Zoe Saldana New Face Of Avon [PHOTOS] + Nominated For IMAGE Award

Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana’s star continues to rise. Today the actress was named the newest face of Avon. Zoe will be featured in upcoming promotions for Avon cosmetics and a new fragrance debuting in June. Zoe has also picked up a nomination for her acting work in the mega-hit, Avatar.


Zoe is the new Avon Lady
News of Saldana being the new face of Avon comes from People Magazine, which reports that she will be appearing in the campaign for the new Avon fragrance, Eternal Magic, debuting in April. Saldana will also be featured in the company’s brochure as a face of Avon’s color cosmetics collection. Saldana said in a statement:

It means so much to me to be associated with a company that shares my values and believes in empowering women

Avon promotional image with Saldana

More on Saldana and Avon at peoplestylewatch.com

Zoe nominated for IMAGE Award – could she get Oscar nod?
Last week Zoe also picked up a nomination for the NAACP Image Awards. The actress was nominated in the Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture category for her work in Avatar, and she is going up against another Star Trek vet Alfre Woodard (First Contact). See naacpimageawards.net for the full list.

There is also some buzz about Zoe going all the way to the Oscars, even though she never actually appears on screen as her performance was done with James Cameron’s new motion capture technology. Last week the respected Awards Daily website devoted an article to the notion titled "Precedent for Zoe Saldana" which noted:

Not only did Zoe Saldana place rather high in our Best Actress poll, but several of you have pointed out to me that she really should be considered seriously for an acting nod.  Lead or supporting, what Saldana does in Avatar IS acting.  The closes to a breakthrough with motion capture, and/or animation being added to an actor’s performance would be Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

More Avon photos
here are a few more shots of Zoe from her Avon shoot.



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First!! Congrats to Zoe, she deserves it!!!

Fantastic. And she does deserve accolades for her acting in Avatar … amazingly expressive work, lending Neytiri a potent blend of ferocity and sweetness. That the CGI could capture it is impressive, but it came from her.

She can’t do this. She’s already got a job… as the new face of my dreams.

Congrats to Zoe, my sister is an AVON lady.


No seriously. That is a really pretty dress. And her hair is cute, but simple… thank you hairstylists? ;P

Very cool. Part of me actually says she did better in “Avatar” than in “Star Trek” or even “Drumline”, but she’s quite the actress. I like seeing her in flims and stuff; I have a feeling she’ll really take off later in her acting career. Now I just need to find out who she’s dating and her whole resume. x3

What a great day for fans of fans of Orci’s and Kurtzman’s films! Zoe Saldana is unveiled looking beautiful for Avon and Megan Fox looks scrumptious for Armani!

Megan Fox doesn’t need Armani. She’d look scrumptious naked.

The FX in Avatar were spectacular but the one ingredient that keeps me going back to that flick is Zoe’s performance. Mocap or not, her performance is captivating. I much prefer it to her turn in Star Trek.

Truly great stuff.


As long as she hides the thumbs. They are a bit wonky.


CmdrR, that’s the second cheesiest line I’ve ever heard and, boy, does that cover a lot of territory! :>)

Christine, that is a beautiful dress and I don’t usually go for so much fabric. But it’s the platforms that really caught my eye.

But there is no contest as to which role she was better in, if for no other reason than she had such an important leading, and pivotal role in Avatar. Sadly as Uhura, the intergalactic operator, she was little more than a man’s interpretation of what a woman can do, barely beyond where she was allowed to be portrayed in 1966. It did nothing for her as an actress to be notable either for her race or women.

That woman is amazing and she deserves every bit of what’s coming to her.

Can’t wait to see her in the second Star Trek movie!

Go Zoe! Bloody HOT!

Hell, I’d buy make-up from her. Of course, I have no need for such, but still…

Anyway, congrats to Zoe on landing such a huge contract!


–> BTW, is that JJ working on her dress?

10 – “second cheesiest line I’ve ever heard”

Harry, who are you? Maxwell Smart? (Sorry about that, Chief).

Congratulations to Ms. Saldana. She did a very good job in “Trek,” but she really showed her acting chops in “Avatar.”

Harry, Megan can wear mittens to cover her toe-thumbs.

Fortunately, Zoe can dare to bare her digits.


Would you believe……………ah, never mind!

Congrats Zoey!

Star Trek is lucky to have you for 2 more films.

I think it’s safe to say Zoey and Chris/Zack will be the big stars of the future.

Zoe Saldana is so pretty! I’m happy to see her as the new Avon model. She’s the type of person I look up to a lot.

And I’m also happy to hear about her nomination!
Go Zoe, I’m rooting for you!

Zoe Zaldana is well deserving. In addition to her great performances in “Avatar” and “Star Trek”, she has proven to be a caring and classy woman for helping feed the homeless during Thanksgiving. And she is absolutely stunning and sexy in that very classy dress.

“Ding-dong. Avon’s calling”. I will definitely answer THAT doorbell!

16 – “Missed it by that much…”

Brett, I think we should both go out and buy the Complete Set of Get Smart (TV series) on DVD! :>)

“I demand the Cone of Silence!”

I agree with the above sentiments.

Without Zoe, Avatar would have been a sub-par cgi action-fest.

Her performance jumped through the CGI, 3d glasses or not and truly transcended the artform.

She’s got mad skills.



Oh God, that smile! It lights up the friggin’ room! :D

Congrats Zoe!

(She’s not going to start shilling “Redshirt” perfume, is she?)