Star Trek On ‘Long List’ For 10 BAFTAs

Today the "Long Lists" for the 2010 Orange British Academy Film Awards has been released, and Star Trek is on ten of them. There are also indications that Star Trek is one of the top vote getters in a couple of categories, which indicates it is at least likely to end up with a couple number of nominations for the BAFTAs.


Star Trek at the BAFTAs
The BAFTAs are essentially the UK’s Oscars. Today they released their long lists which are the result of Round One voting by members of the Academy (based on 220 films entered).  The first round of voting reduces the films down to fifteen in each category. Round Two voting, which opens today, will reduce these fifteen contenders down to the five nominations in each category. The nominations for the Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2010 will be announced on Thursday January 21. Over 6000 members of the Academy vote in the three rounds to decide the Long List, Nominations and Winners. The winners will be announced at the Orange British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Opera House in London on February 21, 2010.

Star Trek is on the long list in the following categories:
(* Denotes one of the top five or six vote-getters from Round One)

  • Best Film
  • Supporting Actor (Zachary Quinto)
  • Adapted Screenplay
  • Make Up & Hair
  • Special Visual Effects *
  • Sound *
  • Editing
  • Costume Design
  • Production Design
  • Cinematography

For those keeping score with that other big sci-fi movie: Avatar shares the same lists as Star Trek (except it is on the original screenplay list), but is also on the lists for Best Director and Best Music.

Although Star Trek didn’t perform as well as other summer Blockbusters overseas, it did perform very well in English speaking countries like the UK. Just like in North America, Star Trek is the #7 movie for box office in the UK (and Ireland), with a total of $35.4M (in US$). And the film did as well with the UK critics as it did on the home front. So the film does have a chance at the BAFTAs, or at least as good a chance as the Oscars.

View the full list at AwardsDaily

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It is most likely to be nominated in Sound and make up and visual effects.

These are the categories Trek usually gets nominated in.

Unfortunatly my fav Trek films never got nominated and I don’t think the practice is going to change no matter how much praise JJ Abrams gets.

Simon Pegg’s presence should help. One little Picard cameo and you’d have BAFTA sewn up.

There are an ungodly large number of awards shows. I often see a corollary between the Golden Globes and Oscar. How does BAFTA compare (or are there too many Brit film in there that aren’t nominated for Oscars?)

sometimes the BAFTAs would be better for films than the Oscars.

To be perfectly honost I am a movie fan but I find the Oscars prententious, more about the clothes and actors overacting when they get an award.

BAFTA not as showy but Trek will have a further chance than at Oscars.

I only wish past Trek movies got this honour, as much as I happy for Trek XI getting the recognition, the Trekkie in me feels a bit sad that the Trek I grew up loving never got this recognised.

Wondering has the film worked, I think it has but the real proof is in the new fans watching the other Treks. Seems to be happening

#3 – very true about new fans going back to watch older Trek – I have several friends whose first introduction to Star Trek was the new movie, who are now going back and watching all of TOS.

Considering Star Trek did not get any recognition with the Golden Globes and did somewhat poorly overseas, I would not get too excited about its chances. On the other hand, it is comforting to see it is getting any attention in foreign markets.

I have to laugh that Avatar was nominated for best original screenplay, and Star Trek for “adapted” screenplay which presumably means based on previous franchise characters. I had not thought about this distinction before, but certainly it makes sense that it is easier to write a script when you already know exactly who and how all of the characters and sets are supposed to work.

But still considering how many people are claiming Avatar is the same story as half a dozen other films, there is great irony that a body as prestigious as BAFTA would honor Avatar as best ORIGINAL script! LMAO!

I once had ta’ bafta in tha’ street… and in tha’ parking lot… and once on tha’ garbage lorry… twice I bafta-ed in tha’ park on some squirrels…

And none o’ that wuz’ televised…

Here’s Spock tryin’ ta’ get an Oscar back in ’87…


I much prefer the BAFTA’s to the Oscars. The films I like the most often win more BAFTA’s than Oscars. It is nice to see Star Trek on the BAFTA long list. I hope they receive a nomination for in sound or special effects. I highly doubt they will receive a nomination for best picture.

4 are they liking The Original Series?

I always though Eric Bana was going to give as great a performance as the villain in Star Trek as Heath Ledger did as the villain in The Dark Knight and that he would win all the major supporting actor awards like Ledger. Oh, well…

It seems like they snubbed quite a lot in the long list. I thought that State of Play and Public Enemies would be get some nominations. Now watch next year, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, Inception and The Expendables better win a truckload of these awards.

Glad Quinto has a nom! He was great as Spock

This site will explode if ST gets an Oscar nomination for best film.

Supporting actor for Quinto? Seriously? Is this one of those old “Friends” things where no one is a star? What bs. Quinto and Pine carried the film. In fact, I still fault his agent for acquiesing to alphabetical order credits. You DON’T sign to play SPOCK in Star Trek and take your chances with the alphabet.

#14 It would be a decision I wouldn’t want to make, if it were between Pine and Quinto. They both were wonderful in their roles.

I think Karl Urban was the best new actor.
I really felt like it was the same Dr McCoy as in TOS.

By the way, I bought all 3 seasons of TOS on Blu ray and the quality is breathtaking. So much fun. I hope TNG is next.

#14. It’s all strategy by the studios to try to maximize nominations.

Us Brits have got taste in film!


Yeah, I am sooo stoked for the Expendables! Maybe more so than any movie ever! That is an insane cast! I heard that they almost got JCVD as well. But, it’s one hella great cast, maybe best ever for an action movie…..DANG!

Its gonna be a long shot for “Star Trek” to win anything at the BAFTAS just as it is for the Oscars. Well the important thing is “Star Trek” is being recognized for what it is: A truly great movie.

@9 Eric wont win anything because he didnt die during the post-production of the film.

Its the only reason dark knight made as much as it did and won as much as it did

#23 Heath Ledger was great in the role of the “Joker” and deserved to win the Oscar. But I have to agree that he wouldn’t have won the award if he was still alive. The Dark Knight is still a great movie even without the huge box office numbers. Eric Bana played the role of Nero to the best of his abilities, but in the end Nero just wasn’t that interesting. Not bad, mind you, but not great either.


I agree that I feel Heath Ledger would not have been nominated if he were still alive.

I did not like Nero as a villain in Trek XI but I could not fault Eric Bana, he did great with what he got.

#5 “I have to laugh that Avatar was nominated for best original screenplay ”

You’re not the only one! How the words “original” and “Avatar” got lumped together is beyond me!

And as long as Trek does good enough to get a sequel green-lit, I don’t care how “poor” the box- office take is world-wide. I have a sequel coming. I’m happy!

Go Zach!

Anthony- You are a calm voice in troubled waters…

As a Brit I’m very proud and happy to see BAFTA at least recognising this terific film. Go Trek ’09!

Cheers to you Zach! My husband thinks I only like you for your brains! (sylar joke, sorry)