Watch Shatner & Richard Simmons Get Real Close On Today Show + Shatner/John Edward Raw Nerve Preview

Let’s start off the day with some more fun with Shatner. The original Captain Kirk was a guest on NBC’s Today Show, where he was promoting his Bio show Shatner’s Raw Nerve. Also on hand was ‘Sweatin to the Oldies’ fitness video guru Richard Simmons, and the pair got a little close for comfort on the couch, check out the videos below. We also have a preview of Shatner’s Raw Nerve with psychic John Edward, airing tonight.


Sweatin’ to the Shatner
Both Richard Simmons and William Shatner were guests on the NBC Today show, and both were lounging on the couch, when they got real close, prompting Kathie Lee Gifford to say " It is time to finally come out and discuss their relationship", which prompted more Shatner & Simmons hijinks. Check it out (via Pop Eater).


Although Simmons ‘stormed off the set’, it was all part of the joke, as you can see from the interview segment with Bill later on (via

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Shatner with John Edward tonight
Shatner’s guest on Raw Nerve tonight is psychic John Edward, airing at 11 PM. This will be followed by a repeat of his interview with Regis Philbin. Click image below to see video preview of the Edward episode.


Find out more about Raw Nerve at



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Thank goodness the guest was John Edward the psychic and not John EdwardS the so-called politician. The typo hounds would have been all over poor Anthony!

I haven’t gotten to watch Raw Nerve yet. Sucks i don’t get that channel.

It’s a pretty cool show. Looking forward to seeing this one.

You rock, Bill Shatner.

I love the Shat, and I’m straight.

Put him in the sequel.

@1: “John EdwardS the so-called politician”



Kirk could crossover from the Prime Universe right after saving Veridian III somehow.

#1 “so-called…” ???

Regardless of his private life, whether you want to admit it or not, John Edwards is a politician.

I don’t like it that he… and countless other politicians, seem to have trouble keeping their egos and libidos in check, but I vote for a politician for his or her political skills…

I’d bet that if William Shatner interviewed THE politician John Edwards it would be an interesting watch.

I’d love to see the show (if I only had a TV).

It would be nice if the two women interviewing Shatner would have allowed him to get a word in edge-wise!

Yakkety-yakkety-yak!!!! Sheesh!!

“It would be nice if the two women interviewing Shatner would have allowed him to get a word in edge-wise!”

What for, Harry? So you could come here afterwards and call him a washed up, pompous blowhard? You can’t have your Shat and eat it too! :)

I agree, Anthony. If I were on the couch with the Shat, I might hug him, too.
A manly hug.

As for John Edward… South Park got it right. He’s the Biggest D****e in the Universe. I wish I got The Biography Channel, but I’m too cheap.

John Edwards is also a super d****e.


Aw, and I was being so nice, too!

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mind watching the Shat play a fat pompous blowhard clown, just not while he’s wearing a Starfleet uniform!

“Is that the way you think straight guys act”?

I almost did a spit take at my desk over that line… I don’t think Simmons was happy about that line for a second or two.

John Edward got wealthy be taking advantage of people who think they are talking to their dead loved ones… This guy is pond scum and nothing, but a glorified con man.

How could anyone in their right mind fall for Edward’s nonsense?

14. Because, Voodoo, when you’re grieving you’re not really in your right mind.

Hail Shatner

With what, stones or rocks?

Man, I’d really like to see the Simmons interview. GENE, that is, not Richard.

His show was on the Sci-FI channel not too long after my father died and I totally bought into it. Now, years and years later I have to agree with the other posters feelings that he’s a con man. I wonder if THE SHAT asks him what he thinks of being labeled as such?

Raw Nerve is on iTunes if you want to pay $1.99 per episode.

John Edward is so full of crap his eyes are brown. I loved the truckload of rationalization he gave to explain to the Shat why his awesome psychic powers didn’t see his mother’s untimely death coming. It’s because “god” blinded his super-powers to teach him a lesson. And he kept going on about his “medical training” and how it gave him a clinical, analytical mind. Then he mentioned that he was a phlebotomist at a hospital. That “medical training” consists of a few days of OJT, then you’re unleashed on the patients to draw their blood. Hardly any training at all. Anyone off the street can be a phlebotomist in a few short days. Full of it, and himself, that one.

That must be the same reason Miss Cleo wound up in prison. God blinded her to her impending arrest to teach her a lesson. LMAO!

@ 20.

Its also available on Torrent sites for free.

Contrary to what Kathy Lee Gifford said, William Shatner was and always will be Captain Kirk. He is so cool. As for John Edward, I wouldn’t believe a word of what he says to grieving people. He’s just telling them what he thinks they want to know for money.

If there is any justice in the universe, the John Edward interview will feature the entire studio audience rising to yell “shame! liar! fraud!”, and end with his arrest and imprisonment.

Better yet would be if he was drawn and quartered, with his various appendages then used to beat fellow fraudster Sylvia Brown to death too.

Just sayin’.

I don’t believe in psychics either, but here’s the interesting part…if you exclude all the fakes and frauds trying to make a buck, does that mean nobody, and I mean NOBODY, in this world possesses some kind of precognitive/psychic ability? You’re telling me that not one person out of six billion has some kind of “gifted instinct” to the future or afterlife? That seems unlikely.

I don’t want them to make a buck off of it, I’d just like to think that somebody (somewhere) might be tuned in to the “other side”. :>)

Harry – that’s like saying there are six billion people in the world, so one of them should be able to fly like Superman, or start fires with their mind, or bend spoons… You’re not practicing logic of any kind. Until somebody shows me absolute proof of “psychic” abilities, I’m not willing to believe anybody has them.

I’m sure someone somewhere has a “psychic ability”, but it is hard to know who it is and what abilities they have. It is likely that it stems more from a heightened instinct than true mental powers. The problem is when money is a factor. It would be next to impossible for anybody, even those who are “psychic” to have the objectivity needed to clearly communicate with dead people or to properly “foresee” events that are yet to happen. Especially when someone pays a “pyschic” for personal “information”.
Once money is involved, objectivity is gone and what may be a gift might be corrupted, even if the motive is benign. And even without money, psychics are still often wrong, since what they do requires interpretation.

Yeah, except I’ve seen some people show a hint of predicting the future with accuracy. I’ve never witnessed a person tying a cape around their neck and flying!


Well said!

#30 Thank You, Mr.Ballz!

Shatner’s gentle humoring of con-man / sociopath, John Edward, was one of his best performances of late. I also salute The Shat for having kept a relative straight face in the presence of nauseating ‘people’ like Kathy Lee and headRush Limbaugh. It would would take a lot of money for me to maintain politeness in the presence of those two skin-jobs.

William Shatner may seem to be a well-paid buffoon these days, yet he is and always will be “The Captain” to me.

Don’t care about Shatner and don’t want him in the next movie! I like Kirk, but Shatner’s a jerk.

“What am I wearing?? That’s muscle!”


I think we need to have Richard Simmons as a ST character…..Officer in charge of fitness and morale.

While he would not be a good fit on the Constitution Class Enterprise, he would be a great addition to the Galaxy Class under Pircard, working with Deanna Troi. He could tell Worf he is flabby and needs to work off a few extra pounds.

Now is the time some Romulan Ale….

Richard Simmons would have fit in rather nicely in “The Phantom Menace”. He wouldn’t have had to play another character. Just himself.
Just imagine him trying to get Jabba The Hutt to lose some weight.
Or him trying to convince Qui Gon Jinn that he wasn’t in good enough shape to be a Jedi! If you thought Jar Jar Binks was annoying……

I don’t know how Shatner (or anyone on Earth) would be able to interview that fraud without dying of laughter.

I still laugh at the South Park episode dedicated to him.