UPDATED: Patrick Stewart Doesn’t Tweet and Isn’t In Mad Max 4

[UPDATED] The rumor over the weekend was that Sir Patrick Stewart may be rejoining his Nemesis pal Tom Hardy for Mad Max 4, but it turns out that it isn’t true. Oh well, Stewart will be appearing in tonight’s Frontline Special "Digital Nation", and you can watch a clip of him below talking technology where he balks at Twitter, but expresses love for his iPhone.


UPDATE: No Mad Max for Sir Patrick

A rumor got started over the weekend when AICN posted an email from a reader who reported that on a comment from Patrick Stewart at OZTrek2, which led to speculation he would be appearing in the Mad Max 4: Fury Road, which stars Star Trek Nemesis’ Tom Hardy as the new Max. However, a publicist for Mr. Stewart has denied the rumor.

Stewart did talk about his desire to be in more Star Trek while in Australia, and that you can take to the bank. See our previous report for more.

Sir Patrick is digital – but no Twitter

Patrick Stewart loves the Internet, but apparently he will not be following William Shatner, and his TNG co-stars LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton onto the Twitter.

More info on  FRONTLINEs Digital Nation at pbs.org/frontline/digitalnation.

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I don’t blame him, niether do I tweet.

Good for him! Twitter is an overrated fad, just one more thing that allows us to avoid having to personally interact with another human being ever again.

“Coming soon, the newest innovation in personal communications: the MotoNokiSamPhone 6000. It includes all of the latest communication methods — text, web, and Twitter — plus a new, novel, innovative feature that is sure to revolutionize the industry: direct verbal communication between both parties! Yes, you can now actually SPEAK to the other person, and hear an actual response back, in REAL TIME! Yes, it’s the MotoNokiSamPhone 6000, in stores soon!”

I’m totally with him on tweeting and gaming. Back when I played games I had little time for much else because of their addictive nature. I suppose if I had an iPhone I might tweet but don’t feel the need to do so.

i agree twittering? total waste of time… do something more productive with your life.

Twitter is revolting. :) This is why I’ve blocked that invasive, annoying “tweetboard” feature (adblock: add filter *tweetboard*) on this site.

LOL, i wanna know what kinda games was he talking about ? PC games ?

He is like a Shakespeare god. Listen to the way he talks about computers and iPhones.

He could make a play about fatty burgers be the best play ever.

so notice how Sir Patrick doesnt say he wouldnt do Facebook…LOL


Facebook is a bit more like a mini blog wouldn’t you say? Still I hate them both! Good for him! As for gameing? I completely understand, it’s all I can do to get away from the Wii! Although he might like one so he can check the weather on it. :)

Used right, Twitter is simply another layer in an online-presence stack. That is how I see and use it. Like anything online, it can be abused or misappropriated.

I like how TrekMovie uses it- mostly as a broadcast medium, but sometimes conversationally, too. But mostly it points to this website, which is the best use for it.

Here’s my take on how and where Twitter fits and should be used. If you think of your online presence as a pyramid, your blog should be the base. It’s your strongest online presence- long-term, long-form drilled down material that is archived and searchable.

The next layer should be your social networking setup- be it Facebook, MySpace or something else. It’s more immediate- and intermediate, between the blog and the top of the stack, which is your SMS, short message broadcaster and interaction- Twitter.

Twitter is the short-term, immediate layer in the stack, pointing to your deeper online presence. Use it that way, and you’ll be fine.

Patrick shares my fear of gaming- that I will get sucked in and stuck, and never escape.

“HELP! I’m gaming and can’t get out!!”

In 1987, when we were first doing TNG, Patrick came up to the art department to ask for some assistance with his new Macintosh. Since Mike Okuda and I were the resident geeks, we offered to help in any way we could. Patrick said something similar to this: “Listen, lads, when I want to move a piece of text, and I cut it with command-X, where does it go? It’s rather disconcerting to have it simply disappear.” We explained that it was still there, and could come back with command-V. He adapted quickly enough after that. :) Wil Wheaton was also up to see us and play on the machines, gave us a virus (which we fixed with Norton); fun times.

Patrick has just gone up in my estimation.

I don’t tweet or twitter of fritter or fratter or … whatever the kids call it, these days. I’m just a stodgy old email-user and blogger.

I just updated my blog with my comments about President Obama’s proposal to kill Project Constellation, for example.

I am not of Patrick Stewart’s generation; I’m a bit younger. However, I do not see the need to apprise the world of every little thing that I do, and I applaud Mr. Stewart for staying true to himself.

Technology is to serve humanity (albeit not “To Serve Man”) — and not vice versa!

Correction: “twitter or fritter or fratter or…”

As corrected.

I’ve never felt the need to use Twitter; I don’t see how it’s really all that useful.

11. Rick

Any chance we might ever see a book from you about your Star Trek adventures? I’m sure you have many stories like this one that we Trekkies would love reading, as well as finding out what it was like for you. You have lots of “friends” here!

I completely agree with him. The Internet and everything about it that he mentioned is truly amazing. I have a blog too, but I update it very rarely due to how time-consuming it would be to make more frequent posts in it.

Twitter however, is something I just don’t get. To 99% it is just pointless chatter. Who has the time for that?
Also, haven’t played a PC game since early 00’s I think. I sometimes play game consoles at friends, but that’s it. I would never get one of my own. I did however borrow one of my friends’ wii console, with a following Mario Kart. I became completely addicted to it and could barely get anything else done. Nor could I sleep since I was so excited because of the game…

#16 – Not much to tell, really. Certainly not enough to fill a book. But I can say that the TNG cast was a smart, friendly, fun-loving bunch, and I had a great time talking with them. I think Patrick genuinely appreciated the tech being developed in the show, since a lot of what we take for granted now was just getting good 23 years ago.

Every generation has his own ‘thing’. We’ve recently in the last decades had stuff like the Citizen Band, play-by-email, instant messaging, shorttext messaging on your phone, multimedia messaging, and now there is something like Twitter.

I respect those who don’t use it, and i respect those who dó.
Sir Patrick has an iPhone, that;s another ‘thing’ of this era.

I will wait for the combadge myself ;)

I would listen to Sir Patrick reading 300 pages out of the Birmingham phone book and stil be amazed by him and his voice.

#20: hearhear.

I found this article thanks to a tweet. twitter can be useful. Think of it as enhanced text messaging and a bridge between your phone and internet(for those that don’t have internet on your phone). It’s like perusing all of todays headlines without having to skim the whole paper. It also allows you to contact hundreds/thousands of people all at once without having to set up an email or massive phone list. It’s only as useful as you make it. Useful and/or trek twitter accounts @cnnbrk @trekmovie @wilw @brentspiner @cdcemergency @whitehouse @levarburton @WilliamShatner i’m sure there’s more but you get the idea.

Talking about @brentspiner : it’s his birthday today, happy Birthday! =)

Tweeting and texting, in general, are nothing but a series of distractions. I’ve seen people pull phones out of their pockes 10 times inside of 10 minutes. And so many people have no restraint. No willpower. They can’t allow these texts, which 99% of the time are BS, to go unanswered. It results in interruption of conversations, work, even, inexplicably, driving. It interrupts the flow of thought, and can turn nice guy into Mr. Rude with a slight vibration. Hats off to Sir Patrick, I can’t imagine being tied to that ball and chain.


I can’t believe TNG started 23 years ago!

You really do forget how long its been unless you see it written it down. I love the fact that my my laptop I’m typing this on is smaller than Capt Picards and that apple now have an ipad that looks a lot like the ones Geordi used to use. It also makes me laugh when in “The Naked Now” Data tries to find an instance of “Someone showering in his or her clothing. Someone. Somewhere…”

Google Data!



I don’t Twitter either. This is another reason why I am a Huge Sir Patrick Stewart Fan.

It’d be so cool to know he’s secretly playing Oblivion :P I’m pretty sure he would have been given a copy. Actually you know, he’s probably got a level 80 Paladin somewhere on WoW .. he just REALLY doesn’t want to admit it :D

Glad he’s also really into his iPhone .. must’ve seemed familiar after years of looking at glass touch technology on Star Trek.

Twitter? I have no desire to post every little brain shower of mine in real time, to people who probably couldn’t care less to begin with. I don’t even see the appeal of Facebook., and that damned online farm game my wife plays. She even has her brothers playing that useless thing, and those two would probably be more in their element bending a squealing Ned Beatty over a log in the Georgia woods somewhere.

I tweet. Love it. Many of my friends use it and as I’ve lived overseas on a few occasions I have friends spread out all over the world, many of them use twitter and I find it’s a great way to keep in contact with them in between visits. Cheaper than a phone call or a text message, which is essentially what it is.
In a somewhat related note I was at ozTrek 2 this weekend in Sydney and sent several tweets from the event… Including rubbing it in to a friend of mine who loves Shakespeare that I was hearing a master perform a monologue from Macbeth… Twitter was worth it for that alone ;)

If you wite a letter that is considered valid communication. Do it over the internet and it’s considered taking away from normal modes of communication by some people.

Everything in balance of course but twitter allows you to keep tabs on what friends are up to.

It’s a terrific avenue of communication and i don’t make judgments as to whether or not others are internet addicts.

Not saying everyone has to use it of course but interesting the juvenile sanctimonious self righteousness of those here who choose not to. Perhaps more of an indication of their own inability to hold down proper relationships due to being net addicts.

Wow, lots of Twitter bashing on this thread.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it, people! I used to think it was stupid, but I decided to give it a whirl, and I’ve found it a literary challenge to distill informative and entertaining statements down to 140 characters (including spaces!)

E-mail, VoIP, twitter, facebook; These are not things that are ripping away human interaction from us. JUST THE OPPOSITE! I am more connected to my friends and loved ones than ever before, and I meet new friends on the internet all the time; Many times I end up meeting them in real life and creating a great friendship.

Just think of how our great-grandparents’ generation must have responded to the invention of the telephone. Something like, “people won’t even talk face to face anymore! They’ll just pick up the phone!” The argument sounds the same…

I don’t text either. It’s idiotic.

Hey Kayla, isn’t going to meet people you only know online the first thing that parents tell their kids not to do?