Watch LeVar Burton & Brent Spiner Talk Trek & Tech on TWiT at CES

Last week TNG’s Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton attended the big Consumer Electronics Show (see previous TrekMovie CES party report and pics). And while they were on the show floor they dropped by the live streaming This Week in Tech show hosted by Leo Laporte. The pair talk Tech, Trek, and more. Watch it below.


LeVar and Brent on TWiT Live

Part 1

Part 2

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Love them,so cool.

Sybok's Secret Brother

Gosh, I never thought of them as “Twits”…

…or that a Twit would ever be a good thing.

Times change, I guess.

Keep on tweeting Twits…, gentlemen!


Wow! Nice!

When did everyone get older? Hehehe…

Thanks for sharing.


I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to see them when I went to the show. Apparently they were in South Hall and I just missed them. :\

The captains chair replica from ST ’09 was beat all to hell too (cracks in the detailing, scuffs on it all over the place). It was sad.


Did levar kiss him?

Kosher Coder

Great. Now I’m nostalgic for TechTV again.
Seriously, Leo is awesome. I never miss TWiT.

I'm Dead Jim

Who is Leo Laporte and what TV show was he on for six years?

Seemed like a nice guy but he talked too much over LeVar & Brent.

Wow, you don’t know Leo LaPorte…. wow, he hosted The ScreenSavers on TechTV, before G4 took over and the channel went downhill… love Leo, and Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Martin Sargent, and Adam Savage (yes I realize Adam’s still on Xplay, but it sux now) but at least I can see them on and

Sorry I mean Adam Sessler… Adam Savage is on the Mythbusters

So when are these two going to be featured on Big Bang Theory?

I think Brent is onto something with that 3d idea.

152″ LCD screen? I want one!

The interviewer talks too much. So common these days it seems.


Levar did indeed give Leo a kiss and I think it was a very nice gesture that shows how genuine Levar is.


Just kidding! I was very impressed with both guys. Very nice interview.

Leo was wired and probably quiet anxious to speak with them — hence the moments of interruption. ;)

Niall Johnson

Leo Laporte also hosts a phone in troubleshooting tech show om weekends. It’s an AM radio show, on 640AM in the Los Angeles Area.


Im from La Porte Indiana


Leo has several Podcasts a whole podcast network in fact. I listen to several of them, I think that Brent and LaVar are the 2 Classiest Actors Fron the TNG Era.


levar looks like old geordi from ‘all good things…’ HA HA

I love those guys so much.