STO Update: Pre-launch ‘State of the Game’ + New SyFy Promotion & Star Trek Marathon

Now the the beta test for Star Trek Online is over (see earlier report) the game is preparing for its official launch next Tuesday (and ‘head start’ this Friday). Today Cryptic posted a new ‘state of the game’, including comments dealing with bugs, some details on new content, and hints for for the first big update of the game. Atari also announced a new promotion with SyFy, including a 2-day Star Trek (TNG & ENT) marathon. Details on all that below.


State of the game – January 27th, 2010
Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich has posted a new update on the state of STO, following the end of the closed beta. Here it is:

The Journey Begins…

Thank you all so very much for making this entire Beta experience as awesome as it has been.

I could look back and reminisce about the downtimes. I could wax nostalgic about the patches. I could even recall every exploit with distaste and still fondly remember the awesome emergent gameplay you’ve shown us… And yet, all that implies an end. Sure, the test is over. But, in reality, this is only the beginning.

We’ve been working without rest for nearly two years to reach this moment — the moment when we can begin expanding Star Trek Online in earnest. The years ahead when we get to work directly with you to figure out what we add next to the game, where we fill out content, and what new systems we might add. That’s real development. That’s live development.

Not a team to just sit back and wait, we’re already working on content additions, bug fixes and ‘quality of life’ improvements that we’re going to roll out over the next couple months. Here are a few of the things we’re working on:

The Borg

The Borg have planned. They have adapted. They have evolved. What the Borg cannot assimilate, they will destroy.

You saw a little Borg action in our End of Beta event – prepare to see more. The Federation have tracked down the Borg staging ground for their assault on the Alpha Quadrant. Join up with Battle Group Omega and take the fight to the Borg. Experience new Federation Episodes, Borg Exploration Clusters, deep space encounters. Also expect daily missions for these tasks to maximize the rewards you’ll be getting for helping out Starfleet in the Gamma Orionis Sector.


These are the high-end episodes you’ve been waiting for. Locked to 5-players, you’ll need every trick and every bit of teamwork to complete these challenges.

A Borg raid-i-sode series culminating in an encounter with the Borg queen is on its way. Expect a couple other “loose ends” to be addressed in the future, as well.

Available for both Klingon Generals and Starfleet Admirals, we’ll be releasing a new one of these every few weeks for the next three months.

First Update

We’re already working on it and it’ll be out before you know it.

The first update is going to have more PvP, Klingon exploration content, more ground fleet actions, more ship costume pieces, more playable species, and then some.

Bugs and Reactions to Them

Of course, like any MMO, we’ll scramble during the first couple weeks reacting to new bugs. putting in quality of life fixes, and closing exploits that weren’t exposed to us during Beta.

We’ll be fine tuning as well, but don’t expect thoughtless or harsh changes to game balance. We’re more than willing to wait and make sure everything we do is measured and calculated.

Expect a public test shard to become available real soon, too. We’ve named her "Tribble." This is where the brave Captains (read: addicted testers) amongst you can try out our changes before we push them live. If you’re one of those who can’t get enough of the bleeding edge of development – or have a penchant for finding bugs and balance issues – keep an eye on the forums for details.

So, thank you again for the awesome Beta, but the fun begins now.

We have years of development left in us and a universe of content still to add. Here’s where it gets interesting… Here’s where you help us figure out what comes next.

I, for one, am looking forward to taking that journey.


SyFy Star Trek Marathon and promotion
Also today, Atari announced a promotional partnership with SyFy. The SyFy channel will be doing a two day marathon of Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek The Next Generation on Monday and Tuesday of next week. In addition they have added a new Star Trek Online section to their website (, including a special “Syfy Bundle” digital download of the game, which includes the following bonuses: 

  • “Neodymium Deflector Dish” — An in-game item grants a bonus to Auxiliary power, boosts maneuverability, and increases the effectiveness of a ship’s Science abilities.
  • “500 Cryptic Points” — These micro-transaction credits can be used to purchase in-game items and unlock unique bonuses.
  • “Syfy Store Discount” — Purchasers of the Syfy bundle will receive 15% off their next purchase at the store.

And here are details on the SyFy Star Trek marathon

Monday February 1st – Star Trek Enterprise Marathon


Tuesday February 2nd – Star Trek The Next Generation Marathon

11:00 AM GAMBIT – PART 1
12:00 PM GAMBIT – PART 2

Pre-order and get into the head start
Star Trek Online is officially released on Tuesday February 2nd, but for those that pre-order you can get into the ‘head start’ which launches on Friday January 29th. You can pre-order the game from TrekMovie’s preferred retail partner Amazon (where you can select either the Standard or Collector’s Edition). The Amazon editions also include am exclusive Borg bridge officer, and a $10 credit for a future game purchase at Amazon. (Remember purchase of the game includes 30 days free trial, after that there is a monthly fee).

(Cryptic also has a list of additional retailers)


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will this even compete with world of warcraft?

I’ve played WoW for a while and played STO all the way through the beta and the groundwork is there to maybe not directly compete with WoW but certainly offer a sci-fi alternative to the fantasy driven WoW…truly an impressive game…for any sci-fi genre but ESPECIALLY for Star Trek.

For Trek to become competitive in the world of gaming, it needs a good FPS and a flight-simulator. Star Wars is the current glory hog of those right now, though, with the “Star” series. It’s earned it. “Legacy” was the most recent thing, and it was THOROUGHLY unimpressive and uninspired.

@3: I know, it’s sad too. Legacy had so much potential… that Ultimate Universe patch helps a lot, but I wish we’d get a Trek game that was awesome right out of the box. Maybe something like a RTS / worldbuilding type game, like Total War-style.

Ah well, I’ve got my fingers crossed for STO!

Star Trek had a good FPS. Elite Force despite its Voyager tie in was awesome.

I bought the Delux edition and got the Open Beta Key the game is amazing. Great Graphics great story lines already can’t wait to see what they will come up to add to the adventures. Tonight I just purchased a Lifetime membership. I have never been so into a game for a MMOPG like I am for this. It has been worth the wait since I first talked to the originial delvelopers about the Star Trek Online game when they first announced the concept in Las Vegas Convention in 2005.

I am HUGELY ticked off….
I got he pre order deluxe from D2D and I get a fracking tribble and ground shield while others are getting TOS starships and loads of other features


Can’t Wait for the Romulans and Cardiasians!

I am not hugely ticked off…
I got the pre order from gamestop and I got a fracking original Enterprise while others are getting whimpy ground sheilds, annoying tribbles and bad attitudes.

Attack pattern Delta, full torpedo spread, FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*razberry at OLLEY*

I preordered, then cancled once I found out about gamestop.

Sorry Target…..

@3 Star Wars hasnt had a First Person Shooter since Republic Commando – which was a moderate success at best. As for flight sims? The last I can remember is Jedi Starfighter which wasnt even a proper flight sim, so you’d have to go waaay back to the mid 90s and X-Wing Alliance for that.

Star Trek doesnt need to compete with Star Wars, brilliant games make their own way, and any derivatives tend to fall by the wayside (just wait, I’ll bet 100 quatloos on Medal of Honour’s new game to fail next to Call of Duty MW2).

Star Trek Online is the first Trek game ive played since Elite Force that has a mass appeal, and STOs appeal goes beyond Elite Force. I doubt it will be enough to top World of Warcraft, but EVE online has had a long life, and im sure it could rival that easily.

Olley. You should have done some researchbefore buying. The STOwensite had a full list of which outlets were offering which ingame features o you could buy from the retailer that was offering what you wanted.


It already is competing with WOW. I know of a few people who have already dropped from them, and won’t be back for a while just because of this game.

However, that’s just for thier time. I don’t know how long it will be before or if they will ever cancel their subscriptions.

@ 12

Cryptic UK only offered STO thro Steam and D2D
both only had tribbles and shields.
I took it in good faith that this was the extent of the offer to UK customers.

the only exception is Atari UK which is offering
“”Joined Trill” – a symbiote that grants you several lifetimes of experience.

Original Star Trek Uniform Set – Three uniforms from the original series (blue, red, yellow).”

I really cannot understand why Cryptic has launched the game without being fair to all?

@9. Senacca
I made a complaint, how can you judge that as a “bad attitude”?

I left WOW for STO. Of course I grew up with Star Trek and Ilike WoW but after playing STO I know I won’t miss WOW

I played the open beta for almost 2 weeks, and it was great fun! Of corse, I kept in mind at all times it was a BETA. Seems a lot of people don’t understand what a beta is. I got to play Star Trek Online for FREE, and was able to help cryptic refine this game and make it better for everybody by helping find bugs. Yes, there were a lot of bugs – not unexpected for a brand new not even out yet game – but Cryptic did updates everyday, and everyday the feel of the game got better. Yes, they still have work to do to meet the demands of this very particular fanbase. But I believe they have a great start.
The one thing that that drove me nuts was the amount of whinning that went on in chat. UNBELIEVABLE. What is wrong with people? This whole “I paid my 50 bucks, and this games not perfect, so it’s crap” mentality has gotta go! Hello people, you paid $50 towards a multi-million dollar program, thats not even offically released yet – relax! or get a life, or something. These people litterally ruined the chat a lot of the time. My suggestion to Cryptic: a moron filter on the chat – weed out the uselessness!!
All in all, I’m quite pleased with what we are being offed in this game. I do hope Cryptic keeps up with additional content so this game will have some longevity to it.

I paid for the Lifetime membership; I’m really looking forward to Cryptic’s continuing development of Star Trek Online.

Obviously and other Trek sites will play a significant role in promoting this game. Let’s face it: The core fanbase is here, it’s a marketeer’s wet dream.

So my question to Cryptic and Atari is…

How are you going to effectively solicit game ideas?
If I send an email, will it be thrown into a circular bin somewhere?
If I post to a forum, will it be read?

I want to know that my submissions are being taken seriously. I’m not looking to be paid/reimbursed for these ideas. I would like Cryptic and Atari to formalize the processes for sending in ideas.

I realize this opens the floodgates to everyone–and I feel for these companies who will deal with a variety of feedback, ranging from fresh to downright bizarre.

I want to suggest the following:
– Cryptic should conduct a contest to solicit ten ideas from each entrant.
– Cryptic selects ten people (aka winners) with those ideas, then conducts private conference calls with each one to hash out further ideas, expand upon that person’s submissions, perhaps bounce some ideas off of them. All under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
– Cryptic does development work to bring some or all of these ideas to fruition.
– Winners would be interviewed for Star Trek Online, disclosing their ideas within the interview, along with some of Cryptic’s thoughts. Winners would get xxx # of game points to use within Star Trek Online.
– This same concept could be applied to other Cryptic MMO games, like Champions Online.

Disclaimer: Cryptic, Atari and other stakeholders in Star Trek Online are free to use these ideas, posted above, for their own use.

P.S. I live near Cryptic’s S.F. Bay Area offices. If any Cryptic folks are reading this, I’d welcome the chance to expand further on this marketing idea (among others) in-person. My email address is linked within my handle above.

I suppose I’ll be ridiculed for thism but I think you guys have a wonderful gaming experience unfolding. I for one will be signing up for the lifetime deal, as my Birthday is the 6th and I’ve told everyone that’s what I want! :) Keep developing this fascinating game… I have said my goodbyes to my friends and family in anticipation!

Games don’t last long enough for lifetime subscriptions. The last one I paid for was Hellgate: London, and while the game was fun and popular, the studio blew it financially. I’ll stick with the monthly fee.

@ #7

They didn’t make a secret of what comes in each retailer’s version of the product. If you’re ticked off, then you’re ticked off at yourself for not reading what you were buying.

“Carbon Creek” during the marathon! Oh my! Oh yay! I’ll have to set my DVR..! (What, I love Vulcans during 1950’s Pennsylvania… Not to mention I’d go after Mestral any day.)

Well, it’s great to see STO is getting a bit of publicity! I like to see anything ‘Trek-related succeed, even if I can’t help it along myself.


You are not alone, there are a few of us around. Everyone at work is sick of hearing me talk about it.

But that doesn’t stop me……..

here’s hoping this game doesn’t suck in two months

Anyone know if there is any news on a console version?

I really want this game but just can’t justify forking out for a new gaming PC

My kids will be gaming away, I will bask away in the SyFy marathon. And its about time Sy Fy will upgrade for 2 days

If you go to the STO website, they have their own forum page and there are developers lurking there all the time. So as long as you are kind and sociable about your comments about the game, hopefully they’ll be noticed and addressed.

I’m really liking this game. I was in the closed beta since Oct and I’m looking forward to playing this game forever …. I got the lifetime subscription …

I just wanted to point out that the SyFy link in actually

I tried the link and got 404 error.

I hope to see you guys in game! Live Long and Prosper…