Photos: Chris Pine Shows Captain Kirk Style

According to the producers of the new Star Trek movie, the toughest role to cast was James T. Kirk. Who could step into such iconic shoes and make the role their own? Since his debut as Kirk, Chris Pine has received high praise from critics and fans alike. And when you see the photos below, you can see that he is taking his work home with him.


Pine locks on target
Chris Pine’s landing party was spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Tuesday night (as they took on the Houston Rockets). The new captain had a court-side seat, which gave him quite the view of the game, and other things. In true Kirk fashion, he got to know the natives.

She’s not green, but she will do

Hellooo ladies, want to see my space ship?


Photos: WireImage

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Yeah, boy!

Set phasers on stun men,,,,


That’s pretty hilarious and awesome at the same time, looks like Chris gained some weight. There should be a caption or bubble above his head, “I’ll hit that”

lmfao! the first pic has Jim Kirk writen all over it!

Well, I guess the skirt of the girl in the first pic doesn’t hide much… Which man could resist to look? ;)

Okay, those pics are epic.

Pine appears to have gained a lot of weight. Not good.

Shattner would be proud.

7 so he really is becoming Kirk? maybe the next movie he’ll be wearing a girdle

And he’s going to shave his head too! :P

@Phobos: I guess it’s faith of all Kirks to gain much weight over time.

If a good-looking, mostly naked girl was dancing in front of me, I’d be looking at her buttocks, too.

Being a Texan, I hope the Rockets won :P

To quote an old Mad magazine Trek parody “Phasers set on caress!”

Gee, and you wonder why he was the best choice for Captain Kirk? he he.

I think the extra weight looks good on him. I don’t like it when guys are too pretty.

Go Chris!

Awww….Chris hasn’t gained that much weight. Relax everyone and enjoy the dance, as he was!!! No beach to walk on……

Any weight gain could be for a role. Even if not, I thought the guy if anything was a little too slight o’body.

LOL. Those are awesome. Who can blame the guy, especially with seats like that?

chris is really into fitness and has always played sports. usually ppl who are into fitness use the winter months to bulk and then they lean up by spring. besides you cant even see his body, but i mean he is an actor, could be for work. he’s chris friggin pine, im sure he’s fine at whatever weight he is.

You really can’t tell that he gained a lot of weight from those pictures. He’s completely covered up.

that first pic is awesome! Go Chris!

Like Mccoy said. (What is it with you.) Capt Sisko said that Kirk was a ladies man. But this is even better. The Capt with the laker girls. Every Trek mans dream. The Laker Girls or the Cowboys Cheerleaders. Pine. You Da Man.

The guy in the green shirt behind Chris in the first pic looks like he’s doing more than just gawking.

Hey Chris, come on, teach those ladies how to make looooove!

20- I agree. People are so shallow. So what if he has gained some weight? He will be just fine when it comes to whatever is next for him. Hello, MOST of America is overweight.

Hollywood always looks anorexic to me, but may be closer to a healthier BMI than the rest of us. (Though I am not quite sure of the women in Hollywood- most of the time they are expected to be stick thin and comply)

Put more weight on.

Looks like Kirk’s ready to make an entry with his Captain’s log.

lol, love the first pic.

Set phasers on “Caress”.

#28 wow


I wonder what he’d say if he saw those pictures of himself?

I think in the 2nd pic he bumped the girl on the left with his shoe (intentionally) and said “hey do you think your friend would date me?”

I really don’t fathom how anyone can think he has gained weight from those pictures. He may have, which I don’t matters, but he’s reclining with his head back in a hoodie. Michael Cera would probably look the same.

Oh baby… Chris looks so much like Kirk in the first pic it’s a little scary… but I’ll take it! l

As for the weight gain, I heard he had to bulk up because of one of his movie roles. And I won’t say no to it; he looks great.

It is so easy for people to make snide remarks such as those in #7… why not? No one here knows who you are. Anonymity breeds crass behavior.

As all too often this happens on the internet; superficial people make superficial, catty remarks.


Well, with him you’d expect it… but here:

it’s just low class and embarrassing…

to be fair, I’d have done the same thing… but leaders should be a little more subtle!

What’s with all the comments on his weight? How can you even tell that from these photos? Jeez.

Ah, the son of Sergeant Getraer. Must be all that influence from Ponch.

Oh, Captain Kirk. It’s good to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Show her your Kirk-Fu.

he looks mighty fine who cares how much weight Chris is putting on he is gorgeous and I hope he rocks as Captain Kirk in the sequel

40nice try hannity, that photo’s been debunked by the video of that scene- he was helping one of the ladies down and looking back, in fact it was sarkozy that was checking out the ladies.

Is that a bottle of Saurian brandy in his pants or is he just happy to see that girl?

What’s really interesting is whether the girl he’s staring at happened to spot who was sitting directly behind her as she did her routine!

Congratulations, has now officially become as high brow as TMZ.

Okay, we can’t judge Pine on a single photo… maybe he was thinking about his next sweet movie role and his eyes were not focussed on the things in front of him. Purely accident that he was looking in that direction where the sweet young thing was bouncing her booty.

Hey, if the Prez’s look can be explained away, so can Pine’s!