BREAKING: Star Trek Sequel Tentatively Set for June 29th, 2012

JJ Abrams has already been on the record saying that the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek should arrive in the Summer of 2012, but when? TrekMovie has confirmed with trusted sources that today the team behind the film decided to shoot for mid-Summer, with June 29, 2012 penciled in as the tentative date, setting the movie up for a big 4th of July opening.


June 29, 2012 – Star Trek returns (again)
The decision to set the release of the Star Trek sequel to mid Summer 2012 was made today and TrekMovie learned of it only moments ago.’s Alex Billington has also just Tweeted the June 29th date, and today the date has also been set on the Box Office Mojo release schedule.

Originally the hope was that the Star Trek sequel would arrive in the Summer of 2011. In March 2009 Paramount tried to jump the gun by signing on the writers (Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof). However in the ensuing months the Summer of 2011 has become very crowded, and the schedules for the Star Trek team (especially JJ Abrams) has got even more crowded.

The new date increases the chances for JJ Abrams to direct the film. Abrams has stated he hopes to direct another film this year. The earlier the date, the less the of a chance for him to direct.

As for competition, as of now there are no other movies slated for June or July 2012. Friday June 29th gives Star Trek Something Something a great spot to take advantage of the July 4th Holiday in the US, the 4th falls on the following Wednesday.

This is a developing story, so keep your browsers tuned to TrekMovie for more updates on the development and production schedule for the next Star Trek.      


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4th of July weekend, that’s pretty much the best date they could’ve grabbed.

This movie’s gonna be big

May Star Trek live long, and and continue to prosper! Good news Anthony, thanks for the update!

Exciting news once again! It’s great to see Paramount trusting Star Trek with not just a summer release, but a mid-summer release. It’s too bad it isn’t coming out in summer 2011, but I think I can be patient as long as they take the extra time to put a dynamite script together.

Will it be about Klingons? Or the Gorn? Or even Trelane? All I know is, as long as there’s some Kirk-Fu, I’m going to be super pumped for this movie.

P.S. I really think J.J. Abrams should be getting some award attention for his directing job with Star Trek. He did a fabulous job and I was amazed with how much ingenuity he used when filming some of the scenes (just watch the special features, it’s pretty cool). Lens flares or bust, baby!

Excellent, yessssssss.

Um, typo in the title. Says July instead of June.

Otherwise, very happy about this. Even though it is 898 days away…

6 days after my 50th birthday.
Thank You, JJ!

Or a month before… depending on whether you mean June or July.

Either’s great news.

It’s not a typo, guys: June 29, the end of June, just preceding July 4.

It’s kind of far away, but I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

Are the principal actors committed to the sequel? How does that work? I was wondering, since it seems Zoe Saldana’s career is taking off, whether other interests could intervene..for example. That could happen with any of the core crew. Or could it?

Hey, I tweeted this about three hours ago (, lol! Oh, well, glad to see it’s confirmed and official. :)

Cool, a new Star Trek for my Birthday June 29!!!

YAY!! Can’t wait, but glad to hear a date announced. Also so happy to hear JJ, Bob and Alex will be on board too-

Thanks Anthony and

#13 The prinipal actors are committed to 2 more movies. :D

Great! One more Trek before the EOTWAWKI (silly Mayans). I vote for a Dr. Lester-as-tranny plot.

Am I the only one that thinks “Star Trek: Something Something” is a great title?

Hmm, link was wrong and screwed up, let’s try that again:

13. zanzibar — The principal actors (Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Urban, Yelchin, Cho, and Pegg) are all contracted to do two more movies.

18. Michael DeSanto — I prefer Star Trek 2: Enterprise Boogaloo :)

Great date! I’m all for it! Less competition, bigger piece of the money pie!
Unless “Breaking Dawn” or “Spider Man 4” open on that date as well.
But here’s hoping!


man, here we go again… new ARG… i hope the original ARG players are still around….

Dang, exactly a month after my birthday. Any chance to bump that day back 31 days or so?…

To go off, on a tangent,
I was thinking to myself that I would like to see a return to the “smooth-head” Klingons & see them have an elite, aristocratic nature; just like the squire of gothos (but with a less comical/more serious nature). Is that perverse, or what?

Given this year’s Oscar contenders, the sequel should be called “Star Trek: Way Up”.

Round 2… Here we go people!!!!!!!

We now have a release date! Let the sequel rumors commence!

The next movie should be “Star Trek 12: At World’s End On Independence Day 2012”.

NO Shatner


^ Yes Shatner

Great news… Anybody have an idea when it would start shooting?

Woohoo! It’s tentative… but it’s something!!

Can’t wait, Supreme Court. :D

I second the “Yes Shatner” post!!!

I’m in the “yes, if the cameo fits the story” camp regarding Shatner as well as the “no, if you can’t fit him in, don’t shoehorn him in” camp.

Ah yes! Another day to look forward to! And now all the fun of speculation!

Awesome, great news, now put up a countdown clock tootsweet!

I second the “No Shatner” post!

WOOOO CANT WAIT, it will be good to have a REAL TREK production in just 2 and half years.

So much more exiciting than stupid crappy fan productions

Now I know where I will be on my 43rd birthday!

Terrific news!!

Something to look forward to. Can’t wait.

40. Wow, such unkindness toward the efforts of people who put a lot of heart and soul into their Trek projects. Come on. They’re not canon and nobody’s forcing you to endure them. If fan productions don’t float your boat, at least steer clear and wish them well.

#40 Yeah, we already know what you think about fan productions. I doubt James Cawley and others will change their style to suit your “taste”. When you insult fan productions, you insult a lot of fans with your rhetoric. Jeez.

Can’t they go back in time and bring it out now instead?

I just bought 8 tickets for that date. I hope the reporting is accurate. This is the crack I needed to get me re addicted to this website. I’ve kinda been a casual user, now I’m stepping into full blown inject into my veins mode. I’m chasing the dragon.

Alright! Now I have Something Something to look forward to! :)


Nice. That’s what the movie should be called. Star Trek: TEOTWAWKI.

Can’t wait for all the news, Trekmovie.

I liked Trek XI but I hope Trek XII gonna be better!

40. Was that cheap shot at all fan films really called for? Some of the people who make them regularly post to this site. Hell, some of those “stupid crappy fan productions” as you call them, have helped out the big boys over at Paramount over the years.

If you don’t like them, nobody’s holding a phaser to your head forcing you to watch them. ;)