Jeri Ryan Talks Leverage + Bakula’s Men of A Certain Age Gets 2nd Season

The TNT heist show Leverage came back from hiatus this week, and Star Trek Voyager’s Jeri Ryan became the latest Star Trek alumni to join in, but this time for a recurring role. Jeri participated in a conference call to talk about the show and we have some of her comments about it (and Trek below). Plus today TNT announced they have ordered a second season of Scott Bakula’s new show, Men of a Certain Age.  


Jeri Ryan talks Leverage, Trek and more

The TNT heist show Leverage starring an ensemble cast headed by Timothy Hutton has seen guest spots from Trek alums Armin Shimerman, Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton, and even a cameo from Jonathan Frakes (who has directed a few episodes). But Jeri Ryan is now coming on board as a recurring character, starting with last night’s episode "The Runway Job". The impetus to bring Jeri on stemmed from the show needing a replacement for Gina Bellman who is pregnant. Jeri plays Tara who is a "a bare-knuckled, street-wise grifter who lands in the seedy world of crime when she does a favor for the Leverage family."

Here are some excerpts from her conference call promoting her joining Leverage:

Ryan on her character and the show:

… the way they pitched this character to me I loved everything about her. She sounded like so much fun. The episodes that I had seen of the show were great. I love the tone of it. I love, you know, that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.
And it’s a very different character than anything that I’ve really gotten to play before. So it was pretty exciting.

she’s a great skin to inhabit. I really enjoyed playing Tara.

 I’ve got to admit she’s a lot more adventurous than I am. The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done – I guess it’s not that adventurous by most people’s standards but I’ve cooked in a restaurant kitchen during service behind the line during dinner.

Jeri Ryan with Timoth Hutton on TNT’s “Leverage”

On joining Leverage and fitting in with the cast (drawing connection to Voyager):

…I’m used to being the new kid because I’m – I joke that I’m the designated pinch hitter for TV series because Shark is the only show that I’ve ever been with from the very beginning, from the pilot.
My first series was Dark Sky that was added in the middle of that season. Boston Public I was added Season 2, Star Trek Season 4. So this was, you know, it’s nothing new for me to walk in, in the middle of a thing. But this is such a great group of people.
They’re so warm and funny and just a bunch of goof balls. And so it’s amazing that we actually got anything accomplished ever because all we did was sit around and laugh at each other.

Jeri on if she will return to sci-fi

Yeah. I think there’s a chance you’ll see me do Sci-Fi.

Jeri Ryan on TNT’s “Leverage”

Leverage airs Wednesday at 10 PM. Below is a preview of Jeri in next week’s episode "The Bottle Job" (airing January 20th on TNT), which also happens to be directed by TNG’s Jonathan Frakes. More info and video at the official TNT Leverage site.


Bakula’s Men of A Certain Age Gets Another Season
Today TNT also announced that Men of a Certain Age, the show about three friends played by Scott Bakula, Ray Romano and Andre Braugher, has been picked up for a second season. According to TNT, Men of a Certain Age averaged 4.4 million viewers in its first five episodes. The show’s Dec. 7 premiere ranked as ad-supported cable’s top new series launch of 2009 among households and adults 25-54. Men of a Certain Age airs on Mondays at 10 PM on TNT, here is the preview for the next episode, "Father’s Fraternity" airing Monday January 25th.


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This show has all the elements of a “HIT”. I don’t think that Bakula can stop smiling…. :)
I look forward to watching this for the next 6 years !!!!

As a fan of Food Network, jumping into the line of a kitchen at a restaurant is a big dream – and could be very scary, depending on where you did it. Any details on what station she ran?

MOACA is a great show. bottom line. great to know they get to keep making it!

Good for Scott Bakula, he is a great actor. Jeri Ryan also all the success that comes her way and boy is she aging well.

Damn… thought the headline read “Jeri Ryan Talks Cleavage” for a second…

I can’t believe that Jeri Ryan is over 40… She looks great.

Jeri Ryan is hot! I believe she’ll still be beautiful at 80. :-)

Men/Age is a pretty good show, Scott is the best of the cast for sure. Can’t wait til Gina comes back to Leverage. Ryan is awful!

Yummmmm, Jeri Ryan.

Mmmm MMMM she’s still a fox!

Resistance is unnecessary. Would gladly be assimilated.

Sorry for the corniness on a Thursday night, but she is hot.

Jeri Ryan is absolutely incredible on Leverage! She was awesome as a pseudo-fake-fashion designer (since she’s totally a grifter now). Tara is such a neat character. She’s smart, sexy, and can kick your butt (or headbutt you, as we saw on last night’s episode!).

Go Ryan, she’s amazing!

Leverage is a brilliant show. I couldn’t get enough after yesterday’s marathon.

Mmmm Jeri Ryan. I’m more a dark hair man myself but she’s definitely a blond who catches my eye.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like “Men of a Certain Age,” but it turned out to be not such a bad show. I’m glad I bothered to tune it in when it made its debut.

Nice to see Jeri Ryan in a juicy role. I haven’t yet started watching Leverage, but I may now. I loved 7 of 9, and I say that in spite of her ridiculous outfits (except for the truly Borg outfits). She may have been brought on for the fanboy T & A factor, but her acting vindicated her in every way.

I wonder how long it wil be before they find a cat suit for Jeri Ryab on a perminant basis for her role on the show. It always seems to work out well for a character.

#17 Don’t hold your breath with regards to seeing Jeri Ryab in a catsuit. Most of us don’t have a clue who she is, let alone a Hollywood costume designer. :-) Heh Heh!

7 your so hot!!! i dont know why your husband wanted to have sex with any other woman… i would have been thanking my lucky stars to have you.

Falcon meets Borg are we going to see some navcom AI gifting