Star Trek Online ‘Head Start’ Begins + New Tutorial Videos

Star Trek Online has its official launch on Tuesday February 2nd, however the ‘head start’ for the game went live just minutes ago. That means that anyone who pre-ordered the game can start playing today. To help get you started, we are posting a number of tutorial videos made by our friends at the STOked podcast.



Our friends at Jupiter Broadcasting have a great podcast on Star Trek Online called STOked. Recently they have uploaded some good tutorial videos on Star Trek Online that should help you get started in the game. Each focuses on a different aspect. Here they are all together. It should be noted that these videos are based on the Open Beta and so some elements may have changed with the official release of the game.

Character Creator

Space Combat

Ground Combat

Sector Space


Tips and Tricks


Look for more updates on Star Trek Online as we approach the official launch on Tuesday.


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Awesome! -first?

Thanks for the vids that give me a much idea of whether STO is something I’ll want to plunge into.

I love these clips, tempted now.

How does one get to play the head start game? I pre ordered my game a few days back, was I supposed to get a key or something? I won a beta key EARLIER but that wasn’t in relation to the pre-order. Is there a code on my receipt or something?

#4 – I have the same question. I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

Just log in. If you pre-ordered it should let you in from now on.

Thank you Nick!

Start playing? Well, that would be really nice, but obviously developers have been surprised by the amount of players, so server is not working properly. I mean who could have known, that some trekkies want to play from the very first day. I’m waiting for one and a half hour now and can’t join… that’s a friday evening I’m dreaming of… that’s frustrating… But hey, I pre-ordered and already payed the “premium” price, so why satisfy me?
That’s business…

I’m waiting to get in too.. but a little more patiently. :)

Remember when Trek games used to be cool?


You should have known this would happen, all online games always have issues, especially opening day, just look to past mmos/online games, d2/wow. Even with the monthly fee, wow was horrible the first few months/years with emergency downtime/fixes, patches etc.

Don’t trust them, don’t believe them, let them die.
-Kirk TUC

So I just ordered from amazon..All i have to do is log into my account now?

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that the STO guys never told me that the game that I played through beta is ready to play now. How come they haven’t emailed any of their users about this? why didn’t tell email me to tell me when the beta was going to close?

great tutorial on crafting, i was wondering about that for a while


Are you serious? The launcher to start the game has important messages right at the front, and in the game itself the developers constantly had messages that flashed on the screen that said when the beta was ending and when head start was to begin. And I did get an email about pre-ordering and how to access head start. I don’t know what game you were playing but we were told numerous times about this.

The game would be pretty awsome… If the server could stay up, and now they’ve introduced the ingenious queue system, because they don’t have enough capacity. In the headstart, we’re at a queue of over 1,500 people, and it’s going down about 1 every 2 minutes. Wait till it goes live for the public.

Right now it’s a good game poorly implemented on the logistics side. They really need to get this right, and TrekMovie should be reporting on their progress, or lack thereof.

Saturday and Sunday were messy for STO users. I tried playing in the Head Start. Yes, I own the game, bought it in advance, including access to the four day Head Start. Their servers were SLAMMED! And if that was the limited Head Start access, just think what the full access will mean for us players!

There’s a LOT of poor planning by Atari/Cryptic, from marketing to their engineering staff. The game is somewhat fun, but there are plenty of bugs and issues. Typos! Who proofreads the copy? And some of the game play is so-so. Code glitches! I HATE the fact the enemy can shoot at you THROUGH asteroids, but you can’t do the same.

Btw, I DON’T think should be reporting on their progress. That’s what is for. If Trekmovie devoted itself to that endeavor, it would be a full time job for Anthony! Not to mention a major liability. The official web site is just fine for that.