Shatner on Stern: Agrees To ‘Takei Summit’ – Still Planning To See 2009 Star Trek Movie

William Shatner was a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show this morning. Bill was there to promote his talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve, but Howard wanted to talk about George Takei and JJ Abrams. Much to Shatner’s chagrin, Stern got Takei on the phone to hammer out a future summit meeting where they can finally hash out their differences. Later Shatner talked about the new Star Trek movie (and the next one). Details below.


Shatner talks JJ Abrams and the new Star Trek Movie(s)
Here is the exchange between Shatner, Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers on the new Star Trek movie (and the next one). Here is part of the exchange.

Quivers: Are you lobbying to be in the next [Star Trek]?

Shatner: I wouldn’t mind [laughs]

Stern: But you would have preferred to have been in this first one

Shatner: Of course I would have loved to have been part of this historic event. But how do you bring back to life this dead…I died my character died.

Stern: He did a great job with it. And the kid who played you was fabulous. And I can’t believe that you are not going to see this kid who played you.

Shatner: All right. So JJ said to me, he would have a screening at Paramount. I thought "wow what a glamorous thing." He’ll rent the theater, it seats two or three hundred people, I’ll invite my family and friends and we’ll have it catered and we’ll all watch. So I haven’t done that yet, but I am about to. In fact, if JJ is listening, and I think he does, JJ get ready, I am going to take you up on your offer.

Stern: The plot of the movie does leave it open that you could appear, there are ways for you to be in this.

Shatner: Well I hope they desperately search them out. But I am very expensive.

Shatner, George and Howard hammer out a deal
Earlier in the show Howard got Shatner to talk on the phone with George Takei to help resolve their feud. They discussed if George would appear on Shatner’s Bio show Raw Nerve, but George would only agree if Howard were there to moderate. Howard would only agree if Shatner would take the whole thing seriously, here is part of the exchange:

Stern: Do you really want to understand, why most of your Star Trek cast mates didn’t get along with you?

Shatner: No that is not so.

Stern: George, Is it true?

Takei: All of my colleagues, some of them publically, some of them privately, expressed disappointment with your behavior on set and off. 

Shatner: Forty years ago! …. For the last many years, George has expressed dissatisfaction with me, many many years. In a dignified fashion, I have been silent…but we are of a certain age, George and I, where the time we have left to ameliorate.

After that they agreed to do it, but Bill would have to talk to the Bio channel.


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Shatner will probably price himself out of consideration!

So much for being The Negotiator!

Others do, but I really don’t care if Takei and Shatner get along.

I read the write-in for Shatner on trek2009 several months ago (here) and really liked that. Too bad it couldn’t happen.

What a shame they can’t bury the hatchet.

One does have to question why all this old dirty laundry has to be aired out so publicly. Neither of these guys ever has to cross paths again. But I guess it’s show biz to the end! Maybe Mr. Shatner was an insensitive ass 40 years ago. Perhaps he’s no longer one now. Mr. Takei, I loved you as Sulu, but you have to just let this go.

With the new timeline, an older Kirk is a definite option. If they write Shatner in, all I ask is that they don’t draw attention to their different eye colors!

i just wish if JJ and Bill and George can join in one huge hug !


Givens is Mike Tyson’s ex-wife and was on ‘Head of the Class.’

William Shatner and George Takei have to resolve their conflict. I like them both, but this ongoing and longtime feud smacks of immaturity. Doesn’t matter who started what, time to bury the hatchet, before one has to bury the other. And they should see the new movie together.

My cynical side doesn’t think Takei wants to resolve this–the feud is good for headlines.

My warm cuddle-muffin side would love to see the two make up and become friends.

Face in palm…

First of all, Robin’s last name is QUIVERS not GIVENS. And if anyone can get to the bottom of this feud between Shatner and Takei, it’s Howard Stern. He’s the best interviewer in the business and will cut right to the heart of the matter.

I heard Shatner on Howard Stern this morning, and throughout the interview he was rude, dismissive, sarcastic, and ridiculing of George. He came off as a homophobic ass who couldn’t care less about his former co-star. George has become a beloved member of the Howard Stern Show cast, and I can’t wait for Howard to mediate between them on Shatner’s Raw Deal.


I thought Shatner had already seen the 2009 Star Trek movie

This is Takei’s only way to stay in the scant headlines he occasionally occupies with this drivel.

He is resigned to the mediocrity of being an occasional announcer on Sterns show while The Shat still lives a productive and lucrative life and career at almost 80!

Bill, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about the pettiness of a second tier cast member.

The chances of J.J. giving you and Leonard one last sail into the sunset in ST 12/12 are very good.

Not so much for Mr. Takei.

Don’t waste your time with this petty jeolousy Bill.

Keep up your amazing life pace that inspires us all and we’ll see you in ST 2012.

Not sure if it’s an urban legend, but I always heard the reason the cast of TOS didn’t like Shatner is because each week, when a fresh script was released, the Shat would go to TPTB and demand that any important dialogue that was written for Scotty, Sulu, etc. be given to his character instead. Apparently he thought of Star Trek as the type of mythology where everything is centred around the “HERO” and that, logically, he should get as much of the attention as possible.

Hmmmmm, when asked about appearing in Trek09 he DID say he doesn’t do cameos. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

Gawd, if he demands a major role in the next film, that would certainly kill the relaunched franchise! Nah, JJ would never be stupid enough to go along with that, would he?

George Takei is always talking about how Bill Shatner didn’t come to the ceremony where he got his ‘star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, Bill was the first person from Star Trek to get a ‘star’ back in 1983 and the only other Star Trek people who were there were Leonard Nimoy and Nick Meyer. Where was George? I think it is just sour grapes. I really like George but he needs to get a life and let this go.

In the series Kirk was the hero. Roddenberry made that clear.

I recently asked fans who saw the new movie multiple times in the theater what they liked about it. Most said it was because of the feeling they got seeing Leonard Nimoy as Spock once again. Most added that they would see the next one multiple times if Shatner and Nimoy were both in it..

#14 “I really like George but he needs to get a life and let this go.”

What I’ve got from the quite public exchange of this very private problem is that Takei wants to let it go, but that is very hard if Shatner (and may I add sites like this) keep bringing it up in a very public fashion.

Shatner has said in the past he was only playing games with JJ when he quite publicly acted like he was upset that he wasn’t in the movie. JJ though thought he was being serious.

Seems to me that Shatner really likes behaving like a dick because he thinks it’s funny and no big deal. Others take it serious though and are upset. I can’t say I blame him.

In the late 90s Shatner was at FedCon here in Germany. A guy walked up to the microphone, stood in line for almost an hour to talk to him. When it was finally time to ask his hero a question he was so nervous he was shaking. He introduced himself in a very bad German accent with a very German sounding name (Hubert? Can’t really remember) “Hi, my name is Hubert…” Shatner interrupted him and said, “Oh, I am sorry to hear that.” The crowd laughed and the guy was so flustered he almost didn”t get the question out. Is that a way to treat someone who clearly adores you?

Back then I thought “Geesh, what a dick move.” Later, when Shatner started his self-ironic schtik, (Priceline, etc) I thought he had changed, but now I am not so shure anymore.

Oh Bill. Don’t get sucked into this b****it with Takei. His resentment of your stardom is all he has left. Take that away and he’s finished. He will cease to have purpose and will shrivel and die, like last years hanging-basket.
Hmmm on second thoughts, go for it Shatner!

Not to name call, and for what it’s worth, over the years I’ve talked to different actors and production people in Toronto who have worked with Shatner on various projects and, without exception, they all say “he’s a real dick” to work with……I mean, c’mon, they can’t ALL be wrong!

Howard Stern, William Shatner and George Takei…This is going to be priceless.

I’m sure Shatner could be a pain in the ass back in the day, but Takei has to let it go at this point.

My impression of the situation is that Takei felt Shatner was taking lines/fame away from him… What Takei doesn’t understand is that Shatner was the star of the program while Takei was a supporting player.

Takei comes off a) petty b) Like he is just looking for media attention. That said I can’t wait to see these two nearly 80 year old children battle it out with Stern acting as a mediator… This could be better than any ST episode of the last 40 years.

I’m happy to see that Shatner has already started his campaign to be in the sequel. At this point I think it is likely that Abrams and Co will put him in the next movie just so he will leave them alone.

I’m totally on Shatner’s side with this. Takei is simply using the “feud” to drum up publicity. The fact of the matter is that Shatner was the star of the show and movies. And he went on to many other successful TV shows and movies outside of Trek. Takei did practically nothing.

Yes, but the distinction is that when TOS was being filmed and each actor on the bridge had dialogue to move the story forward, Shatner would lobby to have those few lines taken from a fellow actor and given to him.

That means the other cast members aren’t jealous of Shatner’s success, but that he stabbed them in the back for the sake of his own self-aggrandizement! If true, Shatner’s behaviour was selfish, small-minded and petty!

Aw, look, the emperor has no clothes!

Honestly, I don’t see shatner in any star trek movies in the future. He already has an enormous price tag, He says he is almost ready to see star trek ’09.

I wish mr. shatner would just explain himself, to express his true feelings, About paramount, About seeing himself on screen, and maybe why he has this stuck up attitude. I loved mr. shatners work as captain kirk, but I’m at a loss as to why he has to be so difficult.

-…Hi, my name is Hubert…” Shatner interrupted him and said, “Oh, I am sorry to hear that.” The crowd laughed and the guy was so flustered he almost didn”t get the question out. Is that a way to treat someone who clearly adores you? –

Shatner surely can be a dick, but let’s face it – it’s part of his one-of-a-kind charm ;), and – as a matter of fact – it is funny. If you like Shatner, you don’t do it in spite of his peculiarity, but because of it. You don’t just face his being a dick, you even count on it. :)

He still hasn’t seen the movie. Yet he wants to be in the next one. Too much petty jealousy for me. Skip it. The next film definitely doesn’t need him, and it’ll just be a sad distraction. Nimoy handed it off with much grace. No need for Bill. Besides, he’s expensive.

Here’s my opinion: George should have taken Nichelle’s approach and simply told Bill personally how slighted he felt rather than airing his gripes in a public forum. Having said that, Bill is the one who keeps telling the story of interviewing Nichelle for his Star Trek Memories book, shutting off his tape recorder, and hearing her say “Now do you want to know why we all hate you?” He should have kept that conversation to himself, too.

It’s odd how all of them managed to keep all their gripes quiet when they were getting regular Desilu/Paramount checks working together in the original series and the films. All this dirty laundry came out late in the day to stir up interest in their autobiographies and personal appearances.

I admire Leonard very much for keeping his opinions private. The man is a class act all the way around.

Have we forgotten that Scotty Uruha & Chekov had the same feelings about the Shat …. Heck Scotty hated Bill…The Shat must have been a real dick to piss everyone off LOL what a space Dick

Interesting as it sounds pretty evenly divided on whose side fans are on between the shat and the sulu–Myself–i think shatner probably was/is a big ecoed star-part of what made kirk realistic as a leader of men and a leading man–Shatner probably did act like an ass-i would like them both to work it out for us fans–George is easily one of the most accessible, friendly n caring trek star at the conventions-at one in vegas,the only one weve been to in 2006,he let us take a pix with him at a creation con bfast in vegas when creation told the stars not to cuz they wanted fans to pay for the pix-grace lee whitney refused us but george said sure-later during the paid pix george remembered us from breakfast and said hello again to us and made our day-he is very funny n intelligent and magnaminous to us fans–and george will be on heroes again next week based on the previews–i luv the shat also-but i am on georges side for this one-i hope stern can help them get past it-


That was kind of my point wasn’t it? The man is being a dick, but when people call him on it he get’s all “why are you upset with me?”

Once more we had an example of gradeschool behavior. I don’t know which is worse: the idiotic feud or Pascale’s ”journalism” (a total misuse of the word). I was happy for once not to have to be the one to catch the Givens/Quivers thing. Notice how fast he fixed it.

Pascale, in the old days it was common for journalists to check their facts and proofread their work in order to catch things like that. It’s so much easier now with instant access to the Internet–and yet still this sort of thing happens with you. It ain’t that hard. Really.

Maybe you should take a journalism class at the local community college?

If Shatner is so expensive then roll his fee into something else – anything else – production design, locations… I loved TOS, I grew up with Kirk – he was the man… but I don’t want to see him in any new Star Trek movies…. after Crystal Skull I don’t want any more of my childhood heros hobbling across the screen.

“Pascale, in the old days it was common for journalists to check their facts and proofread their work in order to catch things like that. It’s so much easier now with instant access to the Internet–and yet still this sort of thing happens with you. It ain’t that hard. Really.”

The use of the word “aint” isn’t acceptable journalism either.

“Maybe you should take a journalism class at the local community college?”

Why should he? He corrected it. However, what he reported isn’t a “lie” or any sort of misinformation. How often has Anthony reported something factual that was wrong (and his fault) on this site? You’ll be waiting a while before you find anything. He cites sources, provides links, doesn’t run with rumor and report it as fact (and will call out other publications when they do) etc. But he should go to journalism school because of a simple slip of a last name? A bit overboard to suggest such a ridiculous thing.

#28 – Also, I’m sure anyone site owner will oblige your suggestion as soon as you foot the costs of the bandwidth for the site that YOU visit for free as well as foot the bill for the costs of classes that suggest those owners take.

Oh my, this is just embarrassing.

It’s schtick, and it’s long since worn thin.

Amerliorate already! Jeez.



The use of “ain’t” depends on the style guide of the publication which is influenced by its target region. I don’t believe you can claim it as universally unacceptable. Besides, dinging what amounts to the grammar in a letter to the editor is definitely unprofessional journalism. Most publications would fix it quietly and try not to draw too much attention to their reader’s lack of command of the English language by noting the fix as “Due to the limitations of space and in the interest of brevity and clarity this letter has been edited.”

However, I think his point has been superseded by the fact that most professional newspapers have cut their staff back to the point where my Pulitzer Prize winning local regularly matches Mr. Pascale mistake for mistake. Where they differ, is what they do when such as that cited occurs. At those times, my newspaper simply acknowledges their fallibility and notes they made an error in a notice of correction and apology. In the case of a misattribution involving celebrities such as this they often include a free plug for whatever projects the two have on their slates.

Also, while fixing a mistake and simply behaving as if it never happened is common in the blogosphere, it does carry with it a certain aire (sic) that my departed earthy father would often cite as “acting as if your farts don’t stink.” Now I don’t know whether that passes (pun intended) for professional blogging or not, but I suspect it risks having second tier readers make comparisons.

If William Shatner had made a career as a comedian, most of the things he says would go over with lots of laughter. But because he’s an actor he isn’t supposed to have a wit, or a sense of humor, or say anything comedic… at least this is how it seems to me. People pick on him as if he is blatantly serious all the time, and I don’t see that at all. He’s a “tongue-in-cheek” guy, with an edgy sense of humor, playing to an audience where some people don’t get him. The problem is not William Shatner…
As for George Takei, if he really does still hold a grudge after 40 years, I think he’s suffering from victim mentality, blaming Shatner for his problem. I’m sure Mr. Takei is a fine person, but dropping his anger toward Shatner would do him a world of good.
Like most people who frequent this site, I happen to think it’s a great place to hang out and spend time with other Trekkies. I find it annoying when some people have to toss out their criticism of it, just to play a game of “gotcha.” This is what so-called journalism has become, where everything is seen as an opportunity to bag someone, a shallow attempt to get the upper hand. I think most of us are quite happy with this site the way it is, and we don’t sit around counting typos, or whatever. I say: if ya don’t like it here, don’t let the door hit yer ass on the way out…

How funny that over the years of being put on pedastals by fans and featured prominently in novels and fanzines, that the actor’s themselves somehow believe they were a large presence on the original show. Takei, Koenig and Nichols were all bit players. They were lucky if they were featured in an episode at all, and, aside from Checkov, most times their dialog was interchangable with any other extra that happened to be sitting and pretending to push buttons.

It’s akin to the actor who played Hop-sing, on Bonanza, getting pissed because Lorne Green got all the lines!

Takei’s name was in the END credits of the episode for a reason (if it was there at all) , just as Shatner’s was at the beginning. George’s rants really are ridiculous and petty.

Please NO Shatner in the next movie. He doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t understant why Shatner can’t just order the DVD from Amazon or something and watch it at home. The man is such a whiny baby. I am really losing respect for him. Dang.

I remember when DS9 first premeired in 1993 and TV Guide interviewed most of the original cast about it. Shatner was the only one who didn’t watch it.



It’s a frakkin’ website for Star Trek fandom, news and entertainment. Go proofread the Wall Street Journal or something.

Love the site Anthony! I used to browse a lot of other Trek-related sites…but it’s not necessary anymore. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR THE MOST CURRENT TREK NEWS AND GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT I’VE SEEN.

“THE SHAT” is so predictable. It always comes down to money and ego.

It’s not legend that he was disliked by his castmates on Star Trek. It’s well documented. The fact that his poor treatment of them took place 40 years ago doesn’t make it any more forgiveable. Just reach out and apologize. It’s not that hard.

#28: Somebody’s disgruntled maybe. But you do bring up a point, albeit a little harshly methinks.

However, for comparison, sometime last year some news service broke a story on actress Jessica Biel and her “father” that you really have to read to believe. It was picked up by IMDb and long story short, the original writer attributed a quote to Biel’s “father”, but in a hilarious bit of “dumb-ness” mistook her TV father on Seventh Heaven as her real father. Anyway, you can copy the following link to see the article as I saved it for a hoot ( Of course IMDb quickly dropped the article and the original site quickly fixed the rather dumb error–but I’m sure that writer got teased to no end.

It is true that traditional journalism is evolving, but into just what we will probably not really know for years I think. I do, however, agree in principle with one thing, the Internet does indeed make it very easy to research and cross-check things to avoid stupid mistakes like this. Like #28 said, “it ‘ain’t’ that hard.”

I watched 2 episodes of Raw Nerve last night. All I kept thinking is that, while the guests are not always that great, Shatner is very passionate about his job as interviewer and really gets them to open up. Nearly 80, and the man is still digging into life with such gusto! Truly, a model for how we should all approach growing old.

I hope the JJ/Shatner screening of the movie happens, and I hope Bill has some role in XII!

– “THE SHAT” is so predictable. It always comes down to money and ego. –

Yeah, unlike the rest of the showbiz world where it always comes down to humility, modesty, grace of charity, altruism, and honorary work. :))

@36… yes, they were interchangeable.

Takei was busy filming “The Green Berets” during production of “The Trouble with Tribbles” and suddenly Chekov became the one interested in botany. This is documented in David Gerrold’s book about the episode.

44. Jorg

Takei’s part wasn’t so big in that movie, either. I wonder if he’s angry at John Wayne for getting all the good lines…….

I think this only serves George really. It was 40 years ago…..ok 20-30 if you include the films. I’m sure shatner deep down resents being pressured into this and this might just be the end of the Shat-Stern friendship

I really wish that they would do a whole series of Raw Nerve with the remaining Star Trek cast. Given the selection of guests, I can’t believe that Nichelle and Walter wouldn’t be a bigger draw. This season is better, with Winkler and Weird Al it was really good. I am guessing JJ will be a guest at some point.

Who gives a sweet f*** whether Shatner is in the new movie or not, whether he has seen Star Trek or not…??? I certainly don´t. His time is over, his arrogance is annoying, he pisses me off.
Star Trek don´t needs William Shatner

I think it’s really, really, really sad. I was never a huge fan of Shatner’s. Didn’t ever find him attractive, which I guess is why I came to Star Trek late in life. Chris Pine is so much more sexy to me, I can’t even imagining being forced to accept that Shatner is what this Kirk becomes if he’s in the next film. In that sense, I am a huge fan of this rebooted Star Trek and was part of Abrams’ targeted audience.

But I guess what really puts me off Shatner is that he’s evolved into other things that he’s really good at. I was a fan of his on Boston Legal. But unlike Cary Grant or Sean Conery, or even the late great Paul Newman, he keeps trying to relive his youth and play the virile sex symbol he once was (to some). There comes a point when an actor must accept the parts they can play well, and that includes supporting roles. I simply cannot imagine the benefit of subjecting to direct comparison Pine and Shatner in the same movie. It would serve no purpose other than to elicit girlish squeals of delight from the hard core fans and put a distressing face on the young swashbuckling Pine for the rest of us.

@ 43…Touche!