DEG Awards: Star Trek Wins Best Home Video Film Release Of 2009

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie picked up another award today, this time for the home video release. The DEG Awards (held annually during the Consumer Electronics Show) honored Star Trek as the Best Theatrical Title Release of 2009. In related news, the Star Trek Blu-ray set is still a top 10 seller.


Star Trek the home video release of the year + Blu-ray still Top 10
Paramount Home Entertainment’s release of JJ Abrams Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray came out in November and was a hit with the fans and critics. Now The DEG: Digital Entertainment Group Awards has deemed it the best theatrical title of the year. The DEG also awarded a Trek vet, as Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica Complete Series won the TV Title of the year award. The full list is at

Last week Star Trek finished up its 7th week in release, and the Blu-ray version continues to be a strong performer, ranking 10th in sales for the week ending January 3rd. When looking at combined DVD and Blu-ray sales, Star Trek is ranked 14th, but was in the Top 10 up through Christmas week.

Star Trek’s home video performance was the last big step for business performance. Paramount appears to be happy, as they have given the sequel a coveted pre-4th of July spot (coming out Friday June 29th, 2012). In 2009, Paramount released Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen in the last weekend of June, which was their biggest title of the year.

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If you haven’t experienced Star Trek on home video yet, what are you waiting for? Here again is the trailer.

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I may be second, but add another well deserving award for Star Trek.

great news I surpose. Star Trek sequel SHOULD do better as well…

I am hoping 2012 comes rather quickly now, although to be honest I am wishing my life away…

phew… I’ll be 20 when Star Trek sequel is released… thats frightning….

Seriously, there’s too many awards in Hollywood.

Awesome news for a spectacular DVD release. The bluray is superb and I’m still enjoying all of the extras. Well done and well deserved!

If you ask me, ST 2009 is one of the best Sci Fi movies ever made, and the BD is pushes the limits of Blu ray technology.

The movie underperformed at the box office. It deserved to finished with around 700 million$ worldwide.

Oh well, those who have not seen it on at IMAX and on Blu, are missing out big time.

i’ve certainly enjoyed several viewing of ST2009 in the theater and on blu-ray.

however, i could hardly agree that it’s one of the best SciFi movies. let’s face it, this was a SciFi adventure in search of a plot. fortunately, the action-sequence set ups were certainly better than Transformers 2 or the last Indiana Jones movie. and the cast made most every scene enjoyable to watch.

however, i’m hopeful that with the new-cast and new-timeline introduced, the next TrekFilm can put all these significant assets (established in ST2009) to better use in servicing a story that would truly make it one of the best SciFi films ever.

Yet another award? Say it with me: Star Trek rules! :-)

Now, for that Oscar BP nomination…..

So far I’ve only seen 3 movies on Blu Ray since I bought a player, Star Trek being the first. Still gotta say I was the most impressed by Star Trek. Part of that is the fact that my surround sound receiver only does Dolby Digital so the other 2 movies (Inglorious Basterds and District 9) that were only in DTS would only play through my TV sound which took a lot away. District 9 was also a much more story driven movie than Star Trek, so the difference in visuals helped Trek more. And deleted scenes, after watching them I can’t believe that most of them didnt make it into the movie. Especially the whole Klingon bit, it explains so much, but oh well. Either way, well deserved cause it was an awesome blu ray release.

Congrats Star Trek! Not only are you cool again but you’re winning awards! :)

Star Trek : Something Something, do what Terminator 2 did and blow the first one away!

The PQ on the Blu-ray is amazing.

Look what I just found!

“Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the rest of Enterprise’s youthful cast look to have a stardate of June 29, 2012 for their second voyage. Paramount’s motive behind locking in the date so far in advance is likely to ensure being the first film in the sought after pre-July 4th weekend. ”

oops, I missed the breaking news article earlier.
Doh! lol sorry.

This is one of the best films of 2009, I love the film despite my gripes with some changes. It is a great package

In comparison to other Trek movies, there are several of them I prefer over this film.

With the writers I hope they do a great job but I feel they will turn the 12th one into a Transformers 2 eque movie. After I saw Revenge of the Fallen the first thought that came to me was “Oh dear these guys are in charge of writing for Trek.” Revenge of the Fallen was a toyal stinker.

Orci and Kurtzman prove me wrong. Prove that you can do a thought provoking story that is unique.


For 2009, it is definitely the best one in my opinion.
I’ve been watching my TOS/TNG BDs movies recently and I must say they are no slouches. Each movie has its own style.

The “Star Trek” Blu Ray is a classic. Almost 4 hours of bonus features. Watched the film 5 times on Blu Ray and the bonus features twice. One of the greatest Blu Ray releases ever. Highly recommended for those who are upgrading.

#13 :: Just keep in mind that that members of that SAME team also wrote some really great stuff… Some awesome movies, maybe even better television series (Lost, Alias, and Fringe come to mind). I wouldn’t be too worried. I find it hard to believe anything could get as messed up as Transformers 2.. No offense to any Transformers fans out there.

Great to see Trek snatch up another award! I have the 2-disc DVD; it’s really great. Not to mention the gag reel is HYSTERICAL.

It made me buy into Blu-Ray also. I wasn’t going to
until this (the new Trek). Now I have to get the
following: Watchmen, Transformers 1 and 2,
Terminator Salvation, and Avatar when it’s released.

#16 Remember, Michael Bay was calling all the shots as to what “Transformers 2” would be. Orci and Kurtzman were instructed to write merely a “bare bones” story so as not to distract from the mania of special effects and Megan Fox. It was a Michael Bay film after all. Good quality scripts end up putting Mr.Bay into a deep coma.

Another Blu Ray I recommend to folks is “District 9”. Eye-popping picture, great sound, and awesome movie.

#18 :: Ooohh, so THAT’S why I was so disappointed with it. I was like, “Orci and Kurtzman wrote this?! Impossible!”

I don’t get why everyone thinks D9 was so fabulous. All I heard was random clicking akin to that of Xindi Insectoids and the f-bomb being dropped every five seconds.

“District 9” is 09’s “28 Days Later”. Instead of a zombie movie, it was an alien movie. And both were non-Hollywood sleeper hits. Both are classics.

So disappointed in District 9. There’s suspension of disbelief and there’s just stepping over the line and asking far too much of your audience.

*slight spoilers*

For those who saw it, the mysterious fuel device was just ridiculous….
It’s as if the Red Matter of Star Trek not only created black holes, but also could be used to clean contact lenses.

WOW I got excited to see the film again just by watching that BluRay trailer! lol But then I guess i’ve only seen it 15 times or so to this point!

Trek is definitely back, and not just on Blu-ray!

I was at the bookstore yesterday, for example, and I saw a cover story in Nvision magazine featuring what seemed to be an interview with Leonard Nimoy. The article’s title was “Spock Speaks.”

By the way, here is a link to an image of the cover:

comment image

I watched my shiny copy culled from the Blu-Ray on the plane today on my iPod.

It was nice. I hope more films released on disc have that option in the future.

Seems Trek09 set a standard for vital and entertaining extras as well. That’s the way to do it.

Oh c’mon people, if you think that Star Trek 09 was the best film of 2009, you really cannot have watched that many films…

To BobOrci:
For Star Trek: Something something, why not call it
Star Trek: To Boldly Go
I can see it in the theater @_@
Just don’t repeat the Transformers disaster, I took my eleven year old sister ’cause I thought it was for kids. :(