Watch Patrick Stewart Interviewed By Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn – in a car

Fans of the cult UK sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf will recognize Robert Llewellyn, who played the android Kryten on the show, but these days he has a quirky web interview show called Carpool where he chats with celebrities while driving them around. This week’s guest is Sir Patrick Stewart. Watch it below.


Sir Patrick Takes a Drive



Thanks to Iain for the Twitter tip.

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I have no idea waht they are talking about.

Very interesting idea!

It is odd to hear an Knighted gentleman of Mr. Stewart’s age to refer to someone as his “girlfriend.”

He is just….class personified. I like him.

I adore the fact he knows the history of the studios soundstages…<3

that was a great fun interview.

Always loved Robert Llewellyn as Kryten

Patrick Stewart is awesome.

my girlfriend runs a cafe in Edinburgh and she got to serve him and Ian while searching for godot was on in Edinburgh. Apparently he is just completely classy and brilliant! I’m so jealous, she doesn’t even like Star Trek

Such a nice man. Patrick is ok too! ;-)
An interesting twist on the chat format. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Good interview: more personal than most. I’m a big fan of Red Dwarf, as well as Trek, obviously. And I really like many of the films that they mentioned: Excalibur, Rear Window, etc. Good stuff.

Wow, really dug the way they did this interview.. It was a bit cold to start up, but when they warmed up to eachother you could really feel an easy going chemistry between the two of them.

As previous comments have echoed, Patrick Stewart is one class act.

That was probably the best interview i have ever seen with patrick Stewart! The hollywood sheen disapeared.

I was pretty impressed at the thought of doing Othello with reversed races! What a fantastic idea – and it looks like the New York Times loved it as well!

Love it!

I think it’s funny that he was talking about going to an environmental film festival and suddenly says he wished they had run over the squirrel because he doesn’t like squirrels. Ha ha!

I love him though, my favorite Captain!

@13, I was fortunate to see that Othello in D.C. It was magnificent theater and hearing the backstage stories from that production in this interview brought it back to me. I’m glad to know that it’s a highlight for Sir Patrick as it is for me.

A marvelous interview; I don’t know that I’ve seen Stewart open up quite like that. And give Llewellyn credit as an interviewer for creating the atmosphere that facilitated that.

ha im goin to be in Nevada city visiting a friend and the convention in Sf i think i might go see him in Nevada city. sooo sweeet

The format for that interview was amazing. I watched the whole thing and Sir Stewart is an amazing person!

I found it a bit strange, but in a good way. I think Robert created a good atmosphere and its a stark contrast to being in the usual studio audience. Although….. As Robert is paying more attention to the drive (which is a good thing) at some stages he seems to be ignoring Sir Patrick. I however am greatful he’s being a careful driver lol!

Bloody Squirells!

I came upon this internet series a couple of months ago by accident via YouTube and it’s brilliant. Check out his other guests, some include his RED DWARF co-stars, as well as scientists, reporters, and media celebrities.

Great interview! Interesting format. It’s wonderful that Patrick’s career is going so well, and that he’s enjoying life so much!

Nice concept for a web-show, and a pleasant conversation with a super actor.

Absolutely wonderful! I LOVE the man!
(And the F-bomb at 22:27 – PRICELESS!!)

This filmed discussion, like most real-life ones, runs the gamut from fascinating to mildly boring (textiles, anyone?), but I am immensely grateful to have seen it. Patrick Stewart comes across as a real person, with real enthusiasms. He’s not plugging anything (unless, perhaps, the David Tennant Hamlet recording), but rather just inhabiting his own skin and letting us share his thoughts and memories. Well done!

I wonder if Llewellyn has ever experienced a fender-bender doing one of these. I can imagine the opposition presenting his video in court as evidence that he was driving distracted. Wouldn’t you be a bit distracted with a celebrity in your passenger seat? I would.

If Robert crashes the vehicle, then I guess Picard is dead in Star Trek Canon…KEEP YOU EYES ON THE ROAD!

Lovely comments here, I appreciate them and I’m sure Patrick would too. As for the speculation about fender-bending, all I suggest is you imagine giving someone you know a ride in your car, do you sit in utter silence for the whole journey, or do you talk to each other? That is really all I am doing, I concentrate on driving, I have a conversation with my passenger, that is all. Anyway, I’m glad you liked it and I hope you all watch more. It’s a weekly series, new episodes are released on Fridays, on iTunes or my own site,

Robert Llewellyn

I just watched the whole thing. Interesting.

Thanks for dropping by, Robert. Love it! Keep it up!

What was Stewart drinking? Water? Flavored water?

Great interview, thanks for flagging it up! I’ll check out the others on Robert’s site now.

Was lucky enough to catch the David Tennant Hamlet in Stratford that Patrick was also in last year. It’s awesome to see such great actors at the top of thier game, performing live, right in front of you!

I would go for a ride with him…

MR L and Mr S – thank you

One of the BEST things to appear on !!!

Thanks for taking the time and posting here Robert…please can we have more Red Dwarf?I hear theres a new series in the works…is this true?

Sir Stewart…you are a class act all the way…great interview

Thanks for stopping by this site, Mr Llewellyn! :)

I’ve been a big fan of Red Dwarf for years, but this is my first awareness of this project, so I’ll definitely be paying attention to it in the future…

I thought for sure that Patrick Stewart was going to beam into the passenger seat at the beginning, but I guess that would have been cheesy.

Awesome interview, wish he would have talked about American Dad.


He waterskis! Imagine that.

Awesome interview!

What a clever concept, and what a terrific interview. Instead of the typical non-stop-Trek questions, he actually just…talks about his life. An enjoyable conversation instead of a fanboy nightmare of “what about this episode” over and over again.


I love the idea of “living backwards”, and trying all these great new things. Props to Mr. Stewart for leading his dream life, it seems. And to Robert for such a great idea!

captain picard and Kryten go on a road trip…… never thought that would become a reality, in a good way

Fantastic idea to do an interview while driving a car! And what a fascinating conversation! Patrick Stewart is so cool. I hope William Shatner does an interview like this.

@ 26. Robert Llewellyn

That has to be the best interview of Sir Patrick Stewart I’ve ever seen. Brilliant!

Great to have you among us Mr Llewelyn.
As I said before, its an interesting twist on the Chat format. Was the idea yours? Do you think it may ever get a slot on TV? I think its a worthy idea of putting forward to TV execs.
I will definitely be watching more and bringing it to the attention of others.
ps- miss you on Scrapheap Challenge!

Quite an impressive list of interviewees you have there, Robert.
Got Jo Brand and Graham Linehan (yep, a BIG Father Ted fan here, as you can see by my nickname!) lined up for my weekend viewing. What a treat.
Thank you.

The Duncan Jones (director of “Moon”) interview is great too.

I love it!
He’s my Chancellor XD

“Captain Picard is not gay he’s British!” -Seth Rogan in Fanboys