good GAWD. Shat looks like he’s about to pop in that first pic!

In Kirk-Fu you look like a different person from shot to shot.

I still wanna see Shat in a cage match with George.
2 go in. Only 1 comes out.

@ Kent

In Kirk-Fu, your hair may be indestructible but your shirt sure isn’t.

If you Smell what the Shat is Cooking. Yes, I am a big WWE Fan and this is great news, The Shat and Jerry Lawler have no real love for each other. But I would rather see the Shat go one on one with George in a Hell in a Cell Match. Now that would be cool.


Bugger off, you wanker. Your mum is calling for you upstairs.

If you think about it, Shatner does bear a certain resemblance to Tony Clifton. So maybe he is actually another one of Andy Kaufman’s personas. Or Andy was one of his.

I became a black belt in Kirk-Fu by watching TOS as a youngster. It has served me well.


THX, thanks for having my back, bro!


#25 Harry

I’m good in a fight, mate. Even if it is in some anonymous and safe Trek talk-back.

Bring Back the Shat for the next Star Trek movie!

It’s going to be AWESOME to see William Shatner host RAW!!!!

#27 THX

Yeah, well that dweeb ain’t much of an opponent. He should probably save his breath for blowing up his inflatable doll!

In Shat Fu your stunt doubles hair appears poofier than yours….

In Shat Fu you have the exact counter move when your opponent grabs a 20th century plumber’s wrench in your 23rd century engine room….

In Shat Fu you can smack an omnipotent being in the face and an challenge him to a duel…..

Ok gang……there is a book here somewhere and I think we are writing it….

As both a wrestling fan and a trekkie should be great. Unfortunately TNA will be going up against it and blow it out of the water.

Ah, the Shat and Brett Hart – two great Canadians! Great stuff.

The Shat rules!!!

u is ugly jr