Star Trek Online Intel Report: Cardassians [w/ Screenshots & Video]

Star Trek Online launches on February 2nd. In the game you choose to play as part of Sarfleet or in the Klingon Empire, but whichever side you chose you will eventually run into some Cardassians. Atari have provided us with intel reports on the Cardassians, plus video and pics of the old spoonheads.



Star Trek Online Intel Report: Klingon Empire
The Cardassian civilization is a major player in Star Trek Online. You’ll find yourself interacting with members of various sub-factions, including the Detapa Council and militaristic True Way.

A major plotline in Star Trek Online features Cardassia and its politics, and will send you into Cardassia’s orbit and eventually onto terra firma. You’ll also be exploring Deep Space 9 and spending time on the previously deserted Empok Nor and Trivas.

Cardassians Video

Cardassians – by Cmdr. Bradden, Starfleet Intelligence

The Cardassians are a warlike and xenophobic people. Once they ruled a far reaching star empire with an iron fist, dominating the various native populations they conquered. They were a fierce military force. However, they are now a people barely surviving. Their ill-fated alliance with Dominion forces during the Dominion War resulted in near total destruction to the Cardassian homeworld and decimated their population. The Detapa Council, a civilian, democratic organization, came into power following the Dominion War, and has attempted to rebuild both the agriculture of the planet and the economy. Unfortunately, the council has faced considerable opposition from a group known as the True Way.

The True Way aims to return to the military order. While the Detapa Council leads Cardassia, and, indeed, the Cardassian Union, the True Way has a large and impassioned following. Quite regrettably, Cardassians have a history of turning to a strictly regimented military in times of trouble. Their homeworld has never been plentiful, resulting in a period of famine in their early history. To resolve the lack of natural resources on Cardassia Prime, the military decided to expand outward and appropriate the resources of other planets and peoples. They treated subjugated peoples as slave labor, regularly committing atrocities against the native populations. For that matter, the military government spied upon and, by many accounts, tortured their own citizens using an intelligence organization known as the Obsidian Order*.

Most unfortunately, this has limited the amount of aid that the Federation has been able to offer the Cardassians. The Federation has, naturally, made an attempt to assist in reconstruction efforts. The Andak Project, lead by Federation botanist Keiko O’Brien, is one of the few such attempts the Cardassians have allowed. The Andak project has provided agricultural assistance in rehabilitating Cardassia Prime’s depleted food resources. However, there is far more work to do to rebuild the planet.

It is worth noting that while the Cardassians have engendered animosity in numerous other species, the conflict between Bajorans and Cardassians is particularly bitter due to the brutal Cardassian Occupation of Bajor from 2328 to 2369.

*It is worth noting that the Obsidian Order seemed to be an equivalent institution to the Romulan Tal Shiar. However, the Obsidian Order was supposedly destroyed by the military government in 2371. My sources indicate that one of the current leaders of the Detapa Council is actually a former Obsidian Order operative.


Cardassians – report by Cmdr. Korak, Klingon Defense Force

The Cardassians are worthy opponents in battle. They are fierce warriors and fight with honor.

We fought, and defeated, them in the Dominion War. The Dominion suckered them, the poor bastards. They had no chance once they allied with those honorless targs.

Now, the Cardassians are trying to rebuild their empire on a lifeless ball of rock. It would be a miracle if they succeeded, after the Dominion bombarded their planet at the end of the war. They rebelled against the Dominion at the end, which helped us. Distract the enemy, leave them open to attack! Yes, the Cardassians were useful. Misguided at times, but useful.

We shall see if they regain their military might, though I doubt it. I doubt it greatly. Their leading council now is far more concerned with agriculture and kowtowing to the Federation. Pah! Although rumor does say that Gul Madred is leading a potential military force known as the True Way. These next few years should be interesting for the Cardassians, if they don’t die out first.




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Cool, Cardassians are a good bad guy! if u know what i mean!

Gul Madred!!


…and find a way to bring back Dukat, eh, STO?

this Bajoran Lt. Commander would love to take a crack at him…

Can’t wait for the 2nd!

Hopefully they might release the Cardies as a player race later.

I just found out that we’ll be able to visit EMPOK NOR in Star Trek Online….. SOOO AWESOME !

I wonder if players will encounter traps in the game.

My Trek Geek Levels are spiking !

This game so far is horrible.

I have no time for anything else, have missed work, the kids don’t even know me anymore.

Now I find out I get to see Empok Nor AND DS9? Where am I supposed to get more time from?

More sectors are open now in the beta?

Gotta go now…..

Now I gotta decide weather I wanna put out $50 that I dont have plust $15 a month, and go through the incredibly not fun process of setting up boot camp and installing windows on my mac. Unless this game gets great reviews from non-trekkies I doubt I will, though. Maybe once they make a Mac version so I can actually use all of the system power I have to play it.

The music sounds a little bit like the new theme music from the new movie.

I’m really enjoying STO beta, it’s going to be disappointing for it to turn to a fading memory, but it isn’t good enough for the price.

Spoon Heads

I love that … “My sources tell me one of the Detapa Council members is a former operative of the Obsidian Order.” … hahahahaha Garak you magnificent bastard!

Garak….one of teh greatest Trek characters ever…..

Actually, Garak is the Ambassador to the Federation, At the moment, the Union is headed by an as yet unnamed Female, after Alon Ghemor was Assassinated in the DS9 Short Story, “The Calling”

The Game is great… When it works! Every night this week at 7pm when I am going to play they shut down the servers for maintenance.

I always throught the Cardies had the best costumes. They looked the most alien.

hehe, only Cardassians I’ve seen so far in the game have been tailors :P

@ #5 MagicDan
Yeah I know what you mean! xD I’ve been playing it as much as I can while I can. I doubt I’ll subscribe, cause it’s a big money and time hole lol. Hugely addictive for some reason… Currently at level 18.5 ….hoping to hit commander tomorrow and get a new ship to scoot around in the next few days! ^_^

Never cared much for the Cardassians. I do like their ships though. The Galor class especially. Looks very menacing.

Cardassians are my favorite Star Trek race. If you could play as a Cardassian and not just Federation or Klingon, I’d buy it.

No Mac version? Do not want…..

No Mac version? Dammit!

Wait a second ()this may have been discussed else where), if I preorder the regular edition I get the $10 off any future video game purchase, but if I buy the collector’s edition I do not? Lame. (The Collector’s Edition looks Sweet!)


wake me when there’s a xbox360 version

You can play the game with a 360 controller…

I know I do.

You can make a Cardassian character that is a member of Starfleet when you select the option to make a custom race. I’m not sure if the parts needed to make a Cardassian are currently available in the character creation screen though because they did remove them at one point due to some bug fixes they needed to make on them. Last I heard though, the devs planned to add them back.


I pre-ordered with instead of!!!!

Now I can’t get an open beta key!!!!!