Watch Great New Short Fan Film: Star Wars vs Star Trek – The Final Battle?

Will the battle between Star Wars and Star Trek ever be settled? Well a creative new short fan film tries to do just that as the word of Star Wars attacks Earth, who will save them? Find out below, plus we have a couple more past short films from the never-ending saga that is Star Trek vs. Star Wars.


The War Between Star Wars and Star Trek hits Earth
Here is the new short film by Billy Parker

According to Parker, the film took him only three weeks to make. Parker combined music and sounds from the new movie with a CGI model of the original Enterprise (created by our old friend Jason Lee, the maker of 2007’s ‘Foolerprise‘). Parker tells TrekMovie the reason he used the TOS ship is because he didn’t know how to get a model of the new one and he had the TOS ship available. I think it looks pretty cool combined with the new sounds and music.


More Star Trek v Star Wars short films
Of course a significant percent of YouTube is made up of mashups taking clips from Star Trek and Star Wars and creating battles, and we have shown some of those here in the past. But, there takes a special effort to do a live action video. Here are a couple of examples of live action shorts that explore Star Wars v Star Trek…

Film Riot finds out what it is when a light saber takes on a phaser

Here is another one from Lawling Productions, where some kids fight it out Trek v Wars style.

Thanks to Ulrich for the link.

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This is the best bar NONE

I have to say after watching the first video…while I really do like the JJprise and agree that it needed and upgrade…the TOS looking like that (first video) with the better sounds and all might have worked.

Haha! Oh, the infinite, illogical Trek vs. Wars debate…

They’re in two galaxies. They’re in two time zones — the far past and the far future. Besides, I can’t see the Jedi Council fighting the Federation. Sith + Borg/insertvillianhere vs. all the good guys on Trek and Wars in an all-out epic battle?

Yes, please. :D

Star Trek rules!

ha that’s awesome!

I was an equal fan of both, until I saw Star Wars Episode II…

Thats pretty cool, creative. Im with 4 on this one though, no real good reason for a ST vs SW IMO, I like them both.

well either they will fight each other to the end of time or one is turned into the other, ie the new movie.

Sorry but the original star wars trilogy will always be cooler than star trek, especially the JJ Verse tangent.

The top video makes no sense its the original series enterprise with the JJ music. Why not Alexander Courage, maybe these kids never heard if him i guess.

Also the new JJ verse copied quite a few things from star wars sensibility. If star trek was better than star wars why did the new film have to pretend to be a star wars film to be sucessful?

I like the Space battle. But the best Battle is Star Trek Vs babylon 5. That is still the best so far.


er I believe that THIS is the best ever Trek vs. Wars mash:


Yeah, the new JJ verse copied a lot from Star Wars OT, but Star Wars Prequel Trilogy copied a lot from Star Trek. By that I mean the way they demystified the Force with psuedoscience- the midichlorians are right out of the TNG handbook of endless technobabble. Also the dull plodding pace of the Phantom Menace is straight out of TNG/VOY/ENT. Lucas probably thought that’s what works for the kids today.


Reading is FUNdamental.

Very funny!

This is a pretty good ST/SW crossover.

Star Wars turned from from this great grainy space fantasy with great characters into this stupid Saturday morning cartoons for kids. If only Star Wars remained true to the original and catered to young adults rather than kids who wanted a happy meal toy.

Pretty soon, we won’t need Paramount. We’ll just tap out fanboy-gasmic material on our puters.

How can we not mention the infamous DMP edition.

Is there any nudity?

Set phasers to F*** you up! HAHAHAHAHA

I’d always wished on the post TOS shows that a reference would be made in passing to Star Wars, on the assumption that ‘Trek is ‘our’ future, where SW would be classic films people would still be watching and making reference to (one of my favorite tv memories is from ‘Mad about You,’ when Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are browsing in a video store and she picks up a copy of ‘Aliens,’ which he immediately votes no on with a nice theatrical shudder. I love things like that…)

I always had Wesley pegged as a big SW fan…

21- There’s also a scene where Reiser says he only saw ‘the second one’ of the Aliens franchise…

Some fun moments… but in all seriousness, I’ve never understood why loving ONE franchise necessitates hatred of the other one.

I love ’em both. They shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. :P

I love both franchises, but playing it out this way helped the film I think… and I do like Star Trek more than Star Wars…

Bill Perker and Jason Lee ,,,,Congratulations is great Short Film and Lol ¡¡¡
which is the age of both? they are seen very young.

Live Long and Prosper.

Why would these guys use that bucket of bolts (the new E), when they could use the far superior TOS E…

Way too much time on their hands. But, I will say this.. I love their transporter effect, more than JJ’s “Tasmanian Devil” effect. Pretty nifty.

Good videos. I like both franchises but I just like Star Trek a lot more. The overall quality of Star Trek is greater than the overall quality of Star Wars.
On the other hand, the original Star Wars Trilogy beats every Star Trek movie.

Ok, in terms of technical aspects:


It’s a bit jarring and uninspired. At least make the stuff your own!

#28 :: Even TWOK? Even “First Contact”?

Ooo, ouch. Haha, but I know what you mean. I loved the original trilogy of Star Wars. Han Solo has always been one of my top favourite scifi dudes, and of course Leia was always amazing… Could’ve done without the metal bikini, though. But I digress. She could still kick butt in it. (I’m all for women who can kick butt.)

Love it all, ‘cept that last scene in VI… A dance party? Really? To end the saga? But at least it was a happy ending. =)

#30 Okay maybe not “The Wrath of Khan” or “First Contact”, but certainly the others. :-)

Have you ever noticed that the Ewoks have a striking resemblance to George Lucas? Look at the faces.

I feel a Part 2 coming on! lol
Very good job guys- but shame on you for leaving your fallen comrade behind!

“Set phasers to f*** you up” classic!


“Parker tells TrekMovie the reason he used the TOS ship is because he didn’t know how to get a model of the new one and he had the TOS ship available.”

He means ‘the original was far better and he couldn’t find the proper sound effects’.

that was a great article haha coodos to the wrighter

Good grief! Can’t believe how OLD that model is. I built that thing a good seven or eight years ago now and it’s awfully primitive by today’s standards. Still doesn’t look too bad, though.

Oh, and for those of you who are into such trivia, it’s not actually a model of the Enterprise but rather the U.S.S. Constitution as depicted in Franz Joseph Schnaubelt’s Booklet of General Plans from the ’70s.

Well if people prefer Star Wars no wonder the new Trek movie is considered the best, lol

I thought the video was funny as hell when the words started crashing on Earth. The Star Trek stuff at the end was almost superfluous.

Nicely done on that first one! Funny and great looking effects. Just a shame that their cinematography sucked completely…

Great stuff! I wonder if those dudes live in MN? Cuz that landscape looks a whole lot like my state right now!

wow, they did the swirly transporter effect without it looking stupid

I liked the way the transporter effect looked… kind of a combination of the movies, TV show and the new movie swirlies. Cool!

Ok. Anyone else think that first video had way better Transporter effects than the new movie?

@38 That was the only funny bit. The rest is notable only in that it seemed to a merit an article at TrekMovie calling it a “great new short fan film”. At the end credits… is it really that hard to spell Giacchino correctly?

“It is a time of great unrest and renagade paragraphs floating through space…”

Very nicely done!

#36 – Nicely done. Looking forward to a new ST ’09 Enterprise version.

#10 yeah…it made no sense. oh no!! Heaven forbid they use and unmatched ship and music. “this is a disaster!”

get over it. its just for fun, man.

#23 I agree there is room for ST@SWs what’s all the fuss? I’ve talked to many loyal trekkies that enjoy Star wars too and the fued @ debate goes on. What a shame. IDIC right?

why are people always pronouncing it “Star Track”? (1st film @ 02:30) Dude. It’s “trek” NOT “track”. GET IT RIGHT! Sheeeesh!

Video number 1 is the “Stoniest” video I’ve seen in a while. Hilarious!!