Exclusive: 5-page Preview of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #2

Next week IDW continues the return of Deep Space Nine comics with the second issue of their series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold". And today TrekMovie has an exclusive five page preview.


PREVIEW: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #2
Written by Scott and David Tipton, art by Fabio Mantovani.


Deep Space Nine teeters on the brink of anarchy as swarms of treasure-hunters and mercenaries continue to flood the station. Major Kira and Constable Odo are on the case, and the investigation leads to a not-unexpected destination: Quark’s Bar!

Fool’s Gold Issue 2 covers

Fool’s Gold Issue 2 five page preview


(click to enlarge)

"DS9: Fool’s Gold" #2 retails for $3.99 and arrives in comic shops Wednesday January  20th. It is the second of four issues. You can pre-order it at a discount from TFAW. You can also pick up the first issue and the next two issues as well, all at the TFAW discounts.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fool’s Gold









A trade paperback combining the full DS9 Fool’s Gold series comes out in July, you can pre-order that now from Amazon


Star Trek Archives Volume 4: Deep Space Nine
And if you are in a hankering for some classic Deep Space Nine comics, last March IDW released a DS9 edition of their Star Trek Archives. Here is the official product description:

Relive events and missions from the first four seasons of television’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in this collection of five full-length comics stories! Join up with the crew of DS9 as a mysterious toxic mold runs rampart on the station. Where did it come from? Does its appearance coincide with the arrival of a Federation Starship from the Gamma Quadrant? Find out in "Stowaway" and "Stowaway Part II." Then stay put as "The Butcher of Bajor" lives out his final moments aboard DS9… but even he isn’t prepared for how things end in "Old Wounds." Finally, in "Emancipation" and "Emancipation Part II," a failed escape attempt by slaves from Chiaran ends with explosive results. But that’s not all! Star Trek Archives Volume 4: DS9 also includes the special 8-page preview "ashcan" story "Hostage Situation."

“Star Trek Archives Volume 4: Deep Space Nine” is available now from Amazon.


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They did a nice job drawing Kira’s butt crack.

I really miss Deep Space Nine……

Is it just me, or do a lot of the characters look really strange? Like, the likeness in the faces is a little off?

But every artist’s got their own style. I might check this out; looks kinda interesting. So far the only DS9 comic I own is an autographed copy of “Dax’s Comet”.

The butt was and always will be a highlight during a slow story

And in typical comic book fashion, they made her breast bigger. : )

The art work’s good but from that preview its hard to tell if its going to be a good story or something lame.

@ 2:

I miss DS9 too. Don’t want to start an argument here, but for me it was the best ST show.

There is just something about Major Kira in a Bajorian or Starfleet uniform that turned me on. 7 of 9 in the skin tight body suit on Voyager was just too much. I even liked 7 of 9 better the few times she had a Starfleet uniform on.

I guess I just like something to be left to the imagination.

@ 7

Agreed 100%

Agreed # 1 and #4.

That butt looks great in the comic and it did also on screen.

Not only was Kira a great (one of my fave) character, but was a hell of a great looking woman.

Hail Nana.

Kira was a fant-ass-tic character. I welcome the return of DS9 in any form. Need to pick up those Pocketbooks at some point.

I am always so pleased to see the high level of discourse here at TrekMovie

#11 :: The DS9 relaunch novel series (which I’m assuming is what you’re referring to?) is amazing. It’s the best kind of continuation I think DS9 fans could ask for. It really has gone where no books have gone before. xD

#12 :: Ooo, do I sense sarcasm?

LOL @ Anthony… and I concur.

#12 Well, you are talking about Trekkies :-)

I can just see Captain Sisko biting his lower lip while wearing sunglasses…like here:

#5 – Nana Visitor was already pretty stacked.

#13 agreed. The DS9 relaunch books have been awesome.

I’m currently reading Worlds of DS9- Trill/Bajor and its good.

I just watched the episode “Cardassians” last week because I will be reading “The Never Ending Sacrifice” very shortly which I have heard is another amazing read.

Those shots of the Station are pretty eye-catching too!

Nice work all around this time from IDW.

I miss DS9 so much.

I need to buy the rest of the series on DVD and start watching them again…

#18 :: I’m on “The Soul Key” right now — I skipped a couple books, but I know what it’s all been about.

“Never Ending Sacrifice” was VERY good — especially if you’re like me and way into the whole Cardassian culture, etc… It’s very fascinating, very well-written!

AGreed #’s 7 & 9 Deep Space 9 was the best hands down! For rich, convoluted storytelling, no other series can compare! It was the most “grey” series with complicated characters who were not simply either/or :heroic or villainous, black or white, but rather somewhat of both, multifaceted and realistic!

@ 21:

Absolutely… I agree. It was a very good Scifi show that made people (at least that counts for me) think about humanity.

The beauty of the show was also that it finally allowed us to dive much deeper into what the Trek universe really is. We got a much better look at all the different species and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. And, not to forget, I loved how it challenged the views of the Federation itself.

Noble goals and ideals are great, but it also showed how hard it is to keep those up.

Highly entertaining show and most awesome Scifi.

I want a show like that back and I would also love to see a continuation of DS9.

The new star trek movie could have been called fools gold because that is essentially what it was. Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing, as Chang intones in the opening to Klingon Academy,lol.

Sounds good — just slid it into my amazon cart …