Check Out These DIY Working Phasers w/ Video & Instructions

How would you like to take that toy phaser of yours and make it really work? Well an enterprising fan has done just that, or something close, by taking a TOS phaser toys and installing a lasers (in both Blue and Green). You may not be able to vaporize Klingons, but balloons don’t stand a chance. Check out videos below, plus a link to instructions on how you can do it yourself.


A phaser of your own
Here new are the videos of the of the home made phaser mods.

Blue beam

and Green beam

JayRob has also posted a tutorial of instructions on how you can do it yourself at These include a full set of photos to make it easy to do for those with some experience with electronics.

One of the photos in the tutorial

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Pretty sweet. Bring it to parades. :)

Oh nerds and their toys….

I love it!

Very cool! Maybe kind of dangerous… might accidently vapourize someone.

Balloons had best float in fear…..bwahahahaha

Sorta cool, actually

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I think I just had a nerdgasm, lol

WWoooooooooowwww… that’s a little scary.. :)

I wish someone would show how to modify the DST phaser not the Playmates version.

THAT IS one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Now I want a working light saber.

Boy I wish I knew how to work with those kind of things! That’s so cool

Next time this nation is attacked by the Balloon People of Niptar, the outcome will be MUCH different…. Q’aPla!

Will trade my .50 Desert Eagle for this now…….Awesome……….

Makes me wish I paid more attention to my electronics classes. With my luck the first time I press the trigger it builds up an overload.

Just one word: COOL!

I want it!

ahhh cool!

Glad he didn’t have that laser available to shoot when Falcon the Balloon Boy was in that…oh, right, that was a hoax. Nevermind….

Throw in a working lightsaber, and I’m sold.

maj maj
way cool

That is freakin’ cool.

Do the balloons have to be the same colour for this to work?
Very cool!!

The blue beam seemed to work a tiny bit better than the green beam.

Don’t let the FAA see this. They don’t like laser pointers, much less this…

But, it’s cool.

I think it would be very cool if someone built one and a procedure/review was posted on trekmovie!

YOU’LL shoot YOUR EYE out!

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a VISOR.

…and since when did the Federation declare war on the peaceful balloon people of Balunia???

Now THAT is cool.

Yeah, all fun and games until some jack-off aims it at the pilot of a passing jetliner. Cue the clever newscasters and their ingenious headline puns.

A phaser isn’t “working” until it’ll take out a wall. Or the guy next door who plays his banjo too early on Saturday mornings. At least, that’s my opinion.

I didn’t even know we could pop balloons with lasers in that short span of time.

Great stuff! I’m considering building one myself with the tutorial.

This is way cool, but would-be DIYers need to keep in mind that green or blue lasers that are powerful enough to pop balloons cost hundreds of dollars. Still if you have the scratch, it’s a really cool nerd project.


I knew I’d find you here! You are probably already trying to contact the “inventor” and will offer him outrageous amounts of money to make one of these phasers for you. Let me know when you get it….

I’m sure we’ve seen these before on here. Or I’ve just had a pretty impressive attack of deja vu!

Hmm, where’s the Balloon Boy reference (scrolling down) …. ah yes, #15.

I have a green laser. I think it has a range of about 3 or 4 miles. You can see the green beam at night at certain angles. The videos above show how much more powerfull the blue lasers are in how quickly it takes out those balloons compaired to the green laser. I’ve read that the blue beam is easier to see then the green too. Obviously you should never point it at someone or at any air craft.


It actually has a beam!!!!

: )

What happens with a “stun” setting? Does the balloon slowly deflate?

37, Spockboy:

I want one!

@ Spockboy
There are no beams in the JJverse!

#40 What the…?

Awesome! Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade here I come ;-)

i alway thought some one with way too much time on their hands would do something like this

my electronic engineer friend has to see this, he will bust a gut over this after he says i told you so

Balloons are teh scourge of teh universe!