Giacchino Wins Golden Globe For Up Score + Saldana Presents [PHOTOS]

The 67th annual Golden Globes Awards was held tonight in Los Angeles. The 2009 Star Trek movie was actually not up for any nominations, but Star Trek composer Michael Giacchino did win a Globe for his Up score. Also on hand was Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana who was one of the presenters and braved the rain for the red carpet. Photos below.


Giacchino wins for Up
Michael Giacchino’s score for Star Trek did get a nomination, but his Up score did. Giacchino beat another Star Trek alum, Star Trek II & III composer James Horner, who was nominated for his Avatar score. Also nominated were Marvin Hamlisch (The Informant!), Abel Korzeniowski (A Single Man) and Karen O & Carter Burwell (Where the Wild Things Are). 

Giacchino with his Golden Globe for “Up”

This was Giacchino’s first nomination for a Golden Globe. It has been a good year so far for The composer. He also won for his Up score on Friday at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Plus, Giacchino has four Grammy nominations for Star Trek and Up. His Up score was also nominated for a Annie Award. Plus he has picked up some wins for Up, from local film critics in Phoenix, Chicago, and Austin. The Las Vegas critics awarded him for his Star Trek score. (full list here).

The only other Star Trek alum up for a Golden Globe was Christopher Plummer (General Chang in Star Trek VI) who was up for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Last Station, but lost out to Cristoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds.

The big winner of the night was again Avatar, which took home the award for Best Picture. Avatar director James Cameron also took home the award for Best Director.

Full list at

Zoe presents at Golden Globes

Star Trek and Avatar star Zoe Saldana was one of the presenters. She presented along with her Avatar co-star Sam Worthington.

Worthington and Saldana

Even though it was raining, Saldana braved the red carpet for some shots.

Saldana, being protected by umbrella

Zoe strikes a pose

Zoe signs a Chrysler 300 Eco Style car for Stars for a Cause

Julianna Margulies’ TNG gown
She may not be a Star Trek alum, but some fashion bloggers noted that Julianna Margulies gown looked like it came from the set of Star Trek. New York Mag Fug Girls wrote:

Julianna Marguiles — whom we love, deeply — is wearing Narciso, of course. The top is sort of metallic red, the bottom is black and it’s all a bit…Star Trek. Not necessarily in a bad way, though.

24th century gown?

Photos: WireImage

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Zoe is very easy on the eyes !

First I have to say congratulations to Michael for winning Best Score for “Up”. I watched that movie again last night on Blu Ray and I enjoyed it even more the second time.

Once again Zoe Saldana stuns me with her sexiness. She has a great fashion sense.

Juliana Margulies dress looks like the one Lawxanna Troi wore on TNG.

I didn’t see a list of the Golden Globe nominees ahead of time, but once I saw that they shut “Star Trek” out of the Best Musical Score category while watching, I knew it was being shut out for the night.

Congrats to Michael Giacchino for Best score for Up!

Zoe did a great job, even though she’s presenting. I love Zoe’s dress…it’s so gorgeous…. kinda looks like a Dior dress.
*Yes, not only I’m a Trekkie geek, I’m also a fashion geek*

I’m glad Avatar won Best Picture and Best Director. Congrats to them, too!

Considering Trek’s low international box office, it’s not surprising there were no nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Perhaps the countries where Trek had a stronger showing will give them a nom or two at their own film awards? UK? Germany? Australia?


I don’t think box office numbers had anything to do with it. “Avatar” came in at the right time and swept everyone off their feet. Plus it had the built-in reputation that came with it being a James Cameron movie. Otherwise “Transformers 2” would have been nominated.
Being a summer movie, “Star Trek” was not on the radar with the Golden Globes voters. Same reason “Star Trek” will not get any nominations at the Oscars.

I, for one, am thrilled that we had a Star Trek movie at all, let alone Globes, Oscars, or any other award. I was so fearful that this franchise was going dormant. With the terrific box office and the announcement of a sequel, I’m relieved that Paramount is re-investing in Trek.

That’s all the award I need!

If Avatar was released in 2010, Star Trek would be picking up some awards.

Congrats to Giacchino, I hope the next round it is for the music in Star Trek, getting tired of seeing Star Trek get runner up and not win anything. It’s funny though if there was no avatar or up, Star Trek could easily have won 2 awards if not at least 1.


Yea Star Trek did very well domestically, 49th all time is pretty darn good.

I guess we should be happy Star Trek is alive and healthy and surely part 2 can easily be top 10 domestic of all time.

Giacchino is a great composer. I really loved Trek 09 score. To be honest, all the sound effects compartment was awesome.

Yay, Avatar won! It was the best “Trek” picture of the year! Haha

That’s a funny (and incredibly random) observation on Julianna Marguiles’ dress.

The score for Up was beautifully done. Congrats!

Well done Michael Giacchino !!!

Definately well deserved !!!

avatar won best picture 2009? lame. i just watched it yesteryday – nothing but an overpriced rehash of greater movies of the past. dances with wolves and the last samurai were both better than avatar. what a blatant ripoff!

btw, if anyone remembers about 15 years ago there was a graphic novel series about a company in the future that travels back in time to kill dinosaurs for the meat industry. the lead character is a heroine – a wild woman like in avatar. the wild woman unites the dinosaurs against the evil corporation – sound familiar?? this graphic novel series would have blown avatar away as a film.

#15, you mean best picture has to have an original story like like this:

Evil angry Romulan seeks revenge on the federation by destroying Earth. He possesses a weapon of great destructive power, deployed from a gigantic super-ship, which is virtually indestructible. He specifically targets the Enterprise and confronts its captain personally. But the captain of the Enterprise single-handedly saves the Earth by figuring out the bad guy’s plan and then secretly beams onboard, fights the bad guy in hand-to-hand combat and ultimately escapes before the entire ship is destroyed by the actions of its science officer who detonates the super-weapon onboard the ship.

#7. StevenPDX has the right idea. The fact Star Trek is back and even being discussed in circles it does not qualify for is more than enough for Star Trek starved fans. Trying to make it something it was not doesn’t help anyone. There’s a lot of understandable bias on this site, but in the end Star Trek was what it was, it revitalized the franchise and drew new fans to it. It will not win any critical awards and likely would not have picked up any more than it has had Avatar not arrived late on the scene. But who cares? Awards season only lasts a few months, mainly helps increase interest in films at the box office which deserve to be seen that don’t have the hype Star Trek had, and are just as quickly forgotten even before the next crop of Summer movies hit the stage.

Screaming it was “cheated” from a Star Trek website forum seems to me a news story waiting to be picked up by TMZ about how Trekkies are depressed and angry about not getting the recognition they deserve. Recognition is earned and Trek did not meet the standards to earn an industry award (Giacchino’s win for Up strikes me as evidence of that). Who cares? Seems to me it got plenty of recognition anyway. And it has popular success. There’s time for the rest if these guys really want to get serious about it.

#16, as much as people complain about Nemesis sucking, you would think Abrams handling the same plot better would be absolutely okay. :p

Did anybody else think Zoe, with her red dress and Haiti ribbon, looked a little like she was wearing an elaborate Starfleet uniform?!

15, I agree, Avatar was a technical marvel and 3D novelty that has snowballed into a huge curiosity. As it remains in the top spot at the box office and continues to grab headlines, the curious flock to the theaters to see what all the fuss is about, thus adding more fuel to the fire. Quite fascinating to watch such a non-event, evolve into, perhaps, the greatest circus sideshow attraction of all time!

Congratulations Michael!

(He should have kept his goatee, though. Any TNG fan worth their salt knows that shaviong the beard leads to nothing but trouble *cough*Insurrection*cough*). ;)

Shaving, I meant shaving. What’s a “shaviong” anyway?

I just saw “Avatar” again. Had as much fun as the first time. Although as I said before, the 3-D gimmick wasn’t 3-D. Oh well. Still a fun movie. Didn’t deserve best picture though.

Star Trek deserves to win best score. Most stirring heroic score i have heard in a long time. Though it probably will not win since the academy usually picks garbage, sometimes they get it right but not often.

The incredibles score is favorited by a lot of people because it sounds like John Barry. Maybe Micheal G. should be doing James Bond.

Although i would have preferred to see Joel Step into and take over his fathers legacy, man every time i think of symphonic scores i miss Jerry more and more. The man was a class act. And was basically peerless in an industry of giants which also include john williams and alexander courage.

congratulations to Mr Giacchino the music in Up and Star Trek was very brilliant.