Star Trek Stars Show Up For Critics Choice Awards – Go Home Empty-Handed [Photos]

Tonight the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, first major awards show of the season, was held at the Hollywood Palladium. The 2009 Star Trek movie was up for five awards and much of the main cast was there, but in the end they went home empty handed. We have pics of the Trek stars at the CCMAs below.


No Awards for Trek

Star Trek was up for five awards, here is a breakdown on how the night came down:

  • Best Acting Ensemble: Lost to Inglorious Basterds
  • Best Action Movie: Lost to Avatar
  • Best Visual Effects: Lost to Avatar
  • Best Sound: Lost to Avatar
  • Best Makeup: Lost to District 9

Star Trek’s Michael Giacchino did pick up the award for Best Score for Up (Star Trek’s score was not nominated).

In what may be an Oscar preview Avatar was a big winner, especially with the ‘technical awards’. In addition to the above, Avatar picked up awards for Editing, Art Direction and Cinematography. But it wasn’t a sweep for Avatar, which lost out to The Hurt Locker for Best Picture and Best Director.

A complete list at IMDB.

Star Trek stars at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards
They may not have won, but many of the stars of Star Trek were on hand at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. These included Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Zahcary Quinto, and John Cho. Quinto and Saldana also presented awards. Check out photos below.


Zoe Saldana and Zac Efron present the Best Song Award at CCMAs

Claire Danes and Zachary Quinto present the Best Screenplay Awards at CCMAs

Group shots:

John Cho, Chris Pine, Anton Yelchin, and Zachary Quinto

[L-R] James Cameron, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, and John Cho

[L-R] Paul McCartney, Chris Pine, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Zachary Quinto, and Michael Giacchino

[L-R] Paul McCartney, Chris Pine, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, and Zachary Quinto

Red Carpet:

Zoe Saldana

Chris Pine

John Cho and Zachary Quinto

Anton Yelchin

Photos: WireImage

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The movie may not win awards, but it sure was fun!

Was McCartney up for a best song award or something? Or was he just hangin’? Whichever, how cool is it to see him there?

Zoe’s dress is very cute. (She has a great stylist!)

Ah, such a shame — it keeps getting nominated, but no awards! So messed up!

Love that picture of Paul McCartney and the guys… McCartney is the definition of living legend.

P.S. Saw McCartney at Fenway Park this summer. I couldn’t believe how this nearly 70 year old guy sold over 80,000 seats over two nights and blew the doors off the place… Maybe the best show I have ever seen.

Chris Pine looks like a Beatle in that suit!

@ 5

hahaha, its true !

I just finished watching “District 9”. Classic movie. Well deserving of “Best Make-up”.

really? it didn’t win best sound? what a shame…

I continue to marvel at the extent to which James Cameron is taking on the look of a lot of peoples’ grandmothers.

Be honest –doesn’t he remind you of a neighbor’s grandma?

I want McCartney in the sequel (maybe James Cameron too)! I don’t care how forced it is! These guys keep getting nominated but no wins… not cool.

On a high note, they all looked really good!

Sir Paul! Kewl!

I don’t see how District 9 got best makeup. I really don’t. It didn’t exactly blow me away. I wasn’t wowed to any extent by it. Avatar’s awards, I can see, and even Inglorious.. Maybe I just wasn’t crazy about D9.

Anton looks good with the short hair.

Sounds about right, although I think District 9 deserves a special “doing more with less money” award for FX … some kind of “most efficient use of an FX budget” award :)

It’s a shame “Avatar” opened in the same year as “STXI.” “STXI” would easily have won, but “Avatar’s” advances in special effects blew “STXI” out of the water. Too bad Cameron didn’t wait until 2010 for release, b/c he would have had NO competition.

Dang you, Cameron!!!!

Sorry, #13, but I miss Yelchin’s curls!

Hoo, Chris looks FINE! It’s really too bad they lost, but I can see why. Avatar is just incredible, and although I haven’t seen the others, I’ve heard they’re good… although Trek is still no. 1 in my books. ;)

But where is Anton’s hair?! He looks… so very un-Chekovish… I want back his curls… :(

#12. I wasn’t too crazy about District 9, but it definitely had before makeup than Trek, especially based on what was predominantly on screen. I know they did a lot of other work, but most was in the Rura Penthe scenes or in the background.

The makeup work that really got screen time were the Vulcans and Romulans (with makeup effects going back 40+ year – not very new or special), the Orion (again painting someone green isn’t spectacular), and a couple bridge people and the barfly.

District 9 involved slowly transforming a person into an alien, so the makeup was right in your face for about half the movie.

it all boils down to the following: all the major awards shows are doing, and will be doing, all they possibly can to ensure that Star Trek wins NOTHING…even if they have to make a film which obviously is very much inferior to Star Trek in a given field win the award instead…

Which one was Ringo?

I don’t get why everyone thinks Star Trek actually deserves an award for the visual effects. There wasn’t anything remotely special or spectacular about ST09. Perhaps we are so used to seeing sub-standard cheese from this franchise that we were actually mesmerized by adequate CGI rendering. But this is pretty standard stuff for a summer movie.

Vulcan was just your generic “planet that looks like the Mojave Desert.” Vasquez Rocks in California and Valley of Fire, Nevada have been the site of many movie and TV shoots, including numerous Star Trek productions. We didn’t see enough of 23rd century Iowa to care. Aside from the barely noticeable arcology in the background, there’s certainly nothing wondrous about it. Likewise, San Francisco appeared for about five seconds. And it was just the obligatory shot of Starfleet Academy next to another boring matte painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are a Star Trek fan, you have seen it a million times before. The extras were pretty much all human too. Considering this is supposed to be an interstellar Federation of 150 species, that’s a pretty low diversity quota. The lobster creature was clearly a rip-off of the “there is always a bigger fish” scene from that other franchise. And while the skydiving scene will probably be cited as an example of what went right with the VFX in this movie, it is only good in the sense that it was technically proficient. I certainly did not feel it was anything awe inspiring.

ST09 had a visual focus that was as narrow as its predecessors. It does not engross the viewer in this fictional universe. The stunts, the locations, and the people are really just there so we can hurry up and get Kirk to his date with destiny. They have no life of their own. Limited scope – the sense that there’s no life outside of Starfleet – has always been a problem with Star Trek. And this movie hasn’t moved away from that structurally or visually.

#18: “all the major awards shows are doing, and will be doing, all they possibly can to ensure that Star Trek wins NOTHING”

I think the filmmakers already handled that job pretty nicely, although I can definitely see Trek deserving nomination (not necessarily victory) for several technical awards.

Paul McKhantney.

zoey is so pretty, love her smile


Yea, Aunt May, perhaps James Cameron should direct Spiderman reboot like he was suppose to way back when.

Michael Cera can be the new Peter Parker in highschool.

Avatar has great, stunning visuals, but the story is kind of bland. I liked Star Trek more, for depth and characters. Distict 9, well, that was a real masterpiece.

If Paul McCartney finally stops dying his hair, he and James Cameron would look like twins.

There you go, JJ. “ST2012: A Hard Day’s Trek.”

John Cho looks like he just stepped out of the dryer.

Zoe looks great, as always. Nice of her to intro her ‘other’ boss to the boys.

No awards for TREK ’09 doesn’t bother me at all. THE WRATH OF KHAN is still infinitely better, and probably always will be, in terms of TREK films… where’s all the awards for that one?

TREK ’09 was just a big, dumb, fun summer flick that grossed a bunch of money. Doesn’t mean it’s the pinnacle of filmmaking.

18. nuSpock:

District 9 is NOT inferior to star trek. Maybe one of the older movies but definitely not this one. In fact I think it was a superior movie, despite whether or not it had superior production.

Kirk, Spock, and The Beatles. Whoa, I’m caught in a ’60s flashback.

Congrats kids! Empty handed, but the swag bags must have been good. Great cast great movie. Hey Zach, even my jealous husband thought you were funny!

The only thing I can imagine that ST09 deserves is an award for best sound perhaps, since that was the best thing about the film.

And yes, District 9 was by far more interesting filmmaking. ST09 was a classic entertaining for the moment yet forgettable popcorn movie, while District 9 is a sci/fi classic.

Avatar is going to beat Trek in SFX, Music and Makeup. I wish Trek would get all those awards. I don’t like Avatar coming out the same time as Trek.

@32 Yes, I just watched District 9 on DVD last week. Excellent budget filmaking! I would just prefer a sequel over a prequel as the director has proposed.

Can’t believe Trek didn’t win a single award.

Just go to prove that life is not fair.

James Cameron to Trek Crew: “Hey guys, loved your little film Star Trek. Sorry I swooped in with my uber-budget project at the end of the year and stole all your awards. Hey, how `bout we pose for a picture together. Isn’t that better now?”


I saw Sir Paul at Fenway too, along with my girlfriend who was not a McCartney fan (she got the tickets as a present to me). McCartney was fabulous, and by the time we headed back to the hotel, she was converted. The guy is a class act, and he’s still got it… and he’s got a great band.

As for Star Trek not winning any awards… this was somewhat expected, hmm? I still think Trek won the audience over, and now all Trek fans have something to be excited about again. The cast is young and has plenty of time to gather some statues. Lack of awards should not be equated with lack of success, by any means.

If up against Avatar, I can understand why. Even though I have yet to see it.

#36: “Hey, how `bout we pose for a picture together. Isn’t that better now?”

Alternate version:

“Zoe, who are these people again? Oh, right. Well, since they’re friends of my star, let’s have picture then.”

Zoe is very pretty…but what a potty mouth! I guess it’s a generational thing.

I’m crushed, Star Trek deserved all of those awards. It’s the best movie ever!!!!

# 37. P Technobabble

Can’t say enough good things about that show. Made me wonder what it would have been like to see the Beatles in concert… It’s a sin that John and George left us at such a young age.

I know why Star trek never wins. it’s because all the other producers and directors conspired and paid the award programs off. I just hope they all get caught so they can rot in jail for breaking the law.

Excellent pictures. Pine looks like he’s one of The Beatles in that suit!
Zoe- awww doesn’t she look lovely. Beautiful.

Sorry N05 just read your post! But he so does!

#32 :: A “Classic”? If the dialogue had been something more than yelling and dropping the f-bomb every thirty seconds, I might agree with you… But I don’t think District 9 is anywhere near to the classic scifi’s — the great ones…

Was the story good? Were the FX decent? Was the acting good? Yes, yes, and yes. But I’d refer the writers to a conference or two… or three or four or five.

#40: “Zoe is very pretty…but what a potty mouth! I guess it’s a generational thing.”

Not unlike the phrase “potty mouth.” What are you, 70 years old? :)

Finally, the hype is over.

Just watched again Trek 09 on dvd. Great movie. There’s no need for awards.

#48 but its getting positive recognition. Been a good while since we could say that about Trek.