Star Trek Online Beta Ends With Klingon & Borg Invasion [VIDEO]

The extended open beta for Star Trek Online ended Tuesday, but instead of just shutting it down, Cryptic made an event out of it. Early in the day they made an announcement of an end of beta event, then in the final moments for players found themselves facing a massive invasion of the Federation by the Klingons, and then the Borg. Check out a fan video recap below.


Beta ends with a bang (and the Borg
Early in the Day Cryptic sent out the following message:

A massive Klingon Fleet is forming near Qo’noS for an invasion into Federation Territory. Klingon Warriors who wish to join this fleet may rendezvous near Qo’noS at 2pm PST

This video (by darksplinter82) gives an overview of how the final space battles went in the the STO beta.

And here is another video from HugeSuccessGuild focusing on Battle for Earth against a Borg Sphere


Pre-order and get into the head start
Star Trek Online is officially released on Tuesday February 2nd, but for those that pre-order you can get into the ‘head start’ which launches on Friday January 29th. You can pre-order the game from TrekMovie’s preferred retail partner Amazon (where you can select either the Standard or Collector’s Edition). The Amazon editions also include am exclusive Borg bridge officer, and a $10 credit for a future game purchase at Amazon. (Remember purchase of the game includes 30 days free trial, after that there is a monthly fee).

(Cryptic also has a list of additional retailers)



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I think I might actually have to get this game, it look pretty interesting

It was pretty sweet last night, though they ought to make a system to do fleet engagements better – for example, Klingon ships right at the beginning would arrive to SOL right where the federation ships warped in, and one by one they’d be blown away before they had much of a chance to do anything.

A better system would see the opposing fleet arrive together as a group, and not in the same spawn as the other side.

All intrigue was lost once I saw this game has a monthly fee.

Maybe someday the Star Trek video game of my dreams will become reality.

I pray one will be a tie-in for the new movie (2012) and fresh ideas are applied.

I really want to get this game but given other other commitments in life a bit worried that I won’t get my money’s worth out out of the monthly subscription.

Probably will get it as it looks like this will be an awesome game. But I want to make sure I give it loads of play to get my money’s worth.


the monthly fee did set me back when I heard about it.

But I really am tempted with this game.

I loved it.

Farewell Beta universe.

Hello Prime universe!

@ #3:

Did you expect an MMO to NOT have a monthly fee? How else will they keep the servers running and keep pushing out new content?

It was a really enjoyable and unique ending event for Beta. I hope they have something like that every once in a while after the game launches! Maybe once a month, the Borg can invade the Sirius Sector Block (where Earth, Vulcan, Andoria are) and we’ll have to drive em out with sheer numbers. That’d be fun!

Great fun game this… been wating for ages, played the open beta and got the advance starting on Friday.. also I’ll probably get a new pc too.. I historically have too when Star Trek games have been released! :)

See you at Quark’s! :P

The thing is I have to make sure I have loads of game play to make sure I make the most of the subscription fee.

I am worried I wont have a lot of time to play it to make the subscription worth it due to other stuff I do.

But I really do want to get this game.

All decent MMOs have monthly fees, it pays for server hosting and the updates that frequently come along

As a beta tester, the game is amazing!!! Sad to see the beta universe disappear…..super excited to see the prime universe emerge, with many bugs fixed :D

Last night was fun, I was busy exploring trying to see if I could access the briar patch when I saw dozens of ships flying past me head to sirius. I tried to follow but my ship is a wee bit slow but it just felt awesome when my ship (USS Black Sun) warped into the Sol System and see a borg sphere going at it against many MANY other ships.

To which end, does anyone know if our characters will reset for the actual launch? It just seems to me tad unfair on the others that will join, expecially considering we already get a four day head start and that on top of what we already have through seems to me to be introducing too much imbalacing in the game

I made a semi review of this from my pont of view on my english website with screenshots.

Yes. The characters will disappear on launch. It’s a clean start.

during the beta we have not been facing levled enemyes, earning medals, xp, etc propperly, but in a way that allowed the developerts to test the system instead.

I just got an email form amazon saying if I want my game to arrive on the 2nd I have to pay an extra 6 bucks! They should have shipped it so it would arrive at my house on time to begin with.

I am glad I bought mine on steam! This is gonna be great! I bought a life time membership so no fees for me! :)

The Klingon invasion was not well run, but once the Borg showed up it was great. Looking forward to Friday when I can do the Head Start. Good times!

So I’m going to spend six and a half minutes constantly shooting at a ball in space. Looks kind of boring.


The sphere was commanded by a GM if I’m not mistaken, so naturally it would have super natural abilities. This ending bit was just for fun, not the real game. As a beta tester, it was loads of fun and I played it for hours on end.

The ships don’t look very well balanced to me…

One Klingon ship takes out like … a ton of guys before anything happens to him.

I’m still on the fence with this one. I was initially put off by the “2D+” universe and limited ship control. But I did find some interest in the fleet actions and quest chains — there is definitely a lot of potential here. Can anyone weigh in on Cryptic’s track record developing MMO’s? If I go into this, I’m doing the lifetime subscription to take advantage of the additional perks. $240 + $50 clams is a risky investment based so bug-ridden a beta test…

LMAO now all of you have a $60.00 game that does nothing until February.

I see no point owning this thin,g until you can play the real game.

I am a wait and see type of person, I might give Star Trek online down the road when maybe the game it self goes on sale.

I never understood the need to be first.

When play station 3 came out years ago I wanted one, but I did not have $800 dollars. I just got one finally a month ago when the price had dropped and guess what it is still just as cool at $299.

Looking forward to release date. Beta was fun when I could get in the server.

Hmm. I didn’t know Borg spheres were that powerful. It took forever to destroy that damn thing.

I was there for the final hours of the beta, and WHAT an ending it was. The best bit being, in my opinion, the Borg invasion of Spacedock. A one-off event to be sure – can’t see them doing that during release!

Heres my video contribution, the Spacedock invasion is towards the end:

Damn, i knew i missed something out.

Well i got the lifetime subscribtion, i hope something like this will be done again in the future.

Really, I’ve got a beta key in a contest by TrekMovie on Twitter and engaged on 20 hours non-stop gaming. After 3 reported bugs and several typos, I had a new addiction.

Of course it need some improvement till the release, but minor ones (to what they are proposing with it).

Already had pre-ordered on Amazon. Now I can’t wait till it arrive.

Really, I just cannot afford to play this game.

I only buy maybe three videogames a year and would gladly buy a Trek game, just not one I have to keep buying every month.

This is one of many reasons I don’t play MMO’s.

Everyone that does, enjoy.

You people don’t understand how MMO’s work in terms of subscription. Yes it costs around $15 a month to play, but you have to consider your overall entertainment budget for the month. Yes I know, a budget… it’s a scary word but we all have to have one. This budget includes eating out, going to a movie, renting a movie at home.. etc.

My wife and I used to be regular movie goers, prolly going twice a month. Then we would go out to dinner once or twice a week or meet up with some friends for drinks. Then we started playing warcraft together and we ended up playing for almost 2 years. It seemed expensive but really we were saving an average of $50-75 a month because we weren’t going out as much. We didn’t give up on life, we just didn’t go out as much as we did before. We stayed home, made dinner, plopped ourselves in front of our laptops and played for 2-3 hours.

Also, playing a game that has a subscription fee isn’t a big deal in the short term. All of us gamers have spent $50-60 on a game and ended up only playing it for a month or two. As much as I loved the recent Batman game I only played it for about a month or so, beat it and haven’t turned it on since. Sure there’s those rare titles that you play for 6 months to a year (or more) but how many of those come around?

My concern with this game is strictly performance issues. I have no idea how well it will run on my computer so I’m not going to waste my money and find that it runs like garbage on my computer. I’ll just have to wait for a free 3 day trial… hear that Cryptic?!

We fought off the Klingons on DS9, but when I went back to Earth…….

It was horrible. So much carnage, so many dead or dying…….

I was even trying to show my family the cool space station at the time.

“Why are all those zombies killing you?” “I thought you said you were good at this game”

Never had so much fun dying…….

Haha, I dumped some money into a new cruiser half an hour before the end. Had to duck through borg to get to the requesition room, and then couldn’t find the customization guy (I think he was assimilated! D: ) so I flew it over to DS9, ducked through a bit more craziness, customized it, and flew back to Sol to kick some borg-butt. ^_^ Was a pretty fun time, I’ll miss the beta universe.. :(

This looks like great fun. Like any MMO it will take time to work out the kinks, but this one looks like it will be off to a good start. I’ll be interested to read the reviews when they arrive online to see what people think of the actual non-beta game. I won’t be playing it, though, due to no Mac support. My PC is old and I won’t be upgrading anytime soon. But if they do come up with a Mac version, I’ll be there.

@7 Check out what Valve has been doing with Team Fortress 2. Content has been delivered since it’s release, game servers are hosted by users / clans, and the game is as popular as ever, all for the initial cost of the software with no monthly fee.

I played the all through the Beta and enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait until Friday.

#28- I played STO on the same computer that I played Batman on without any difficulty

I love the sound of phasers and photons in the morning…. :)

Team Fortress 2? Do they have spaceships?

Oh……well then……

I’ll stick with this one

the klingon / Borg invasion was “fun”

the MMO new players didn’t follow instructions to kill the nodes
so we were swamped with borg.
The MMO noobs camped the Klingon spawn grounds and the Borg ran amok.

I thought “screw this” and beamed back to the ship and warped to sector space….

I got a big fugging welcome from 2 borg cubes.

“respawn” no thanks

I cant wait for Fiday tho, for the Heads start :D

I love this game

bye bye World of Warcraft

I also enjoyed the Open Beta, even though I got in late. Can’t wait ’til Friday! :D

Is it better to buy STO through Amazon or in store at Gamestop?

MU Spock
Each retailer has his own advantages. The link above lists all the retailers. You have to decide if you like the gamestop exclusive more than the amazon exclusive and also price.

or course TrekMovie gets a tiny piece of the action of those who click our amazon link so that is always nice, but dont let that be your deciding factor

Just a quick question. I noticed in the one video that the photon torpedoes sounded as though they were using the sound effects from TOS. My personal preference is the sound from the TNG-VOY era. Do the sound effects change depending on the type of ship you have (ex: a ship from the TOS era vs one from TNG)? Thanks!

#32 – Team Fortress 2 isnt an MMO… so why make the comparison?

You may as well of said ‘Monopoly – New editions every year at no monthly cost’

I hate people who haterise on MMO’s and monthly fee’s. No one is asking you to buy it, thats your choice

@39 No, the sounds of the photon torpedoes doesn’t change. But it’s good because in a chaotic battle, it’s easier to acknowledge if the photons are firing. The red alert sound is also TOS. ;)

Now hooked on STO, so long to WoW. What a way to finish a Beta, even if I respawned more times in one day than I did in a week of playing. lol

I’m with you Chrymsen… STO rocks!

I was wondering why my video had so many views…Little shocked when I stumbled upon it here.

I missed it….I will be joining back 1 hour from now..Head Start FTW!

Currently playing EVEonline, they have a trial so that you can see what it is like, can not see any trial for the game and hence am unlikely to give it a go, even wOw has a trial available for it

As much as I want to see a trial as well I understand why they don’t. The servers would be just overloaded which would affect the paying customers. They’d rather wait and see the demand the paying customers have before opening it up to trial periods.

As someone who played the closed,and open BETA….Im def.Buying the Lifetime… of the best ST games I’ve ever played,and I’ve played ALOT of them..I look forward to seeing what the developers have further in store for US Trek Lovers!

4:52 into the first vid, random dude yells “FIRE EVERYTHING!!!”

Trek Geek Gold!

definetly looks cool! :)