Orci & Kurtzman To Produce Movie About Kid’s Kart Racing

Star Trek executive producers and co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have added another project to their production slate. It was just announced the pair will be producing a film based on an award-winning documentary about Kart racing.


Bob and Alex to make movie about kid racers
Kart racing is described as ‘little league for NASCAR’ and the 2009 documentary "Racing Dreams" follows three young racers competing in the World Karting Association National Pavement Series. Variety reports that Orci and Kurtzman will produce a feature adaptation of the documentary for Dreamworks.

This kid racing movie is just one of about a dozen the pair have in some stage of development for Dreamworks, including the John Favreau directed Cowboys and Aliens, which is currently in pre-production and is reported to have Daniel Craig coming on board to star. But Bob and Alex are multi-taskers and are expected to turn their focus to that Star Trek sequel story and script in the coming months.

"Racing Dreams" won 2009 documenary of the year a the Tribeca Film Festival. Here is their video on the documentary.

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They have to use the two Kirk brothers trying other antiques!

There it is, a plot of the Star Trek Sequel.

Seriously boys – the sequel should be the alternate universe of the evil terran empire.
How else can our heroes get so conflicted? What would be more fun than to leave the goody goody Federation behind?

I think the Simpsons already did the definitive story in this genre with “Saturdays of Thunder” so it’ll be hard to improve on that, but at least it sounds more exciting than the Viewmaster movie.

And what would be greater than a goatee-Zach!!! :D


I’d love to see this (if) when they make to like sequel #3 or 4 but the crew’s characters in this AU need to be solidified first, IMO.

Weren’t these two supposed to be writing a “ViewMaster” movie?

Now Go Karts?

Can’t wait for the announcement of K & O’s next masterpiece, TIDDLYWINKS: THE MOTION PICTURE.

How about a “Mario Kart” movie instead? :-)

Well, Hollywood has run out of ideas. There are a few “board game” movies in the works, including Monopoly.

The next “big” thing though, will be “reality” movies. Its only a matter of time before we see wannabe celebrities getting hired by studios to produce crap just like what we see on t.v. The costs will be a lot lower and people seem to like crap like “Jersey Shores” anyway. Millions will be made and regular filmmaking will become diluted just like television programming has.

they will make a movie about anything these days.


How about Mouse Trap The Movie?

Biggest motion picture ever

#7 “How about a “Mario Kart” movie instead? :-)”

Dude, I would be so there for that :)

“Mario Kart” in Real 3D!

This article reminds me of a review for Star Trek the Animated series, that went, “Star Trek on Saturday mornings is like a Mercedes Benz in a soapbox derby race.”

TallaDayCare: Ricky Bobby and the kids from Our Gang: the remake… Expect Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell in cameo roles as two of the racers all growed up.

Kart-opolis: In a future world where racing has become the obsession of every human.

Kart On A Hot Tin Roof: Single Southern mom of three boys enjoys a relationship with various married men on the go-kart circuit as her boys progress through the races.

Speed E-racer: Three go-karting boys help break up a group of criminal parents who are selling drugs on the track circuit.

Racer Dudes. Perfect title.