VOY@15: The Collective’s Guide To New and Recent Star Trek Voyager Merchandise

TrekMovie continues to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager today with a special edition of "The Collective". Voyager continues to inspire a generation of fans. And for Voyager memorabilia collectors, there continues to be modern items. To help celebrate Voyager, this special edition of the Collective engages in a adventure into some of Voyager’s most recent collectibles.




During the 1990s Playmates Toys made a number of Voyager figures: 24 of their 4" line, 7 of their 9", and 2 of the excellently detailed 12" line. More recently there has only been only one Voyager themed action figure released. Diamond Select Toys made a special "Timeless" version of Geordi LaForge which was a special offer for the 2008 Alternate Realities DVD set. The offer is no longer valid after June 2009, so the best way to get this figure now is through secondary or auction markets.

"Timeless" Geordi special offer..- available now in the secondary market

 DST also announced a line of Borg figures, including two 7 of 9 figures, but those were postponed, with no word on when they will be re-assimilated.

New DST Borg figures put on hold

As for the Voyager itself in toy form, the 1990s Intrepid class USS Voyager Toy continues to be very popular and commands almost $400 on the secondary and auction markets today. More recently, from 2004 to 2008, Johnny Lightning offered a great line of small Star Trek plastic ships, with the USS Voyager and Borg Cube being represented a few times with variations.

And in just the last months, the line of Revell Voyager kits from the nineties has been re-released in Europe. You can pick up three different Voyager-themed model kits at the UK’s Forbidden Planet:

Voyager Revell Kit – available again


During the 1990s, Star Trek Voyager trading cards reflected the zeitgeist of the then proto Internet era with such items as phone cards and downloadable cyber cards. Voyager cards were also some of the first to include certified autographed cards from the actors.

Rittenhouse Archive, Ltd. continues to produce Star Trek Voyager trading cards. Soon to be or recently available sets include:

New Voyager card set


Star Trek Voyager continues to have a strong novel line, with more than 40 titles available since the publication of the "Caretaker" premiere episode novelization of 1995. 2009 had two Voyager novels, the first since 2005. Kirsten Beyer’s "Full Circle" brought the Voyager series into sync with the TNG and Titan books, and then her definitely worthy novel "Unworthy"  continued the tales of the USS Voyager and crew. Also the 2008 "Myriad Universes: Infinity’s Prism" compilation of ‘what if’ short stories contained an excellent
alternative take on Voyager.

2009 saw two new Voyager books

Voyager also has been featured in many nonfiction books, including the 1998 book "Star Trek Voyager: A Vision of the Future" by famous author Stephen Edward Poe, and from "The Star Trek Voyager Companion" by Paul Ruditis in 2003. The most recent Voyager related nonfiction book is the 2008 guide "Star Trek 101" by Terry J. Erdmann and Paula M. Block, which has a section on Voyager.

"Star Trek 101" includes a guide to Voyager

Star Trek Voyager not only helped begin a network, it was one of the first comics available from a joint venture by Marvel and Paramount Comics. Voyager had 19 issues with Marvel/Paramount Comics, and a few more with Wildstorm. Unfortunately for fans of Voyager comics, current licensee IDW has yet to announce plans to bring Voyager back to comic format. A conciliation prize is that in 2008 GIT CORP released "Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection," a CD Rom containing all Star Trek comic books from Gold Key through to Wildstorm, including all those Voyager comics.

GIT CD Rom has all the Voyager comics


Voyager music is available on a variety of CDs, the most recent being 2009’s City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme. Here are a list of CDs still available (at Amazon):

Latest Star Trek compilation containing Voyager music

And of course Voyager’s entire seven year journey is available on DVD. You can get all seven seasons together (currently priced at $342.49 Amazon). Or you can pick up the individual seasons (priced at Amazon between $50-$54 each)

All of Voyager is available on DVD

Many Voyager episodes also appear on the themed "Collective" episode compilations released between 2006 and 2008). Each is priced around $32 and contains special features, including interviews with cast and crew from Voyager:

2008’s Alternative Realities set contained 4 Voyager episodes



Voyager fans could continue to dress and display their Trekitude with a variety of recent additions to Voyager apparel. Trevco has a new Voyager t-shirt, available at Entertainment Earth.

Trevco Voyager Shirt

Plus, Creation Entertainment has Star Trek Voyager Janeway dog tags:

Janeway dogtag



Voyager has a nice history of being released in various gaming formats, from Decipher CCG card games to video games. Some of the best received Star Trek video games were from Voyager, especially the Elite Force game and sequel. Kate Mulgrew lent her voice to the 2006 Bethesda video game Star Trek Legacy also had playable Voyager ships. Perhaps the coolest digital game was Star Trek Voyager: The Arcade Game which lucky fans played at various shopping malls beginning in 2001.

Voyager arcade game

Although there are no new Voyager specific games, many of the new Star Trek games of 2009 and 2010 include Voyager content. The Scene It? DVD Game: Star Trek Edition includes many questions based on Voyager, and Captain Janeway is on the cover of the game. The regular edition of the game is currently available for only $10.98 at Toys R Us .

The 20Q Star Trek game from Mattel Radica also features Voyager characters as possible answers and Janeway is also featured on the package art. You can pick it up at Amazon, currently discount priced at $6.99.

Also available during 2009 was the Monopoly Star Trek Continuum edition which includes Voyager cards and characters http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=USMN066201

Voyager returns to card game format with the recent availability of Winning Moves’ Star Trek Top Trumps Card Game which features characters from all versions of Star Trek television shows, available in the UK at Amazon.

That’s it for now. Hopefully for Voyager fans we will see more Voyager collectibles and merchandise into this new decade.


THANKS/DISCLOSURES: Thanks to the JKLM Star Trek Action Figure Card Website  and Trekcore for some of the images. During 2009, TrekMovie received samples of the Monopoly and Scene It? Star Trek games.


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The Voyager kit’s first issue was so-so, but subsequent re-releases made some significant improvements. The kit was more accurate than many of the Enterprise (NCC-1701, refit and the D) kits.

Nice article, BTW!

The Seven of Nine (as a Borg) is nicely done.

Ah, if only I was rich.

Bandai also released a model kit of Voyager which lit up and could be modelled with the landing struts out or retracted and of course featured the moving warp pylons. Good luck finding one though!

Great stuff, count me in on the figures.

I already have the Monopoly and the Scene it. The latter game is tougher than you would think, I played it New Years Eve with some other fans and there were a few times we were all stumped but it is a great game and lot of fun. I like plying the tie breaker game. I only wish they had the NX-01 as a fifth playing piece since the box art has all five captains or ships depending on which one you buy.

I love the fact that on the Star Trek Monopoly board that Picard is center for once. Poor Janeway and Archer will always be stuck in the back, though.

6 – Indeed, I need a few million dollars. My first purchase: a basement.

You can still find in the secondary market (ebay…etc) the Franklin Mint Pewter Voyager which is the best “model” I think.

#4 – I’ve got two of the Bandai Voyagers left, and I’m keeping them. :) And it’s amazingly too darned bad that we never got to see injection kits of Prometheus and Equinox. I will -never- understand why Revell-Monogram even considered the Kazon torpedo. So weird.

i sent in my Captain La Forge offer, but they never sent it to me. i guess i sent it in too close to the deadline, though the customer service rep told me they were “waiting for more offers before contacting the warehouse”…

#9: You lucky dog. :) You’re right, though, I would’ve absolutely loved to see Prometheus and/or Equinox model kits. Those ships were hot.

I have the Revell Kit from when i was in 5th grade 1995. Some great memories building it for a science project.


How did building a model kit count as a science project?

Just curious…

re: The Bandai Star Trek kits.

They were incredibly expensive for their size (somewhere in the $70-90 range)… barely six inches in length, if I recall correctly.

From what I read though, they were incredibly detailed. Perhaps the strongest draw to them was that one did not have to paint them and they were internally lit.

My main reason for not buying them was that they were snap models. For the serious modeller, this was a big hurdle to swallow. That, and they were too small. I like my models big (like Polar Lights refit E, which is nearly three feet long).

I saw that T-shirt for sale at Star Trek: The Exhibition in Philadelphia last year! I passed it up for a TOS Command T-shirt. I also got the Monopolly last Christmas and highly recommend it to any fan! The money is gold pressed latinum!

I remember picking up the Voyager model kit, and then about a week later I saw the new uber-detailed Voyager kit, with a bazillion little decals, an open shuttlebay, tiny shuttlecraft, the works. Darn. :(

Hee, the movie theater closest to me still has the Voyager arcade game! Fun times!

Speaking of the Exhibition, what is the word on it currently? Haven’t heard anything about it for months. I thought when the original list of cities came out, Minneapolis was on it. I’m still hoping…

I don’t have much in the way of “Voyager” merchandise. Would have loved to have gotten my hands on the Playmates ship. Hopefully, Art Asylum will put one out, but I doubt it. I also hope they put out those awesome Borg figures. But probably not going to happen either. Oh well.

Most of my collection is TOS, TNG and DS9. Not much in the way of “Enterprise”.

The Dave and Busters in my area still has the Voyager arcade game. Every time we go there, my friends and I drop about $5 and half an hour playing it.

#13 My science project was on science fiction. I loved star trek and my parents bought me the modle to put together. It was not a science project on growing something. The rules were very broad for a fifth grader…

Its kinda off-topic, but the PC game “Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force” was a pretty good game and you could explore the Ship!

I got the new Voyager model, just waiting on paints to come in. its larger than expected, and very detailed. I cant wait to start it.

I. Want. Voyager. Model. (And I’m too lazy to build one from scratch)

The colors of the Val Jean looks a little too bright, though. So is Voyager. I’ve always thought that both ships were a dark gray.

I love Voyager, its not my favourite but boy did I love watching when it was first on.

I am currently enjoying revisiting it with along with DS9 on DVD at moment.

I had started DS9 along with TNG’s 6 season as originally aired and after I finished TNG I started Voyager, those early first two seasons were great. I loved Voyager till the end, I love all Trek, but even I have to admit it did become too much the Janeway and Seven of Nine show and they did overdo the Borg, but there were still great stories in Voyager.

I am glad you are honouring Voyager, I thought it would be overlooked since this site seems to be negative towards this show and everyone is more raving on the new movie and criticising this.

Glad to have this site honour the other Treks.

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force I and II were both great games. However, Part I is still my favorite despite the better graphics of Part II.

#9 , Didn’t someone make Prometheus and Equinox models or miniatures?
Also, after looking at the figures I kind of wish that 7 of 9 would have stayed as a Borg longer and gradually transformed into the catsuit 7 of 9 or just put her in a starfleet uniform with no rank. I think Jeri Ryan looked great in the starfleet uniform the few times she wore one.

Rick, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your great contributions to Voyager and all of Trek, still very appreciated!

I thought the Playmates Voyager starship toy w/ sound and elevating- motorized nacelles was awesome! The model had snap up action, but the PM toy was better.

I always loved that they had the Star Trek Voyager arcade game in the hall by The Experience in Vegas. I wanted to take a picture in it dressed as “Seven” and then they yanked it out of there before I could.

# 9 Rick Sternbach.

That’s true. The Kazon Torpedo was a really weird decission for a model-kit release. Why they not released a shuttle instead or something else better known? Beside that, Revell kept the Voyager-line only for one year during the run of season one (releasing the better 2.0 version of the Voyager itself in a limited edition) and then dropped it – and never picked it up! It was neither picked up by amt or PolarLights. Sad: I would have loved a detailed kit of the Delta Flyer (with cockpit!) or the Prometheus or the Equinox. But the ninetys were never a good decade of Star Trek models. Beside DSN, a less detailed Runabout-model, a cardassian cruiser and the Defiant we never got any other DSN-models (no Jem’Hadar fighters or cruisers. Very sad thing). I think from the movies amt only adapts the Enterprise-E; very poorly detailed.

The re-release of the old kits from Revell is another weird decission.
Maybe they hope to make profit from the hype around the new movie? But for everyone who not has a Voyager-model (the Revell one is 80% acurate I would say) it’s THE chance to complete your starfleet. BTW: It’s cheaper and much bigger than the Bandai-Voyager (more as twice the size).

The other Voyager stuff was not so great. The Borg-line from DST looks very interesting, but it’s cancellation is another sad thing concerning VOY-merchandising (remind me about the never produced DST Nemesis- cobrahead-phaser-toy; the only good thing about Nemesis). The only halfway good video-game was Elite Force. I would have loved to see that idea realised in the tv show, but it’s never happend. .

Come on Art Asylum! Get on the freakin ball and give us some more Star Trek crap we don’t need but all desperately want!

Seven of Nine wore a Star Fleet uniform? I don’t recall that.

#26 – Yes, there were small resin models of both Prometheus and Equinox, as well as a nicely detailed Delta Flyer, but nothing in the injection arena. Bandai kept hopes alive for injection models for a short time, but like the downturn in the Trek publishing field, most models disappeared. A few Enterprise kits are still out there from Polar Lights/Round 2/RC/whoever, with the ST2009 kit on the way, but I doubt we’re going to see much more than that anytime soon.

#27 – Thanks for that. We did what we must because we could. :)

“Thanks for that. We did what we must because we could. :)”

That’s awesome.

I want to get one of those Voyager kits. I had one when they were first released and I never got a chance to put it together because of my insane ex-wife. She destroyed all my Trek stuff. A tale I have re-told here more than once.

Is there any distributor in the U.S. that has them?


@9 – Don’t give up on the Equinox …. I’m one of the people that keep asking Polar Lights for it, maybe one day we will get it…. (I hope!).

I would also like to see a 1/1000th Voyager and a 1/72 Delta Flyer ……

Thanks once again for the best ship it Trek.

It’s a little off the voyager topic, but I emailed trekmodeler.com about pricing for the 3′ 1701-a with lighting, prebuilt, but haven’t heard gotten any response. Anyone know the approx price and timeline to order one?

I like the Merchandise. Playmates version of VOYAGER is COOL!! I just wish that Corgi, which did a Great job on their version the ENT-D, had done both VOYAGER and DEFIANT, which they said they were going to do. Maybe Diamond Select/Art Asylum may do a Version someday.

#32-she wore Starfleet uniforms in episodes : “Relativity” & “Human Error” and a Starfleet spacesuit in “One Small Step.”

I really would like to see the new borgified 7 of 9 figure get made.

check out the televixen bustin out the 7of9 trivia

#34 – I’m still looking for the cake. :)

Re: Rick Sternbach

Ad me to the list of people thanking you. Although I must say I still prefer the “original” Voyager design without the folding-up nacelles dohickeys.

40. Oh, Anthony, I may not know a lot of stuff, but I surely know my 7 of 9 details. =)

#42 – Thanks. Yeah, I would have preferred non-articulated pylons myself. Ship fly, they shoot, they pop up shield bubbles. One can do interesting variations of those actions without adding any more. Well, I did like the landing legs (even if TPTB didn’t really understand that they didn’t hold up all of the mass), and the escape pods, and an almost fanatical devotion to tech. “Our fiv–SIX chief weapons are…” :)


Hey Rick, as I have learned from this site (BTW, how cool is it to casually shoot the sh*t with folks who made Trek) you are a styrene enthusiast. Do you have any pictures of some of your projects, completed and otherwise? I have downloaded my stuff onto my FB page with the full realization that I am not anywhere near as good as most folks who are into them, but it is always fun and a great learning experience to see what folks are doing right now.

#45 – You can see some of the stuff I’ve done in the last few years at


not meaning to steer away from Voyager, of course. Some years ago I did build-ups of Voyager, Kazon Torp, Ent-D, Klingon Attack Cruiser. Don’t have any photos handy, tho’; sorry. Currently, the Playmates Voyager and Playmates Attack Cruiser are sitting on my Mac; maybe this summer I’ll do some kit builds to replace them. Fun with cyanoacrylates and airbrush.

Great stuff, Rick. I remember cruising the site a while back. Such fantastic work on the terrain. Truly inspiring and great to know just how high the bar can be set.

Don’t forget this great Voyager cutaway poster: