January 2010

VOY@15: The Science of Star Trek Voyager

This week, Trekkies are in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the premier of Star Trek Voyager. Staying in the spirit, we’ve decided to bring you a very special ‘Science of Voyager’ edition of Science Friday this week. Is the Caretaker’s array really possible? Are the badlands a kind of phenomenon we might actually encounter in space? Are bio-technological space ships possible? What about holographic doctors? Answers to all these and more!

Orci & Kurtzman at WGA: Talk Star Trek Canon, Spock/Uhura, Shatner, Sequel, TrekMovie Fans & more

As part of their series of screenings for WGA nominees, there was a showing of the 2009 Star Trek movie at the WGA theater in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night. Following the film there was a panel discussion and Q&A with the writers (and WGA nominees) Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The pair covered a lot of old ground, but also discussed some of the hot point topics on the first Star Trek, and they also talked about the sequel too. They also talked about commenters at TrekMovie.com!

Star Trek Online Hooking Up With Del Taco For Promotion + New Screenshots & Video

The official launch of Star Trek Online is less than two weeks away and to help promote the game Atari has teamed up with Del Taco who are offering collector cups, free access and an in-game bonus. We have details on that, plus a bunch of new screenshots and some video too, so check it out. TrekMovie is also giving away more beta keys.

Gene Roddenberry’s “The Questor Tapes” Being Developed As New TV Series

Roddenberry Productions has entered into a deal with Ron Howard’s Imagine Television to develop Gene Roddenberry’s 1970s pilot "The Questor Tapes" into a new TV series. The announcement was made by Rod Roddenberry on Wednesday night at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences TV Hall of Fame Ceremony where Gene Roddenberry was being inducted posthumously.

This Weekend: San Fran Star Trek Con w/ Shatner & Stewart (almost sold out) + Free NYC Trek Improv Show

If you are in the Bay Area, then this is your reminder that this weekend is a big official Star Trek convention. On hand will be the two big captains, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, along with a number of other celebrities. And today it was just announced that Cryptic will be holding a Star Trek Online event close to the con as well . And if you are in NYC, there is a free showing of the ‘Start Trekkin’ improv show. 

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Avatar, Captain America, Dune, Green Lantern, Jurassic Park IV, Thor, Tron Legacy + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies, we have news on the new director for Sony’s 2012 Spider-Man reboot (plus details on the plot), an update on the box office success of James Cameron’s Avatar and his sequel plans, the latest updates on production starts for John Carter of Mars, Ghostbusters III and Thor,  plus more details on Tron Legacy, Captain America, Green Lantern, Dune, Paranormal Activity 2 and even Jurassic Park IV. All that and more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.

Star Trek The Exhibition Extends Stay In San Jose + See Video Reports Of Exhibit

The engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose is being extended. Originally it was going to wrap up this month, but now bay area fans have until April 11th to tour around the exhibit of props, costumes, and more from 43 years of Star Trek, including the new movie. We also have a couple of video reports from the exhibit to share, so you can see what’s going on.

VOY@15: Kate Mulgrew Talks To TrekMovie About 15 Years of Voyager & Beyond [AUDIO]

Our 15th anniversary celebration continues today with a very special exclusive interview with Captain Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew. The actress talks about what it was like at the beginning, the end, in between and beyond, including how she still hopes to once again play Janeway. We also talk about hair. You can read the full interview or listen to it, below.

On MLK Day Nichelle Nichols Retells The Story Of How Martin Luther King Kept Uhura On Star Trek

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, which was chosen for the premiere screening of a new indie film "The Guest at Central Park West", which deals with racial themes. Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols was on hand and while at the premiere she told her famous story about meeting Dr. King and how he convinced her to stay with Star Trek. We have photos from the event plus excerpts of a new interview.  

STO Update: Open Beta ‘Crushing’ Volume Predictions – Cryptic Update ‘State of the Game’

Last week Star Trek Online started its expansive open beta test and according to a new report on their site the volume has ‘exceeded the wildest expectations’. The new ‘state of the game’ report gives an update on progress being made as the game moves towards launch on February 2nd. We also have a couple of new videos.  

Exclusive First Look At April Star Trek Comics – Including New John Byrne Dr. McCoy Series

Tomorrow IDW releases their April Solicitations of comics, and they have given TrekMovie and exclusive preview of the three new Star Trek comics that are coming, including covers. This includes the announcement of a new John Byrne series "Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor". Plus we now know that John Harriman is next up for the "Captain’s Log" series, and finally we have a preview of the third Star Trek movie adaptation comic.

VOY@15: The Collective’s Guide To New and Recent Star Trek Voyager Merchandise

TrekMovie continues to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager today with a special edition of "The Collective". Voyager continues to inspire a generation of fans. And for Voyager memorabilia collectors, there continues to be modern items. To help celebrate Voyager, this special edition of the Collective engages in a adventure into some of Voyager’s most recent collectibles.

Giacchino Wins Golden Globe For Up Score + Saldana Presents [PHOTOS]

The 67th annual Golden Globes Awards was held tonight in Los Angeles. The 2009 Star Trek movie was actually not up for any nominations, but Star Trek composer Michael Giacchino did win a Globe for his Up score. Also on hand was Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana who was one of the presenters and braved the rain for the red carpet. Photos below.

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Caprica, FlashForward, Fringe, LOST, Smallville + more

This week in Sci-Fi TV, we have the latest news on LOST (including the return of two castmembers), updates on FlashForward and Fringe from each show’s respective creators, plus some good news for fans of Smallville and Supernatural, which each appear more likely to be headed for renewal. All that and more, including the latest television ratings (strong numbers for Fringe and Chuck), casting bites, images and videos.

Star Trek Sequel: JJ Abrams (Jokes): We Are Going Gorn! + Lindelof Says Scripting Starts in April

We have a couple of Star Trek sequel updates. While attending the National Board of Review Awards in New York earlier this week, producer JJ Abrams talked a bit about the next Trek, but then started joking about the Gorn. And in a separete interview co-writer Damon Lindelof said that work on the script will begin in April.

AwardsWatch: Critic’s Choice Preview + Zoe At Golden Globes + Latest Oscar Buzz + more

Award season is heating up. This article gives you a preview of tonight’s Critic’s Choice Awards where Star Trek is up for five awards. We also have photos of Chris Pine and JJ Abrams appearing at award shows this week, and news of where Zoe Saldana is showing up. Plus we have the latest Oscar buzz and what some potential Star Trek effects nominees are saying about Star Trek. All that plus video of Kristin Chenoweth’s audition for Spock.

Check Out These DIY Working Phasers w/ Video & Instructions

How would you like to take that toy phaser of yours and make it really work? Well an enterprising fan has done just that, or something close, by taking a TOS phaser toys and installing a lasers (in both Blue and Green). You may not be able to vaporize Klingons, but balloons don’t stand a chance. Check out videos below, plus a link to instructions on how you can do it yourself.

Science Friday: Space Ribbon + NASA Coke + Earthquake From Space + Girlfriend Equation + E-Ink + more

Welcome to Science Friday! This week, solve the mystery of our solar system’s own space ribbon, pre-game with rocket scientists, see the destructive power of a magnitude 7 earthquake, and use science to find out why you don’t have a girlfriend. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: LG’s E-Ink Newspapers!