Abrams Gives Star Trek Sequel Update + Talks Nominations & Awards Buzz

JJ Abrams did a new interview attending a FOX TCA party last night and while he mostly talked about his TV projects, he did provide a quick update on the Star Trek sequel, and talked about all the recent award buzz and nomination. Excerpts below.



JJ gives update on Star Trek sequel + talks awards
Most of the Collider interview covers other topics, but JJ did give some quick updates on the Star Trek sequel, here are the bullet points

  • Still no decision on if he will be directing
  • No fixed date for Orci and Kurtzman to deliver script
  • Not worried about going up against Spider-man reboot Summer 2012

JJ Also talked about the recent WGA nomination for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman., and that lead to more award season buzz talk here is that excerpt:

JJ: No. I’m thrilled for them. The truth is, they’re incredibly talented, hard-workers who often get marginalized because they’re so successful. But, they’re great writers, so it’s wonderful to see them get the kind of credit they deserve. (Production Designer) Scott Chambliss was nominated. The make-up team was nominated. The visual effects were nominated. It’s great to see these amazing artists who have worked so hard, who could easily get marginalized because it’s something called Star Trek. They’re so good. I hope that Michael Kaplan, who did an amazing job with the wardrobe, gets recognition too. Amazing people worked on that movie.

Collider: Now there’s buzz that it could be up for an Oscar. What would that mean for the film?

JJ: I can’t imagine it, but it would be a wonderful thing for everyone involved. It’s hard to fathom.

There is much more from Abrams in the full interview, including talking about Leonard Nimoy possibly returning to Fringe, his new show Undercovers and more.

JJ at the Fox Winter TCA Party


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I really hope he directs the sequel

JJ PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE direct the sequel.
My fingers are crossed!

I hope he returns to direct, as well. However, a lot fewer lens flares this time around would be nice. Oh, and don’t edit out scenes which help build the characters, as was done with the removal of Nero’s escape from the Kingon prison camp.

“Not worried about going up against Spider-man reboot Summer 2012”

I wouldn’t be either. The whole “dump the people who made the films watchable and keep going anyway” approach will probably result in something as bad as Wolverine.

JJ, you did a great job on Star Trek, I hope you direct the sequel!

I would be shocked if Abrams doesn’t direct the sequel… He did a wonderful job with the first film.

Direct again, oh please do… I beg you JJ!

JJ Come back And do the sequel
Like Kirk said on the motion picture
Kirk: Bones we need him…… I need you… To direct the sequel!

Yes- please Direct it, JJ. And keep the lens flares! lol

The long term future of Star Trek is in great hands with J.J Abrams, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and the many other talented artists who brought to us the rejuvenation of the the franchise with the undeniable smash hit that is “Star Trek”. J.J Abrams has to direct the next one and Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman have to write it. There are no better people on the face of the planet that can equal the talent inherent in the cast and crew that we have now. They clearly deserve any accolades they get. The next one will be even better. I have no doubts and neither should anyone else.

Bob, I hope you are reading this. I and most others on this site are extremely grateful for the movie you have given us.

Yes we hope jj will direct! And i agree bout bob n alex too-all involved did a great job on trek09-may the cast n crew all return to make more magic-thanx bob!

Would love to see Abrams back at the helm, but with the recent talk of Nick Meyer possibly coming back, I wouldn’t mind that latter option.

10. I suspect someone said the same thing about Sam Raimi and the long term future of the Spider-Man franchise. A lot needs to be done before the next film can be released. JJ apparently is on the fence, or the powers-that-be are debating if they want to give him the job. I find the latter of the two shocking if it were true, as the man “reinvigorated” the franchise. So I’m assuming that JJ is still debating whether he wants the job or not. What would be keeping him from committing to such an exciting offer?

If a script isn’t delivered in the next 6 months, I doubt the Summer 2012 goal could be realized based on the kind of effects budget they’d be putting into the film. If they can’t get a film out 3 years after the previous one, this new Star Trek franchise will suffer the fate of all franchises that were popular and eventually were destroyed by bureaucratic “red tape,” stalling and slow-moving productions. The cast and crew eventually move on to bigger and sometimes better things.

So yeah, they better get their acts together or the next “Star Trek” reboot will be here in 5 years instead of 10-15.

it was here before him and it will continue after him

I am indifferent, he directs it he directs it but if he doesn’t I won’t lose sleep.

It’s not the end of the world if Abrams doesn’t direct; there are lots of talented directors out there. We know the cast are great, and we know that the budget will provide great effects and grandeur (and maybe even an engineering section that isn’t a brewery this time around).

This is all riding on the script now- where they take the story for this crucial sequel. As with the first one, it’s either going to be great, or awful. Once again, there is no middle ground.

As to Spiderman, meh. Three movies with Curt Connors in, and now we’re never going to see The Lizard. No doubt we’ll be back with the Green Goblin again, sigh. Superman, Lex Luthor; Batman, The Joker, Spiderman, The Goblin. This is why, more than ever, there must be NO KHAN.

Boborci, we know you can’t reveal any secrets, but please confirm a total absence of Khan, and thus let millions of Trekkies sleep a little easier for the next two years.

i hope the spiderman reboot fails! Was looking forward to spidey 4 with Sam Rami.

It’s interesting that so many folks here have dissed his directing but are now almost on bended knee begging him to direct the next one! : D

It’s been mentioned before on previous postings but I thought I’d mention it again. Whilst I’d like to see JJ back as director I think it would be brilliant if he handed duties over to Nick Meyer for one last time…..

I saw how JJ did his job in shooting Star Trek. He’s really good and positive! I really want JJ to direct Trek XII!

I dont care

I am a Star Trek fan, not a JJ Abrams fan

~ 20…. Ahhhhh as positive as ever…..

I think JJ is the best choice by far, and I sincerely hope he is able to direct. At the same time, as JJ himself points out, it’s a team effort, and an extremely talented team at that. I’m confident ST12 will be an outstanding film.

I agree with #9, I hope JJ directs the sequel and makes it amazing, but without the intentional lens flare business. That’s the only flaw I can give the movie; too much flare!

I am positive, I am just indifferent to the decision

No matter who directs it I will be seeing the film as I am a Star Trek fan.

I do like Trek XI but it is just not my all time fav movie of the franchise.

I think a JJ/Meyer combo would be brilliant for the sequel, the best of both worlds!

i like jj, he’s honest….. and this honesty comes through in his work…

Star Trek use to be about hope and living as one. They tried to make futuristic cities look beautiful. The greatest love were the ships. I hope Paramount can capture the beauty and love that Avatar seems to have taken from the Star Trek Universe.

Nick Meyer is certainly an interesting name to hear in relation to the next movie. His credentials need no expanding upon here. It would be great to have him on-board in some capacity. Not that the new guys aren’t supremely capable- because they plainly are- but, c’mon, its Nick Meyer!

I sure hope JJ signs on to direct. I love his visual style, not to mention the attitude and tone of any given set, while filming, is created by the director. JJ clearly makes his set a fun place to be, which motivates the actors to have fun and, in turn, brings our their very best. Add to that, the clear reverence and understanding he has for the original Star Trek, and you have a real winning combination.

#23 I have to admit to liking the lens flares on the big screen, but on the small screen they are much more distracting and even at time’s uncomfortable. Perhaps a compromise on there use next time? Some flare but not quite so many next time perhaps?

To all who want t JJ directing the next movie, but with less flares, I have to say this: If you saw the bonus features of Trek 09, you know how convinced he is of the flares, He loves them. You want JJ, so you have to take the flares.

If they want to make the sequel with an already known villain or villain race, I hope they choose the Gorn. No Khan, Klingons, Romulans and especially no solely TNG, VOY, DS9 races like the Borg or the Cardassians.

But I am also open to something completely new. I wouldn’t mind a new alien race or a good conspiracy story. Or a movie about a catastrophe or space anomaly which threaten the lives of many people as long as it is an alien race in danger and not earth. There are a lot of possibilities.

A mirror universe story would be cool, too but I think such a story would be better for a third or later movie (if they made one). I think we should first learn more about the characters in this universe before showing the mirror versions of them. I think this is especially important for new Star Trek fans who don’t know TOS.

I like what JJ Abrams did with the new movie, but I guess other directors could also do a good job.

@31: That’s not completely accurate.. JJ himself said in an interview that he thinks that he overdone the flares a little bit.

The bonus features just state that he liked them when he made the movie…

JJ is right about all the people who worked on Star Trek and gave it their all. They all deserve praise and acknowledgement. They did a great job bringing Star Trek back to the big screen, and back to life.

Abrams is a safe pair of hands for Star Trek. His stewardship was just perfect for the goals of the movie: to open up the Star Trek universe to new audiences and satisfy the existing fans. I was overjoyed at how the film turned out, and I would be very happy if the same crew returned for the sequel.

The lens flare was a good idea, in my opinion. It went well with the glossy visuals and dynamic motion. I was concerned that it was all going to be an MTV-style, overcut, Paul Greengrass-like vomitfest after seeing “Mission Impossible 3”. Thankfully, it eschewed all that frenetic activity.

I’m sure he will direct it. But, if for some illogical reason he doesn’t, it could still work with a different director, just as long it isn’t some working director-for-hire like Ratner or McG. I would hope for some like Raimi, Singer, Nolan, etc.


As long as it is not Michael Bay

I say the next Trek should be directed by 69 Forward. We could use the paycheck.

@33: That´s new to me… so there is still hope!

I’d personally like two things from Abrams: not directing (I thought he did a horrible job) and not overhyping his 100% safe decisions, trying to pass them as reinvigoration or something against the norm (the movie played incredibly safe, despite his continous boasting).

Sam Rami.

Khan, Khan, Khan.. blah blah blah! BONK BONK!!

if there is anything to revisit, it would be The Cage. With Greenwood as Pike!!!

Victor Garber as Kor. He already passed the screen test.

I seriously think Paramount should hand over the directorial chair to Stuart Baird.

Enterprise arrives at Pandora to secure supply of rare Unobtanium, conflict with natives follows (Zoe Saldana in a cat fight with herself). Then the emo vampires and their transforming robot allies show up to stake their claim to the planet, forcing Kirk to join forces with the natives to …

Now there’s your blockbuster.

#45 – You left out the scene where they all visit a kitchen sink.

^You stole my idea! In my NEW idea, a spatial rift forms near the planet Amazon. Voyager, Defiant, Ent-1701, Ent-D, and Ent-NX-01 all come through at the same point but only the female crew members survive and none of their weapons make through. 7of9, Kira, Troi, T’Pol, and Chapel dressed only in catsuits, are forced to use pillows to defeat the Amazon vixens. Oh, and then Queen Arachnia shows up. The end.

#47: You forgot about Lt. M’Hress, who more than all the others, wears a catsuit.

@47 & 48.. YES!

I’ll take JJ or Nick Meyer. One of those 2, or both. If neither of them direct then postpone the film until JJ decides he likes the script enough to direct it.