January 2010

Trekkies Unite To Help Haiti

Star Trek fans are known to be generous and to always think of their common man (or alien). This week the people of Haiti are suffering after devastating earthquakes. The Live Journal fan group ontd_startrek has put up a UNICEF donation page for you to help out. TrekMovie hopes you can make a contribution.

Pocket Books ‘Holding Off’ On Star Trek Movie Tie-ins – 4 Novels Pulled From Summer 2010

This Summer Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books was planning to release four new Star Trek novels set in the new timeline of the 2009 Star Trek movie. However, today Pocket Books has informed TrekMovie that the four novels were being removed from their schedule, they have also issued a statement explaining why.

Jeri Ryan Talks Leverage + Bakula’s Men of A Certain Age Gets 2nd Season

The TNT heist show Leverage came back from hiatus this week, and Star Trek Voyager’s Jeri Ryan became the latest Star Trek alumni to join in, but this time for a recurring role. Jeri participated in a conference call to talk about the show and we have some of her comments about it (and Trek below). Plus today TNT announced they have ordered a second season of Scott Bakula’s new show, Men of a Certain Age.  

Star Trek Online: Federation Faction Video, Screenshots & ‘Intel Reports’

Yesterday Atari and Cryptic opened up their beta test for Star Trek Online to thousands of more players. The buzz on this MMORPG is growing, but some are just starting to take a look. So today Cryptic have provided us with a closer look the Federation faction in the game with a new gameplay video, some screenshots, and intel reports. And for those having trouble getting into the beta, there are more keys out there. Find out more below.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Captain’s Log: Sulu

Sulu’s back, and he’s in charge of the USS Excelsior, complete with Lieutenant Rand at his side on communications. On his plate today? Only the matter of a minor rescue from a supernova, a Tholian schedule, and a fencing partner to defeat. In other words, just a day in the life of the starship captain named Hikaru Sulu. Read on for the review of the first issue of IDW’s newest Star Trek comic series, "Captain’s Log."

Watch Shatner & Richard Simmons Get Real Close On Today Show + Shatner/John Edward Raw Nerve Preview

Let’s start off the day with some more fun with Shatner. The original Captain Kirk was a guest on NBC’s Today Show, where he was promoting his Bio show Shatner’s Raw Nerve. Also on hand was ‘Sweatin to the Oldies’ fitness video guru Richard Simmons, and the pair got a little close for comfort on the couch, check out the videos below. We also have a preview of Shatner’s Raw Nerve with psychic John Edward, airing tonight.

Sci-Fi Movies Tuesday: Avatar, G.I. Joe, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men + more

The big news this week is Sony’s decision to scrap Spider-Man 4 and reboot the franchise in 2012 with a new cast and crew.  But there’s more. Like Avatar‘s worldwide box office domination, updates on Cowboys & Aliens, Twilight, The Hobbit, Green Lantern and Deadpool as well as the G.I. Joe and Ghost Rider sequels.  Plus an update on the District 9 follow-up and the status of Robocop. All that and more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.

Shatner on Stern: Agrees To ‘Takei Summit’ – Still Planning To See 2009 Star Trek Movie

William Shatner was a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show this morning. Bill was there to promote his talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve, but Howard wanted to talk about George Takei and JJ Abrams. Much to Shatner’s chagrin, Stern got Takei on the phone to hammer out a future summit meeting where they can finally hash out their differences. Later Shatner talked about the new Star Trek movie (and the next one). Details below.

Star Trek Online Open Beta Begins – Find Out How You Can Start Playing Today

Star Trek Online, the massive multiplayer game set in Star Trek’s 25th century, took a big step today towards its release on February 2nd. Atari and Cryptic have begun the ‘open beta’ test for the game, giving more fans and gamers the opportunity to find out what it is all about. We have details on how you can get an open beta key below.

Star Trek Editors Pick Up ACE Nomination + Star Trek On Makeup Oscar Shortlist

On Monday night the 2009 Star Trek movie picked up yet another guild nomination. The American Cinema Editors (ACE) nominated Star Trek’s pair of editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey for Best Edited Dramatic Feature Film. Earlier in the day the WGA nominated the Star Trek writers, but the Cinematographers did not follow suit. Below we have a full breakdown of the guild nominations for Star Trek so far.

John Cho Thinks Khan Would Be ‘Badass’ + Quinto Tweets About Star Trek Sequel

Are you ready for more Star Trek sequel news? Well Star Trek’s new Sulu is. In a new interview, John Cho is talking up what he knows about the next voyage of the USS Enterprise and offering his opinion about a certain genetically enhanced individual. Plus Zach Quinto tweets about Star Trek: Something Something sequel.  Details below.

Paramount Make June 2012 Star Trek Sequel Date Official + Spidey Reboot and Wolverine 2 Jump Into Summer 2012

On Friday we reported the breaking news that the decision had been made to set the release date for the Star Trek sequel to mid-summer 2012, and today it is now being officially confirmed by Paramount. Star Trek is back June 29, 2012. There has also been some activity on the Summer 2012 competition front in the last couple of days, including big news on the Spidey franchise. Details below

Watch Orci & Kurtzman Talk Star Trek Script Development In Honda Short Film

Today is a big day for scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, as they have just picked up their first WGA film screenplay nomination for their Star Trek screenplay. However, it wasn’t always easy sailing on the project. The pair are featured in a Honda sponsored short film, talking about the race against time at the beginning of the project. Watch it below. 

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Caprica, Chuck, FlashForward, Fringe, Heroes, Lost, + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we’ve got you covered for the returns of Heroes, Chuck and Fringe, plus the Syfy premiere of BSG: The Plan, as well as some details on a possible continuation of LOST.  We also have the latest news for the new season of Doctor Who and the upcoming prequel series Caprica. All that and more, including the latest television ratings, casting bites, images and videos.

Russell T. Davies Considered Star Trek Pastiche For 2009 Doctor Who Easter Special

In 2005 Russell T. Davies successfully re-invented the classic BBC sci-fi series the Doctor Who for a whole new generation. A newly updated book by Davies about his time with the series reveals all sorts of interesting tidbits, one of which is that he considered making the 2009 Easter Special a ‘Star Trek pastiche’, and that isn’t the only Trek link discussed. Details below. 

JJ Abrams To Direct Pilot For His NBC Spy Show ‘Undercovers’

We are still months away from knowing whether or not JJ Abrams will be directing the 2012 Star Trek sequel, but today it was announced he is going back into the director’s chair for the pilot of his new spy show for NBC, Undercovers. The new JJ Abrams executive produced show will be one of the new dramas to fill out the NBC schedule, now that their 10PM Jay Leno has been cancelled.

Exclusive: LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner Talk Tech at CES + Blogger Party Photos

Next Gen stars LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner are in Las Vegas this weekend attending the Consumer Electronics Show and were featured guests at Friday nights "It Won’t Stay in Vegas" blogger party. TrekMovie sent our Las Vegas correspondent (and former Star Trek The Experience actor) Lisa Blake to the event, where she got the pair to talk some tech (and some Trek).

Scott Bakula Returning To Chuck

Last year Star Trek Enterprise’s Captain Jonathan Archer, Scott Bakula, did a three-episode arc on the second season of the nerdy NBC spy show Chuck, and it appears that he will be returning to the show for even more episodes in the third season, which kicks off on Sunday.  Details below, plus a preview of Monday’s episode of Bakula’s current show, Men of a Certain Age.

BREAKING: Star Trek Sequel Tentatively Set for June 29th, 2012

JJ Abrams has already been on the record saying that the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek should arrive in the Summer of 2012, but when? TrekMovie has confirmed with trusted sources that today the team behind the film decided to shoot for mid-Summer, with June 29, 2012 penciled in as the tentative date, setting the movie up for a big 4th of July opening.

Science Friday: Killer Asteroid + Killer Supernova+ Kepler Exoplanets + Mars Monkeys + more

Welcome to Science Friday! It’s 2010 and that means there’s a whole new year of science and technology to be had. This week, we look at some new crazy schemes put on by the Russian space agency, the discovery of several new exoplanets, a supernova that could destroy the Earth, and much more. All this plus our gadget of the week: Vscan, the modern medical tricorder.