Exclusive: Roberto Orci Gives Star Trek Sequel Update & More [VIDEO]

After the WGA Star Trek screening and panel earlier in the week (see previous report), Roberto Orci spent a little time doing a video interview for TrekMovie. The writer talked about meeting Walter Koenig, gave an update on the status of the sequel, explained why writing it feels harder than the first, and also revealed how fan interaction at TrekMovie has worked its way into meetings with the Star Trek Supreme Court.


Roberto Orci on Star Trek sequel and fan input and more
Video taken at the Star Trek WGA screening last week.


  • Orci sat with Walter Koenig at TV Hall of fame induction of Gene Roddenberry and "picked his brain" and got "a lot of great Star Trek stories"
  • Orci has trouble "internalizing" being nominated by WGA (for Best Adapted Screenplay for Star Trek), but feels honored to be recognized by fellow writers
  • The "Star Trek Supreme Court" (Abrams, Lindelof, Burk, Kurtzman, & Orci) "have an area" they are "talking about" for the Star Trek sequel, and the "opinions are starting to form"
  • Orci expects (like first Trek) the story process will take longer than scripting: it’s all about figuring out the story first, writing it will be quick" [during panel discussion Orci said that the first film took four months to come up with a story and two months two do the script]
  • Still consider themselves in "the early stages of story development" but feel the film can go into pre-production in 2010
  • Considers the sequel more "daunting" because the second film has fewer constraints, noting ‘Now that we have absolute freedom, it comes with absolute responsibility and it is daunting."
  • Looking to continue with "a mix" of new story ideas, and using elements from classic Star Trek that will "harmonize with canon", but "still open to something fully original and we will not do a remake".
  • Orci on interacting with fans at TrekMovie.com "The opinions become party of my internal focus group"
  • Comments from fans have worked their way into meetings with "The Supreme Court"
  • Orci uses his interactions to gauge responses and get a sense of where the fans are at, noting "Knowing where fans are is as important to us as pleasing the new audience"


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