Rumor: Zachary Quinto To Star in Spielberg Biopic About George Gershwin?

Earlier in the week Star Trek’s new Spock made it clear that although he is coming back for the next Trek, he wants to branch out into non genre work. And according to a new report, one of those projects may be starring in a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic about famed composer George Gershwin. More details below   


Quinto as Gershwin
The new report comes from Deadline Hollywood. Although not yet confirmed (or debunked) by any sources, DH has a good track record. According to their article a Gershwin biopic is one of three projects Steven Spielberg is considering to be his next directorial work (after recently dropping out of the remake of Harvey). DH reports that Zachary Quinto "is at the center" of the Gershwin film. DreamWorks picked up the Gershwin screenplay by Doug Wright (Memoirs of Geisha) last October, but at the time there was no indication Spielberg would be anything more than a producer.

Variety has this synopsis for the film:

Story will span Gershwin’s life, from his humble beginnings in Brooklyn as the child of Russian immigrants to his early death in Hollywood in 1937 at age 38. During his career, he wrote more than a dozen Broadway shows with his older brother Ira Gershwin. George Gershwin’s music, which spanned popular and classical genres, continues to be used regularly in commercials, TV and films. His "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American in Paris" remain among the most recognizable musical works throughout the world. Gershwin’s life story has spawned a number of books as well as the 1945 Warner Bros. pic "Rhapsody in Blue."

Quinto may be going from Vulcan to Broadway in new Spielberg Gershwin biopic

According to Deadline Hollywood the Gershwin film could be filming "as soon as April", with DreamWorks ready with “accent and dialogue coaches”. However, April may conflict with Quinto’s plans. Earlier in the week, Quinto revealed his production company will be shooting an indie film (Margin Call) this spring. Quinto is producing and has a small part in Margin Call

For now this should be treated as a rumor. Quinto has not yet replied to these latest reports via his website or via Twitter. Spielberg projects seem to be announced and de-announced all the time. But this does appear to be the kind of thing that Quinto is looking for to round out his genre-heavy public image with Heroes and Star Trek.

If the project goes forward it wont be the first biopic of Gershwin. That would be the 1945 film Rhapsody in Blue, starring Robert Alda as George Gershwin (watch trailer at For more on George Gershwin see his Wiki Page and Official Site

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Zach is a great actor, and I’m sure he could pull it off.

Is it just me or is he running into lots of roles because he looks like specific people?

#1 … That’s right. I’m pretty sure he was cast in Heroes because he looked like Sylar.

He’s definately avoiding typecasting with a quickness — I say go for it!

@2: That’s you on Enterprise?! That’s frickin’ awesome! :) Did you have any lines?

It would be wonderful if this gets made. Hopefully, there will be an official announcement soon.

Zach would fit this role wonderfully. No wonder he’s having to step away from the conventions and odd jobs!

If nothing else, this goes to show the caliber of projects the industry considers him appropriate for. And that is extremely flattering for him, and encouraging to his fans.

#3 … I did not. But I fired the phasers and put the ship on red alert in about 30 seconds of air time. Woo hoo!

Truly a dream come true!

did you get to keep the uniform?

#2: Well-played. :)

Sounds like a great movie, though. First Spielberg film in ages I’ve actually wanted to see.

#7 … Nope. But really, as I like to remind myself, and my friends, and my wife on numerous occasions: “I was actually on the show. And fired the phasers!” It just doesn’t get any better that that for a diehard Trekkie that has loved each incarnation and embraces all 800 hours of Trek.

I’m a lucky guy.

Only Spielberg could get a project like a Gershwin biopic off the ground. Talk about a movie with zero mass appeal.

Personally, I’d be thrilled by it. George (and Ira) led some fascinating lived & I think Zach is up for the challenge.

What are the three projects Speilberg is considering?

I’d like to think, but know better, that it is his long ago (five years to be precise) proposed remake of ‘When Worlds Collide.’

Be interesting to see if Spielberg goes forward with it. Scorsese tried about 15 years ago but backed out. I’m all for it. The Gershwin’s were brilliant.

Man, are those Quinto’s eyebrows or does he have a couple of leeches sucking blood from his forehead? ;-)

Hmmmm, let’s see………Quinto is contracted for 3 Trek films. By the time they get to number 4, Quinto will be such a big star he’ll ask for a HUGE paycheque to don the ears again. Paramount, of course, will say no…..and we’ll be subjected to somebody like Rob Schneider standing on the bridge of the Enterprise saying, “illogical, Captain”.


@2 Yeah. I always thought he dead-on looks like Sylar. They couldn’t have gotten a more identical looking actor for the role.

I think Leonard Nimoy should still consider a role as old Sylar from the alternate timeline. Spitting image!.

Or maybe Nimoy could play old George Gershwin from the alternate timeline in which he lives well into his golden years.


Zach doesn’t look much like that pic of Gershwhin. Tell you who does though: That actor who played the Romulan Ayel in ST.09.

Let me clarify my first comment:

I’m not saying that Zach doesn’t deserve these roles as an actor. He absolutely knocked the Spock role out of the park. But you have to admit that it is working out nicely for him that he looked like an iconic character like Spock and now that he looks like Gershwin for a Speilberg picture. He’s an awesome actor and deserves every role that comes his way, but to be in a biopic you need to look like the person you’re portraying. Do you really think Jamie Foxx would have gotten to play an icon like Ray Charles if he didn’t resemble the guy?


Yeah, after all, look how much Dicaprio resembled Howard Hughes in The Aviator!

What, were they separated at birth??!!

I think this would be a very interesting project. At least it’d be interesting to me. And it’s got to be better than the original movie that Alan Alda’s father Robert played the lead in. It was pretty silly. There are several scenes of him trying to direct people through his new composition of “Swanee” which always give me a laugh. I actually drive my wife crazy by re-enacting that sometimes. Now, if that doesn’t make me a geek amongst others on a Star Trek website I don’t know what does.

I’m sure he could more than pull off the role. He isn’t a doppelganger, but given the level of makeup capable these days, it’s no long stretch.

Quinto playing a Jew! Now that’s freakin hot! Please let this be true!

Ah, adding *tweetboard* to your adblock in firefox kills it. Wonderful. Carry on. :)

Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you try.

Well, if you’re on a hot TV show anyway.

I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

#2: OMG he does, too. It’s uncanny.

I’d love to see a biopic about the making of the original TOS.

Just sayin’.

#27 Or a biopic about the life of Gene Roddenberry. I figure its only a matter of time before Paramount goes ahead with it.

#2: LOL
Pleeese let this rumor be true! It sounds like a final breakthrough role to get Zach into the Big Leagues. As a huge fan, I’m all for seeing more of Zach, genre or no genre.