Exclusive First Look At April Star Trek Comics – Including New John Byrne Dr. McCoy Series

neroTomorrow IDW releases their April Solicitations of comics, and they have given TrekMovie and exclusive preview of the three new Star Trek comics that are coming, including covers. This includes the announcement of a new John Byrne series "Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor". Plus we now know that John Harriman is next up for the "Captain’s Log" series, and finally we have a preview of the third Star Trek movie adaptation comic.



New issues

Star Trek: McCoy #1 (FC • 32 pages • $3.99)
John Byrne (w & a & c)
Space, the final frontier… and on that frontier and beyond, humans and aliens alike need medical care. Enter Leonard McCoy, Doctor of Space Medicine, late of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE…  his first assignment: save the human colonists from a mysterious plague on a distant world whose only native lifeform is a vast and suddenly hostile jungle. Shipped with a special variant Byrne “gag” cover! (2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio).

Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Harriman  (FC • 32 pages • $3.99)
Marc Guggenheim (w) • Andrew Currie (a) • David Messina (c)
Captain John Harriman is the commander of the USS Enterprise B. He is also the man many hold responsible for the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of James Tiberius Kirk, the renowned Starfleet captain by whom all others are judged. How does a man recover from killing a legend? Find out in this very special issue!
Guest starring Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

Star Trek Movie Adaptation #3 (FC • 32 pages • $3.99)
Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Mike Johnson, Tim Jones, (w) • David Messina (a & c)
JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci present the official comics adaptation of their blockbuster film STAR TREK! The creative team behind the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN returns to continue the story as Kirk and Spock meet for the first time at Starfleet Academy! Don’t miss this exclusive mini-series, which includes scenes not included in the film!


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Wow, they keep rolling out interesting comics! I’ll be there for these definitely!

I’m a big Captain Harriman fan. I’ll be getting that one.

That dude was good in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Dammit, I’m a doctor, not a festively-drawn cartoon!

CREW was an excellent comic, irregardless of its Trek, and surprisingly captured entirely the old skool Trek feel, so I’m glad Byrne’s back for more.

Whoever did that Harriman cover should be hauled over for essentially applying a photoshop filter over a movie still of Shatner, though.

Furthermore, I do hope they do Harriman justice. It would be interesting to see what happened to him, and learn more about the -B, who is essentially the least-well known of all the Enterprise line (even over the -C, methinks.)

Wow, I love these covers, and how they look nothing like the real actors. That really enhances the comics experience for me.

It’s funny, John Byrne is doing all the Trek comics I’d be interested. He does the ones I’d be doing if I created comics.

The covers for these comics look better than the book novels that were going to come out…

6: You should check out the Pocket Books Star Trek novel “Serpents Among the Ruins” by David R George III. It’s one of the best Star Trek novels ever published – a “Lost Years” novel spanning Harriman’s entire career as Captain of the Enterprise.

Byrne’s McCoy? Sold. Just … sold :) I’m so there I can already feel it.


Thanks… I’ll check it out!

Please fix the cover of Harriman’s Captain’s Log issue – that is definitely not the Ent-B! Although I wonder if the Ent-A ties in with the “shadow Kirk” that is looming over his shoulder? But Harriman did not know/have anything to do with Kirk when he was in command of the Ent-A! Or did he? Perhaps the story will clear that up. I’ll buy it.

I enjoyed the first issue of Captain’s Log/Sulu, but I was bothered by the fact that every ship display inside the Excelsior was of the Ent-A and not the Excelsior! I’m sure someone else has nitpicked about this, but I thought it was a silly mistake. Not unlike Spock:Reflections when Spock was on the refit Ent and the ship display said Ent-A. Recycling?

Glad the see the Harriman comic. I wondered the samething when I watched Gennerations. Now I will finally find out! (Of couse you would wonder since all those news reporters when on the bridge. But then again Checkov took them away didn’t he? Stupid Checkov!)

:O on that McCoy cover, Why is Dumbo in the field of patients awaiting care?

@15: Because it’s awesome?

Seriously though, I’m really hyped for this one — I’m a big fan of the good Doctor.

McCoy comic needs a variant cover…

…with hairy arms!! ;-)

The McCoy issue cover is cool. Has the 60s feel to it. Its good to see the good doctor getting some coverage.

The Harriman issue I am looking forward to as well. The fact that Kirk and the Enterprise-A are on the cover behind Harriman is actually quite fitting. Herriman and the Enterprise-B were successors to Kirk and the Enterprise-A. That and the presumed death of Kirk cast a big shadow over the new ship and captain.

Looking forward to the movie adaptation. Might wait for the collected volume though.

All in all, a lot to look forward to in ’10 in regards to comics. IDW keeps getting better overall save for the odd clunker. Hopefully they’ll continue the “Aliens: Spotlight” line.

Looks like Byrne brought back some of his aliens from his StarLord days…mucho cool.

That movie adaption cover is pretty awful. The crappy Photoshopped photo as a background really gives it some class too.

I want a captain’s log with the movie Era Shatner Kirk either on the refit enterprise or A. Won’t buy a chris pine kirk on the jj-prise ipod store bridge.

And IDW has to get artists who actually draw there comics real and not on a computer, get rid of the digital inking, get rid of the bad artists and the bad photoshop job covers. I think this is a problem with the whole comic book industry at the moment. Even Dark Horse comics who used to have stellar star wars comics have been phoning it in, they do great scripts but the art stinks.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drawing and inking on a computer, not least because it’s what I do, heh. There are practical advantages to it. Like, an infinite supply of “paper” and no limit to how often you can rub things out. But you still need to actually draw things.

The problem is a growing trend of just filtering photos and the like, and you end up with something between collage and fumetti. I may be old fashioned, but I want my comics to be drawn. By hand. The medium doesn’t matter, but the method does, IMV.


Agreed. The great thing about Photoshop is that anyone can use it. The worst thing about Photoshop is that ANYONE can use it.

Those “anyones” at IDW needs to step away from the PSD filters and take an art class. It’s called illustration, people! Learn it. Use it. Granted, you can’t all be John Byrne, but you can at least cut back on the filters.

And don’t get me started on lens flares ;)

Harriman has been fleshed out in the books, but one thing that’s never come up is anyone “blaming” him for Kirk’s death per say.

That could be a real interesting angle to take.

My only gripe here is with the film adapt cover. Couldn’t they have photoshopped something more exciting for the cover? Kirk being shamed in front of the tribunal doesn’t make me want to pick it up off the rack.

Ooooh McCoy! You are awesome and I love you. I will buy your comic!

All these comics are worth buying.

damnit why didnt they use the original actors likeness for the movie adaptation?!

Hooray for Captain Cameron!

Anyone who took over the captaincy after Kirk was doomed, I mean, who could possibly live up to that legend? And certainly not someone as inexperienced as Harriman. I think he was put there as a sacrificial offering because nobody else wanted it.

@22: see, that depends on which Darkhorse SW comics you buy. Legacy has been solid with the very, vrey rare miss (guest artist filling in for Duursema). KOTOR has been horrible with the art (Bong Dazo), that’s why i dropped it three years ago.

and i do agree, more artists along the lines of John Byrne’s caliber wouldn’t hurt sales i think. seriously, can you envision someone like Bryan Hitch drawing Star Trek? :()

i personally would like to see Captain’s Log issues featuring Captain April, Captain/Commodore Number One, Captain Riker, Captain Spock, Captain Garrett, Captain Chakotay, and…Captain LaForge.

I know the VOY episode of ‘Timeless’ is considered an alternate timeline and isn’t considered official ‘canon’, but it’s an alternate reality i’d like to see one of my favorite TNG characters shine. and maybe they could incorporate Mr. Orci’s ‘quantuum mechanics’ idea and say that that timeline does infact still exist. OR maybe they could do to LaForge what Kirk did to Bones in TMP: draft him. with the hostilities between the Kilngons and Federation on the rise, more so with the destruction of Romulus, who knows what can happen? (this could even bring in elements from ‘All Good Things’ and STO)

#16–i wasnt complaining; i found it hilarious:D glad they went with the 60s style instead of the new version; although it would be cool if they did another version with a similar story with the new McCoy and the new look as well; kinda a comparison of how the same events play out in two different timelines

#32–well, I can think of a couple people who could live up to Kirk’s legend, or at least honor it properly… Sulu and Spock… sadly Sulu already had the Excelsior and Spock became an Ambassador…

Well, they could’ve promoted Chekov…or Uhura… would’ve been nice to see Uhura in command of a starship:)

Looks like that Vulcan and Andorian got into a bit of a scrape.

Harriman gets his own comic? You gotta be kidding me. Outside of Captain Esteban, Harriman comes off as one of the goofiest and incompentant captains ever to take a center seat. I still can’t believe he has a comic centered around him. Is today April 1st?

37. star trackie – January 19, 2010
Harriman gets his own comic? You gotta be kidding me. Outside of Captain Esteban, Harriman comes off as one of the goofiest and incompentant captains ever to take a center seat. I still can’t believe he has a comic centered around him. Is today April 1st?
Then don’t buy it.

I guess ever captain has a “first day” and maybe the Enterprise B wasn’t bench marked to be anything special, so assigning it a rookie captain was standard procedure. But given its namesake, the expectation would be that you’d want your top people assigned.

Or maybe they thought “Kirk was young, let’s get another young guy.” Maybe he looked better on paper than reality. But you’d still think, as someone who’s earned his way to captain, he’d have experience enough to deal with things better than a deer stuck in headlights.

Maybe the pompous of the circumstances, combined with the presence of his idol/most famous Starfleet member of all time, reporters, the fact that it was only supposed to be a quick spin around the block, all combined into catching him with his pants down when unexpected disaster struck. But would any of the “star” captains we’ve seen, even your least favorite one on their rookie day, been completely devoid of ideas on how to rescue those people? Probably not.

Maybe he was as shocked as the rest of us that his ill-equipped ship that was only supposed to take a quick run around the block WAS THE ONLY SHIP IN RANGE even though they had just left Earth and hadn’t even made it past Pluto yet. That Earth, home of Starfleet headquarters, apparently had no other ships except the unfinished Enterprise-B to send out and help the El-Aurians. Earth was completely devoid of starships and defenseless that day.

Actually, that last one makes me side with Harrigan. I would have a “WTF?” look on my face too, which could probably be mistaken for a “deer in the headlights” look. And Kirk schooling him on the situation makes sense too, because Starfleet did the same thing to him all the time too!

17.”McCoy comic needs a variant cover…

…with hairy arms!! ;-)”

Wait! Click on the picture and look at the bigger one; he does have hairy arms!

@37: That’s the point – to flesh him out and make him a real character instead of a throwaway punchline. More power to him, I say.

@25: You should check out the novel “The Captain’s Daughter”, by Peter David. He does play up the blame angle quite a bit, only it’s Harriman blaming himself and letting it eat away at his own self-esteem.
It’s rough going, but very well-done.

Byrne and McCoy…awesome.

“Earth was completely devoid of starships and defenseless that day.”

It always is. Where was the rest of Starfleet when V’Ger arrived? Come to that, where were they during the battle at Kittomer?

As portrayed so far, Starfleet is the most incompetent military organisation imaginable.

@43: yeah, youd’ think that with all those ships, you’d have a few on stand-by…

but then again, there weren’t any Romulan, Klingon (Chang aside), or any other ships at Kittomer, probably as a way to demonstrate the neutrality and peaceful nature of the conference.

the V’Ger incident, well, that was just plain wrong. heck, when Vulcan was under attack in ST ’09, they had those ships in reserve.

and finally, remember, space is very big.

but then again, there weren’t any Romulan, Klingon (Chang aside), or any other ships at Kittomer, probably as a way to demonstrate the neutrality and peaceful nature of the conference.

How did the delegates get there? Were there no diplomatic transports, no starships, nobody to notice two federation ships getting pounded with photon torpedoes?

Yes the lack of star ships around earth, etc. does seem to be a major STAR TREK plot hole at times. Of course it is all done for story and maybe budget at times. Still after awhile if over used this plot device does come off as funny or annoying. ;)

40. nerdinpink: “Wait! Click on the picture and look at the bigger one; he does have hairy arms!”

Heh! you’re right! I guess i should have said HAIRY-ER arms! =)

5. Irregardless isn’t a word, dude. It’s regardless.

I actually pretty stoked about the Harriman comic. I have always wanted to see more from him, and the Enterprise B. woo!