John Cho Thinks Khan Would Be ‘Badass’ + Quinto Tweets About Star Trek Sequel

Are you ready for more Star Trek sequel news? Well Star Trek’s new Sulu is. In a new interview, John Cho is talking up what he knows about the next voyage of the USS Enterprise and offering his opinion about a certain genetically enhanced individual. Plus Zach Quinto tweets about Star Trek: Something Something sequel.  Details below.


Cho wants Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
IGN chatted with John Cho on the set of his ABC sci-fi series FlashFoward, but of course got around to talking to the actor about the next Star Trek. Cho said he he was glad the origin story side was out of the way so they can get into things. He gave an update on the status of the film as far as he knows, saying:

Those are clever cats they’ve got over there and I’m excited about what it will be. Whether it will be something we’ve seen in the Star Trek universe, whether it will continue to go into new directions… it will be interesting. I think they must have locked down a concept or an idea because I heard there was a big meeting, but I haven’t seen them since and I haven’t heard where they’re going with it.

As for what he would like to say, Cho offered:

I’d love to see Khan out there. That would be badass.

IGN notes that ‘many a fanboy’ is looking forward to Khan in the Star Trek sequel. Although that may be true, the readers of TrekMovie (a good sampling of the core Trek fanbase) are decidedly against the idea. As reported in our ‘What the fans want’ polling report, only 6% were excited about the idea, with the rest either uncertain or set against it.

More from Cho on Trek, FlashForward, Harold and Kumar 3 at IGN.

Quinto tweets on Trek sequel
Another Star Trek star is also talking sequel, Zachary Quinto sent out the following tweet earlier today

the flag has been planted. june 29th, 2012. sequel. trek it out.


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gogo Sulu!


hollywood produces unoriginal stuff all the time and khan rebooted may be cool to see but it’s part of the hollywood mentality of: it worked once before so lets do it again!

i want a new Star Trek adventure…not a new take on what’s been done before.

Khan will make a serious summer box office smash and have so much fun with that concept in this new reality/reboot.

No Khan please!! I wanna see new characters and situations.

Star Trek: Khan, Now…

Khan Prequel later, maybe Kirk’s great great Grandfather is a US General or something.

No Khan please.. Not yet at least..


See…you… out there,,,,,


Just Kidding!

or should we say… ‘NO KHAN DO’? lol! I’d love to hear that line from BOB or ALEX!?


Hey lads. At least say the line, that way we know where ye’re headin!

Maybe Khan’s younger, less mullety brother could…


Just don’t do it. Please!


Do something original unlike every other terrible movie Hollywood has made for the past decade.

Khan would make no sense in the alternate universe. Besides all else, Spock will have warned Starfleet where he is, so there’s no way he can be a surprise.

Khan in the sequel will simply be a statement of imagination FAIL by the writers. There’s no use spending the first movie freeing themselves from continuity, only to make the sequels a parade of tawdry “greatest hits”.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: NO KHAN please!! i agree with #11.

Do something else please.

Just wanted to throw in my two bars of gold pressed latinum: No Khan.

Thanks… :-)

Khan hasn’t even woke up yet. Let him sleep!

We got awhile to wake him up, then years before he gets to make Kirk yell. KKKKHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!

Good god please NO KHAN. Come up with something original.

Oh Yeah, Well said #11

I think we can rely on h\the writing staff to bring us some new adventures. They’ve proven themselves with the first movie to the fans, that they really know the dynamics of the Trek universe. I think that Spock Prime was a fun concept to tie in this movie with all the others, while it also was a great opportunity for new people to hop on the Trek-train. The last time thát was possible, was with ‘First Contact’.

I think we will really be surprised with the second movie, coming out in the summer of 2012. This new, alternate universe is a great way to tell new stories and i think thát’s what we will get. New enemies, new dangers and new stories to tell.



Maybe not make Khan the focal point.. do something new and original, and then use Khan as kind of an added bonus.

The sequel doesn’t have to be ALL ABOUT KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe JJ should learn a valuable lesson from the Superman debacle. Every time Superman was relaunched the villian was always Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor. Stupid and short-sighted! Brainiac would have been a welcome and interesting change.

Now, with Trek having been relaunched with the first film to set it up, where does their imagination take them? Khan, Khan, Khan.

Surely the writing staff can come up with something better than THAT!

And if they can’t, then shame on them!

No Khan, No Shatner. Keep it original, fresh and fast paced. No time travel either.

I dont see why everybody sees this as such a bad idea. Its not like they would just be remaking TWOK. It would have a new twist to it. Khan was a big part of the Prime Timeline and if theories are correct that this new timeline is trying to correct itself, it make perfect sense that he would somehow show up. Just with a different outcome.


I can not stress that enough. Seriously, that’s the BEST they can come up with?

Yes, I know this is just Cho’s opinion, but I hope that he doesn’t speak for the rest of the team.

Something NEW! PLEASE!


well I personally think doing a Khan orientated movie COULD BE DONE WELL

Please… no Khan. If the writers thought this last film was a monumental challenge, it would pale in comparison to re-doing Khan. (More importantly, re-casting Ricardo Montalban). Do your own thing, guys. Fresh stories in a fresh universe.

Check my facebook page “Vote for Gary Mitchell in Star Trek “Something Something” sequel!” Plus, offer insight on how the character should be introduced!

Kahn can play a small part, He Genetically is responsible for the change in the Klingon DNA then they kill him …Then start the Klingon movie

Khan is too obvious.

Khan works. Why not?

Pity Heath Ledger is dead. ;-)

Trekmovie reports: “John Cho Thinks Khan Would Be ‘Badass’”

I reply: “John Cho is wrong.”

@24 and all others similarly

I would like to point out that it’s not all that they can come up with, in fact, it is us who have brought the debate up, not them really. They did like one article about how the chewed it over, but they probably did that with every trek villain seen in TOS, it just didn’t make headlines. We’re the ones ranting and raving about no Khan and blaming them all about it, and they’re probably sitting in their office reading trekmovie and saying “what the heck are these kids goin on about?!?”

I dunno, just makin sure both sides of the coin are flipped

You ditched the old universe so that you could tell your own stories. So tell them. Don’t rehash old stuff. Write new stuff. Be original.

Khan was a movie sequel of an episode anyway. Why go over the same ground? For the third time?

Meh, I thought time travel was an awful idea at first, and was VEHEMENTLY against the first movie, I enjoyed it thoroughly. IF they can bring Khan back and do it convincingly with a good story, I’m in. First choice is an original thing, though. Or Klingons.

I just lost a bit of respect for John Cho. To me doing another Khan movie would be like peeing all over Wrath of Khan, one of the greatest SiFi movies of any franchise ever. Please dont, be original.

Khan, done well, WOULD break the Box Office, for sure.

A Plea to the “Supreme Court”

Dear Supreme Court,

I come before you today on bended knee to ask….no, better make that beg…that you please avoid including Khan in the 2012 Sequel. Khan is/was a great character, but after dealing with him and his “Supermen” twice, I, and a great number of people, feel that including him again would be a great mistake. The story may be great, and it may be a great attractant for some, but to include Khan as the ultimate villain yet again would indicate to everyone, fans and non-fans alike, that Trek is Dead. This is not to say don’t include anyone from the original series, for instance having a character like Harry Mudd involved wouldn’t be horrible (as long as he isn’t the absolute bad guy), but to recast Khan, a character who has had his turn in a movie, would be a major mistake. Now, this is not to say I wouldn’t see the film as I am a Trekkie through and through, but many fans that I know would be incredibility upset. Please, gentlemen, please don’t let my voice fall on deaf ears and consider what I have said.

Thank you and Live Long and Prosper.

* anyone who agrees please indicate so in a post

I have no doubt that Bob could write an original story featuring Khan (and quite possibly the Klingons). He and Alex are just that good. “Star Trek” 09 is a classic and I have no doubt the next will be a double classic with an extra side of Trek goodness. I was initially opposed to having Khan in the sequel, but they can do it without rehashing what came before.

As for the title for the next one:

“Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan At World’s End On Independence Day 2012”. Heh heh.

I say again….Garth of Izar! Along sequel lines…I just watched Day of the Triffids and think Eddie Izzard would be a great Harry Mudd

Something borrowed,
Something blue,
Nothing old,
Make it new!

They should definitely do Khan.


I dont think those of us who are saying “no Khan” are afraid that the writing team couldnt come up with a new story involving Khan. (that was a confusing sentence…sorry)

What im saying is….If they put Khan in the film….im sure they would have a new story….and the story itself would not be a “rehash.” But you see….Khan himself….Khan the character would be a re-hash. They dont need the Khan as a crutch to have a good starting point. They should be (and the probably are) creative enough to come up with something totally original.

Let’s have a whole new adventure. Khan was done. He was done well. Let that be.

Having said what i said. Im not saying that we cant have something familiar in the sequel. For example….im ok with …and all for introducing the Klingons as the enemy. And even elaborating on a character like Kang.

What they need to avoid in the next film:

1. Narrow-minded bad guy(s) with the forehead/ears of the week.
2. Bad guy that has a super weapon and wants to destroy Earth for no other reason than to blow something up.
3. Countdown sequence where Kirk and crew have to “Get out of here in 3 minutes” or they’re all dead,
4. Someone’s long lost brother/clone/whatever showing up.
5. Reinvented bad guys (KHAN….It’s been done, and it was done WELL. Don’t mess up a good thing).

What they need to do, and it’s only really one thing:

They need to have the crew DISCOVER SOMETHING. Get back to the ships mission statement. I’m not saying they can’t have action and stuff in the film, but another straight up “Crew fights bad guy(s)” would just be more of the same and EASY way out.

I do think that a Kahn will be a good story as long as they do it with a twist. Although i would like to see something new for the new crew and not go back to old story lines. Star Trek is about going forward not backward!

I’m really torn on the Khan idea. Much as it would be fascinating ;-) to see him again who could possibly replace Ricardo? I watched the Directors cut of Wrath just the other day and it reminded me all over what an incredibly powerful and charismatic chap Mr Montalban was.
I can understand the attraction of revisting the characater, but oh boy, they would have to be careful! And very brave!

Let’s see some Ferengi teamed up with Harry Mudd or something. Maybe throw in the Organians, or the Talosians. Whatever they end up doing, Khan would be a gigantic mistake. He was the best villain in the entire franchise, hands down, and it would be an insult to all of us to try to cash in on his popularity.

i submit that khan could be a REALLY SWELL GUY in this new timeline.

like, he might be, i.e., a helpful, heroic rock star (mick jagger?) “jack sparrow’ kinda guy.

he COULD be a one-gloved* klingon-bashing, drinking-with-scotty , happy-to-help freak, yeah?

(*maybe a cgi michael jackson on 23rd century steriods?)

and, yeah, maybe he could be a bit fey (“from hell’s heart i tease at thee, tee hee, tee hee, gabba gabba hey…”)

but ya know, but, but still with big swollen tits. and a bunch of punk ass groupies.

listen up b’orci. this is good shit.