Scott Bakula Returning To Chuck

Last year Star Trek Enterprise’s Captain Jonathan Archer, Scott Bakula, did a three-episode arc on the second season of the nerdy NBC spy show Chuck, and it appears that he will be returning to the show for even more episodes in the third season, which kicks off on Sunday.  Details below, plus a preview of Monday’s episode of Bakula’s current show, Men of a Certain Age.


Scott and Chuck
Last year Scott Bakula was introduced as Steve Bartowski, the long-lost father for the title character of Chuck. His three-episode arc and wrapped up in the season two finale and tied Bakula’s character into high-tech meta spy story behind the show. That seemed to be the end of Bakula’s time on the show, but a new report says he is coming back for ‘multiple episodes’. Here is what EW has to say:

Chuck exec producer Josh Schwartz calls Bakula’s comeback arc — which would fall at the end of the spy comedy’s third season  — “the biggest thing we’ve ever done on the show.”

Bakula is actually not the only Trek connection to Chuck, beyond the sci-fi and geeky references. Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Duncan McNeill is a supervising producer for the show and has directed a number of episodes episodes. And McNeill’s Voyager costar Robert Picardo has also guest starred on the show.

The third season of Chuck kicks off tomorrow, Sunday January 10th.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski and Scott Bakula as Steve Bartowski 
on CHUCK — "Chuck vs. the Dream Job"
(Warner Bros Television Entertainment/Paul Drinkwater)

Men of a Certain Age Preview
Scott Bakula’s new show on TNT us up to its sixth episode. "Go with the Flow"airs Monday, here is a preview. 



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“McNeill’s Robert Picardo”? Funniest typo in some time!

“Chuck” is great, and Bakula was more fun in three episodes of “Chuck” than he was in four years of “Enterprise”.

Go, Scott! Loved you as Archer. Good luck in your new season!

It’s good to see Scott getting plenty of work. Trek evidently re-kick-started his career.

I had never watched much of Chuck, then Syfy did a marathon.

Im hooked!

I have been a fan of Scott’s for a long time and this is fantastic news! I love Scott in Men of a certain age and I’m so happy and excited that Scott is returning to Chuck I had hoped he would come back great news!

I’m happy that Chuck gets a third season!
Would be great if Mr. McNeill could bring some other Star Trek actors and/or references!

Agreed: “Men of a Certain Age” just gets better every episode, and Scott is terrific in it.

BTW – Two other Trek actors with roles on “Chuck” are Bonita Friedericy (and she’s married to John Billingsley) and Tony Todd.

Another significant Trek connection is Dan Curry, the show’s visual effects supervisor. Dan was also visual effects coordinator on TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. He’s a genius…

Allan Kroeker directed 4 episodes of “Chuck” and also helmed episodes of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise (and Galactica!).

Is it my imagination but do the ‘Chuck’ spy sets evoke a certain classic Doctor Who-ish feel?

#1 Hear hear! I love Bakula but he seemed out of his element in Trek. He’s fantastic on Chuck.

If Scott Bakula was as cool and likeable on Enterprise as he is on the terrific ‘Men of a Certain Age,’ Enterprise would’ve been a much better show.


Agreed. I liked Enterprise, but there were times when Porthos seemed to have more personality than Archer. By the way, Men of a Certain Age is the best show I’ve seen in a long time.

Bah, what a waste.
Bring back Bakula in Enteprise and give this series a fresh new run.
Where there is will there is a way.

Scott’s wearing a Shatner worthy wig these days

I hope Scott Bakula gets a cameo in the next flick.

Enterprise was great and so was Scott as Captain Archer. They should have made more episodes! Why oh why did they cancel it after only 4 seasons? Madness.

Miss Archer but am glad to see Scott is reuturning to Chuck. Been watching Men Of A Cirtain Age & not only did I get hooked but my wife is as well.

@15 I agree.
UPN ended the series. They are too blame.
Also, back then iTunes was new and no one bought movies online, they downloaded Enterprise. I think a new series would have stronger digital download sales.
Also, now there is Blu ray which is much harder/expensive to copy, so CBS could count more on disc sales.
And finally, CBS now owns all the TV rights to Star Trek ( I dont think they did back in the UPN/Enterprise days), so they can broadcast on their own network.

Finally, Enterprise was the first ST series to not be shown on Canadian TV (CBC or CTV), I dont know why, maybe it was too expensive, but I think showing on big free TV networks helps ST a lot.

THANKS #7 for those additional links from Chuck to Trek.
Chuck rocks, and the Orion arc was some of the best TV I’ve seen all decade.
I loved Bakula’s Archer, and Romano’s new show is EXCELLENTLY well-written, and the 3 buds have great chemistry.

#17 “Enterprise” was shown on Canadian t.v. CityTv and Space both carried it. Space still airs it in fact.