Giacchino Wins Two Grammy Awards for ‘Up’

Star Trek composer Michael Giacchino was nominated for four Grammy awards, including one for his score for Star Trek (the only Trek film to ever be nominated for a Grammy). And tonight Giacchino picked up two Grammys, but both were for his Up score. More details below.  


Giacchino takes home two Grammys for "Up"
Michael Giacchino was nominated for a total of four Grammy Awards in three categories. Three of the nominations were for his Up score and one for Star Trek. In the end he picked up two Grammys, both for Up. Here is how the three categories broke down:

Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

  • The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Alexandre Desplat) [Concord Records]
  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (Nicholas Hooper) [New Line Records]
  • Milk (Danny Elfman) [Decca]
  • Star Trek (Michael Giacchino) [Varèse Sarabande]
  • Up (Michael Giacchino) [Walt Disney Records]

Best Instrumental Composition

  • “Borat In Syracuse” from “Jazz-Clazz” (Paquito D’Rivera) (Paquito D’Rivera Quintet) [Timba Records]
  • “Counting To Infinity” from “Dialmentia” (Tim Davies) (Tim Davies Big Band) [Origin Records]
  • “Fluffy” from “Legendary” (Bob Florence) (Bob Florence Limited Edition) [MAMA Records]
  • “Ice-Nine” from “Lab 2009″  (Steve Wiest) (University Of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band) [North Texas Jazz]
  • “Married Life” from Up (Michael Giacchino) [Walt Disney Records]

Best Instrumental Arrangement

  • “Emmanuel” from “In Boston” (Jeremy Lubbock) (Chris Botti & Lucia Micarelli) [Columbia]
  • “Hope” from “Revolutions” (Vince Mendoza) (Jim Beard With Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra) [Sunny Side Records]
  • “Slings And Arrows” from “The Comet’s Tail: Performing The Compositions Of Michael Brecker (Vince Mendoza) (Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge) [MAMA Records]
  • “Up With End Credits” from Up (Michael Giacchino) [Walt Disney Records]
  • “West Side Story Medley” from “Resonance Big Band Plays Tribute To Oscar Peterson” (Bill Cunliffe) (Resonance Big Band) [Resonance Records]

 Giacchino had previously been nominated for a Grammy twice, and had one once (Best Score Soundtrack Album for Ratatouille).

A complete list of winners is available at HitFix (not at post time the awards were still going on, so list is being updated).

Michael Giacchino accepting one of his two new Grammy’s on Sunday January 31st

Giacchino destined for Oscar?
This season has been very good for Michael Giacchion. Just a couple days ago he lead the list of nominees for the International Film Critics Association Awards (with a total of nine). Although Giacchino scored three 2009 films (Star Trek, Land of the Lost and Up), it is his work on Up that is getting him the most notice. The composer has been nominated for an Oscar once before (for Ratatouille), but didn’t win. But after winning the Grammy and the Golden Globe for Up, Giacchino appears to be the front-runner for the Oscar for Best Score.

Take a listen to "Married Life" from Up, which just won Giacchino a Grammy.

And here are videos from Giacchino’s Golden Globe win for Up



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Congratulations to Michael Giacchino! His work is amazing and I am so happy for his win.

His Ratatouille stuff was very nice. Should have won for that.

Awesome. I love Giacchino.

And just as well; as good as his Trek score is, his score for Up is better.

Any excuse to celebrate any facet of UP is a good and worthy one. Congrats, Mr. Giacchino; fine work.

Congratulations!!!!!!! Glad you got recognized!

#2, I agree 100%.

I thought his Up music was okay but Ratatouille’s score was a cut above all of the Pixars. In fact, it’s the only Pixar movie music I can remember besides Toy Story’s “Strange Things”

Up’s story just left me feeling like I needed a gun in my mouth. Didn’t care for it at all. Finding Nemo was my favorite.

I can’t remember a film composer I’ve enjoyed listening to as much as Giacchino since Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. I’ve loved his stuff ever since he was composing for the Medal of Honor videogames.

I think we may be seeing a new maestro hitting his stride here!

@2,6: I don’t know, I always thought his best work was The Incredibles — it’s like the best James Bond score never written.

His music is the only thing that made Ratatollie great! Great job! Too bad ST didn’t get best soundtrack, I sure thought as a whole Trek was better.

Congrats! I agree, Up is the best score of the year!

Congrats, Michael! And yes, having Macca say “Go, Michael!” sounds pretty awesome! :-)

BAH…Star Trek CONTINUES gettin embarrassed AND blackballed at ALL the major awards ceremonies…

I’ve not yet seen Up but I love his Star Trek score (zero to two….rimshot!!). I wish he could’ve gotten some love for it.

Giacchino’s a genius. When we first found out he was scoring Trek, I was worried the film would sound like the TV series Lost. It did not, he is so incredibly versatile. I listen to the Trek soundtrack quite often. Much deserved win sir.

well done Mr. Giacchino for these wins !!!

I’d love to have seen Star Trek get mroe love, but UP was an incredibly strong score.

MESSAGE: I did not post the message at #5. Do we really need 2 P Technobabble? I think not.

My prediction is that he’ll be nominated twice tomorrow – for both Star Trek and Up. Then he’ll probably “officially” win for Up, but it’ll actually be for both films. But imo, he should have got the Oscar 5 years ago for The Incredibles, but better late then never. Way to go Mr. Giacchino!

#11: “Star Trek CONTINUES gettin embarrassed AND blackballed at ALL the major awards ceremonies…”

Blackballed? Set the conspiracy theory down for just a moment (gently – they’re volatile), and consider that it simply didn’t win. And there’s nothing embarrassing about the number of nominations Trek’s gotten.

The main melody is a COPY (a a beautiful and embellished copy) of the song “Sabda Alam” which was popular in Indonesia in the 70’s.

Seriously! Listen to this midi

If you play it at 1.5 speed it is spot on in the main melody part! My husband, who was born in Indonesia, and I both enjoyed the movie, but afterward he said, “I feel like I’ve heard the song before” and later realized he was singing along with it in Indonesian! I didn’t believe him until he found the song online. Evidently it was so popular in the day there were even spin-off versions poking fun at it over the years. You can even utube it for yourself.

Love the music, but think the original artists should be recognized especially when it won Grammy’s and and possibly an Ocsar in the future… What do you think?

#18: You’re right; that melody has some serious sameness going on.

I’m glad his score for UP won it a fantastic score. His score for the new Star Trek was just OK and worked well inside the confines of the movie. His scores for video games like Medal Of Honor, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, Mercenaries,and even his Jurassic Park game score was better than Trek 09. The Incredibles is one of my favorite Giacchino scores. J.J. reined him in for Trek film and I wished he had gone all out , he could have given us a truely epic score. Maybe next time.

#18 #19 John Williams did the same with his “Battle of the Heroes” theme (when Anakin and Obi-wan are fighting) from “Revenge of the Sith”, which is a brassier version of the a main vocal theme “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” from the film “Amistad”.

#21: Cool. I don’t even know for sure that Giacchino “did” anything … could be coincidence or some subconscious thing. But interesting tidbit about the Battle of Heroes piece! Cool beans.