Democracy Fails: Twilight Shuts Star Trek Out At People’s Choice Awards

The message of Star Trek since its beginning has been one of supporting the ‘infinite diversity’ of democracy, through the Federation. However, today the people have spoken, and apparently they love teen vampires. The Star Trek movie was nominated for five People’s Choice Awards, which were handed out tonight, but came away empty handed.


0 for 5 at People’s Choice
Star Trek has done well at some of these popularity contest awards in the past, cleaning up at the Spike Scream Awards, the Hollywood Awards, but at the big People’s Choice awards which aired on CBS Wednesday night, Star Trek ended up with nada. Star Trek had a total of five nominations in categories, here is how those went down (from official site).

Favorite MOVIE

  • Twilight [WINNER]
  • The Hangover
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • The Proposal
  • Star Trek


  • The Twilight Saga [WINNER]
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Trek
  • Transformers
  • X-Men


  • Taylor Lautner (Twilight) [WINNER]
  • Chris Pine
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Sam Worthington
  • Zachary Quinto


  • Miley Cyrus [WINNER]
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Emily Osment
  • Ginnifer Goodwin
  • Zoe Saldana

Lautner (from Twilight) beats out Pine and Quinto for ‘Breakout Star’

This is a similar result to the Teen Choice Awards held over the summer, where Star Trek was up for five nominations, but was shut out. Twilight was also the big winner of Teen Choice Awards, including Lautner beating Pine for ‘Fresh Male Face.’

That’s ok though. Star Trek still has the somewhat unique position of being nominated or buzzed about for both these popularity contest awards and the prestigious awards (like the Producers Guild, which just nominated it for film of the year).

In Trek related PCA news, JJ Abrams & Damon Lindelof’s Lost got beat for best drama by House. The only geek friendly winner of the night was the Big Bang Theory, which wonfor Best TV Comedy. 

UPDATE: Orci has the solution!
Star Trek writer Roberto Orci seems to have come up with the solution for the next movie. In the comments section below, Bob writes:

It’s clear what the sequel
must be: Enterprise vs. Intergalactic vampires.

If you missed Twilight…
Wondering what all the hub-bub is about? Here is the Best of RiffTrax version of Twilight so you can see why it truly is the People’s Choice.

For more Twilight fun, Wired has put together Top 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls learn from Twilight, here are the first five:

  1. If a boy is aloof, stand-offish, ignores you or is just plain rude, it is because he is secretly in love with you — and you are the point of his existence.
  2. Secrets are good — especially life-threatening ones.
  3. It’s OK for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs.
  4. If a boy tells you to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the love of your life. You should stay with him since he will keep you safe forever.
  5. If a boy leaves you, especially suddenly (while telling you he will never see you again), it is because he loves you so much he will suffer just to keep you safe.


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No, not Twilight! Dx Such a shame…

Wow, Miley and Twilight win… A-W-F-U-L!!!!! Hopefully Trek gets some oscar noms.

Ugh. Twilight sweeps…AND they shut out both Harry Potter and Lost.

People’s Choice Awards, you are DEAD to me…

For the next movie, the Enterprise’s photon torpedoes will be replaced with wooden stakes….

WTF TWILIGHT SUCKS DICK BALLS I rather let true blood take that award instead of that bullshit twilight

I am disgusted. Enough said.

It is exactly this kind of thing that makes me realize that not only will humanity NEVER reach the heights it has in StarTrek, but also…we do not deserve to. You all know it to be true!

When movies pander to the lowest common denominator, it’s not surprising that the lowest common denominator would like it

MDSHiPMN just choked to death on his own vomit after seeing the results.

These awards are such garbage ahaha you know it’s a bunch of preteen girls flooding the system with Twilight votes! Im surprised Twilight didn’t win for best comedy movie…

fraking twilight

So I guess the only votes that counted were 14 yo girls. Lol

Britney Spears was the best Musician of any kind, Ever!!!!!

I’m not surprised, this is what happened at the MTV Movie Awards last summer and this is pretty much the same thing…

I could care less.

At least Zoe Saldana was nominated today for an NAACP Outstanding Supporting Actress award for Avatar. Guess Uhura didn’t measure up.

Umm..the trek base from the last 30 years doesn’t care about alt-universe trek THAT much. There aren’t two vampire movies ever made that had exactly the same kind of vampires. So the ladies win a vote – get over it.

Well, that’s a lesson for Star Trek. Next time just forget the script. acting ability, set design, effects, scores, cameos, and tribbles. A shirtless dude with a six pack running around the woods all day will do the trick.

To win a people’s choice apparently you need only 2 things… I’ve got the camera, now all i need is a bowflex.

When I was 14 two years ago, I was hooked on ‘Trek, and didn’t like Twilight. Hahaha.

Twilight ruined vampires for me. D: But at least Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Octavia Butler, and the Salt Vampire are still there.

Oh, and #4 :: A-MEN.

What a bunch of crap….

Are 14-year-old girls the only people voting in this?

Miley Cyrus- give me a break, is that what they what she does called acting? Miley Cyrus, I still can’t believe it. I read it and as the robot from LIS used to say “it does not compute”. I think the only people that voted were “Bubble headed boobies” since I was on the Lost in Space theme. S1 of LIS was awesome, some of the best Sci Fi TV, S1 that is…

Complete BS. However, as I said in the story before this, the People’s Choice Awards are irrelevant. They matter about as much as the Twilight movies themselves … meaning, they don’t matter at all. Sure, if Trek had won any, it would have been good, but it would have really been no big deal.

#20 :: I actually did go on and vote. Good bunch that did. =/
But then again, I’m 16… Not that I’m in the majority of voters. Half my school is crazy for Twilight. It’s a sad, sad thing… But I’m pleased to say that a good number of people also loved ST09. There’s hope for my generation, yet!

Democracy has Failed

Never underestimate the power of the teeny-bopper audience.

Cleary the “People” choosing these have the IQ of a coconut. Encouraging more Twilight movies to be made should be illegal.

I’m just piss at this bullshit

Take a deep breath.

They are only movies.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Say it with me.

They are just movies…

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Complete and utter bullshit, when THAT movie is the worst thing EVER made, and it brainwashes everyone left, right, and center. I USED to like it, but I’ve rediscovered quality. I piss on you, Twilight; may the Klingons use you for toilet paper.

I second Lt. Liz’s motion!

This is why I have never respected People’s Choice.

I should note that I don’t respect most awards shows, even the Oscars. It’s all mostly poppycock.

Folks, Twilight is a massive phenom right now. New Moon has made 700 mil in the short time it’s been out. Of course it’s going to win awards. It doesn’t reflect on Trek in any way. I’m certain the two can co-exist and the universe won’t end.

MC1 Doug

Well, I’m not all emotional about it, since the People’s Choice Awards are irrelevant. However, if you want to be technical, movies like ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’ are not “movies.” They are unwatchable pieces of garbage designed to cash in on women’s fantasies. The sad part is, some of the women who watch them (though thankfully not all) actually thought they were good. Fortunately, practically all of them are girls who are too young or too lovestruck to have yet learned the difference between movies and garbage.

32. sean

Well, the fact that ‘Twilight’ exists at all is in itself a sign of the end. :-P

Everyone: there’s no need to get so upset. The People’s Choice Awards do not matter in the slightest. They are not even followed or mentioned on the Awards Daily site. They are irrelevant. Yes, the ‘Twilight’ trash does suck, especially compared to something like ‘Star Trek,’ but teenyboppers are going to vote for what they like, and what they like is trash that plays out their fantasies on the screen and which does not require active brain processes to watch. Kids and teens like stupid, mundane, insignificant things; that’s just how they are. So, let’s not make a big deal over the fact that young teens voted for trash made for young teens for an awards ceremony that means nothing.

That’s a bunch of crap!! I am so sick of Twilight everywhere I look and now this?? What has this country come to?? Where did the people go that actually know what a good movie is?? I saw Star Trek and the first two Twilight “movies” and Star Trek was by far the BEST. Please tell e that there are more people than just us that has any kind of idea about what a good movie is??

Charles, I’m kind of surprised to see your vitriol aimed toward something that a lot of people like and enjoy. One post, I was ready to move on. Two posts caught my attention. Three posts made me flashback to the high school bully picking on the Trekkie.

I have zero interest or knowledge of Twilight, but I don’t think it is too cool to demean it (and by association the people who enjoy it) by calling it “trash” and “garbage” and saying it “sucks.” If someone is passionate about something and inspired by the something, that is cool. I don’t care what it is. (Definitely sounds a lot like high school in here, where the “cool kids” are trashing the Trekkies, circa 1985.)

All I can say in response to this: The kids voted for the wrong “Twilight”. The better “Twilight” was an episode of “Enterprise”. Sure, its only 44 minutes long, aired on t.v about 6 years ago, but that episode is a classic.
This vampire movie, “Twilight” is a piece of crap. I haven’t seen it of course, but judging by the reviews and clips, I doubt I’m wrong.

#23 Why don’t you “force” some of your friends to sit down with you and watch the “Enterprise” “Twilight”? Heh Heh!

I don’t really consider awards to be nothing more than opinions. I mean, a lot more people care about “Star Wars” than “Annie Hall” or “The Dark Knight” over “Slumdog Millionaire”. All that matters is in the long run “Star Trek” will be highly regarded and remembered while the “Twilight” films will be buried six feet under in the annals of movie history.

Miley Cyrus…..well….

How did the romulan commander say in DS9: “Where have we come to???”

I find it hard to believe this Taylor lautner dude won best actor. You might as well sharpen his head and fire him out the torpedo tube so wooden is he an actor. Yeah. Nicely developed body though. Not jealous of that at all. My girlfriend dragged me to see new moon for that very reason. And she’s 25. I’m especially surprised since I just watched star trek 09 again two nights ago and I have to say, the more I do watch it the more impressed I am at chris pine’s performance. He just IS kirk (more than any other actor manages to pull off their respective character, in my opinion. Even moreso than karl urban and he wouldve been my highest rated performance until now).

In saying all this, it really is water off a duck’s back. People say the peoples choice awards don’t mean anything but the truth is, none of these award ceremonies do. It’s always someone’s opinion vs. That of someone else and really, there is no concrete reason why any of it should hold true. If you like the movie, then why not just leave it at that? Why, last week I announced the nominees for the innaugral annual Philip Dunlop awards. The fact that no-one was there to listen to them doesn’t make them any less valid than, say, the oscars. And if there was an award ceremony that I did respect the result of (mainly because they select films that I happen to agree deserve to win – most if the time) it’s the baftas.

As an aside, I find it funny that a lot of people are bemoaning the “14 year old girls'” fantasy-aspect of Twilight. I suppose that means they’d be opposed to zoe saldana or a group of Orion lesbians showing more flesh in the next star trek movie then? Yeah. Right.

They shouldn’t have messed around with the Big E

Twilight wins?

By a landslide?

I suppose “the people” have spoken.


This is why I have come to dread election night.

Miley Cyrus? An actress? Really?

Man I hope our SALT VAMPIRE get’s them…

I’m into vampires under the right circumstances, but I really couldn’t care less about the ‘Twilight’ series (or ‘The Vampire Diaries’ either for that matter).

Democracy Fails…, when you don’t get what YOU want? Hmmm…

(don’t censor me bro’!) ;-)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Colonel Green is right.

ST09 was very “appealing”, but not like Twilight… LOL

Oh well.

Well it’s very likely that Twilight’s next bunch of nominations will be for several Razzies. Something that Trek won’t be.

And it’s likely that Twilight won’t get a single Oscar nomination, but at least Trek will be nominated for something.

Evidence of where our world is going (and why).

Twilight sucks.

End of speech.

I can’t say I was surprised at all about Trek being shut out.

When it came to the categories Trek was nominated in they didnt have much of a chance. I knew that the same people who vote for the MTV Movie awards voted for these categories namely teenage girls because Trek went up against Twilight or an actor from Twilight in each of the categories or in the case of Zoe Saldana she went up against Miley Cyrus.

Their love of the Twilight brand is just that strong. Expect the same next year from Eclipse my friends.

Saddens me to think of all the movies that came out in 2009, according to the public New Moon was their favourite.