Star Trek The Exhibition Extends Stay In San Jose + See Video Reports Of Exhibit

The engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose is being extended. Originally it was going to wrap up this month, but now bay area fans have until April 11th to tour around the exhibit of props, costumes, and more from 43 years of Star Trek, including the new movie. We also have a couple of video reports from the exhibit to share, so you can see what’s going on.


San Jose Star Trek Exhibition Extended – including ‘Star Trek’ in IMAX
According to The Tech Museum, more than 50,000 visitors have visited their ‘engagement’ of Star Trek: The Exhibition. The show contains  original costumes, genuine props and authentic recreations of sets from all five Star Trek television series and 11 Star Trek feature films, including the new Star Trek movie.

In a statement Tech Museum President Peter Friess said:

The response to this exhibition has been, well, stellar. By extending the exhibition, we give more people the chance to explore the Star Trek universe and see how much of the science fiction in the series has become science fact.

Not only is the Exhibition extended, but the museum is also extending its run of Star Trek: The IMAX Experience, which will run for the length of the exhibition.

The exhibit also includes ‘Star Trek IQ’ interactive quizes and two full-motion simulator rides which take riders on a shuttle flight from U.S.S Enterprise-D, voiced by Michael Dorn (extra fee for the ride).

For more info and tickets visit

The other traveling engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition wrapped up a stay in Hollywood around Christmas. There has been no announcement yet on a new city.

Video reports from ST: The Exhibition in San Jose
There are a couple of good video reports from the Tech Musuem engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition.

from KMVT

and from Electric Playground



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Atlanta, GA please.

Chicago, IL please.

I went to this. Overpriced and very small. Not worth the time. I miss Star Trek the Experience :(


I saw this in Detroit last year, and it was worth every bit of the 2 1/2-hour drive, price of admission and cost for the geeky photo in The Chair.

Saw it. Loved it. Now I can go again.

I’d love to see this if it made it’s way to Seattle!

I saw this also in San Jose, a little overpriced could have been more props and sights but all in all I enjoyed my time there including Star Trek: IMAX in the IMAX Dome.

David Stoeckel, I second that notion!

We went and saw it in Phoenix, it’s cool. Certainly expensive, but the chance to sit in the captains chair for a big fan is priceless.

I wasnt too thrilled with it either, It was cool, but at the same time, it was very much like the Star Trek Experience. But they had some cool features, and others that were dissappointing, like the Classic Bridge.

On a similar topic, is there any news on the return of Star Trek: The Experience?

love to see it come to Buffalo / Niagara Falls!

#3…. no need to miss it.

It lives on forever at this link:

I went to the San Jose ST exhibit a month or so back. It was okay for the price, but it seemed like there could of been a bit more to it. I wish the bridge had been just a bit better in quality and there was a bit more TOS structure to the over all show. I did not get to the simulator rides so I can’t comment on them. I have been to the STAR TREK experience in Vegas and really liked that somewhat more than this traveling show. Still it is TREK so if you have the time and are not tight on funds check it out. The only other bum deal is you could not take your own pictures, but it is their exhibit so their rules.


Minneapolis or St. Paul MN?

Seriously, if there is not a visit to NYC for this exhibition (seeing as NYC NEVER gets Trek-only type stuff and NY residents have to travel out of state just for a Trek-only event, it5 would very much make this trekker happy to NOT have to drive for 3 hours just to go spend a day doing something that involves trek. Three hours less driving is three hours more spent visiting the exhibition anyway, lol), then I will be very dissatisfied, annoyed, and disappointed. Oh wait, I forgot, they’re the same!

When does it get to Toronto?

kansas city please, I saw on the list of cities it was supposed to visit before the management change that kansas city kansas was on the list. I hope it still is.

I took the family this past summer to the Exhibition in Detroit (3 hour drive) and we absolutely loved it–as mentioned, sitting in THE captain’s chair was a highlight and walking through the Guardian of Forever. We enjoyed seeing Trek09 on the IMAX too They had a fantastic scale replica of a Borg cube that must have taken hours to originally construct (it had to be about 3 feet by 3 feet in size!).

My only disappointment–why are these videos allowed but we, the fans, are unable to take photographs inside the Exhibition?

I get the distinct feeling that this may never leave California again. Too bad.

I vote that Paul Allen buys the Experience and moves it to the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle and makes that the mecca for sience fiction enthusiasts.

One of these tours was supposed to come to Minneapolis on it’s second stop. Get back over here already!

Bring it to Edinburgh. It’s time the UK got some Trek

Went to it in San Jose and Detroit. SJ’s was more crowded but I went to Detroit at the tail end. Detroit had the audio addition that SJ did not have.

The idea of expierence-exhibition combining to make it a nationwide and down the road globel tour may be the solution to Fan access. It would be loved and seen by all who could not travel to Vegas in the past. Combine and beam the world. A bigger fan base would be a certainy..while we wait for Trek 2012!

atlanta GA please. or st louis MO

Atlanta wha hoo! To Dr mccoy’s hometown

Anywhere in Kentucky…Trek fans here too….

A global exhibition tour will never happen since studio props cannot be taken outside of the U.S. I think its studio policy that prohibits studio props from leaving the country, unless they are privately owned by collectors. It might also be against the law as well. Hopefully someone can clarify this.

Sounds like Darth Vader behind the camera of that YouTube clip. Seriously, cut down on the Doritos FAT BOY!!!!


That brings back so many great trips to Vegas with family and friends.

I have not been back to Vegas since they closed it and it is a big reason now not to go to Vegas.

We have good gambling in Colorado now.

We left a day early for Motor City Comic Con last year in detroit so we could go… we went in full TOS uniform, made from vintage Paramount material. To sit on the bridge was a dream. Just incredible stuff, and fun to pick apart what things are made of… the captain’s chair used on the bird of prey in ST V is a Corvette driver seat!