Quinto Talks More About Upcoming Projects & Returning To Star Trek (and Star Trek Online too)

Zachary Quinto caused a bit of a tempest earlier in the week with his comments in one interview about taking a break from Star Trek. In some new interviews promoting Star Trek Online, the actor goes into more detail on his plans for the near future, and how he plans to return to Trek after doing some of his own projects. Excerpts below.


Quinto looking forward to more Spock & his own new productions
An interview with Quinto promoting Star Trek Online will appear in the USA today, and is now online, here are some excerpts of the actor talking about his other projects plus his upcoming return to Star Trek:

You really have been embraced by a vast majority of the Trek faithful.
It’s cool. I’m looking forward to inviting the Star Trek fan base into other territory with me as an actor and a producer and potentially as a writer-director or whatever else comes down the line. If contributing to them and to the things they’re excited by helps that, then I’m happy to do it.

Is there anything in particular you’re going to start working on?
My production company just got financing for our first independent feature, Margin Call, so we’ll be shooting that in New York in the springtime. I’ll be in it. I won’t star in it, and I’ll be one of the producers on the movie. I’m really excited about that, and then there’s a bunch of other stuff that we’re developing down the line. It’s a lot to look forward to.

After Margin Call, do you go straight to filming the Star Trek sequel? Do you have any updates on that yet?
It looks like I’ll be doing a couple of projects between now and then. They’re just now beginning to write the Star Trek sequel so my feeling is that it probably won’t be in production until early next year, 2011.

Excited to put the Spock ears back on?
I’m really looking forward to it, the process. It would be really interesting for all of us to return to the thing that ultimately will always be known for what started our film careers for the most part at this level. I know for myself that’s true. I’m really excited about it, with the perspective that I have and will have then. To step back into that character and that world will be really rewarding.

[Read the full interview at usaweekend.com]

Quinto talks STO
This new round of mainstream media interviews Quinto is doing is to promote Star Trek Online. Another interview was with the Wall Street Journal, where he talked about his prep for STO and if he would do another.

You’ve done voicework before such as for 24: The Videogame. How different is it prepping for a videogame role compared to an acting one?
Hah. I guess I did do that. I was at at a different place in my career for the 24 thing. [Star Trek Online] didn’t require a lot of prep. It’s just about articulating and understating the words.

Online multiplayer games like Star Trek Online often continue for years. Will you keep being involved?
I don’t have any plans to be involved any further. I guess that could change. This was a one time thing and I’m about to take some time away from “Star Trek” in general and this seemed like a good way to do it. We’re going to come back for another movie in 2012.

[Read the full interview at wsj.com]

Here is a quick video with Zach talking more about Star Trek Online.


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I can’t wait for the Quinto to put the ears on again.

I’m happy to hear that he’s really looking forward to wear the ears again… :D

Does he know how to transport a grapefruit?

Not to disrespect Quinto or Nimoy, but both their roles – while technically the only speaking part of the game – where incredibly minor. Yeah, its nice to have them there, but does everyone have to keep making a fuss about it? If anything their participation seems to have overshadowed how good a game it is on its own merits.

Quinto is a class act.


the answer is yes. Quinto and Nimoy are famous celebrities and so they help get mainstream to cover the game.

USA Today will also have a long feature on the game on Tuesday and that will have stuff from Craig Z, the exec producer. It will also have quotes from yours truly. But they get ‘buzz’ from their celeb stuff with Quinto and Nimoy, to get them noticed.

Remember most people are just finding out there is such at thing as Star Trek Online. That is the purpose of all this stuff.

Well, at least after all this, Zach FOR SURE knows he has become an important part of the continuing stories of Star Trek!

@Anthony, fair enough. Playing the Beta for a few weeks has had me oblivious to the fact that it STILL hasn’t been officially released, and the marketing blitz to coincide with that release still hasn’t occurred. It’s just everywhere you turn recently ive seen “Zach Quinto Talks out Voicing STO” and its kinda grated on me a bit. Gotta remember the casual players still need to know it exists. :)

Beta’s finish….. now… Can’t wait to return back to the promenade of DS9 ! Hang out with my buddies at quarks.

you should really check out mass effect 2. I still havnt beat it yet but i saw a warp…i mean drive core on a freighter in the game and it looked identical to the defiants. it was at least two stories tall. and my alien scientist even sang a litttle gilbert and sullivan just as mr data has (the list goes on and on). the trek nods in this game are insanely cool, and definitely worthy of a story here on the site. the creators at EA and Bioware must really be huge trek fans.

I’m not very far into the game and I’ve already noticed a Trek nod. When you first see the new Normandy, Joker says “It’s great to home, isn’t it Commander?” The scene reminded me of the end of TVH when they see the Ent-A for the first time and Capt. Kirk says, “My friends, we’ve come home.” So I agree, they do seem to be Trek fans, either that or it’s another indication of how much influence Star Trek has, both on popular culture and on Sci-Fi.

“take a beak from trek”
Come on, one movie, a couple of voiceovers. he must be exhausted poor thing.

Next he’ll be writing a book called “i am not spock”

That’s err, break
Damn it

Oh i need a break, i’m exhausted

Quinto’s Spock’s regular demeanor was angry. A big fail in my opinion, not very unemotional as a Vulcan should be.

He’s also very emotional in general.

in his Spock portrayal I mean.

Zach was great as young Spock!

I wonder how the new cast, in general, feel about their association with Star Trek, having the opportunity to see what that association did for the TOS cast. It seems that it took all of the TOS cast some time to come to terms with the fact that they would always be known for the roles they played in Star Trek, which often left them little room to do anything else.

As for Spock’s demeanor, I recall the episodes WNMHGB, and the Cage, where Spock was not much like the Spock we saw later on in the series. Quinto’s portrayal was, IMO, very believable as a younger version of Spock, still working on pulling in the reigns of his human half. Just my 2c.

I’m looking forward the sequel. It does seem such a long way from 2012 right now… almost surreal. Hopefully the writers and everyone else involved will make the wait well worth my, and everyone elses time!

@11 yeah you’re right. i think im close to the end of disk 2 and my god the game is epic. the asari could easily be a substitute for deltans and the geth are basically the borg (much morethreatening like they were when first seen in tng episodes). WHY couldnt there be a trek game like the mass effect series???

Nimoy is pretty good in STO, but there is not much of him. Those who want to get their Nimoy fix in a game should check out Civilization IV. He does much more voice work there.